The Vapefly Holic MTL RDA has followed on from the brands ‘Galaxies’ look with their latest release, a sweet little topper for the fans of mouth to lung style of vaping.

Vapefly is a relatively new company to the vape scene they were established in 2017. They have a very impressive catalogue, which includes the Pixie RDA, Galaxies MTL RDTA, Galaxies MTL RTA and Galaxies MTL RDA, and many more. These guys know their RBA’s.Vapefly Holic mtl rda review

So What Can We Expect From the Holic MTL RDA by Vapefly

It was designed by Japanese YouTuber, Horick TV in conjunction with Vapefly!

Fundamentally the Holic RDA is a Mouth to Lung RDA, albeit with the flexibility as a restricted direct to lung topper. This has been built to deliver flavour, something which it does by the bucket load.

So, despite that little spoiler, what do we think of Vapefly’s latest offering to all mouth to lung fans out there? Is it going to be horrific or a cup of Horlicks? We all like Horlicks right?

Let’s go and get up and personal with it.

This product was sent to us for the purpose of review by Vapefly, thankyou. As always my thoughts and views are my own after a considerable testing period.

See the Holic MTL RDA in Action

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In The Box

  • Vapefly Holic MTL RDA
  • Beauty ring
  • O’rings & screws
  • T Tool and Allen Key
  • Firebolt cotton
  • 2x airflow control screws
  • BF pin
  • 2x Ni80 1ohm pre-built coils
  • User manual
  • Thank you Card

Vapefly Holic comp kit



  • Size: 22×41.7mm
  • 25mm diameter with beauty ring
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Single coil RDA
  • Gold plated 510 pin
  • BF pin included
  • Deep juice well
  • Coil position aid notches
  • Unlimited airflow control setting

Design and Build Quality

The Vapefly Holic MTL RDA comes in a card box with an over sleeve, as always Vapefly supply a decent amount of spares with the product.Vapefly Holic tray

Looking at the Holic aesthetically it reminds me very much of the Galaxies MTL (Squonk) RDTA, with the placement of the cap AF, which is no big surprise as it’s made by the same company!

The Holic is made from stainless steel (SS) and delrin.Vapefly Holic ss del

The RDA dismantles into 3 parts for easy cleaning.Vapefly Holic bitsIt has a diameter of 22mm, with the addition of the beauty ring this increases to 25mm.

The design and build quality are pretty much what we have come to expect from Vapefly – Excellent.

Base, Deck and Connection Pins

The bottom of the base has the normal info laser etched into it, including a unique serial number.Vapefly Holic bot deck The 510 threading has been turned well, the 510 pin is gold plated; the pin sticks out enough to be used on a hybrid connection.Vapefly Holic thr pinThe pin can be swapped out for the Bottom Feed (BF) pin in the box which makes the Holic a versatile RDA.Vapefly Holic pins

The body of the base is SS and has 2 black O’rings to help seat the cap correctly. There is an airflow hole to each side of the base, they measures around 2mm each.Vapefly Holic AF

The build deck is the classic one coil deck, the hatch screws are gold plated and catches your wire in the open slots.

The internal airflow (AF) adjustment valves are operated by 2 SS flat head screws.

The posts of the screws have holes in the centre of them so it’s real easy to adjust the tension of the internal AF, to either completely open or closed or somewhere in between for a tighter draw.

Vapefly Holic v2 deck

Looking into the deck you will see that the external AF sits directly under the coil with 2 massive wick spaces for your cotton on either side.

Vapefly have raised the deck with this RDA for squonking so you will need a good amount of cotton. Vapefly have included a rod guide to the sides of the base, this is so you don’t set your coil to low into the deck and short your coil on the AF.Vapefly Holic guide rod

Cap/ Airflow

The cap is made of stainless steel and is rather plain to look at with only the airflow holes for decoration. The cap is sloped into a heat fin leading to the 510 mouthpiece.Vapefly Holic afThe cap has various AF holes of different sizes enabling you to precisely control your AF.

6 holes one side and 3 the other. You can completely turn off the side with 3 holes resulting in a tighter draw.

The side airflow is situated so the coil is hit from underneath while the internal AF will hit the coil directly for a more airy draw!


