30% nic salts you say – yup and that’s the nicotine levels in the VapX Violet YK6 pod kit I’ve been reviewing.

We have reached out to VapX to ask where they think they could be sold in high street vape shops, but we’ve had no reply yet…China holiday I think.

VapX Violet YK6 review

So at the time of this vape review the VapX Violet YK6 prefilled pods can only be bought from the company’s website – more on that later.

VapX is relatively new on the vape scene, the VapX Geyser X pod kit was one of the first we reviewed, the Geyser 1.5 being the other.

Michelle has previewed a few more VapX kits including the VapX Art and Meteor – a box mod that apparently charged in 10 minutes…

What Can We Expect From the VapX Violet YK6 Pod Kit?

This is the second in the series, the original featured refillable pods.

Key here is the coil swap system.

Inside the separately sold box of 3pods is a push ‘n pull coil.

You swap the coil when the liquids hits the empty mark and VapX say the coil is good for all 3 pods.

The website doesn’t have much info and it looks to me like you have to buy both the battery and pods separately.

pods and coil

I have seen some mixed boxes out there – as in pods included – but none on the website store.

OK, apart from the TPD busting 30% [30mg] nicotine level – the pods are also 2.3ml – which again breaks the current TPD rules.

There’s a total of 16 flavours and I’ve received 15 direct from the company – thank you.

Specs and Features Luxury Edition

  • 30% nic salts
  • 2.3ml capacity
  • x3 pods + coil in each box
  • Size: 91* 20* 12mm
  • Output voltage: 2.9V
  • Output wattage: 7W
  • Battery: 380mah built-in battery
  • Charging Port: Type-C

The Classic edition [not received] is slightly taller – made from plastic rather than zinc alloy – and has a smaller 350mAH battery.

Design and Build Quality

Design wise it’s a flattened out pen style with a refreshing lack of logos.

The LED light is bright and adds a nice touch and the VapX Violet YK6 is draw activated.

VapX Violet YK6 pod kit review

It’s Type-C USB fast charging and I went from flat to full battery in a little over an hour or so.

The coil moves in an out nicely with just enough resistance and the pods snap in with a satisfying click thanks to the strong magnets – and I’ve had no leaking – always a bonus.

OK not much more to say, apart from 30% nicotine meant I really had to take my time with these.

I didn’t read the box on my first flavour and literally saw stars for a while after 3 or 4 deep puffs – so go steady lol.

VapX Violet YK6 – Ice Guava

VapX Violet YK6 ice guava

I Say:

Not the most pleasing smell from the pod – I’m getting a strong whiff of nettles.

The inhale is a bit of a choker with that ice smashing into your tongue and tonsils like an iceberg.

Your mouth literally freezes up it’s that strong.

The fruit is lingering in the background but pretty much gives up trying.

Far to harsh for me…

VapX Violet YK6 – Ice Mojito

VapX Violet YK6 ice mojito

I Say:

I’m definitely getting mint from the pod and a hint of sweetness.

The coolant has been dialed down on this one making a much tastier vape.

It’s a very sweet mint and I’m not picking up any of the alcohol back notes.

Not bad – but a one trick pony as in sweet mint and not much else going on.

VapX Violet YK6 – Ice Orange

ice orange

I Say:

A very fresh smell of orange from the pod – freshly squeezed at that.

Once again the coolant is nicely balanced – an arctic blast this isn’t.

Sadly it’s a little on the sweet side for me.

Yes you can taste the orange but compared to the aroma it’s slightly more candied than fresh.

VapX Violet YK6 – Ice Americano

ice americano

I Say:

Not that big into coffee vapes…bad experience in the early days of vaping lol.

I’m loving the smell from this one – fresh strong coffee that gives your senses a real whack.

Well hellooooo there!

I’m getting that strong coffee flavour with a lovely fresh hit at the back of the the throat.

I really like this one and would definitely buy it as a separate nic salt vape.

VapX Violet YK6 – Sweet Mint

VapX Violet YK6 sweet mint

I Say:

Trebor mints springs to mind from the smell.

Now this one really does deliver an arctic blast smashing into my taste buds and tonsils.

It’s cold but the sweet mint definitely cuts through the chill.

I actually quite liked this one – but I couldn’t vape on it all day…a bit too much of a chill for me.

Lovers of strong mint/menthol vapes will love it.

VapX Violet YK6 – Ice Lime

VapX Violet YK6 ice lime

I Say:

More of a chemical smell rather than fruit – that doesn’t bode well…

The inhale delivers a decent sweet lime and the coolant isn’t that strong.

I’m still getting a nice gentle icy hit, but there’s that weird chemical smell on the exhale.

Not sure what it is but the vapour does not smell very nice at all…

Nope…not for me.

VapX Violet YK6 – Strawberry Kiwi

strawberry kiwi

I Say:

Two of my favourite flavours to vape on…

A lovely fresh fruit smell upon opening the box.

It’s almost a fresh fruity vape but they’ve overcooked the sweeteners a little.

Sadly the more you vape on this flavour, the sweeter it gets.

Pity because the smell is divine.

VapX Violet YK6 – Berry Mix

berry mix

I Say:

Big fan of decent berry flavoured e-liquids so I’m hoping for big things.

Decent enough smell – once again promising fresh rather than candy.

Sadly too much sweetener masks the fruit and there’s a whack of coolant too.

Not for me but I’m guessing fruit menthol/ice lovers will enjoy it.

Final Review Verdict

A bit of a mixed bag flavour wise and only the Ice Americano is one I can honestly say I enjoyed.

The rest are all a bit meh

They’re either over sweetened or over iced – the balance seems out of kilter.

I have seven more pods to taste and will add those weekly.

Given I chose flavour profiles I might like for this initial review, I dread to think what they’ll taste like…I may be surprised…

The coils swap system is a good idea and works well enough – saves a tiny bit of waste too I guess…just a tad.

Given these are 30% / 30mg nic salts, I haven’t managed to empty one pod so I can’t comment on longevity.

As I said at the start, I guess retail shop wise you’ll find these in a handful of Asian countries.

Unless the VapX Violet YK6 pods are dropped to 20mg and 2ml capacity – you won’t find these on the European/UK high street and no chance in US vape shops.

So you’re stuck with buying direct from VapX at the time of writing and they’re currently sold out.

If you fancy bumping up to 30mg nic salts go for it – but quite honestly they wouldn’t come high on my list of best pod kits.


Would you be keen to try the VapX Violet YK6 30% pods?

Or are you already trying them?

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

Ice Guava
Ice Mojito
Ice Orange
Ice Americano
Sweet Mint
Ice Lime
Strawberry Kiwi
Berry Mix
Design and Build Quality
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged?
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