Today I’m taking a look at another addition to the Uwell Crown Pod series. This time it’s the Uwell Crown B pod system.

Uwell Crown B pod system hand check imageInnovation and user experience optimisation have always been top priorities for Shenzhen based Uwell. In fact it’s been their main focus for over eight years, during which time they’ve certainly been able to deliver on both.

Take the Uwell Crown sub ohm tank as an example. Aided and abetted by some seriously stonking Mods, it’s now in its fifth iteration.

Uwell company logoOf course it wasn’t long before Uwell were lured by the success and trends of Pod Mods. Releases such as the Crown D and Crown M with their playful settings and intelligent coil use quickly followed.

But it was the Caliburn range of pod systems that would eventually steal the limelight.

.. Maybe even knocking the crown off the Crown!

Fast forward to today and the Uwell Crown B pod system finds itself in the same vaping category as the Caliburn series. A category perfectly suited to the newer or casual vaper.

Going up against a pod kit that’s evolved an incredible eighteen times with no apparent loss of appeal would indicate something of a task.

Let’s see how it responds.

What Can We Expect From the Uwell Crown B Pod System?

By the looks of it we’re getting a very basic starter pod kit but delve a little deeper and the Uwell Crown B does offer lots of versatility.

For starters we get the same two mesh coils of the Crown D pod kit. This means the option of either a MTL (Mouth To Lung), RDTL (Restrictive Direct Lung) or DTL (Direct To Lung) vape. We tell you what these terms mean in our Guide To Vape Styles.

By way of enhancement, an independent slider has been built into the side of the removable pod. So tweaking a preferred style of airflow is also a possibility.

Uwell Crown B adjustable airflowTwo removable drip tips have been included to suit all styles of airflow restriction.

.. That’s what I call being able to fine tune the vape experience.

Uwell Crown B pod kit components viewSo everything is powered by an integrated 1150mAh battery which should last the average vaper for anything up to a day’s use.

Fast 2A Type C USB charging is included to get that spent battery up and running again in no time.

Uwell Crown B pod kit batteryWe don’t get a screen display with the Uwell Crown B pod kit but in all honesty it’s not needed.

There’s a very effective work around and one that will suit the new or casual vaper down to the ground.

Uwell Crown B pod kit easy one button operationIt’s the fire/ activation button.

Deploying a series of clicks will alter the way the device functions but that’s not all. A simple turn of the fire button also alters power levels.

Uwell Crown B power levelsUwell have incorporated their PRO FOCS flavour adjustment tech to provide vapers with the ultimate vape experience.

To compensate for a lack of screen display the Uwell Crown B pod kit has gone all luminous and transparent on us. It’s the same futuristic look that’s already ushered in the next generation of pod kits.

Uwell Crown B pod kit ready to go

You can pick the device up in two variations. With a 2ml pod (TPD compliant) or if you’re lucky enough to be outside the UK and EU, with a 3.5ml alternative.

It’s only available in one colour and that’s Iron Grey.

Thank you to Vape Club for sending this for review – I will report back honestly on my findings of the device in my hand!

Inside the Box

  • Crown B device
  • Crown B empty cartridge/pod
  • Uwell PA 0.3ohm mesh coil (installed)
  • Uwell PA 0.8ohm mesh coil
  • Type C USB charging cable
  • Spare 510 drip tip
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
  • Warning card

Uwell Crown B pod kit what's in the box image

Uwell Crown B Pod System – Specifications

  • Dimensions: 92 x 42 x 18mm
  • Material: PCTG / Zinc Alloy
  • Weight: 82g
  • Display: 3 colour light
  • Battery: 1150mAh (internal)
  • Pod capacity: 2ml / 3.5ml
  • Output: 13-35W – 3 power levels
  • Type C USB charging – 2A charge rate
  • Coil: Uwell PA mesh coil 0.3ohm (25-35W) / Uwell mesh coil 0.8ohm (15-18W)
  • Resistance range: Not specified
  • Airflow: Adjustable slider
  • Filling: Side fill
  • Activation: Auto draw or fire/activation button

Uwell Crown B Pod kit specsDesign and Build Quality

Battery Section

Being predominantly Zinc Alloy, the Uwell Crown B pod kit is unsurprisingly light. It’s not massively large, either so should pose no issues when placed in a shirt or trouser pocket.

