The Vaporesso Target PM80 SE pod mod, and yet another release from a vape company that has really been churning out the kits this past month or so!

It feels like no time at all since Vaporesso released its Vaporesso Target PM80 pod mod system, a small 2000mAh device that the legendary Kevin Jeffrey gave almost top marks.

Vaporesso Target PM80 SE Review

Vaporesso is also responsible quite recently for the Gen Mod, a dual 18650 with a premium feel and the Swag 2 kit which followed this same style and both devices really are top notch.

Back to the drawing board for Vaporesso, and at a glance it appears all they’ve added is the option to use your own 18650 batteries.

But is there more to the Vaporesso Target PM80 SE pod mod than what meets the eye?

Checkout Gaz’s Hands On Video Review

What Can We Expect From The Vaporesso Target PM80 SE?

The Target PM80 SE stands roughly 2cm taller than the original PM80, doesn’t sound a lot, but in pod mod world that’s head and shoulders.

The PM80 SE style wise is pretty simply just a larger version of the PM80. Its fair to say this scenario is similar to what VooPoo has done with releasing the VooPoo Vinci, which closely followed on with the VooPoo Vinci X.

Vaporesso Target PM80 SE hand check

The ‘SE’ version is capable of delivering 80 watts of power from the 18650 battery and Vaporesso are good enough to include 2 pods in the kit which are cross-compatible with the original PM80 device.

The AXON chip is of course included within this device which on other Vaporesso devices performs very well.

So let’s crack on with the Vaporesso PM80 SE review and see what this kit is all about.

This kit was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of review.

All views and opinions are solely those of my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of others.

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Inside the Box

Vaporesso Target PM80 SE box

  • 1 x PM80 SE Device
  • 2 x PM80 Pod 4ml (2.0ml TPD)
  • 1 x 0.2Ω GTX Mesh Coil
  • 1 x 0.6Ω GTX Mesh Coil
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x Reminder Card
  • 2 x Airflow Silicone Plugs

Vaporesso Target PM80 SE kit contentsVaporesso PM80SE Specs and Features

  • Size: 121.3×33.8×24.8mm
  • Battery: 1x External 18650
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 4.0ml (TPD Version 2.0ml)
  • Output Wattage: 5-80w
  • Suitable Resistance: 0.1Ω-3.0Ω
  • Airflow – Adjustable via airflow plugs
  • Charging: Max 2A charge via Micro USB Port
  • Available colours: Red | Green | Black | Silver | Blue | Purple

Design and Build Quality

I’m a big fan of the fit and finish of the PM80, and the PM80 SE follows this trend.

A solid feeling device with a textured finish on the back and a glossy metal frame to hole the device together.

Vaporesso Target PM80 SE in hand

On the face of the device, you have the usual fire button with up/down buttons for adjustment and a 0.91 OLED screen and a micro USB port on the side for firmware updates, and charging if you find yourself caught out with a dead battery.

Vaporesso Target PM80 SE – The Pods

Included in the box are 2 pods which are firstly, cross-compatible with the original PM80 device and exactly the same in every way.

Vaporesso Target PM80 SE pods coils

An non-tinted pod makes seeing your e-liquid level easy and the pods can house a number of different coil options.

The push fit coils are installed via the base, and that’s also where you fill the pod thanks to the removable silicon bung. As with the PM80 pods, they include some serious magnets on the base which solidly click into position.

Vaporesso Target PM80 SE push fit coil

No airflow adjustment as such, apart from the option to use the silicon bungs to block up the airflow ports which are included in the box.

Vaporesso Target PM80 SE Pod Mod In the Hand

The use of an external 18650 battery adds a little weight to the PM80 SE, but that doesn’t really affect it enough to be noticeable.

Vaporesso Target PM80 SE colours

As a thumb firer the PM80SE is perfect for my hands as it has that extra amount of length meaning your thumb is perfectly placed, with your fingers wrapped around the textured back of the device.

Vaporesso Target PM80 SE in hand

The PM80SE isn’t quite as comfortable as a finger firer unless you like holding the device with your fingertips which just feels weird.

Regardless of the increase in size and extra weight, the PM80SE is still a pocket friendly device that doesn’t really take up much room.

