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UK Lifts E-Cig Advertising Ban – Blu Profits Soar – What Health Expert Asks “So What If Nicotine Is Addictive” and the WTF Is Going On In America News Special…

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This week things are a little shall we say different with a focus on how the war on vaping is panning out in America…let’s just say things are reaching hysterical and idiotic proportions…

I’ve written endlessly about this and warned for a long time now that the right to vape in the US is under a threat like never before.

In any given week I see how the mainstream media over there is manipulating the news I’m sure in collusion with parts of the Government – Big Tobacco – Big Pharma and those insidious lobbyists. The spin they put on anything vape related is shockingly bias with a knock on effect of those stories spreading like wildfire across the globe.

Trust me vaping in America as you know it is almost out for the count and whilst advocacy groups haven’t yet thrown in the towel they have been slow off the stool and more than a little punch drunk.

So I’ll begin with a couple of positive pieces – both linked to the UK which is a world leader in understanding and accepting the benefits of e-cigarettes on its people’s health. And then show just a handful of bad news anti-vape stories I see each day.

UK Lifts Ban On E-Cig Health Claims

The title says it all however as with all official gobbledygook what the amendments to the current rules of advertising and e-cigarettes mean is a little shall we say cloudy. However it is GOOD news and once I’ve digested it all a bit more expect a larger article soon.

So I don’t leave you hanging here’s what the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP and BCAP) has had to say:

Following consultation, CAP and BCAP are amending rules in each of their Codes to remove the absolute prohibitions on claims being made about health in lawful advertisements for electronic cigarettes. Since this prohibition came into force in 2014, the evidence for the relative safety of e-cigarettes has improved, alongside a regulatory regime to set product standards.

In light of these sector-wide changes, CAP and BCAP consider that an absolute prohibition on health claims in lawful ads for e-cigarettes can no longer be justified.

Marketers will still need to hold evidence for any claims in their ads, and the requirement to carry MHRA authorisation for medicinal claims is unchanged.


In a nutshell:

Following the change, advertisers of e-cigarettes are no longer prohibited from making claims about the link between their products and health.

But with riders built in which I shall be tackling soon.

You can read the full set of amendments [good luck] HERE.

Big Tobacco Backed Blu Brand Increases Profits

Not sure if this is a good news story or not the way things are going right now lol.

Anyway here’s a bit of positive news for UK based Big Tobacco brand Imperial – the makers of among others Winston cigarettes.

They’ve just reported its net revenue up 2.1 percent with 0.9 percent from tobacco and 1.2 percent from Next Generation Products – the blu e-cig.

my blu kit contents

That equates to an eye watering profit of £30.5billion – no wonder they’re keen to push blu.

CEO Alison Cooper was obviously delighted and said the company’s commitment to e-cigs was greater than ever:

We’re absolutely focused on the vaping opportunities, it’s significant.

We’ve got a fantastic set of assets in the space including the (vaping) brand blu, we’ve got proprietary innovation and leading-edge science, all of these things support a really significant opportunity for Imperial so we are going all-in.

Not sure if they’re aware of the FDA’s current war on all things vape and pod – they might want to reign in their enthusiasm after all America is a huge market…but hey at least they’re positive…unlike Altria – parent company of PMI [the Marlboro men] who recently decided to remove some of their flavoured pods to appease the FDA’s war on vaping.


The WTF Is Going On In America Special

OK this is just a few and I mean a few of the stories coming out of the US just this week with a real anti-vaping slant.

It’s happening in both national and local print and TV as well as social media every single day.

It’s a never ending tsunami of anti-vaping BS in Biblical proportions – and unless the vapers and advocacy groups of America get busy and right now – they are gonna be swamped and vaping will be decimated in the Land of the Free.

The Anti Vape Idiocy In The US Continues with Vape-Free November

Here in the UK we have Stoptober and VApril in which smokers are advised with the full backing of health chiefs to switch from smoking to vaping.

