The VIP Nexus mod is, in short, a re-branded Vaptio P-I. The version I have on review you will see has the Vaptio branding rather than the branded Nexus.

They are both one of the same. To keep things simple I will be using the Vaptio name throughout the review. After-all that is what I have in front of me!

I had never actually heard of vape brand Vaptio until I received this vape mod for review.

A little digging shows that they are based in Seattle in the States and have partnered with Fist Union, one of the biggest e cig manufacturers in China. Straight off the bat the quality of their e cigs should be spot on.

The company started in 2014 but they already have a number of impressive looking mods in their vaping lineup.Nexus Mod Review from VIP Electronic Cigarettes

Back to the product in hand. The Vaptio P-I vape mod from VIP Electronic Cigarette. This is a variable wattage, compact vape mod that is capable of firing upto 50W.

Let take a closer look at this mod.

In The Box

The Vaptio presentation box is tidy and professional and contains the following:

  • 1 X Vaptio P-I vape mod
  • 1 X 2ml Vaptio Sub Ohm Tank
  • 2 X 0.2Ohm Coil Heads (One pre-installed in tank)
  • 1 X Micro USB Charging cable (5V / 1A)
  • 1 X Instruction Manual

Key Features

  • Battery Capacity: 2100 mAh
  • Power up-to 50W
  • 5 Wattage settings (10W / 20W / 30W / 40W / 50W)
  • Fires coils from 0.2Ohm resistance
  • 5 Click On/Off
  • Lock/Unlock
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over vape protection (Cuts off after 10 seconds)
  • Battery level Indicator
  • Size: 80*35.3*22mm

Looks And Build Quality


The Vaptio vape mod is a tidy looking box mod. A lot smaller than I was expecting, the Vaptio fits comfortably in the palm of the hand and I don’t have the biggest hands.

If you have ever had or seen the Eleaf iStick 30W mod the size is similar. The Vaptio is just a touch taller.

The mod has a curved pattern design and is finished with a smooth matte coating that feels great to touch.Vaptio P I Mod Review from VIP Electronic Cigarettes

The power and function buttons are well located on the side and are finished in a rubberized material that again are a pleasure to operate. Below the buttons are 5 LED lights that show both the remaining battery and wattage selection.

More on that in the ‘Performance’ section.

The top and base is finished with a smoke black stainless steel that fits in really well with the whole look of the mod.

The side branding is subtle on the side which leads to a sleek looking device, just around the corner from this we have the micro USB charging connection. Due to this being located on the side and not the base you can leave the mod standing up right whilst charging.


The quality is fantastic. I have used many mods from the likes of Innokin, Kangertech and SMOK to name a few and the Vaptio more than holds it’s own in this company.

There is a nice weight to the mod and as mentioned before, the buttons have a rubberized finish. That means one thing.. Zero button rattle! Below

The 510 connection also has a spring loaded pin to allow for any variations in other tanks you may use with this device.

Really impressed so far.

How Does The Vaptio V-I from VIP E Cigs Perform?

The Vaptio P-I has a 2100 mAh battery capacity, when sub ohm vaping (moderately) this saw me through a full day. Depending on your vaping habits, this could be more or less.

Charging is carried out through the micro USB but unfortunately there is no pass through capability to allow you to vape whilst charging.

The Vaptio P-I has definitely been produced with simplicity in mind. It differs from most other sub ohm vape mods that are currently available in the way that the wattage selection functions.

The Vaptio doesn’t have an OLED screen that actually shows the wattage.

Here is a quick explanation of how to operate the mod:

  • On/Off – Click the power button 5 times in quick succession to turn the mod on/off
  • Lock – Press both function buttons (small buttons) together. Red light will flash to indicate a lock. This just keeps your current settings in place removing accidental wattage changes.
  • Selecting Wattage – Press the function buttons up or down to select desired wattage. 1 light = 10W / 2 lights = 20W / 3 lights = 30W / 4 lights = 40W 5 lights = 50W.
  • Battery level – Press power button quickly (Not long enough to fire up the tank). The lights will show the current wattage first THEN the amount of battery remaining.

