The Vapeccino Mate 1 is a new Pod mod which is super packed with features despite being tiny!

vapeccino mate 1For a start the coils use GCT (Golden Core Technology) which promises a better taste and less “gunking” up of the coil and therefore longer lifespan. Here’s what Vapeccino have to say on the matter

GCT, an advanced Nano tech, presents strong antioxidation and keeps high cleanness by preventing ejuice’s carbides from gluing to the coil, so that it prolongs the vaporizer’s lifespan and keeps the taste pure.

This has a 410mah battery with a super quick charge of 25 minutes.

There is a vibrating motor inside for alerts for installing pod, low power or poor contacts.

You also get an LED indicator for battery level, this displays when inhaling on the device or when you tap/shake as there is a motion sensor inside this too!

The Mate 1 is apparently designed for MTL and DTL (Mouth to Lung and Direct to Lung) vapers – there are different pods for both. The DTL pod has two air intakes to increase the flow of liquid through the coil. The MTL pod has one air intake.

mate 1 pods differenceSo let’s fill up and charge this little fella!

What’s In The Box

  • Vapeccino Mate 1 Device
  • Pod – MTL
  • Spare pod plugs
  • Instruction manual
  • USB Cable

I was also sent packs of spare MTL and DTL pods – there are 2 in each pack. I am not sure if you get the DTL pods in the kit.

vapeccino mate 1 packaging


  • Battery capacity: 410mAh
  • Pod capacity: 1.5ml
  • Dimensions: 110x20x10mm
  • Weight: 36g
  • Resistance: 1-3ohm
  • GCT (Gold Core Tech) heating element
  • Vibrating alerts
  • LED indicator
  • 25 minute charging time
  • Full power output (direct output)
  • MTL and DTL pods
  • Body material : Eco friendly brass
  • Pod mouthpiece: Edible PC
  • Movement sensor
  • Splash proof

Build Quality & Design

This is a sturdy little mod. I received the black version for review.

The body is a black plastic feel but is made from brass. There are slots cut out for viewing the E-liquid level and these are really clear.

There is a plastic mouthpiece which feels great in the mouth.

mate 1 view from topAn LED indicator is at the base of the mod which will illuminate when vaping or if you tap or shake the mod.

A USB port is located on the bottom of the mod for charging.

mate 1 view from baseThis looks great – not exciting but not garish or gloomy either.

I do keep putting the wrong end in my mouth when I’m not concentrating – what a muppet. But in the hand when you are not looking it’s hard to tell haha!

In The Hand

mate 1 in hand

How Does the Vapeccino Mate 1 Perform?

Basic operation

Tap the mod twice or shake the mod and the LED indicator will light up to tell you the battery capacity remaining (in theory!)

  • Green light = 100-60% charge left
  • Blue light = 60-35% charge left
  • Red light = 35-0% charge left

There is also a vibrating alert on this – you will get a vibration in a pulse and it indicates as follows:

  • 1 buzz = loading pod complete
  • 2 buzzes = low power – battery below 15% charge
  • 3 buzzes = poor electrical contact – between pod and battery

There is no fire button – this simply senses when you inhale and operates the fire automatically.

How To Charge The Vapeccino Mate 1

Simply use the included USB cable, pop the small end into the base of the Mate 1 and the other end into a suitable USB outlet.

Charging should only take 25 minutes and the LED light goes out when fully charged.

How To Fill The Vapeccino Mate 1 pod

  • Pull the pod from the battery.

mate 1 pod removal

  • Remove the filling plug – don’t drop it a hundred times like I did – thankfully they do include extra plugs – phew!

mate 1 pod plug

  • Squeeze liquid into the filling hole.

mate 1 pod filling

  • Fully replace the plug and check like another 6 times to make sure haha!
  • Slide the pod back into the mod.
  • Leave to stand for 5-10 minutes to make sure the coil has absorbed the E-liquid.

How To Change The Pod

The pod simply pulls out from the battery body.

Before installing make sure to fill as described above.

Flavour & Cloud Production

There are two different types of pod for this, the airflow is different on each.

I couldn’t find any markings on the pod itself however there is an identification tick box on the box of the pod.
vapeccino mate 1 pod packaging

One is for DTL which has more airflow holes – and the other is for MTL.

I am not sure what coil resistances are in these pods as there is nothing on the website or obvious on the pods or packaging. It would be good to know as this will help me understand if the performance is as expected.

You will need to adjust which e-liquid to use according to which pod is installed – the DTL pod will need a higher VG lower Nicotine liquid and vice-versa for the MTL pod.

Further Reading: What is PG and VG in E-liquid?


mate 1 mtl podsI popped some 12mg nicotine strength 60PG/40VG E-liquid into the MTL pod to test this.

