The Vaporesso Luxe S Kit with SKRR-S tank is up for review today and I’m so stoked to give you the rundown!

I’m guessing that our spectacular admin, Jonny, must’ve read my friend, or Neil’s interview with me and discovered I had my eye on this baby. As just a couple of weeks after mentioning how badly I wanted it, here it was on my doorstep, yasss!!!

Among the many successes of Vaporesso, the famous Aurora Play Kit, the impressive Armour Pro and the little brother of today’s item for review, the Luxe Nano kit.

Vaporesso is known for crafting, sleek and sophisticated gear that delivers on both the flavour and vapour production front.

What Can We Expect From The Luxe S Kit By Vaporesso?

The 220W Luxe S kit features Vaporesso’s Omni Board 4.2 chip technology, along with cool decals. A stylish 2” TFT screen and quick touch buttons that give the device the look and feel of a touch screen, even though it isn’t exactly a touch screen.

It looks the part, the real question is…does it vape the part and do enough to land a place on out best vape mod list?!

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In The Box

  • Vaporesso Luxe Mod
  • Vaporesso Skrr tank – full kit version
  • QF Strip coil – full kit version
  • QF Meshed coil – full kit version
  • Replacement glass – full kit version
  • Silicone case – full kit version
  • O-rings – full kit version
  • USB Cable
  • User manual


Luxe S Mod

  • Size: 86x30x47.8mm (146x30x47.8mm full kit with tank)
  • Battery: 2×18650
  • Output: 5-220W
  • Resistance range: 0.03-5ohm super player
  • Display: 2in TFT Colour
  • Omni Board 4.0 chip
  • Hidden touch sensitive vibrating buttons
  • 0.001s instant fire
  • 2.5A quick charging

Skrr Tank

  • 2ml/8ml capacity
  • Stainless Steel
  • 55.9 x 30 mm
  • Large dual bottom airflow slots
  • Leak protection
  • Spitback prevention
  • Delrin 810 drip tip
  • Compatible with Smok V8 and Vaporesso GT coils
  • 0.15 Ohm QF Strip Coil
  • 0.2 Ohm QF Meshed Coil

Design and Build Quality


Opening up the neat, white and grey box packaging, I’m met with a sleek and beautiful vape mod that just looks like something you want to hold!vaporesso luxe s kit in hand

A simplistic design, the Vaporesso Luxe S is a tall, slender rectangle, with corners and edges rounded well down, to make it completely ergonomic, with no sharp edges whatsoever.

The Luxe S has a zinc alloy chassis and a contrast in shades between the matte metallic base, top and narrow sides, which wrap around in a continuous band.

The black screen cover, which takes up the entire front panel, giving the look of a touch screen; and the decorative back panel, which removes with an easy thumb tab at the bottom, 3 nice strong magnets, to reveal the 2 x 18650 battery chamber.

The base of the mod has 3 ventilation holes either side.

A deep, spring loaded 510 connection sits in a SS seating disk centrally, atop the mod.

The screen side has the Vaporesso name in small print at the top, while the decal side has a small V logo at the bottom.

When facing the scree the fire button is on the right side, at the very top of that blasted or matte metallic side. It’s an awesome button, as clicky as it gets and very elongated and big, so it’s the length of your entire thumb pad.

The button has a small dot at the top, to indicate that you need to press this side, since pressing at the bottom of the button won’t result in any click at all.

Once you switch on the mod, a little Luxe sign appears in lights below the Vaporesso sign on the screen side, while a little V appears near the bottom.

On either side of that V a light-dot appears, these are the positions of the quick touch adjust buttons.

I soon discover that the little V is also a button, by which you access the beautiful mode menu layout, as well as the selection button for selecting items and long-holding to exit from within submenus.

I like the looks of it all!

2” TFT Screen

The large colour screen lights up, with a comprehensive pictorial display that’s slightly embedded in the device, to give the impression of 3 dimensions, it looks beautiful.

The screen shows time, wattage, mode, voltage, resistance, puff counter and puff timer and the menus are incredibly well set out, with pictorial colour representations to help guide you along.

Battery Compartment

The decal panel at the back, of which I have the black and silver geometric version, has a small thumb tab just below the v at the bottom, which you pull to remove the panel.

The chamber is very snug and well insulated…but it’s tight enough to do damage to thick battery wraps, as there is no ribbon for easy removal and it’s a very tight fit.


The Vaporesso SKRR-S sub ohm tank is tall and has a massive, 8ml bulb glass extension.Vaporesso SKRR S Subohm Tank

It has a thick base and top cap, with heavy, diamond knurling and a finish that almost exactly matches the blast finish on the mod, but not quite, since this is SS and the mod is zinc alloy.

There is a tall, plain Delrin 810 drip tip (would have been nice to see some resin here but luckily most of my 810s fit the connection nicely).

The base is also the airflow adjust ring, with an 8x2mm cyclops style slot either side…the ring adjusts very, very easily.

Through the glass I can see the massive coil head inside, with a chimney sections that adds height for juice space.

There is an odd looking, black silicon protective sleeve for the tank included, which I feel upgrades the look of the tank to somewhere on the bleh-not-sure scale, to within the uniquely bad-ass realm.

The tank breaks down with ease, thanks to generally good quality machining and well fitted o-rings. Only one issue there, which I’ll cover in the top-fill section.

Top Fill

The top cap screws off to reveal a single, sausage shaped port that’s big enough for any nozzle.