The wattage selection on the Vaptio takes a few minutes to get used to but once you are familiar with it, it’s easy to understand.Vaptio P I Mod Review from VIP Electronic Cigarettes

It’s not going to be ideal for vapers that want more wattage control as you can only jump in 10W increments upto 50W rather than the 0.1W increments that is pretty much standard on other vape mods.

For vapers that simply want more power from their current device and don’t want complicated looking menus then this is super easy to use.Vaptio P I Mod Review from VIP Electronic Cigarettes

You will also find that once you find your preferred wattage setting for the e-liquid you are using then it’s a case of locking the setting (holding both function buttons) and you’re good to go.

Vaptio Sub Ohm Tank With 0.2 Ohm Coil

The Vaptio P-I kit comes with two OCC (Organic Cotton Coils) 0.2Ohm coils, one already pre built in the tank. The coils themselves have large holes for soaking up your e-juice and are a dual coil design.Vaptio-PI-tank-Coil-Head

There are no instructions for fitting the coils in the manual but it’s as simple as unscrewing and screwing back in a replacement.

The tank itself breaks down into a number of parts for easy cleaning, there is no replacement glass in the kit and from what I can see VIP Electronic Cigarette don’t sell them separately so be sure to take care with the tank.

Once your coils are in place filling is also simple. It’s best to fill from the bottom of the tank. Carefully remove the top part of the tank (with glass) from the base and with the drip tip pointing to the ground slowly drip your e-juice down the inside of the window.

I say slowly because the capacity is only 2ml and a quick fill risks overflowing into the chimney section of the tank, this is something you don’t want to do!Vaptio P I Mod Review from VIP Electronic Cigarettes

Replace the base, screw the tank onto your mod and then WAIT 5 minutes to allow the e liquid to soak into the coil head. Very important that last part.

If you fire up the device to vape too soon after filling you run the risk of dry burning your cotton. This will ruin your coil and is irreversible so keep that in mind.


Vip Electronic Cigarette Aphrodite E LiquidI was vaping with the VIP Arcadia Aphrodite e liquid (Strawberry, Brown Sugar and Vanilla Custard) for this review and the results are great.

I tried all the wattage settings but due to this being a 0.2Ohm low resistance coil it is more suited to higher wattage settings.

  • At 10W as expected not a lot happened. Not enough power for a 0.2 Ohm coil.
  • At 20W I surprisingly got a decent amount of vapour and while it was a cool vape the flavour was good.
  • At 30W the vape increased in warmth along with an improvement in the flavour
  • At 40W as expected the vape gets warmer still and the flavour is more pronounced
  • At 50W maximum setting the vapour is thick and the flavour while very good too warm for my personal tastes

The Vaptio sub ohm tank and 0.2 ohm coils performance is excellent, the flavours and vapour produced from this e liquid were spot on. My pick of the settings was at 30W.

Normally a 0.2 ohm coil would not get any results from a low 20W power output so I checked the coil resistance on a couple of Mods that show the attached coil resistance and the coil was showing to be nearer a 0.3 Ohm resistance.

So a little strange how they got that one wrong?

The airflow is a dual cyclops design and works very well in providing tighter or looser draws. Just have a play around to see what suits you. I personally like to vape with the airflow fully open.

Taking the oversight of the coil resistance out of the equation I was very pleased with the tanks performance!

The only real downside is the 2ml capacity. Heavy vapers will likely be refilling this tank on a regular basis as sub ohm vaping can drink the juice.

What I Like

The form factor and build quality of the Vaptio P I vape mod is excellent. It is compact, portable and fits well in the palm of your hand.

The tank and coils perform very well, the flavour and vapour volume excellent.

While not necessarily a mod for seasoned vapers due to the set 10W power settings I found it nice and easy to use and didn’t feel like I was missing out on in between wattage ie; 12W, 25W, 38W etc.

Vapers new to variable wattage mods should find this easy to pick up and use.

What I Dislike

There aren’t any real negatives but as mentioned above the set wattage increments may not be ideal for some vapers. The Vaptio has no OLED screen so you can not check coil resistance or any other features you can access with a display.

The mod cannot be vaped while charging which is a feature I like but isn’t a deal breaker.