However over in America they now have Vape-Free November…yup you read that right.

The scheme was dreamed up by health officials in Colorado which was recently revealed as the teen vaping hot-spot of the states.

The figures are shall we say interesting – bordering on ‘massaged’ that proves this fact – however that hasn’t stopped Gov. John Hickenlooper the University of Colorado Cancer Center and the local kids hospital in calling for action to be taken.


Amy Sass, MD told the media that:

The aerosols in many of these electronic nicotine devices are equally harmful, both to the user and bystanders who are exposed to the vapors. These are pollutants and can contain harmful chemicals including carcinogens and heavy metals.


Yet another medical ‘professional’ talking absolute crap – there is NO evidence passive vaping causes damage – NO evidence of harmful chemicals and NO evidence of heavy metals being present other than in below acceptable levels.

As I wrote in the piece Anti Vaping Arguments – How To Win With The Facts – Public Health England has not only stated vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking it also catergorically states there’s no danger to passers by from vaping and you’d have to vape unmanageable amounts of e-liquid for days – months – years before the heavy metal levels even slightly exceed the norm…I could go on but you get my drift.

And Ms Sass also brings out the vaping will turn kids into addicts and lead to anti social behaviours with this little nugget of pure emotional driven bullcrap:

Teens in Colorado who vape are more likely to binge drink, use marijuana, use prescription pain not prescribed to them, and engage in other risky behavior…

Ain’t that what kids do..?

Not being snippy here [OK a little] but once again a stance based on untruths and fake science has led to yet another scare story centering around vaping.

The Governor also comes across as yet another spoon fed soundbite none expert with his line:

We want to say with one voice: Put down the pods; trash the pens; and live a little.

So if you’re at all concerned about the health of the kids why call it Vape-Free November and not Smoke-Free November..?

It might be because unlike e-cig products tobacco brings in for instance 99cents tax per packet of cigarettes and of course if everyone stopped smoking overnight in the state…that would be a HUGE hole in the state coffers…

It’s reported Colorado received a total of $292.6 million last year alone in revenue from tobacco tax and tobacco settlements…like I said a HUGE HOLE…

The phrase profits before people comes to mind…because by targeting the kids that vape the media has gleefully jumped on the vaping is as bad as smoking argument meaning far less adults may make the switch.



Utah Tries To Link Teen Depression and Suicide To Vaping

Whilst I know teen depression and of course suicide is a serious issue I’m seriously becoming depressed by this barrage of BS coming out of the states.

In a very clever ‘spin piece’ including the it seems compulsive scary headline – the fact that teen smoking is at an all time low is cleverly hidden.

It’s that headline Vaping And Depression Both On The Rise Amongst Utah’s Youth that sucks readers in leaving them to conclude that vaping leads to depressed suicidal teens – which couldn’t be farther from the truth.


Yes the figures show a jump in teens ‘trying’ a vape but the figures also show the number of smokers has dropped significantly.

Nowhere does the report link vaping to teen depression or suicide – but again the mainstream media has led you to believe it does – for goodness sake what is wrong with these people and the dangerous lies they’re spreading?

Newman at least calls on parents to do something adding:

We need parents to get actively engaged and involved. Some of these, called Juuls, look a lot like a thumb drive. When they get home, they can just put it in their computer and if you were to walk by you wouldn’t give it a second look.

Anything that you can make liquid form you can put into these. It’s something to be aware of. I would encourage anyone that would like more information to contact the Health Department, either Alyssa Mitchell or Shelley Worley. They do a lot of the training and prevention on our e-cigarette program.

I just hope to God the training they mention at least offers facts and not the usual anti-vaping shock tactics diatribe spewed by the FDA…


Kids Fined For Vaping At School

In my day it was six whacks of the cane on my backside for being caught smoking behind the bike sheds.

However we’re in modern times and the cane is banned however 9 kids in an American school have all been ‘ticketed’ meaning a $124 fine for their parents.