How To Fill the Vaporesso Target PM80 SE Pod Mod

Here’s how to fill the PM80 SE pod with e-liquid:

how to fill the Vaporesso Target PM80 SE

  • Remove the Pod from the PM80 SE device
  • Gently pull the silicon bung to access the fill hole
  • Fill with your desired e-liquid
  • Re-fit the silicon bung
  • Fit the Pod back into the device
  • Leave the coil to saturate the e-liquid for a couple of minutes before vaping.

Vaporesso Target PM80 SE Pod Mod Display Functions

The Target PM80SE has a 0.91″ OLED display, which unusually is slightly different to the original PM80 device, but it has similar functions.

Vaporesso Target PM80 SE max wattage

Once a battery is installed, your greeted with the home screen which displays battery level, coil resistance, puff count, your chosen power setting and also the recommended wattage depending on the coil you have installed…very clever!

Here’s how to operate the Vaporesso Target PM80 SE:

  • Fire Button 5 Clicks – Device On/Off
  • Fire Button 3 Clicks – Locks Device
  • Click Up/Down Button – Adjusts power in 0.5w increments up to 80w
  • Press Hold Up/Down – Enter Menu Options
  • Fire and Up – Flips Screen
  • Fire and Down – Displays Serial # and Axon information

Vaporesso Target PM80 SE Pod Mod Menu

Pressing the Up and Down buttons together opens the menu options.
mod settings

The PM80SE isn’t the most complex device to navigate, here what does what.

Smart VW

Smart Variable Wattage will automatically set the device to the best recommended wattage


This option allows you to manually adjust the wattage to your preferred setting


This option allows you to manually adjust the Voltage to your preferred setting


Restores the device to factory settings

How Does the Vaporesso Target PM80 SE Pod Mod Perform?

I used the exact same e-liquid in both tanks to see how each coil compared to the other which was Tru Juice – Vimto, a 70VG 30PG e-liquid that does what it says on the tin.


Read more: VG VS PG In E Liquid: All You Need To Know

Vaporesso Target PM80 SE Pod Mod – Flavour and Clouds

Considering the 2 coils that come in the kit, I decided to treat them both as direct-to-lung coils, however, its fair to say the 0.6Ω Mesh coil could be treated as a Mouth-To-Lung coil.

Vaporesso Target PM80 SE – the 0.2Ω GTX Mesh Coil

Recommended to be vaped between 45w and 60w.

I found my sweet spot at that maximum recommendation.

mesh coil

Leaving the airflow bungs out, you get a slightly restrictive, slightly warm vape, and very good flavour.

The flavour isn’t game changing but its very good.

Personally, I would prefer a little more airflow for a Direct-Lung inhale, but its certainly not tight.

Vaporesso Target PM80 SE – the 0.6Ω GTX Mesh Coil

At 25 watts, again with no air flow bungs installed.

The 0.6Ω Mesh coil performs, flavour wise, pretty much as good as the 0.2Ω GTX Mesh coil. ALMOST!

pod mesh coil

Due to the coil bore size, this is a more restrictive vape, definitely a restrictive Direct-Lung experience, and I felt like I could possibly make this a Mouth-To-Lung set up.

So I ventured back into the box, installed one of the rubbery bungs into one side of the airflow, and Nope…The draw itself becomes tighter, but still no where near tight enough to call it a MTL vape.

Just for fun I then installed the second airflow bung and guess what…basically no airflow – too tight.

Vaporesso Target PM80 SE Airflow

Its a shame neither coil can perform as a Mouth-To-Lung coil, even with one or two airflow bungs installed.

The only way you could get a decent Mouth-To-Lung vape from the Target PM80 SE is by picking up a pack of the 1.2Ω Regular GTX coils from Vaporesso, and fitting one of the bungs.

Vaporesso Target PM80 SE coil options

Unfortunately Vaporesso do not include a 1.2Ω Regular GTX coil in the PM80 SE Kit, which is a shame but understandable.

I find the airflow is slightly wishy washy on the Vaporesso Target PM80 SE, it’s not loud or a whistle, but just a little washy and not quite smooth enough for me.

And the slight restriction on the 0.2Ω Mesh Coil is a little too tight to be properly treated as a hard hitting sub-ohm coil.