The sub ohm tank only has a 2ml capacity. It is however a good starting point and other tanks can be used on the mod. The coil I was using had a 0.3Ohm rating when checked on other devices, not the 0.2Ohm it is labelled as.

Final Vaptio P-I Review Verdict

Overall, the Vaptio P-I e cig mod from VIP Electronic Cigarette is a great little device. Newer vapers that are looking to take the step up from vape pen devices should find this a simple mod to get to grips with.

If you have skipped to the end, this e cig has now been rebranded as the VIP Nexus. This is what you will see on the VIP Electronic Cigarette website.


  • Great build quality
  • Small and portable mod
  • Tank provides great flavour and vapour
  • The VIP Arcadia Aphrodite e juice is very good
  • Great e cig mod for vapers taking the next step to variable wattage & sub ohm capability


  • Only 5 wattage settings that may not suit all vapers
  • 2ml Tank capacity is on the small side
Jonny - Ecigclick

As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!

Build Quality
Ease Of Use
As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!
vip-vaptio-p-i-e-cig-mod-reviewThe Vaptio P-I Mod (now called Nexus) from VIP Electronic Cigarette is a quality device that is easy to use. Maybe not suitable to more advanced vapers but a decent choice for those looking to make the step up from vape pen type e cigs.


  1. Hi Johnny my vaptio p-1 has been charging for a hour and a half and it’s still red when I press it but when I let go of the button there are no lights on at all and I don’t know what to do I need your help

    • Hi There,

      I know you may have tried this but first up I would make sure it’s not turned off. 5 quick clicks of fire button to turn on or off. Check once you have done this to see if it vapes.

      Other thing I would try is a different coil or/and ensure the coil is seated in the tank correctly. I take it you have used this tank on the mod and it’s been OK in the past?

      If that’s a no go, and the mod does not vape at all despite red/lack of lights then I would suggest touching base with VIP customer services. If you are in the warranty period then they should exchange the battery.

      Let me know how you go.


      If not then

  2. Hi Jonny
    I have two Vaptio P-1’s that will not let you lower the wattage when you press the up/down buttons.I prefer to vape on setting one and would like to know if there is a quick fix or will I have to replace them?
    Thanks in advance

    • Hey Steve, have you checked that you haven’t accidentally locked your settings..

      Not used this mod for over 2 years but I think pressing both function buttons together locks/unlocks the device.

      Let me know how you get on!

      • Something to add about the battery performance…. I tried this back in 2017 and couldn’t get used to it so went back to smoking. Recently I got it back out of the box and the battery is STILL fully charged and its performing well. Getting on a lot better with it this time round. Even the fluids which went out of date (BBE 11/17)!!! are still good as they’ve been kept in a dark corner. A little mod I made of my own is to put one of those magnetic charger connectors onto it so I’ll never wear the socket down with keep putting it on charge. Currently goes 3 or 4 days without a charge as not using it all the time. Good investment!

  3. Hi johnny i have problems with the p1 not firing after I fill the tank.l found that you have to tighten it good at the base to make it fire.hope this helps someone.smoked for 40yr started vaping about 6mo. ago and love it so far. found the best thing to clean coils is some good Tennessee moonshine about 140 prof. Thanks for the work you do to help folks with vapes tons better than smoking

  4. I’ve had two of these and my friend has had one and I am forever tightening the screws on the bottom and top base plates of these so was my friend to the point it’s at least 4 times a day they constantly work loose.

    Started on a new pack of coils and there all foul everyone of them burns after about 10 minutes they have been primed the same liquids and such nothing has changed just this set there must be somthing wrong with them.

    Bit disappointed that 5 coils all unusable. I find the tank gets stuck on the top so you can screw the tank off completely or just the bottom half never both at the same time it’s impossible to unscrew this has been on both of mine and my friends it was okay for about a week but it’s almost like the thread isn’t set right.

    So a couple of problems but when it’s working and the coils are right it’s a lovely vape.

  5. Hi

    Stressed out! It suddenly stopped working. Battery lights up but no noise when you press on/off button. Changed coil. Cleaned base.


    • May be best to get in touch with the VIP E cig customer service Mel.

      You mentioned you cleaned the base. Just to double check, cleaning of the tank thread connection on the mod and the thread on the tank will be needed.