The Vapefly Holic MTL RDA comes with one 510 mouthpiece that is made of black delrin.

The colour does set off the stainless steel look very nicely.Vapefly Holic DT

How Does The Vapefly Holic MTL RDA Perform?

For this review I have place a single Kanthal coil 13 wraps of 24g which gives me 1.13Ω, into the deck.

I will be using Moreish Puff Candy Drops “Lemon and Sour Apple” e-liquid and have popped the Holic on to my Artery Nugget.Vapefly Holic tilt mod

When I first opened the Holic RDA up I immediately thought, here we go for another mouth to lung RDA. However, taking a very close look at the deck I was surprised to see Vapefly have included 3 types of airflow with this little thing.

Two internal deck valves and the more obvious cap airflow all of which are configurable to your taste.Vapefly Holic pre toot

Basic Guide to Coiling/Wicking

Decide which connection pin you want to use and swap it out, I’m going to use the pre installed 510 pin for this example.

1. Insert your coil, you will find that your tails have to be facing opposite directions. Rest you coil rod on the two rod guides and clamp your wire down, clip your tails as normal.Vapefly Holic ins coilVapefly Holic coil

2. Insert your cotton and tuck the tails into the wicking slots of the deck, decide if you want the internal AF open or closed at this point and adjust accordingly. Vapefly Holic cott inVapefly Holic tucked

3. Dampen your cotton with your choice of e-liquid.Vapefly Holic liquid damp

4. Reassemble the cap and place on your mod, set you external AF to your liking.Vapefly Holic sq on

Simply enjoy the Holic MTL RDA by Vapefly.

Flavour and Vapour

By nature I am a sub ohm vaper. However, I am a flavour chaser.

So, while the flavour at 20w, while better than good for me, almost exceptional actually, I found the vapour was understandably a bit of a disappointment due to the coil resistance, wattage and airflow. It was, however, a cool very flavoursome vape and quite enjoyable.Vapefly Holic tilt close



I started off setting my Nugget to 12W with the lowest setting for the AF plus having the internal AF set to off.

OMG that is really, really tight, for me it is too tight a draw lol. Sucking a very thick milkshake through the tiniest straw you could find comes to mind.. lol!


However, working up to 25w and testing each AF hole as I went, I will state for the record I will be leaving the AF fully wide open both internal and external.

Using the BF (squonk) pin

I tested the Holic RDA using the BF pin installed and the beauty ring.

I placed it on my Wismec Luxotic squonk box, with a 0.5Ω coil, I have to say this little RDA performed admirably. I only had one mishap when I over squonked, other than that I had no problems.Vapefly Holic sq 2

Tip: make sure you have plenty of cotton in the deck if you intend to use this RDA as a Squonker; or you will find you won’t suck up enough liquid resulting in dry hits.

Other Notes

Before starting this review I tested the deck with a 0.5Ω coil at 40w with the 510 pin, with all the AF wide open. While a little tight for a Direct to Lung (DTL) draw, I have to say I got a nice warm vape with plenty of vapour and flavour. Next time I coil the Holic RDA I plan on using a lower Ohm coil maybe a 0.2Ω or even a more exotic coil than just round wire.


  • Very good flavour at 1.13Ω
  • Fairly descent amount of vapour for MTL
  • Good AF for mouth to lung
  • Very good design
  • Great quality of manufacture
  • Good looking little RDA
  • Easy to coil and wick
  • Works great as a BF RDA


  • No big concerns with this RDA

Final Review Verdict

I can see that the little Vapefly Holic MTL RDA is going to be a hit with all mouth to lung vapers out there.

It’s small with the added bonus of having a beauty ring included in the box for larger mods.

It covers the full spectrum of MTL airflow including the ability to do a restricted DTL draw and it handles squonking admirably with the included BF pin.

While I’m not a dedicated MTL vaper I have really enjoyed the time I have spent with the Vapefly Holic RDA and would most surely recommend it to others to try.

Would I buy a replacement Vapefly Holic MTL RDA due to loss or damage? Chances would be low but not beyond the realms of possibility!

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Build Quality
Flavour MTL
Vapour Quality MTL
Vapour Quality DTL
Ease of Coil Installation
Replace due to loss or damage
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