Vapourlites Starter Kit

The Vapourlites (V-Lites for short) kit that we have reviewed has now been repackaged into a new presentation box so everything is included in one package.

The e cigarette itself however remains the same.

Ok, moving quickly onto the review!

In the box / Presentation

Inside you will find:
1 Rechargeable Batteries
6 Cartomisers
USB Charger

All is very basic and simple, there is a brief user guide on the reverse of the pack.


V-LitesVapourlites, like many other ‘mini e cig’ brands targeting the new electronic cigarette user, have designed their product with the appearance of a real tobacco cigarette. This is something that I have found can be important at first for those that are making the transition from smoking to vaping.

The battery itself has a smooth finish to it with V-Lites branding but doesn’t have the quality feel to it that you get with some of the other e cig brands I have reviewed.

There was no problem with the actual battery in terms of performance, it responded well to each drag although the odd time I found I was having to take slightly harder drags to get the required vapour.

There was no accidental battery activation’s, which used to happen with some brands without taking a drag, although it has to be said that I haven’t come across this problem for a while and doubt that I will now with the advances in e cigs over the past year or so.

Vapourlites battery and cartomiserThe tip of this particular battery lights up blue, this is done so as not to cause confusion if you are vaping in a no smoking area, people tend to freak out a little if they see an orange glow and vapour.

Vapourlites do sell a red tipped battery for those that prefer the more realistic look, they are a good price as well.

Talking of second batteries, with this being an entry level kit it is only supplied with the one battery. From a lot of experience using electronic cigarettes I would say it is essential that you add a second battery.

Now you don’t need to do this immediately if you are just trying the V-Lites kit out but if you find this e cig is for you then I would buy a spare battery (or even two) straight away. Nothing worst than having your battery charging and wanting a vape!

Overall – 3/5 The battery performs well enough but it does feel a little on the cheap side, I also found that the ‘draw’ was very loose when inhaling.

Vapour / Flavour

v lites cartomisersThe V-Lites starter kit comes with 6 cartomisers which is a good amount as most brands only include 5 with their starter kits.

The cartomiser design is again trying to keep close to the looks of a filter on a tobacco cigarette to give an overall familiar appearance.

The flavours currently on offer are slightly disappointing, with this I mean in terms of the offering not the actual flavours themselves as I have only tried tobacco.

If you like to experiment with different flavours then the choice of tobacco, menthol, cherry and vanilla maybe lacking. Most new starters however tend to stick with the tobacco to begin with so this probably won’t be a problem for many.

vapourlites e cigarette reviewI was vaping the 11mg nicotine strength, you do get the option to choose at checkout and Vapourlites offer a broad selection of strengths ranging from 0mg up-to 20mg so there is definitely something for everyone as well as those wanting to phase out nicotine altogether.

For the flavour of the tobacco I found it was just OK for me, it is no worse than some other brands such as E-Lites but it was not as good as the tobacco flavours from the likes of Green Smoke, ROK and Jacvapour.

The throat hit was very subtle but this should increase with stronger nicotine strengths, for me personally though this wasn’t a problem. As for the vapour volume this was decent so no issues there.

Overall – 3/5 The flavour was OK and the vapour volume decent and whilst there is a lack of flavours on offer there is a good offering of nicotine strengths.

Vapourlites E-Cigarette Starter Kits

Vapourlites offer 5 main e cig starter kits that include the same e cigarettes but with different accessories:

VL7 Starter Kit 

This is kit reviewed here and includes 1 Battery, 6 Cartomisers and USB Charger.

VL7 Dual Battery Starter Kit 

This includes 2 Batteries, 6 cartomisers and USB charger.

VL7 3 Pin Mains starter kit

This kit offers 1 Battery, 6 Cartomizers, Wall & USB Charger.

VL7 Electronic Cigarette Car Kit starter pack 

This kit has 1 Battery, 6 cartomisers, USB to Car Charger & USB Charger.

Vapourlites MEGA Kit 

This kit has 2 Batteries, 51 cartomisers & USB Charger.


Vapourlites do offer a “100% no quibbles, satisfaction guaranteed” 60 day return policy, they have a ‘returns page’ where you can contact them directly with your query.

Customer Service

They are available via email and freephone telephone as well as having an active Twitter account.

Overall – If you can’t be bothered reading through everything!

The Vapourlites starter kit is not too bad as an entry to the e cig world and their prices are also fairly reasonable.

The tobacco flavour was OK and vapour volume respectable but I did find the product lacked just a little in terms of quality when compared to other e cig brands. I also found the inhale or drag to be a touch too loose for my liking.

If you were to go for this as a first e cigarette then you shouldn’t be disappointed as overall it is a decent product.

The only thing I will say is that there are far better quality e cigarettes available with the likes of Epuffer or Vapour2 Cigs



I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick was started to take a closer look at the mixed bag of e cigs that were available at the time. Along with the rest of the team we have gone from a handful of reviews in 2010 to now covering a huge range of vaping gear with over 500 reviews and counting today with the help of the great review team we have here! If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say high then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!


  1. Have tried a few different brands but vapourlites is by far the best. Now 10 months smoke free. Was using the cigarette lookalike ones but have just started on the ego tank. No complaints at all. Tobacco and cherry are my favourites.

  2. I really like my Vapourlites! The battery easily lasts me all day, the carts last me a couple of days each, and the flavour and volume of vapour is just right for me. I use the menthol flavour as i smoked menthol fags too, and it’s really, really nice.

    The peeps on the customer service hotline are fantastic too!!

  3. It’s a good product to get away from real cigarettes. I like the battery and cartomizer life. The cherry flavour is not to bad. Not to keen on the tobacco flavour.
    The drag is slightly to loose but that’s something I can live with.

    I tried the 11mg cartomizers and found them not strong enough for me, but that is personal preference.

    All in all I can recommend the Vapourlites but there are better ones out there.

  4. not a realistic tobacco flavour at all..some of the ones I have tried in other brands have a pleasant ‘nutty’ flavour but this is just awful..tasted really chemical. Maybe just me being fussy but I will not be buying again.


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