UPDATE: This kit is no longer available. For more ideas check out some of the best beginner vape kits currently available.

Vapestick – You May Have Seen Them Somewhere Before

vapestick reviewI had heard about Vapestick for a while now, they have been retailing their product in Harrods, Argos, Costco and most recently has been made available in Tesco pharmacies within the UK.

There are a few reviews out there but not many, so I decided to buy their Classic starter kit, it took a couple of days from order to doorstep.

Let’s take a closer look.

Packaging / Presentation

vapestickFirst impressions everything looks very promising, the presentation box is quality and the branding throughout looks very professional.

Inside the box you will find

2 batteries
2 atomisers
10 cartridges
Chargers and instruction manual.

Battery/Responsivenessvapestick electronic cigarette

Again the Vapestick battery looks the part, branding down the side looks and feels good and its verging on the super mini sizes being just a touch bigger than the ROK and SKYCIG super mini e cigs.

I found the battery to be responsive, and the draw was smooth and easy, but as with all ‘smaller’ e cigarette batteries you will find the life of the batteries will diminish and you will find yourself needing to recharge on a regular basis.

They should, according to Vapestick, last around 6-7 hours when new but I have found these numbers to be over the top for a 150mAh battery especially once it has been charged a number of times.

I will say though, this isn’t just a problem with Vapestick batteries but also from most brands that use the smaller cig-a-like sized batteries in their kits, none will last this amount of vaping time.

The one thing for me that is lacking is the addition of a PCC (portable charging case). These allow you to keep your batteries charged at all times when you are on the move.

Vapestick do sell one of these charging cases at an extra cost.vapestick 3 piece e cigarette

This device (in my opinion) is essential with these types of super mini e cig kits but this will make the Classic starter kit far too expensive.

ROK and SKYCIG both come in at a lot less with the charging packs and Jacvapour have PCC starter kits starting even lower.

Overall – 2.5/5 – If you are constantly on the move then you may find the battery doesn’t last long enough. This is not a big issue when you are somewhere that has access to a plug or USB connection to keep batteries charged but if you are on the move a lot adding the PCC to your kit is a must.


vapestick cartridgesYou will get 10 cartridges with your kit which is a good amount and Vapestick claim these will last around 100 puffs which compared to other companies is realistic!

One of the big differences Vapestick has when it comes to their cartridges is that they have a separate atomiser where the majority of other leading electronic cigarette brands have moved away from this kind of 3 piece design to the ‘easier’ 2 piece.

For me the 3 piece designs are too much messing about. I personally much prefer devices that have the atomiser built into the cartridge, these are referred to as cartomisers and offer a simple way to start with vaping.

Others do however prefer a separate atomiser as they can be better quality than the ones in cartomisers. It’s not a huge deal though just my preference.

The refill cartridges come in what looks like a vitamin bottle and all cartridges are sealed to keep them fresh which is a plus. The bottle in the Classic starter kit had 10 cartridges of mixed strengths and flavours, I received the following: 3 original flavour carts (1.1%, 1.8%, 2.4% nicotine), 3 Tobacco flavour (1.1%, 1.8%, 2.4% nicotine), 3 menthol (1.1%, 1.8%, 2.4% nicotine) and one apple flavoured cartridge with 0% nicotine content.

vapestick atomiserThe refill cartridges are ‘pushed’ on to the atomiser that is screwed into the battery.

When the cartridges were first attached I found I had to take a few primer drags to get the atomiser to heat the e liquid which in turn produces the vapour.

The original and tobacco flavours taste very similar but are decent and they produce a nice amount of vapour, the only real downside was that I would have liked a little more throat hit on the 1.8% nicotine strength, the 2.4% nicotine was a little on the soft side as well but for those that prefer a smoother vape then they should be good.

The menthol eliquid flavour for me was not very good compared to those that other brands have produced but this could be down to the fact that the atomiser had been used with a tobacco flavoured cartridge before and some of the flavour could have been lingering on the atomiser.

After a number of draws on the e cig though any lingering flavour should disappear. The throat hit again was not great with these.

The apple is good though for something that little bit different and gives a good balanced flavour. The thing with flavour though is that it really does differ from person to person so others may have differing opinions.

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Overall 2.5/5 – It was a bit mixed overall, the tobacco and apple flavours were decent and the vapour produced was good but I would prefer a little more throat hit. The menthol wasn’t to my taste though.

Starter Kits

Vapestick have 4 options:

Vapestick Classic Starter Kit (This is the kit I purchased for this review)

Vapestick Design Starter Kit 
The Design kit is the same as the classic kit with the option to choose your battery colour.

Vapestick XL Starter Kit
This kit supplies a larger capacity (190mAh) battery that will allow for longer vaping times between charges. Also available in a selection of colours.

Vapestick MAX Electronic Cigarette 
This is a larger capacity (650mAh) battery that is aimed at heavy smokers, these will last the best part of a days heavy vaping before a recharge is needed.

