The Vaptio Cosmo Plus is one of the latest kits brought to us by a vape company that really seems to churn out devices!

Offering a wattage ranging from 5W to 35W and supplied with two different coils, again we have an option of both MTL and DTL vaping with this little device.

Vaptio Cosmo Plus handcheck

Vaptio is based out of Seattle in the United States.

The Vaptio Super Cape, Vaptio Tyro kit and the popular Vaptio Cosmo Kit to name just a few.  Also the Vaptio Palo kit which I had a bit of a love hate relationship with.

The Vaptio Cosmo Plus is readily available online, as yet I have not seen it in brick and mortar stores, but their presence is growing in shops so I’m sure it will appear somewhere.

What Can We Expect From The Vaptio Cosmo Plus?

The Vaptio Cosmo Plus is a pocket sized starter kit, the mod has a built in battery and the tank has a 2ml capacity.

The Vaptio Cosmo Plus is available in 6 colour designs.

Vaptio Cosmo Plus Colour Options

Fully adjustable airflow on the tank means you can get the pull as restrictive as you prefer.

The airflow can be fully opened for DTL vaping, quite restrictive but we will get into this later on in the review.

Technically this is a mod and tank kit, although with a 18.5 diameter base for the tank, there is not many other tanks that will fit without serious overhang.

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The Vaptio Cosmo Plus was sent to me for the purposes of this review, I will give you my honest opinion, and I have been testing this product for a couple of weeks.

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Inside The Box

  • 1 x Cosmo Plus Mod
  • 1 x Cosmo Plus Tank
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x spare tank glass and O rings
  • 1 x C4 Cosmo Coil 0.7ohm Mesh (Pre-installed)
  • 1 x C1 Cosmo Coil 1.6ohm

Vaptio Cosmo Plus box contents


  • Mod Dimensions: 74mm x 28mm x 22mm
  • Tank Dimensions: 58mm x 18.5mm
  • Tank Capacity: 2ml
  • Built in 1500mAh battery
  • 35 Watt maximum
  • input 5V / 1A
  • Over-Vaping Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Over Charging Protection
  • Aluminum Alloy and PC construction

Design and Build Quality

The Vaptio Cosmo Plus is a well built little device that will fit in your pocket.

It is solid, no rattles or noises coming from it no matter how much I shake the little thing.

The fire button is well positioned, flush with the rest of the mod, quite sleek actually.

The menu buttons though, OK, this is going to be a little bit of a rant, regular readers of my reviews will be getting used to this though. 

Every mod I have that has an up and down button are the same, the up on the right, down on the left…not with this, it is the opposite!

Vaptio Cosmo Plus buttons and screen

I lost count how many times I went to put the wattage up or down and instinctively went to the necessary button and it ended up going the wrong way!!!

The LCD screen although tiny is quite clear and easy to read.

The USB charge port is located below the screen and yes you can use it while it is charging.

The tank is sized perfectly for the mod, naturally, with top filling and a 510 drip tip.  The drip tip supplied is actually quite comfortable for me, but if you don’t like it, go ahead and fit your favourite on it.

Vaptio Cosmo Plus tank seperated

Vaptio Cosmo Plus Fire Button | Airflow

The fire button is well positioned on the Vaptio Cosmo Plus mod.  It is molded into the top of the mod so you would be forgiven for asking where it is.

Five clicks switched the mod on, five off.

3 clicks of the fire button will take you to the menu system. 

From here you can select:

  • Variable Wattage
  • Variable Voltage
  • Bypass
  • settings
  • Sleep time
  • Vape time

A very simple and easy to use menu. 

The Vape Time option can be used to change your fire time between 5 to 10 seconds.

The Sleep time lets you choose between 5 seconds to 120 seconds for the mod to go into standby – 5 seconds seems very short to me, but hey, each to their own.

Holding down the up and down buttons will lock those buttons, it can still be fired at this point, you just can’t adjust the wattage/voltage.  Holding the buttons again will unlock it.

The wattage and voltage increments in 0.1s.

The airflow from the tank is fully adjustable, for MTL vaping you can get that airflow as tight as you like.  There are two air-holes on the tank, when restricting it for MTL vaping, only one of these air-holes opens.

Vaptio Cosmo Plus 1st airflow wide open

The second air-hole opens up when you fully open the airflow for DTL vaping.

Vaptio Cosmo Plus 2nd airflow wide open

Adjusting the airflow is easy, just grip by the glass and turn.  Just make sure you grip the glass and not the top cap, it will come off.

We will get into the quality of the vape later on.

The Vaptio Cosmo Plus Coils

The Vaptio Cosmo Plus comes with two coils.

Now for the hardcore out there you will look at the pic below and think they look familiar.

Vaptio Cosmo Plus Coils

Yep, they are the exact same as the Aspire BVC coils and I am pleased to say that the BVC coils will work in the Vaptio Cosmo Plus – a wee bit more on that in a bit.