Their crime appears to be vaping on school premises which given they are under the legal age of 18 to use the devices seems reasonable enough…but a fine?

kids vaping

Not only that the local police are now actively involved as they are concerned e-cigs can be used with illegal ingredients such as marijuana – a very and I mean very small number of kids are doing that anywhere truth be told.

In the past few weeks the cops have given citations to those they catch vaping under 18.

It’s not clear what the policy is for kids caught smoking either by the police of school officials…which makes you wonder…


Drilling For Oil and Vaping Linked Together In Ban Order!

I did say in the introduction to this week’s news things were reaching idiotic proportions over in the states and the war on vaping…well here’s where things get even stranger.

In a very clever – some might say sneaky – move politicos in Florida have just passed Amendment 9 which bans offshore drilling in its state waters but at the same time bans vaping indoors.

Yeah I know the mind boggles…but hey this is America lol.

florida flag
The amendment meant vaping and off shore drilling was joined at the hip meaning you couldn’t vote for one and not the other…

I know I know – even for an old Brit hack like me the political scene over there and all its machinations is bewildering lol.

But that’s the facts and I guess the politicians somehow became confused over vape oils [we don’t actually call them that anymore guys] and er oil – who knows…

Just another day and another idiotic vape story coming out of the US…

Artist Behind Joe Camel Ads Takes JUUL To Task!

Jerry Lofaro was the guy behind the now infamous series of cartoons showing a cool humanized camel smoking one of the Camels cigarettes and now he too has joined in the attack on popular pod kit JUUL.

In a quite ridiculous statement he reckons the cartoon style character he created did not lure kids into smoking but says the colourful JUUL ads do!

joe camel
via Yahoo

Just from a cursory overview with the weight of social media and getting a sense of the younger generation, to me the Juul [marketing] seems more egregious. To me that really captures more of the essence of a young person’s mind than a cartoon character like Joe Camel ever could.

Wait what?

Wasn’t it not so long ago the world and his uncle was screaming cartoon style labels on e-liquids was ‘luring’ kids into vaping..?

It seems in the American anti-vaping war 180’s are a regular thing…

Cop Gives Talk On Vaping And Substance Abuse

A local cop sponsored by Brown County Underage Substance Abuse Coalition (USAC) was called into to give a talk on, among other things, vape pens at a local school in Boise, Idaho.

Nothing bad about that you might think – I guess you could argue vaping underage is some kind of substance abuse…sort of.


However it’s the statement Officer Jermaine Galloway made on the availability of JUUL [yeah again lol] that stood out for me…

In some stores, I have seen traditional tobacco on the back wall and JUUL vape pods at the counter top, inches from my reach…

He says that like it’s a bad thing – I mean surely having the JUUL front and centre from the lit tobacco means maybe adults might make a snap purchase and therefore improve their health and risk of lit tobacco cancer?

And shouldn’t the police or whoever is in charge of policing underage sales over there be more concerned about that than scaremongering – hey be cops not health police politician type busybodies maybe?

Just a thought.

Kid Power! Marin County Bans Flavoured E-Liquids

As I reported in the larger article The American Anti Vape Crowd Has Completely Lost the Plot? Marin County in California has banned flavoured e-liquids and pods.

The ban also includes menthol flavoured cigarettes and comes into effect July next year with shops having up to a year to sell off their stock.

little girl vaping tweet

What was most shocking about this ridiculous ban was the use of kids who one by one gave ‘evidence’ [most of it factually incorrect or out right lies] to the politicians…see the article I’ve linked to for more.

One little girl said:

I’ve seen people dealing their vape pens in class, I’ve seen people vaping around campus and I really don’t want this to effect the next generation including my little brother so I’m here to make sure I have a say in this.

via comedy central

And have a say they did – despite being wrong on almost all counts – and the politicians dutifully obliged.



Santa Cruz Next To Ban Flavoured E-Liquids?

Early next week local politicians in Santa Cruz will consider banning all flavoured e-liquid products.