A few times, when going to fill up, my attempt to unscrew the top cap has failed. I found that, instead, the coil head was unscrewing from it’s seating within the tank.

I soon realised this is what happens when you screw the top on too tightly and the problem went away when I made sure to screw my coil in tight and take it easy on the top cap.

How Does The Vaporesso Luxe S Kit Perform?

Luxe S Mod

Great response from the fire and touch buttons, with a really intuitive, exciting and colourful layout of all info, settings and mode functions.vaporesso luxe s vape kit

I had no trouble fitting other sub ohm tanks and RDAs and found the resistance readings to be instant and accurate.

I tested temp control for Ni and SS, as I usually do and all seems to work really well.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing around with the wattage and temperature curves, as they not only work a charm, they also have stunning pictorial graph displays which make the adjustments fun.

I thoroughly enjoy the fact that each mode has its own unique, 3D animated graph design, all stunning in greens, yellows, blues, pinks and purples.

The Ramp time and fire are as close to instantaneous as it gets, really outstanding.

I’ve used the mod up to 180W and some pretty high temps and found that, while the mod does get a little warm, heat distribution is pretty darn good…with no real overheating.

All in all, I think the chipset and mod are excellent performers.

The only nitpick I have is with the button lock, which is toggled with 3 clicks of the fire button.

Unfortunately, attempting to switch off the mod more often than not causes the buttons to lock instead and a slightly delayed reaction from the button unlock signal on the screen can lead to much confusion.

So, I end up attempting once or twice, maybe three times to get the screen lock off before I can shut down.

Luckily, once you do manage to shut down, which I’m sure people with fast fingers will have a better time of, you will know it without doubt thanks to a groovy haptic feedback vibration on shutdown and start up.

Battery Life

Considering the beautiful screen animations and outstanding performance of this mod, I expected battery life too be much poorer…it’s surprisingly good, at about 7-8 hours when vaping near-constantly at 60-70 W.


Really massive, smooth feeling airflow off this tank and, when you dial it down, you can get a really tight restricted airflow.

The trouble is, there is a MASSIVE whistle when you restrict the flow, along with a jet engine sound when your airflow is open…so this is a smooth vaping but very LOUD tank.

Otherwise, I’m super happy with the performance and extra glad that this tank has a massive 8ml capacity, because these coils are juice guzzlers. These were tested with the excellent Glas Basix vape juice range.

0.15Ohm QF Strip Coil

These quad airflow coil heads feature a unique, central chimney design, which delivers our to the strip coil from its central shaft, it also has 8 huge juice ports round the side, to prevent dry hits.Vaporesso SKRR Replacement qf Coil

Massive vapour production from this coihead, though I believe the flavour could be slightly better…I’m not sure that the cotton and flax blend is the way to go, as I feel that flavour is being muted somehow.

Although, this could be the lack of restriction that the inner airflow chimney grants, that’s causing less flavour to come through, or it could be the flax/cotton, not sure.

Don’t get me wrong though, flavour is definitely above the average…it’s just not the best that I’ve seen from a strip coil.

I enjoyed vaping this at 65W , although it vapes well up until about 70W…I wouldn’t take it up to its 80W maximum for too long though, as the coil takes a bit of strain then, with a slight burned taste coming through after a few hits.

Power curves work well with this coil, starting at 55W and working up to 65W.

I vaped on this coil for 14 days, before it started tasting toasty, which is not bad, considering I chain vape like a lunatic.

Also, this coil goes through juice like crazy, with its massive vapour production.

0.2 Ohm QF Meshed coil Coil

This coil has the same range as the preinstalled strip coil, and also features the inner chimney design.

I find flavour pretty much the same on this coil head….vapour production maybe slightly less.

I also like to vape this on a 55-65W curve for best results.

The 2 included coils are very similar…it’s actually hard to tell them apart just by vaping them.

Luckily, this tank is compatible with some of Vaporesso’s better coils, such as the GT range…as well as Smok V8 coils.


  • Ergonomic and beautiful
  • Comprehensive screen also adds to the aesthetic with beautiful imagery
  • Ultra fast fire
  • Excellent vapour production
  • Large tank capacity
  • Good battery life
  • Tank compatible with various coil ranges
  • Cool modes and curve features are a pleasure to use


  • Button lock tends to engage when you’re trying to power down
  • Delayed reaction on button lock marker
  • Flavour could be better
  • Tank operates loud
  • Strip Coil range should have been listed as 50-70W, cutting out the upper 10W

Final Review Verdict

Well, I was expecting a lot from this Vaporesso Luxe S Kit and, in my opinion, the brand has delivered.

I thoroughly enjoyed using the many features on this mod and found the incredible screen and menu design to be a real selling factor.

Aside from flavour that, I believe, could be slightly better, I think this is an excellent choice for any vaper looking for a stylish, top performer with great battery life, solid vapour production and full features.

Have you used the Luxe S Kit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

WorldWide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECC

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Vapour Production
Would I buy It Again?
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  1. i just got the luxe s at my local vape stores by me, worked fine all day the day i bought it, all day yesterday and than i took my tank off and and tried unscrewing the tank to change coils, i went to put it back on the mod and now the mod is saying “short atomizer “ i’ve tried shutting it off and back on. i’ve tried not screwing it on tight but nothing it works on my boyfriends smok t-priv mod but than on mine nothing, someone help me please before i take it back


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