Onto the coils supplied.

Vaptio are following a formula that has worked for Aspire for a number of years, these coils are workhorses, why reinvent the wheel.

Well, Vaptio did a bit, thankfully. 

The C4 coil 0.7ohm is mesh and this does mean better flavour for your vape.

The last Vaptio product I reviewed was the Palo kit, again it was aimed at MTL and DTL vaping although the flavour from the DTL coil was really muted.

It was not a mesh coil, although I did see some reviews after that said it was, believe me it was not, in fact that review showed the internals of that coil, check it out here.

I’m not big headed enough to say that I helped Vaptio in this decision (The diabetic who???), I am saying I am really pleased to see a mesh coil full stop.

The Mesh coil is pre-installed in the Cosmo tank, please remember to prime that coil before use or at the very least let it sit for 10 minutes after that initial fill up.

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We will go into filling the tank and changing the coils in short bit.

Coil life is excellent, both coils got a solid week of use and neither showed a drop in performance and are still going strong.

Back to the possible coil options. 

Below you will see 3 different coils, the Vaptio coil, the Aspire BVC coil and the Aspire Nautilus coil – they look pretty similar don’t they?

Vaptio Cosmo Plus Coil with BVC and Nautilus Coils

Well, good and bad news here, the BVC coils work perfectly, the Nautilus coils do not, you will get a short warning when you attempt to use them and the mod won’t fire.

It may be down to the ohm of the coil, this one was a 0.4ohm coil and the spec does give the range between 0.7ohm to 1.6ohm, whereas the BVC coil was a 1.8ohm and worked perfectly.

How Does The Vaptio Cosmo Plus Perform?

Let’s move straight to changing the coils and filling the tank.

How To Change The Vaptio Cosmo Plus Coil

Changing the coil can be a little clumsy.  The coil comes out from the top of the tank and when you go to unscrew the top of the tank off, the top cap can come off, they both screw the same way.

Now the way that Vaptio say to do it seemed impossible, they state to unscrew the base of the tank from the top and glass, no matter what way I held it, the top came off from the base and glass.

So, here is how I did it:

  •  Unscrew top from glass, remember to push down while turning so the top cap does not come off in your hand.

Vaptio Cosmo Plus unscrewing top cap with coil

  • Pull out old coil

Vaptio Cosmo Plus pulling out old coil

  • Push in new coil after priming

Vaptio Cosmo Plus inserting new coil

  • Screw top and coil back into base and glass

Vaptio Cosmo Plus inserting coil to base

It is an easy enough process, just make sure that tank is empty, you don’t want juicy hands or clothes.

How to Fill the Vaptio Cosmo Plus

  • twist top cap a quarter turn

Vaptio Cosmo Plus unscrew top cap

  • insert juice into either kidney shaped hole

Vaptio Cosmo Plus Filling

  • reverse quarter turn the top cap to place on

Very very easy refill, just make sure and put the juice into one of the kidney bean shaped holes and not the round one in the center.  The round hole goes straight to the coil and you will flood it.

Vaptio Cosmo Plus Flavour and Vapour Production

Now to the important part.  What is the vape like?

We will split it into MTL and DTL for ease. 

From my experience these two in one devices tend to be more successful in one than both. 

I really hope I get proved wrong at some point because to me the idea is great for new vapers to be able to experiment with DTL vaping without going to the expense of buying separate tanks, coils and mods.

Vaptio Cosmo Plus MTL Flavour and Vapour

This is where the Vaptio Cosmo Plus shines through.

I have used my usual juices to test this, Pure Mist 50/50, Vampire Vape Pinkman nic salt 60/40 and Excision Harambe 70/30.

I would normally also use Riot Squads Bubblegum here but I only flippin’ ran out 🙁 Love that juice!)

I used the C1 1.6ohm coil for this with a single airflow hole open, this is bang on the restriction I like for MTL vaping.

C1 coil

All juice flavour was pretty much spot on, a pretty solid 8 out of 10 for all of them.  Not absolutely mind blowing but not bad or average either.

The coil had absolutely no issues with the 70/30 mix of juice, although I don’t think I would be comfortable going any higher than that.

Quite a nice throat hit when using the Nic Salt e-liquid.

Vapour production was just what you would expect from a solid little MTL vape.  No hot boxing but you will get yourself a few vape O’s out of it.

Vaptio Cosmo Plus DTL Flavour and Vapour

This is where I was concerned, I always seem to get let down with DTL vaping with these devices.

Using the C4 0.7ohm mesh coil with airflow wide open and running at 35 Watts, I tried a few juices, Drip Hacks Smashberry, Vaponaires Chestnut Cake and Titanic Vapours Custurd Lemon Curd.

C4 coil

Flavour performance across the board was similar yet again.  Now are you sitting down, cause if you read my Palo review you would see I gave a 2 out of 10 for DTL flavour, not this time.

