Today we are going to be taking a look at the Vaporesso Cascade sub-ohm tank.
Vaporesso Cascade tank review
This big boy holds a whopping 7mls of juice (non TPD version of course) and has coils capable of 200 watts! However folks we won’t be just taking a look at its best features but also its worst qualities.

As many will know if you have been around the vaping scene for any amount of time, Vaporeso are a well respected brand that have been releasing some cracking gear. One such range of mods is the best selling Revenger and Revenger Mini series. More recent additions have come in the form of the Switcher and the Swag mod.

See My Hands On Vaporesso Cascade Video Review

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In The Box

  • 1 x Vaporesso Cascade Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 x 0.4 ohm GTM 2 Coil
  • 1 x 0.15 ohm GTM 8 Coil – Pre-Installed
  • 1 x GT Core Adapter
  • Spare Glass and O-Rings
  • User Manual


  • Dimensions: 60.5mm (height) x 25mm (Diameter)
  • Weight: 81g
  • Capacity – 7ml
  • Stainless Steel
  • Top Fill
  • Plug n Pull coil change
  • Triple Airflow

Design and Build Quality

Let’s look at the Vaporesso Cascade tank starting from the top and working our way down. At the top you will find a 510 connection drip tip in multi colours (If purchased the Rainbow tank) or in black. This is a slight shame as it seem 810 drip tips are the preferred tip and most tanks coming out have multiple options in the box, this does not.Vaporesso Cascade Sub Ohm Tank

That being said it does the job and does what I need it to, the only thing I would change on the rainbow tip is to have the colours blended rather than segmented.

Top fill

Moving down we come to the filling hatch. This is the biggest issue I have with the tank. The top of the hatch is removable, so when opening the hatch to fill your tank, it is easy to start to remove the top of the hatch.Cascade tank top fill mechanism

The reason for the hatch top being removable is to replace the rubber fill hole as shown in image. This I have never felt the need to do on any tank and it annoys me every time I fill up this tank!

Once you have mastered filling up the tank without taking the whole thing apart, it can hold upto 7mls of eliquid! This is achieved by the new and popular ‘bubble glass’ which increases the diameter of the tank to 28mm.

I’m personally not a fan as it makes the tank look misshapen and top heavy but that’s of course a personal preference. I’ve also been informed these tanks are more prone to breaking.


Next we come to the airflow which Vaporesso calls ‘Balanced Triangular adjustable Airflow’.Cascade Sub Ohm tank airflow

The tank features 3 massive airflow slots, which are required when attempting to vape at 200 watts. In all honesty it is rather smooth for the amount of air you can get and not too noisy.

This part of the tank impressed me due to my experiences with loud and turbulent air flows from similar styled sub ohm tanks. The only negative I could mention about it would be how restrictive the adjustment ring is.


At last we come to the bottom of the tank and to talk about the coils. No a lot to say about the 510 thread and connection apart from it doesn’t protrude at all and the threads are smooth.

The whole tank can be broken down fully which make it very easy to clean, the threads could be smoother however nothing to complain about.Cascade tank parts

Overall the build quality is decent throughout and the tank does feel solid. The top filling hatch lets the rest of the tank down massively in terms of quality and design.

How Does the Vaporesso Cascade Tank Perform?

First, let’s take a quick look a quick look at how to fill and change the coils.

How To Fill The Cascade Tank

  • Apply pressure to the top of the tank, a small arrow above the glass indicates the best place to push to open the hatch.
  • Insert your pipette or bottle top to one corner of the opening and fill until e-liquid reaches the top of the tankHow to fill the Vaporesso Cascade Sub Ohm tank

How To Change The Coils

  • Turn the tank upside down
  • Unscrew the bottom tank by the airflow
  • Remove the pressure fitted coil
  • Insert the new coil (after wicking)
  • Screw bottom back to tank.How to change the Cascade coils

You are able to change the coil with e-liquid still in the tank however this is only possible when the tank is half full.

Stock Coil performance

The coils are fantastic both the GTM 2 & GTM 8.

0.15Ohm GTM 8 Coil

Let’s start with the pre-installed GTM 8 which has a recommended wattage of 80 to 200 watts, I have been rocking this one at the sweet spot of 100 watts. The flavour from this coil is fantastic, coming close to some of the best RTA’s and the clouds are insane!vaporesso gtm 8 coil

At wattages under 100 it loses its punch and there is a decrease in flavour. You can also restrict the airflow to slightly increase flavour and temperature however I wouldn’t recommend going under halfway otherwise you may get dry hits.

It can be very easy to get dry hits when chain vaping on high wattages but under normal vaping circumstances it wicks like a champ. Throughout my testing I used two e-liquids, one 50PG / 50VG and the second 80VG / 20PG, I had no issues with either juice in terms of leaking or dry hits.

0.4Ohm GTM 2 Coil

My favourite however was the 0.4Ohm GTM 2 coil which had a recommended wattage of 40 to 80 watts and I personally vaped at 80 watts. I found this coil still had great flavour and impressive clouds but saved on battery life + e-liquid compared to juice guzzling partner the GTM 8.vaporesso gtm2 coil

Very similar effects when adjusting airflow and wattage to this coil as with the GTM 8, however this one is far more forgiving in terms of temperature. You can up the wattage to 100w with little differences.

An added bonus is the NRG coil adapter that comes in the box, these coils have been tried and tested. The are great performers for flavour and vapour production, I would rate them as your average sub ohm coil.vaporesso gt core adapter


  • 7ml capacity
  • Fantastic Flavour
  • Cloud Machine
  • Plenty of airflow


  • Filling Hatch / Cap design flaw
  • Size – its big! (Subjective)
  • Drinks a lot of juice

Final Review Verdict

Overall I rate the Vaporesso Cascade tank very highly, especially for flavour and cloud production. It also had some handy features with a 7ml capacity and than capable airflow for high wattage’s.

However, we can’t ignore the setbacks of build quality and size. This tank is too large for me personally and the top hinge really lets down the rest of the tank.

But this big question, would I buy the Vaporesso Cascade again if lost or damaged. No, no I wouldn’t. It is a fantastic tank in terms for flavour, clouds and capacity but I can’t get over how big and ugly it is.

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Build Quality
Ease of Use
Flavour - 0.15 GTM8 Coil
Clouds - 0.15 GTM8 Coil
Flavour - 0.4 GTM2 Coil
Clouds - 0.4 GTM2 Coil
Likelihood of Buying if lost or Damaged
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  1. @cat1092
    Interesting the you have the check attomiser message…got mine yesterday and first thing today, mine said the same. Took the tank off the Switcher gave it a screw and a shake, and it is working again, but does not bode well. Personally using the .4 ohm coil and it has been amazing so far…best I have ever tried but my partner has the Prince, which also arrived yesterday and I can’t wait to try that.

  2. The Cascade tank with the installed GTM8 coil, even though primed well & after fill allowed to stand an hour, gave me the worst dry hits I’ve even gotten from any colis, retail packaged or DIY builds.

    The GTM2 wa acceptable, vapes good at the 60-65W range, 70-80W gets too hot. Maybe if another drip tip was installed, would be less noticeable.

    Plus there’s the constant ‘Check Atomizer’ regardless of which coil used, maybe my tank is a bad one. Any thoughts?


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