Vapestick Guarantee/Warranty

Non-faulty goods can be returned within 7 days and faulty goods can be returned within 30 days of purchase. As always please check the official website for up to date information.

Customer Service

There are ample ways to get in touch with the guys over at Vapestick, they have a free phone number, email, Facebook and Twitter page although the main customer support channel is via their website.

I had a brief email exchange with them and they responded very quickly, I have also heard from other sources that they are quick to respond to any queries or problems so all is good on this this front

Discount Coupons

Find the Vapestick discount code here for 10% off all orders.

Overall – For Those That Skipped

I’ve got to say the Vapestick Classic starter kit overall wasn’t for me. The quality of the presentation packaging and website set up are up there with the best and the flavours and vapour volume were good on a whole.

For me personally the 3 piece design which consists of the battery, an atomiser and a ‘plug in’ refill cartridge, is not something I would replace my current 2 piece e cig with. Don’t get me wrong if you start with this then I am sure you won’t be disappointed as the product isn’t bad, if it gets you off the cigs then I am sure you will be happy!

If you are just starting out though there are plenty of options available such as the Vapour2 Cigs kit or better still the Epuffer Magnum Snaps starter kit, these are 2 piece kits that may also be worth checking out.

Have you have tried the Vapestick Classic? Did you like it? Please let us know below.

Jonny - Ecigclick

As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!

As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!


  1. Bought one of the Usb charging versions from tescos on the 27/9/13, the first time charging took 2 hours, second time the red charging light was still on 3 hours later.

    Bought a packet of ciggies and returned it to Tescos on the 29/9/13 for a replacement exchange.

    The second one seemed ok, charging in under 2 hours and lasted for about 6 hours of about 10 puffs an hour.

    Then a very bad taste like burning plastic hit me and made me choke more then any ciggie has ever done before.

    The charging unit seemed very hot and the taste got worse with each puff of Vapour after.

    I am still on the first cartridge by way and this has now been put back in its packet for its return to Tescos on the 2/10/13 for a full refund and then i will go and buy myself another packet of Ciggies as i think this Vapestick thing will kill me before the Ciggies do.


  2. This was my first e-cig and all i can say is that it just did not work for me.
    The vapour production was very minimal and the flavour was not very nice.
    As i was smoking 30 a day the strength of this did not help me to stop and i even gave up on the idea of e-cigs as i didn’t think they could work, i carried on smoking until i found the Rok Star that had a much more substantial hit, as well as the fact you can buy various different liquid strengths and flavours from different suppliers. And although i stopped using the Rok Star due to it being constantly faulty i am now on the JacVapour V1P and have cut right down to 2 or 3 cigs. So all in all i would not recommend this for first time users but it may be good for a milder smoker.

  3. When the electronic case broke to my huge inconvenience, I feel a small goodwill gesture would have been appropriate. Purchased as an aid to giving up smoking and felt totally unsupported by customer service. Will be without a working case whilst on holiday. I spent significantly more purchasing this item than the basic kit so that I would never be without a charged battery whilst on holiday. Since the item will not be fit for that purpose, I feel more ought to have been done by means of apology.

  4. Haven’t had(or wanted) a real cig for 1 month,which is amazing after30 years as a heavy smoker. Like most smokers,it’s not just about the nicotine,but the throat hit and the visuals of the vapour,and the physical act of putting something in your mouth:)
    I hated giving up before as I’d put on weight,and I’m a vain female! Also ladies..my skin is wonderful,I don’t stink,my house doesn’t stink,I’m saving a fortune….I love these little babies!
    As commented before,you don’t always get the throat hit,so end up puffing more and using more cartridges,but hey,it’s still a millions times better than before.
    I find I’m chain vaping and get stomach ache from xs nicotine sometimes,but that’s my own fault!
    Let’s hope the government don’t try to ban e cigs,because they’re going to lose a LOT of revenue as people stop buying the real things
    To summary..I love it,I feel much much healthier,no cough, extra pennies to spend on shoes and handbags!

  5. Got these on special offer from Costco. First impressions were good. Two batteries, loads of different cartridges. However, the batteries didn’t last very long and not recommended if you spend some time away from home. The cartridges only lasted for 20 puffs, so I went through quite a few in a day.
    Support was excellent and I got a pack of the new cartomizers sent within a few days free of charge. These lasted a bit longer and are more acceptable. Good flavours but throat hit could be better. Even the 2.4% weren’t that strong and made me want more.
    I still use them as a backup, but do prefer the Vapourlites.

  6. Smoker since the age of 15 rolling my own for 25 years

    Bought the Vapestick Max after chatting with a colleague over a poker table. They had started using it so avoid having to leave the table to go have a smoke. As i had been toying with the idea of giving up myself i decided to purchase the Vapestick Starter Pack two weeks ago. Since then i have not smoked a real cigarette. This is just fabulous you get the nicotine and the throat hit but without the Tar, carbon monoxide or any of the other 100’s of harmful chemicals associated with cigarettes. My plan is to stop the Vapestick by weening myself off nicotine gradually reducing the strengths of nicotine cartridges.

