Introduction – Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA

The Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA is one of the latest mesh RBA additions to the Vandy Vape range, following on from the recently reviewed Mesh RDA.

As a fairly new brand, Vandy Vape have quickly positioned themselves as one of the main stream players within the vape industry. They have had great success with many of their releases in 2017 including the Govad RDA the Mesh RDA both of which I reviewed last year, the Kylin RTA, Berserker, Pulse Squonk mod and Bonza.Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA ASST

I’ve got to say Vandy vape are creating some high quality, incredibly engineered products at brilliant prices! I am looking forward to seeing what they have to offer in 2018.

Following up the success of the Mesh RDA, Vandy Vape brings us the new Mesh 24mm RTA. Will it live up to the success of the RDA version? Let go get a close up and personal look.

Vandy Vape Mesh Hands On Video Review And Build Tutorial

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In The Box

  • 1 x Mesh 24 RTA With Resin Drip Tip
  • 1 x 17.5mm Ultem Drip Tip
  • 1 x 18.5mm Delrin Doc Tip
  • 1 x Accessory Bag (screws, O rings, screw driver and 510 adaptor)
  • 2 x SS316L Mesh Wire 300mesh
  • 2 x SS316L Mesh Wire 400mesh
  • 1 x Bubble Glass

    Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA FK

Main Specs/Features

  • Dimensions: 39 x 24.4mm
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 2mL straight glass
  • 4ml bubble glass
  • Dual Cyclops Top Adjustable Airflow
  • Sliding Action Top Fill Method
  • Innovative Build Deck
  • Improved Flavour Recreation
  • Resin Driptip, Ultem Driptip, Doc Driptip
  • Available colours Black and Stainless Steel

Design and Build Quality

A fairly good looking 24mm RTA that in my opinion beats the plain look of the Mesh RDA!Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA VV2

The standard Mesh RTA configuration is made from a high quality Stainless Steel, the one I received is SS with a blue resin drip-tip (they also have Black SS with a red resin driptip).

With the inclusion of 3 different drip-tips – Ultem, Doc and the Resin – and two types of Pyrex tank allowing for a customized look to the Mesh 24 RTA

I’ve got to add that the build quality and design are of the usual high quality standard that one has come to expect from Vandy Vapes.

The Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA from Vandy Vape disassembles into 5 parts.Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA Compbits

The Build Deck

The build deck is in the form of 2 long vertical clamp posts. The clamps are operated by 4 small Philips head screws (2 on each post).Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA Ps


Around the base you have a knurled pattern to help you remove the base from the assembly plus e-liquid intakes in the form of 4 small slots and threading for your coil cover.
Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA Knling
On the bottom of the RTA you have a gold plated connection pin along with the usual branding and details.

Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA 510 info

Top Airflow Adjustment Ring

The adjustment ring, which is removable from the chimney assembly, has knurling to help you turn the airflow.

The coil cover, airflow, Chimney, Fill Port is in one complete part!Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA chimney AssIt has a double layer just inside of the coil cover; it is bevelled so that any condensation or liquid splashes will fall back to your cotton.Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA CCTThe chimney is short bringing the coil closer to your mouth. The airflow is handled by 2 wide slots, one either side of the assembly.

The fill port is hidden under a slide cover indicated by the push symbol on the top of the chimney assembly, there is also another O ring within the liquid slide cap to hold on your 810 drip-tip.

Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA FPC

Pyrex Tank

Vandy Vape have included 2 types of tank with this RTA 2ml straight tank, 4ml bubble tank.Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA ASSTVandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA with bubble tank


The tank comes as standard with the resin tip installed, in the box are 2 other drip-tips (Ultem and Doc Tip) as well an an adaptor for a 510 drip-tip.

Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA MPieces

A quick guide to coiling, wicking and filling

If care is taken you do not have to take the tank completely apart to change the coil or cotton without fully emptying the RTA Just simply unscrew the base while holding the tank upside down.Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA ready

Locate the sample mesh wire that Vandy Vape include in your box and choose which type you wish to use. 0.57ohms for the 400 SS mesh and 0.42ohms for the 300 SS mesh!

Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA WMS

Take your RDA apart by removing the build deck.Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA ROPOn the reverse side of each post are 2 Phillips head screws these operate the clamp system:

  • Unscrew all the screws
  • Take your sheet of Mesh and carefully place one end into one of the slots between the screws
  • Tighten the screws down evenly keeping the mesh as straight as you can!
  • Tear off a wad off cotton and place the wad of cotton so you can wrap the mesh around the cotton (try to make sure your cotton just touches the base of the deck evenly while making sure that every surface of the mesh is touched by cotton or you might get dry hits or your cotton will burn).
  • Wet the cotton well with your favourite e-liquid; re- assemble your RTA
  • Pop open the fill port and fill your Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA with liquid.

Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA Fill

How Does The Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA Perform?

For this review I used Vandy Vape SS316L Mesh cut from the roll, I cut it so I got lower ohms than the supplied mesh strips, coming in at 0.25ohms.

I am also using e-liquid from Juice Junkies called “Forest Fruits”.

I have used the Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA with various mods but seem to prefer it on my Vaporesso Revenger in TC mode with my normal temperature for Stainless Steel – 420F at 50 watts this a perfect fit for me!

The flavour I get from this setup is second to none!Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA OMCU

The airflow wide open is a little on the tight side, but considering how much cotton there is in this thing, it needs a tighter airflow to suck the liquid up to the coil, even so the Mesh RTA produced a decent amount of vapour with the settings above!

Up until last year the only way I had used mesh was as a wick many years ago! That is up until I obtained the RDA version of this tank which turned me into a total convert to using mesh in TC mode.

Power mode


Airflow closed to half I was able to experience a very passable mouth to lung draw with a greater intensity of flavour. I did find the airflow was a little noisy.


Airflow opened up to ¾ the noise was less, still a good balance of vapour and flavour with a direct to lung style vape.


Airflow wide open, I found that while the flavour and vapour volume was good it was a little too warm for me and the airflow lacking.

I also found that with the SS316 Mesh the taste for me in power mode was slightly harsher than with normal SS316 wire.

What I Like

The flavour in Temperature Control is second to none for me with 316L Mesh, owning both the Mesh RDA and now the 24 Mesh RTA I will state while both are great I much prefer the looks of the RTA, as always Vandy Vapes gives you a great deal of extras and the RTA is no different.

What I Didn’t Like

The airflow is too tight and I think this will put a lot of users off. Although I can see Vandy Vapes reasoning behind this.

The build deck is just simply weird as the posts are too high. I don’t like the inflexibility of installing the coil as it can only be done between the 2 post screws.

Filling is a right royal pain for me. 10ml bottles are fine, but if you use bigger bottle with shorter nibs you will have a splash back of liquid and in some cases flooding the coil, taking the drip-tip off can help but not always.

Cotton…. where do I begin lol, its wasteful….

It’s hard to install the cotton especially with someone like myself with hand problems trying to make sure that you cover all areas of the coil, use too much cotton and you suffocate the draw, use too little and you are get pops, spits and leaks.

Final Review Verdict

The Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA, sad to say, is not an ideal RTA for me.

While I can say it’s a good looking tank that delivers a good vape, I found it less flexible than it’s RDA counterpart.

I believe this would make a good hobbyists tank, i.e, folks who like to take their time as opposed to an everyday vape tank for folks in a rush to enjoy their vape.

Would I buy the Vandy Vape Mesh 24 RTA again? No.


  • Good looking RTA
  • Very well built
  • Flavour is exceptionally good
  • Good vapour production
  • Good liquid capacity with the bubble glass installed
  • Great deal of extras included


  • To tight an airflow for some
  • Wasteful with cotton
  • Wicking and re wicking is a pain
  • Posts to tall
  • Inflexibility of coil installation
  • Not ideal for larger liquid bottles
  • Manual is not detailed enough

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Build Quality
Ease of Build
Likelihood of Buying Again If Lost or Damaged
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