I am giving the flavour here a 7 out of ten and this is only let down by the quite restrictive airflow.  If you could get a little more air in there I reckon this could be a real banger.

Believe me, I was shocked by the flavour that came from this, definitely being helped by the mesh coil without doubt!

The vapour production is not so great though, again, a bit more air I think would help.

Vaptio Cosmo Plus Coil Life

Coil life is first class, as I said before, both coils got a solid week of hard going and there was no drop in performance.

Airflow | Draw

For MTL this is spot on, you will be able to get this as restrictive or airy as you prefer.

vape tank

For DTL vaping it is restrictive but not overly.  When the airflow is wide open, the second air-hole only appears to open 3 quarters of the way, that is a bit irritating as that last quarter could have made the difference of a couple of points in flavour and vapour production.

2nd airflow wide open

Vaptio Cosmo Plus Juice Consumption

Juice consumption is excellent, especially for the DTL vape, and I didn’t find myself refilling it every 5 minutes. 

A full 2ml tank would last several 10 – 15 minute vape breaks in work before requiring a refill.

Vaptio Cosmo Plus Vapour Production

The vapour production for a MTL vape is spot on, just what you would expect.

DTL vapour production is about average for this class of device, blowing O’s will be OK but don’t be trying to create yourself some jellyfish!

Vaptio Cosmo Plus Battery Life

Battery life is subjective to how you are using this. 

I was using the C1 coil for MTL at 11 watts, and was getting the best part of a day from the battery with a little top up in the late evening.

With DTL vaping running at 35 Watts, you will get the best part of the working day from it, I would have to give it a top up in the car on the drive home and maybe a bit more in the evening.


If you find it going low, you can still use it whilst it is charging.


  • Easy coil replacement
  • Simple juice filling
  • Excellent coil life
  • Choice of BVC coil
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Bit more air for DTL needed
  • The menu buttons – subjective annoyance

Final Review Verdict

So, what do I think of the Vaptio Cosmo Plus? 

I’ll be honest, my expectations were not very high when this came through the post.  I thought, “oh boy, here we go again, another dual vape device that thinks it can do everything”.

Well, ya know what, this is a huge step in the right direction, by no means is it there yet, but it is a big step. 

It always seems to come down to the airflow for me with these – Vaptio, talk to me, I got ideas!

This little device is up against some pretty stiff competition from SMOK and Vapefly to name a couple and I am honestly trying to find reasons why I would pick this up over the competition – price point maybe?

I mentioned before about the menu buttons, this really bugged the life out of me, why? I don’t know, it was a change from the norm.  Now change is not a bad thing but why fix what is not broken.  I’m being pedantic, I know.

The flavour is where you would expect it to be for MTL, the flavour from the DTL was above where I expected it to be.

This is one device that will not sit on my shelf, it will go to someone that wants to start vaping.

Would I recommend the Vaptio Cosmo Plus to anyone trying to get off the stinkies, honestly?

For someone that want to get off those stinky sticks this would be a device I would recommend. 

Look, I may have said this before, but a new vaper is not going to go straight to direct to lung vaping and doing vape tricks on YouTube. 

They want something to get the nic into themselves and something that’s going to taste good as well.

Maybe down the line they may want to try DTL vaping, well, this gives you an idea of what that would be like, just an idea though.

Would I recommend the Vaptio Cosmo Plus to someone that already vapes?

Simply put, no. 

There are just better options out there for the veteran vaper. If you want a stealth DTL setup, this is not it. 

I feel this is purely aimed at new vapers and really that is not a bad thing.

Have you used the Vaptio Cosmo Plus kit?

Have any questions?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Ken The Diabetic Vaper
Ken The Diabetic Vaper

Vaping since 2015, I started an Instagram page dedicated to the vape that has over 2k followers and climbing. A fan of all things tech (Geek and Proud), vaping was a natural step as it included both nicotine and technology. I started vaping with a simple budget pen setup, now, vaping is my main hobby and I'm passionate about getting people to switch from smoking to vaping.

Build Quality
MTL Flavour
MTL Vapour Production
DTL Flavour
DTL Vapour production
Ease of use
Replace if Lost Or Damaged?
Vaping since 2015, I started an Instagram page dedicated to the vape that has over 2k followers and climbing. A fan of all things tech (Geek and Proud), vaping was a natural step as it included both nicotine and technology. I started vaping with a simple budget pen setup, now, vaping is my main hobby and I'm passionate about getting people to switch from smoking to vaping.
vaptio-cosmo-plus-reviewNot a bad wee device for a new vaper. I do have to ask, why Cosmo Plus and not just Cosmo???


  1. C4 Coil and 35 Watts 😉 really ?

    Its 10 to 20 max 23 Watts…or it will go poof within a week.

    Flavor on par with the Nautilus 0,7 Mesh Coils.


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