  7. I first tried a Vapestick disposable and was surprised how well it replaced my morning binge smoke, I then got a Nicolite rechargeable from Tesco which was OK but had a weird air rushing sound I hadn’t noticed with the disposable so I came back to Vapestick as I was running out of the Nicolite. The starter kit looked generous and I liked the smaller size. I was bowled over by the packaging and the branding, but it is style over function as the throat hit was virtually non existent so is not looking promising as a replacement for my rollies, I’m following each Vapestick puff with a Nicolite.

  8. I owe a lot to this product. I am in to month 4 of giving up and only ever used this product. The taste is good (I use the “Original” flavour). I have the charging case too which is handy because these smaller batteries don’t last long. They are conspicuous so I don’t feel guilty vaping in public where some people may get offended. They claim that the cartridges last between 10-15 standard cigarettes worth and I guess we all inhale at a different pace, but I seem to get the equivalent of about 5 (about 50 puffs worth) out of this before I’m changing the cartridge AND the battery. I bought new batteries and it’s no different. I love the product and would encourage anyone to start with the classic model as it helped me quit real cigs but I think it’s time for me to get more serious with my vaping……do I try their XL model? I think I might stay true to this company for a while longer as they have improved my health and for that I am grateful.

  9. A good entry level vaping kit – mine came with the free charger case and it did the trick to get me started – since moved up to their Max model, which is very good indeed.

  10. I just love the 2.4% Tobacco or Original flavour, real nice throat hit, the refills themselves are not too expensive but the fact u have to replace the Atomiser yourself is a big bogey in my eyes. I would probably go with a different brand only for the fact that I paid €50 for the starter kit, I find when u need to replace the Atomiser the taste starts to get a bit rank.

    I am a very light smoker (5-8 cigs a day) so I do get full day out of my battery but heavier smokers might demand more, I find the batterys take a long time to recharge but seen as 2 are supplied in the starter kit its not so bad. My mom has a smaller e-cig than me and hers takes equally as long to charge so the charge time is prob right up there with the other e-cigs.

    Also u gotta say great customer service which is something not many companies can claim.

    Overall I personally do like the Vapestick its just having to pay for a new Atomiser yourself sucks!! I got about a month maybe a little more out of mine. And as I have only recently discovered it costs £20 to post an Atomiser to Ireland!! How in gods name could it cost so much to post such a tiny item over the water I don’t know.. I have recently contacted them about this I am eagerly awaiting a responce…

    Does anyone know where else I can buy Vapestick stuff from apart form their website and Argos?? If anyone knows any other online retailers could u please let me know as a google search reveals very little 🙁 Thanks guys.

  11. Brought for my partner for a healthier alternative,does the job,very short battery life though,he has now invested in the XL model from vapestick , a lot better product, a very long battery life,ok value.BUY THE XL MODEL, it is loads better and better value in the end.

  12. i have a rechargeable Nicolite kit and i find that even after recharging its weak with very little smoke also a tad too heavy. I bought the Vapestick as a trial and love it but refuse to pay the high price for their rechargeable kit, hence for now i will stick with Nicolite and keep my Vapestick as my spare puff! I’m not a heavy smoker so the 500 puffs has lasted like forever!

  13. Before this I tried another brand. It was this other brand that made the Vapestick Classics so disappointing.
    The taste is like some sort of sweet vanilla, not like cigarettes or tobacco at all. The hit you get (if you’re lucky to get one) is minimal at best and the majority of the time you get nothing out of them.
    The cartridges die very quickly. I would suggest they last approx 4-5 real cigarettes instead of the claimed 8.

    For someone who is an extremely light smoker and who does it as more of a hobby, the Vapestick Classic is ideal.
    For anyone trying to kick the habit of a real nicotine addiction, it would definitely not recommend these as you will likely be back on the real cigarettes before you know it.

  14. i chose this as had no negative reviews, my charger box came broken, the battery last only 1 hout the atomisers last 3 weeks tops, the usb charger doesnt work anymore, cartridges expensive and i only got 40 puffs max i only had this a month cost 64.99. I HAVE just purchased ANOTHER TWO BATTERIES AND TWO ATOMISERS AT A COST OF £32 and now charger packed up, just out of gurantee! this is a very expensive way to vape wouldnt reccomend it and the only reviews you can find are on vapestick website!!!!

  15. there’s a website where “vapestick reviews” take you from Google” It’s not mentioned that this only ONLY for Vapestick and not a product page on a large review site. But the site is a VAPESSTICK site, which they don’t spell out
    (I have to question the ethics behind that, as all the “reviews” are obviously brilliant)
    After sales service is very good with quick responses to questions left on their website, including a free replacement posted to me without questions to a report of a broken atomiser in the starter pack.
    Smoking habits have changed in that I have a few puffs at my desk instead of outside.
    Also, get refills from other places. Price is the same, but postage is free. Vapestick charge 3 bucks.


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