      Also, has there been any e-liquid leaking into the battery do you know?

  6. Hi Jonny, great page, I have been cig free for over a year now, from 30 a day to zero!

    I started vaping using VIP pens, then moved to the Nexus/p1.

    VIP have been a nightmare with coil stock, but have found the pt1 0.2 coil is widely available from the world and his wife on internet.

    As for the leaking coils issue, the coil has a double thread, ie top and bottom, I find that the coil can stick to the tank with top thread, so does not come away cleanly and remain in the base.

    When screwing back together the bottom thread does not seat properly, allowing liquid to leak through air intake.

    I find taking tank apart, removing coil, clean up air intake and coil, then refit coil tightly into base cures the problem. I tend to check coil is seated properly every time I fill tank now.. hope that helps

  7. I have one of theses mods but one problem when i go to take a drag even when fully charged the bottom light just flashes red rather disappointed, anyone have any ideas?

  8. I’ve just spent 10 minutes writing for advice on my phone. Bit did to gnat bloody stupid friggin advertisement in front of the type box that makes it almost impossible to see what you’ve written. When I actually came to post my question, somehow it deleted it. Thanks a lot, I’m really annoyed and still no nearer knowing anything. I highly recommend getting rid of that ad. !. Furious !

    • Apologies with the problem Scott. The pop up can actually be closed but this obviously isn’t clear enough. Will rectify that problem.

      I have answered your query in another response.

  9. Hi Johnny, first of all I’m using my phone to ask my question and there’s a bloody big advertisement in front of what I’m writing and it’s infuriating.

    Can’t see what I’m writing !.

    Anyway, to my question.

    I wasn’t too give up smoking cigs, so after quite a bit of research I decided on buying the Vaptio p1.

    Well it’s arrived and looks the part, although ive not opened the box as it turns out I may have bought the wrong thing.

    On further reading this send to be a direct lung thing, I actually wanted a mouth to lung kit.

    I wasn’t even aware there were different ways of ‘ smoking ‘ vapes until I bought this.

    So I’m thinking of selling it and bring something else.

    The aspire nautilus mini seems highly recommended and we’ll thought of.

    But I’m finding it difficult to find a mod to go with it. Nearly all vape sites have vested interests in their recommends. IE, if they sell it, then it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

    I want something that fits the aspire nautilus mini, that’s not overly technical, although I’m not a stupid man, I don’t want to sit an exam in order to get vaping.

    And it also must be able to last all day with moderate to heavy use.

    Something with a removable battery should be ideal so I could have one on charge while using the other. I apologise for my essay, but in reluctant to just buy something and find it doesn’t suit and have to spend quite a bit of money replacing it within a week or two.

    Could you please recommend safe mods for me to look at?. I’m desperate to stop wasting money on cigarettes so the quicker you answer, the quicker I can order something. Thanks very much in advance. Much appreciated πŸ™‚

    • Hey Scott.. apologies about the pop up. Can be closed but it isn’t clear enough. Duly noted! And thanks for the heads up with it!

      Good news.. your message did actually work!


      The Nautilus Mini will work with a lot of devices and despite being an older design it is still one of the better mouth to lung tanks.

      With it also being a ‘Non’ Sub ohm tank it means that your battery will last a lot longer. Definitely a full day possibly 2.

      So, good vape mods that have removable 18650 batteries:

      Smok Osub
      Jacvapour Series B

      Eleaf iStick Pico

      A few points.

      These are all overkill in terms of power and functions for what you need. But all are easy just to use in wattage mode.

      With the Nautilus it’s unlikely you’ll go over 14-18W.

      Good thing for you is battery life will be excellent.

      Another thing.

      The Nautilus Mini won’t look all that great on the above mods. Purely because of the diameter of the tank.

      It is ‘thinner and can look a little skinny sat on a mod.


      For best chances of quitting the cigs be sure your nicotine strength is high enough to satisfy your cravings.

      Final also!

      When buying e liquid don’t buy one that is too VG heavy as it’s a thicker juice. The Nautilus coils prefer the thinner PG juice.

      You should be OK with a 50/50 PG/VG juice though.

      Any other questions please ask away!