In fact at 18mm deep it’s very accommodating and my Monkey hands can pretty much conceal it for a stealthy vape or six!

The edges are a tad on the sharp side and I just wonder why Uwell opted against the sleek curving found on the front of the device.

A Type C USB charging port has been placed on the bottom preventing the option of vertical charging. An odd decision since the device stands confidently on any surface.

Uwell Crown B pod system underside view showing type C USB portReturning to the front and there’s a rather sizeable air ingress port at the top. Enough to suit the three styles of vaping I mentioned earlier.

Directly underneath is the free spinning fire/activation button. I like the way it’s raised and tactile. I also like the micro knurling around the perimeter. Good work Uwell! They’ve clearly made it centre of attention and rightly so.

Uwell Crown B pod system front viewAll functionality leads to that button..

The majority of the pod system is comprised of a toughened transparent PCTG material. The inner workings of which are clearly visible when illuminated.

The Pod Section

Naturally this is transparent too and the good thing is all E-liquid levels are viewable, not just the top half. I likey!

Uwell Crown B pod side viewAdmitteDTLy it is rather large and chunky but that’s to be expected. It’s the 3.5ml pod with a dreaded Silicone restrictor inside to make it TPD compliant.

But the added depth does also mean we get plenty of finger room for when it comes to making adjustments to the built in airflow slider. It’s very, very easy to work with.

Adjustable airflow slider on the Uwell Crown B podThe pod connects to the battery section one way via two small magnets on opposite sides of the base. General connectivity is OK but they’re not up to task if dropped from standing height.

Instant separation.

I see no reason why four couldn’t have been used, in my humble opinion.

Another feature of the pod that impresses me is the Silicone stopper of the fill port. An arrow points to where to open and I found it incredibly easy to use. Even with my nail bitten fingers!

Fill port stopper on the Uwell Crown B pod

So the pod uses PA coils and one is already installed but thinking ahead, how do we replace them and how do we fill the pod with E-liquid?

Quick Start Guide – Uwell Crown B Pod System

How To Install the Coil

Although the Uwell PA coils are “push in pull out” it doesn’t give us license to just shove them into the pod. There’s a strict method if you want to avoid unnecessary leakage.

As with the silicone stopper there’s an arrow embossed on the base of the pod. This is where the flat side of the coil needs to be pressed against.

How to install a coil on the Uwell Crown B pod If you don’t push the coil in correctly it won’t make an adequate seal and E-liquid will escape. It’s not a fault of the pod so you have been warned!

How To Fill the Pod

  • Remove the pod from the battery section
  • Locate the silicone stopper on the side of the pod and gently lift the tab
  • With the fill port exposed, push the e-liquid bottle nozzle into the pod chamber
  • How to fill the Uwell Crown B pod Gently fill the pod with E-liquid. Avoid overfilling
  • Replace the silicone stopper ensuring a firm seal
  • Snap the pod back into the battery section

If you’re using the pre-installed coil for the first time (or a replacement coil), remember to let E-liquid soak into the cotton wicks for around five minutes before vaping.

How To Operate the Uwell Crown B Pod System

Press the fire button five times to turn the device on or off. A Green light will flash three times in either case. You can vape by using the fire button or using auto draw.

  • Locking the fire button against vaping – Press the fire button twice. The light will flash Red
  • Unlocking the fire button against vaping – Press the fire button twice. The light will flash Green
  • To adjust power – Press the fire button three times. The light will flash three times to confirm. You now have ten seconds to make adjustments.

Spin the fire button to cycle through three power settings. Green provides the highest output, Blue a medium and Red for the lowest power setting.