It loks like this will be yet another domino to fall especially with heart rendering emotional rich factually poor arguments like this one.

Just read this letter a local anti-vaper has written:

As a former Santa Cruz High student and current UC Berkeley Public Health student, I’m urging City Council, on Nov. 13, to follow the lead of other California cities by banning the sale of flavored tobacco products. Today, 20 percent of high school students “vape” e-cigarettes.

The industry claims e-cigs are quitting devices for smokers, but sellers know that 88 percent of smokers begin using before the age of 18. They entice adolescents with candy-like flavors and deceive us by suggesting e-cigs produce a harmless vapor, when in fact, users inhale an aerosol full of toxic chemicals.

For youth, peer-pressure to vape is constant. Worse, e-cigs are discrete and insidious; I’ve even witnessed students vape in Santa Cruz High classrooms.

Consistent with research, many of my peers became addicted to both vaping and smoking cigarettes. If the City Council rejects this ban, the tobacco industry will claim more lives in our community.

Heartfelt for sure – but the facts are screwy at best and anyway your emotion and feelings don’t make an argument…facts do and correct ones at that…

Now times this by hundreds of thousands and you can see the barrage of BS that vaping is facing in America – meanwhile the vapers are silent…

They’d better do something and quick because the politicians are scared to death of offending anyone…except it seems vapers.


and finally…The War On Vaping In America Summed Up In One Headline

I guess if you’ve ploughed through all this you could do with a laugh…I know I could lol.

But sadly this past couple of weeks the negativity around vaping particularly in the USA has meant I really haven’t found anything to lighten up events…

However this headline did indeed produce a chuckle – or maybe more a manic laugh given the amount of BS I’ve tackled recently…

Cigarette smoking hits new low among adults, but youth vaping ‘epidemic’ still a concern

Did you see what they did there?

vaping in the usa

It’s a classic journalist’s trick – good news followed by a whammo of a BUT…pun intended lol.

It doesn’t matter the smoking rates in America are at an all time low – thanks to e-cigarettes though no-one will admit it…

When it comes to vaping the mainstream media and the rest of them have – just have to put the hook in and in this case feeding the frenzy of the alleged teen vape ‘epidemic’.

And that is exactly what’s going on over there…the media is leading the charge in the war against vaping whilst the lobbyists and politicians slap each other on the back as the stock prices of tobacco shares soar…

It’s a f**king scandal.


Stop Press! “So What If Nicotine Is Addictive!”

OK here’s a little gem to lighten the mood.

I’ve reported many times on the work of world renowned Professor Dr. Riccardo Polosa – the guy is a champion of all things vape.

He’s a fantastic orator with a real twinkle in his eye as seen when giving evidence to UK politicians earlier this year. He’s the one who held up a slice of burned toast and aid that was more dangerous than vaping!

Checkout this short five minute video where he explains why he was ‘Just Ignorant’ when he first found out about e-cigs and the health benefits they bring.

And you HAVE to love what he says about America’s current pre-occupation with nicotine being addictive:

So what? Nicotine doesn’t kill…

Like I said this gentleman is a bloody star…

Somebody get that man in front of the FDA NOW!!!

*Shuffles Papers*

Footnote: Get Involved NOW to Save The Vape In America!

I have simpler vape tastes these days - I never leave home without a Caliburn G, a Vaporesso Luxe 40 or Innokin EQ FLTR and a CBD vape pen or bottle of CBD drops in my rucksack...or indeed an Aspire Nautilus Prime X in my pocket... At home I'll be using various mods topped with the GeekVape Zeus X RTA or the Signature Mods Mono SQ topped with the Augvape BTFC RDA... I'm a former journalist and now a writer and sometimes author... I'm ex Army - adore dogs and never happier than hiking over the hills or with a good book on a beach.


  1. “Checkout this short five minute video where he explains why he was ‘Just Ignorant’ when he first found out about e-cigs and the health benefits they bring.”

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