Vape News Headlines: Latest USA Vape Ban – Cyanide Found In THC Cartridges – US Military Bans Vape Sales – Indian Vapers Hold National Protests – Israel Vape Ban? – China’s Tough E-cigarette Regulations – UK E-Cig Researchers Need You – Grimm Green’s E-Liquid Shut Down and that Irish Flavour Ban Vote

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America’s Vape Crisis Latest

It’s been another tumultuous week for vaping in America with a number of states banning flavours/vaping OR local and state politicians discussing plans for such bans.

However, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] has finally gone public on the cause of the spate of respiratory diseases and now 11 deaths the media has wrongly linked to vaping on nicotine products.

The press release came after it was found some contaminated cartridges were:

…bootleg marijuana vapes tainted with hydrogen cyanide.

Christ Almighty!

CDC vape deaths

As I wrote 3 weeks ago in the piece: Vaping Is NOT About To Kill You – But Black-Market THC Cartridges Might – the US Government has finally announced the high probability that most – if not all of the reported cases are linked to contaminated – illegal street bought cannabis cartridges.

In a press release released on Friday the CDC said:

The latest findings from the investigation into lung injuries associated with e-cigarette use, or vaping, suggest THC products play a role in the outbreak.

Most of the people (77%) in this outbreak reported using THC-containing products, or both THC-containing products and nicotine-containing products, according to a report published today in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR).

It says investigations are ongoing but police across America have reported huge seizures of the illegal cartridges with the perpetrators arrested.

The 77% figure seems quite low – however remember many of those affected are young people and given what they’ve vaped on is illegal – it’s easy to see why some might not be telling the whole truth

You can read the full CDC statement on THC cartridges here.

It hasn’t helped the situation seeing the US Surgeon General’ Jerome Adams’ taking to social media with a ‘youngster’ to push the fake message vaping is dangerous.

Silly silly man…

However as you can see he was ‘schooled’ by John Dunne the Director and spokesman for UKVIA – nice one mate 😉

Washington State Bans Flavours

As of last Friday, all flavoured e-liquids and pods are banned in the State of Washington.

I wrote last week that two bills to ban or severely restrict flavours and e-cigarettes were due to be voted on.

Governor Jay Inslee vape ban
Inslee signs flavour ban

However the Governor has decided to swerve democracy and implement another of those Executive Orders to push a flavour ban through with little or no discussion – the same trick played by New York and Michigan.

Governor Jay Inslee said on Friday, he was instructing the Washington State Department of Health to take several actions telling the media:

My executive order also directs the department and the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board to do the following:

First, immediately ban any ingredients or sources that are found to be the cause of this acute lung illness.

And it doesn’t end there with the Governor looking for a long term complete ban of all flavoured e-cig products which includes:

…to draft Governor-request legislation for 2020 that will ban all flavored vapor products; require disclosure of ingredients in vapor products; increase regulatory oversight; limit bulk sales; expand the educational campaign; and clarify the Department of Health’s authority in situations like this where there is a harm or risk to the public but the specific cause of that harm is unknown.

The Governor has recognized contaminated THC cartridges are the real issue here but has still gone ahead and banned ALL flavoured products with a view to a complete ban in 2020.


Read the full Executive Order which bans flavours in Washington State.

US Military Bans E-cigarettes From Stores

US soldiers, sailors and airmen will no longer be allowed to buy e-cigarettes from shops on their bases.

The coastguard and the Marines have yet to take a decision on the ban that will come into force next month.

AAFES ban ecigs

Chris Ward, a spokesman for the Army & Air Force Exchange Service [AAFES] said the ban would only be lifted once the current investigation to the spate of illnesses and deaths was concluded:

Until the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s work with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state health departments to collect information on e-cigarette and vape products is complete, the Army & Air Force Exchange Service is removing these products from its assortment, effective close of business Sept. 30.

Lit and chewing tobacco products will of course remain on sale!


India’s Vapers Hold Countrywide Protest Over Vape Ban

Led by the Association of Vapers India [AVI] thousands of vapers held pro-vaping protests across the country yesterday.

Vapers and health experts are hoping such events will force the government to do a u-turn on its recent complete vape ban and protests were held in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Chennai.

AVI Director Samrat Chowdhery said the next step would be a legal challenge to the Government ruling:

It is astonishing that the government ignored the stay orders of High Court of Delhi as well as Mumbai, and even imposed bans on research.

We will continue to voice our protest against the ban and organize more such protests in other cities of the country.

If the government turns deaf ears to our demands, we will be forced to challenge it legally.

Two legal challenges to the ban have already been filed by Plume Vapour and aWoke Vapors.

There’s no info at the time of writing just what the thrust of these legal challeneges are, however an spokesman for the Indian Government said:

We are confident of defending our decision.

I really hope more Indian vapers get behind these protests – sign up to AVI now!

Israel Next To Ban Vaping? Could China Be Next?

The Israeli government is said to be considering a complete ban on all things vape.

It has already banned flavoured tobacco and say the current deaths and illnesses in the States area ‘danger to public health’ and is urging people to stop vaping.


Health Ministry Director-General Moshe Bar Siman Tov said:

I call on the public to not wait for new rules and regulations and simply stop using things that hurt their health.

Unfortunately we’re witnessing a real danger to the public health from the ever-increasing worldwide use of products of this type.

The wave of deaths in the US should serve as a warning to all health authorities in the world to take these measures with the utmost severity.

Meanwhile in China, the spiritual home of vaping, the Government is considering tough regulations on e-cigarettes – something I reported on back in July.

Whilst insiders say this will not be a complete ban, new laws will restrict marketing and packaging as well as regulation of all devices.


UK Vape Researchers Need YOU!

Not only could you be helping the future of vaping you could also get your hands on a smart watch!

The University College London Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group are running a Cancer UK funded survey and need volunteers.

ucl vape research

Participants will be given a smart e-cig and smart watch to collate data over a two week period.

For further details and contact info checkout the photo above.

Sad Tweet of the Week

The company that blends and manufactures USA YouTube vape reviewer Grimm Green’s popular e-liquid range has been shut down by the Michigan vape ban.

Sad news indeed and as I’ve seen on social media many more companies and big and small vape shops are closing down or have already closed down.

This madness just has to stop.

and finally…Voting Pro-Vape Works…Sometimes

In a bid to attract readership on the back of the US ‘vape crisis’ the Irish newspaper The Journal asked the question:

Should flavours be banned in Ireland?

A stupid question for sure – if the ‘journalists’ had bothered to…I dunno do a bit of research as I had to do ‘back in the day’ and BEFORE the internet lol.

For a while it looked like the vote would be lost – by a wide margin – until that is, vape advocates and vapers on Twitter added their votes.

The result?

irish flavour ban vote

A resounding win for the NO vote.

However, the way democracy is these days the paper will probably run it again until they get the result they want…

Me a cynic?

Naw 😉

More vaping news on Wednesday.

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