During use, the colour of the light indicates current battery status

  • Green – 61% – 100%
  • Blue – 30% – 60%
  • Red – 0%- 29%
Uwell Crown B battery power at mid strength
Uwell Crown B battery at mid strength.

The light also flashes rapidly when removing the pod. Again the colour will depend on current battery strength.

Safety Features

The Uwell Crown B pod system has got your back when it comes to potential safety issues. In each case the device will stop functioning.

  • Short circuit protection – Light flashes Red three times
  • Low voltage protection – Light flashes Red ten times
  • Vaping overtime protection – Light flashes Green five times after vaping longer than eight seconds.
  • Open circuit protection – Light flashes Blue three times

How To Charge the Uwell Crown B Pod System

  • Connect the smaller end of the supplied type C USB charging cable into the bottom of the battery section
  • How to charge the Uwell Crown B pod systemConnect the larger end of the cable into a suitable USB outlet

This is fast type C USB charging at its best.

When you plug the charger in, the Red light pulses for 10 minutes, the Blue for 15 minutes and after a further 25 minutes the pulsing Green light turns solid.

That’s when you know the device is fully charged and ready to rock ‘n roll again.

So it took 50 minutes in total. I was more than happy with that.

If you’re desperate for a vape it’s possible to grab a cheeky one or two as long as the device is on while charging.

How Does the Uwell Crown B Pod System Perform?

I began by testing the pre-installed PA 0.3ohm mesh coil. Said to offer a DTL/RDL vape, the wider bore drip tip was used to help with increased vapour production.

IVG Apple Berry Crumble was my flavour of choice. It’s a 70VG/30PG ratio with 3mg freebase nicotine applied.

Uwell 0.3ohm PA mesh coil image

The highest power setting (Green) was used throughout the test period. I imagine this would set wattage values to around 35W.

Uwell PA Coil 0.3ohm (25-35W)

I went straight in for the best DTL vape I could experience with the pod’s adjustable slider wide open. The lack of airflow restriction was actually quite surprising.

There’s not much – maybe around 20% but enough to achieve a very decent DTL hit. And boy, was the flavour good!

The Apple notes were bright and clean with sweetness bleeding through at just the right moments. The pastry/bakery notes were rich and textured. Very much the same experience as a sub ohm tank set up.

Yup! Plenty of concentrated flavour pulling through from a smooth, turbulence free inhale. The vape was tepid in terms of warmth but enough to deliver everything I’d come to expect from this dessert inspired vape.

Airflow Restrictions

With the airflow slide set to mid position I got an effective semi restrictive DTL vape. I’d hazard a guess at a further 25% restriction over wide open.

This had the effect of increasing warmth but the inhale had developed some turbulence, while the drip tip showed signs of heating the lips.

Mesh material of the Uwell 0.3ohm PA coilNothing major and only really noticeable on extended inhales. Flavour properties intensified further and in my experiences, this is where the coil really showed its capabilities.

The sweetness of the cooked Apple really bubbling to the surface while elsewhere, buttery notes of the pie were enhanced further.

A damn near perfect semi restrictive vaping experience, if you ask me! With flavour to match.

Although flavour is still impressive under tighter restrictions, the 0.3ohm mesh coil isn’t designed for a MTL vape. In fact I noticed the flavour breaking up and starting to taste funky towards the end of exhale.

I’m guessing the drip tip was none too pleased either, judging by the uncomfortable sting on the lips.

Of course, the less restriction applied the better for vapour production. I had zero complaints from this department. Highly satisfying.

Uwell PA Coil 0.8ohm (15-18W)

I tested the spare coil with Dinner Lady Lemon Tart. It’s a 50VG/50PG E-liquid ratio with 20mg salt nicotine already included. Ideal for more restrictive airflow properties. The narrow bore drip tip was also used to facilitate a MTL vape.

Uwell Crown 0.8ohm PA coil image 1

Again I opted for the most powerful Green light battery setting.