This is the first pod I tried – so on night one – I had already decided I love this little mod.

I took this out with me – and found on a car journey where I would normally smoke 2 cigarettes – I vaped on this, then lit a ciggie, decided the ciggie tasted vile and went back to my mate 1!

I also was the same on the drive home too!

If you saw my article Stoptober For Me – you will see the struggles I have been having – sadly things just keep getting worse for my poor mom. Since her lung tumour op – she has had sepsis, thrombosis and sadly multiple severe strokes. She’s now undergoing rehab and working hard – but the stress has been off the scale.

So I am still smoking a bit, mainly when going or returning hospital.

Being in the position of a vaper who still smokes I instantly could compare the airflow – I found after putting a cigarette out and then drawing on the Mate 1 I had to inhale longer and a bit harder to feel the equivalent of my ciggie. Not much – so my tip for you is if you are not feeling like you are inhaling – just pull a bit harder or for longer and bingo you will feel it.

The taste is slightly muted – not badly and I got an occasional metallic taste, but this may improve with a few more fills of the pod – even screw in coil heads can take a few tank fulls to settle.

The vapour is as expected and with my 12mg nicotine strength liquid I was getting the throat hit I should get – just took a second longer of inhaling to get this.

I also found I got the “Vaping Voms” with this – i.e. a bit too much nicotine – I’m used to 6mg strength nowadays – so this can definitely give you the nic hit you need!

The e-liquid use of this pod is mega efficient too – I found the battery had run out before the pod needed refilling – it is only 1.5ml capacity but wow it lasts ages!


mate 1 dtl podsI filled this with a 6mg 80% VG E-liquid and off I went!

Already the taste is way better than I expected and no problems with wicking the thicker e-liquid.

The airflow is definitely way more open on this pod.

Vapour is good too – slightly more than I was expecting from such a little mod!

Battery Life

Not knowing the resistance of the coils installed in the pods makes it hard to judge if the battery capacity is as should be – obviously lower resistance coils will drain the battery quicker.

I can confirm the claims of quick charging – I set this to charge at 20:45 and looked at 21:12 and the charge light had gone out!

I timed the use of this and with the DTL pod with fairly constant vaping I got 1.5 hours of use from one charge. With the MTL pod it lasted slightly longer at 2 hours of vaping.

What I Like

  • Such a neat and tidy design
  • LED indicator
  • Easy to install pod
  • Quick to charge
  • MTL pod so efficient on E-liquid despite it only being 1.5ml!
  • DTL pod airflow and taste are good.
  • No leaks.

What I Dislike

  • Tap/shake indicator isn’t always responsive
  • Small battery capacity
  • Motion sensor and vibrate motors are not really needed and add to the drain on the already small battery

Final Review Verdict

Thr Vapeaccino Mate 1 is super simple to use and looks and feels great. I did find I kept putting the USB end in my mouth when not concentrating!

The MTL pod seemed to use hardly any e-liquid – in fact the battery conked out before the pod was even down to 3/4 full!

However make sure to keep an eye on the level as when it is about 1/4 full the level drops very quickly and you will get a mouth full of burnt cotton before you know it. The shape of the pod means it is smaller nearer the bottom so it can be deceiving that you have lots of liquid left!

I am finding the tap/shake operation a bit hit and miss, sometimes it responds, other times it takes a few attempts.

I find the motion sensor and vibrate motor slightly unnecessary – an LED indicator light which just lights up when you inhale would do the same job perfectly. Then perhaps they could remove those sensors and add a bit more capacity to the battery. Also do these sensors use up the small amount of battery power you have to start with?

I have reviewed a few Pod Mods lately – the Eleaf iCare 2, the Vision Skynow X, the Suorin Drop and the Vaptio C-Flat.

The Vapeccino Mate 1 hasn’t got the outstanding flavour of the Suorin drop, or the masses of vapour that the Skynow could kick out and the battery isn’t as efficient as the iCare 2.

The above pod mods apart from the iCare 2 had several flaws – whereas this is pretty good in all departments.

There are a couple of niggles but even from my first night of using I just knew we would be friends – you know that meeting of minds etc. I find this keeps jumping into my hand all the time!

Build Quality
Ease of use
Vapour - DTL Pod
Flavour - DTL Pod
Vapour - MTL Pod
Flavour - MTL Pod
Replace if lost or damaged?
My name is Michelle - I am 46 and an engineer and Technical Author by trade. I started vaping many years ago in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. My journey in vaping began again a few years ago and have started to move up in the shiny shiny gadget department and love vaping! I have finally stopped smoking as of June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod!


  1. Big, big flaw in this device: the mouthpiece pulls off the pod with attempt to remove pod from battery. Fix this and it’s a winner!


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