If you enjoy a fair amount of restriction to your DTL vape, the Vaporesso Target PM80 SE will be ideal for you.

Vaporesso Target PM80 SE Battery Life

So battery life on the PM80 SE is massively affected depending on which coil you are using, and your preferred wattage. I’ve broken down my experiences into 3 easy sentences.

Now remember, this is based on how much I vape so this may vary from person to person.

pod mod

The 0.2 Ω Coil at 60w will give you half a day’s battery life. A single 18650 just isn’t man enough to last any longer at 60 watts.

However, dropping down to 45 watts, and you might sneak a days life with a little bit of economy vaping.

The 0.6Ω GTS Mesh Coil at 30 watts, lasts a day no problem.

Also if you happen to end up trying the 1.2Ω GTX Regular coils, you can easily enjoy 2 days vaping between charges.

In fact, I had almost 3 days out of it one time and also went through 15ml of Nic-Salt in those days also. So it drunk through enough e-liquid to boot.

Vaporesso Target PM80 SE – Under-Powered?

I always felt the PM80 original version, with its internal 2000mAh battery was under-powered. At the higher end of the wattage scale, it just struggled and you could sense its lack in power.

With a 0.2Ω Coil installed, I tried the new PM80 SE at 80 watts – 20w over the maximum recommended, and it’s a beast. To be honest, 80 watts really is a little too much for the GTX 0.2Ω coils.

Popping the Pod on the original PM80, with its internal battery, you can sense the difference in power, or should I say lack of.

So its clear the new version, with an 18650 battery, can happily output the stated 80 watts, unlike its bigger, little brother.

However don’t expect a single 18650 to put out 80 watts of power from fully charged to fully discharged, once that battery life gets around half way, its going to struggle. Its just how it is with a single 18650.

Does the Vaporesso Target PM80 SE Leak?

I hate leaky pods.

It’s fair to say at this point, almost every push-fit coil pod leaks or have heavy build-ups of condensation. The PM80 SE is no different really. It hasn’t flooded itself during my testing, just wept at times.

pod kit

So as always, keep an eye on the base of the pod, and the inside of the device. Keep it dry and clean as much as you can.


  • Well built and feels solid
  • Good battery life especially with the 0.6Ω Coil installed
  • Accurate power output
  • Very good flavour on all GTX coils
  • Easy menu and Recommended wattage displayed


  • Airflow is a little wishy washy
  • Airflow a little too restrictive on the 0.2Ω
  • Airflow adjustment is limited and annoying
  • Slight leak from pod at times
  • A shame its not a 21700 battery

Final Review Verdict

As odd as this may sound, I feel the Vaporesso Target PM80 SE is now a little behind in the whole sub-ohm pod mod battle for domination.

It almost has the capabilities to be a winner especially with the GTX coils which have been very good, long lasting and full of flavour and vapour.

best pod kit

The lack of proper airflow adjustment kind of lets this device down for me. However I wont let that take away from the very high quality finish, design and quality.

There’s a number of features that I look at when trying out a device, and for something to score highly, it needs to meet certain demands.

Would this device be long lasting and still work 3, 6 or even 12 months from now?

As long as you remember to look after your battery, clean the pod and device regularly and try not to throw it around too much, I have no concerns about the durability of the Vaporesso Target PM80 SE, and I believe the GTX coils will be widely, and easily available for a long time to come.

Does this device deliver the flavour, vapour and general experience I require, in order to be enjoyed?

As a Direct Lung cloud machine, it performs very well.

A little tight for me in DTL, but a lot of people will like this kind of restriction.

Flavour on both coils is top notch, really good flavour and chucks some nice cloudage.

Is this device versatile to suit a new vaper, and an experienced one a like?

I would recommend this device to a new vaper, but for someone looking for an ‘Out and About‘ vape kit that has fair battery life, good power output and nice flavour, the Target PM80SE would certainly be a good option.

Have you bought the Vaporesso PM80 Target SE pod mod kit?

Or have you given it a try?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Build Quality - Mod
Build Quality - Pods
Design - Mod
Design - Pods
Flavour - 0.2 MESH GTX Coil
Flavour - 0.6 MESH GTX Coi
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