I began with the slider almost entirely closed, allowing just enough airflow to create a MTL vape.

The experience was quite interesting.

The inhale was quite turbulent and ‘bubbly’ for want of a better word but flavour properties were relatively good.

Airflow restriction was OK, but surprisingly still quite loose for what I expect from a MTL vape.

So I reduced the power settings to Blue. The bubbling ceased but the turbulence remained. This is probably the best setting while using the coil because flavour quality is still quite impressive.

Vapour production is suitably stealthy and dramatically reduced when compared to the 0.3ohm coil.

Increasing the Airflow

Not something you really want to be doing with a lower powered coil but I felt the need as the MTL vape experience was very hit and miss.

What can I say? The vape was infinitely better. By increasing airflow by 50% I was now within restrictive direct lung territory.

.. and never looking back!

This was a much more satisfying vape experience, not only because that’s what I prefer but because of the smoothness of inhale. All turbulence had also ceased.

The result was a more comfortable vape where flavour really began to take more shape. The Lemon, the tartness and the pie crust were all singing from the same vape sheet.

I even got a sweet tinge on the lips post vape. Bonus!

Dare I say it, vapour production was superb – creating a satisfying build up prior to exhale.

By maximising airflow, a semi restrictive vape is on the cards. Yes, flavour is diluted somewhat but still favourable over any kind of MTL vape.

Battery Performance

Note: This test was carried out using the 0.3ohm DL mesh coil.

Although I used the most powerful battery setting throughout, I still wasn’t impressed.

I got a mere 45 minutes use before the Green light switched to Blue, indicating the battery had already dropped charge by 40%. Not good.

The most significant performance came while the battery was showing a Blue light. Four and a half hours wasn’t too bad while DTL vaping and I do tend to vape quite a lot.

Take heed when the light turns Red. You’ll only get around half an hours use before safety features kick in and it’s no longer possible to vape.

Six hours continuous use isn’t ideal, especially for a battery rated at 1150mAh. Of course this is user dependent but it did represent a weak point in terms of device performance.


  • Lightweight and pocket friendly
  • The coils don’t leak
  • Awesome flavour properties. Consistent throughout use
  • Excellent DL/RDL vape with great vapour production
  • Functionality is a breeze using the fire/activation button
  • Large fill port opening


  • Constantly refilling the 2ml tank
  • Relatively weak magnetic contacts between pod and battery sections
  • Inability to charge horizontally
  • Poor battery performance
  • Single sided light indicator

Final Review Verdict

To conclude, the Uwell Crown B pod system is best used for either a RDL or DTL vape. Even while using the lower powered 0.8ohm PA coil.

It was disappointing that the device couldn’t really handle a MTL vape. I also tried the lowest power setting and the flavour just bombed out on me. I could not for the life of me, find a suitable airflow restriction. It shouldn’t need to be this difficult.

Having said that, if you’re happy to use less restriction the device will give you an excellent vape. Flavour and cloud production is very, very good. It’s consistent too, right up to the last available vape.

To be quite honest, I prefer one thing or the other with my vapes. In the case of a MTL vape, adjustability should be kept to the bare minimum – especially for the newer user.

The Uwell pod is set up for too much airflow out of the gate.

It’s often the difference between sticking with vaping or returning to the smokes.

A good device but not without a few issues.

neil cozens
Neil Cozens

My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.

Build quality
Ease of use
Flavour and cloud 0.3ohm PA mesh coil
Flavour and cloud 0.8ohm PA mesh coil
MTL experience
DL/RDL experience
Battery performance
Replace if lost
My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.
uwell-crown-b-pod-system-reviewThe Uwell Crown B pod system isn't as versatile as I expected it to be. I had a nightmare trying to find the right airflow restriction for a MTL vape. Battery performance was also a bit of a let down. However, it really comes back to life when RDL or DL vaping. Flavour and vapour production is superb under these vaping conditions. Recommended to a sub ohm vaper looking for more portability when out and about.


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