  10. Hi ive recently bought a vaptio p2 and i was just wondering how you go about changing the pyrex glass ?? Or can it even be changed ? I know u can buy them so you must right??hpw do you unscrew it ??

    • Hey Steph,

      If they sell replacement glass then they can be changed.

      Tanks glass is usually held/slotted into place in the base or top part of the tank by an O ring or sometimes metal teeth.

      Can’t remember which it is for the tank you have but I think the tank is attached to the top part where the mouthpiece is.

      Once the top part is removed, as if you were filling, then you shoul be able to hold the glass (inside and out) with your thumb and index finger.

      Then you should be able to pull or ‘work it off’. They can be on quite tight sometimes so tak a little care doing this as a little force maybe needed.

      Maybe an idea to use folded up paper towel or something to act as a guard when doing this to avoid accidentally breaking.

      You don’t normally need to change however unless of course already broken or they have a larger glass that offers larger e liquid capacity!

      Hope that helps a little.

  11. Hi, I’ve just recived mine today and I put the lock on for 20W but now it won’t let me unlock it. I’ve tried to do it multiple times, and have turned it off multiple times. Please help, many thanks

    • So pressing both function buttons (small buttons) together at the same time is not unlocking Kiera? May be best to get in touch with the store you bought from to see if they can help further.

      Let me know how you get on!

  12. Hey, I’ve literally just bought one of these like an hour ago, and I got the 8 strength in the normal basic liquids, that was far too strong so I went back in and changed it to a strength 3, even that’s really really harsh and burns my lips straight away. I’ve put the voltage on the lowest one and it’s still really warm and burns and it’s really harsh on my throat. I don’t understand as its only strength 3 and on the weakest voltage. I’ve tried locking the voltage on 1 as well. Not really sure what’s going on, as I’ve recently just bought it about an hour ago. A reply would be extremely
    Helpful πŸ™‚ cheers.

    • Hey Jonny,

      Few questions:

      What resistance coil are you using? ie: 0.5 Ohm / 1.5Ohm?

      Do you know what the percentage of PG is in the eliquid you are using? Higher PG e-liquids can be harsher, especially on sub ohm coils (coils rated below 1 Ohm). E-liquids higher in VG provide a smoother vape. Most e-liquids now are a mix between the two, PG/VG.

      Opening up the airflow fully may help but it may not depending on the answers to the above!



  13. Hi… i have the same model.

    The problem is…. i can’t find any vape shop that sell the coil head. So i just disassembled the head and scraped the carbon from the coil and replace the cotton…. the thing is… as i do this regularly the coil breaks. So I’m down to one coil heads… do you know what size the coil wire used for this head? Need help.

  14. Hi,

    I have an issue with my vape.. I have the P-I and it was ok but now its not charging .. It just gives me 3 red lights then the other lights gives me the battery level .. I check the manual it says that the are the sings of “short circuit protection”, Whats that? How can I solve this issue? Any clue ?


    • Hey Shady,

      A short can be caused by the connection between the tank and mod not being quite right.

      Check that all of your connections (Mod and tank) are clean of juice.

      Try a new coil, see if this fixes the issue.

      Check the pin in the bottom of the tank, and see if this can be pulled out a touch. May have been pushed in and not connecting properly.

      Try these and let me know how you get on.

  15. Hi jonny
    iv been vapeing almost 10 months now cig free and it feels great. I recently brought this and iv charged it once and now it won’t stop charging even tho there ent no sorce of current running through. Do you have any idea why this is ?

    • Hi Fiona,

      Great to here you are off the cigs!

      I’ve got to say that’s a strange one Fiona, not heard that one before!

      You will need to get in touch with the place you purchased from for more help with that πŸ™‚

  16. Hi I’ve had my caption for 6 months and have recently dropped it And smashed the tank. My local store recommended me a new tank, the innokin isubv but I find the air flow very loose(even when I reduce the air flow hole) and the flavour is very poor. I thought it might have been due to the ohms in the coil (the vaptio was 0.2) but I’ve also changed the coil now to 0.2 but it’s even worse…. Can you advise, is this just a bad tank that isn’t really comparable with the mod?

    • Hi Emily,

      First on the airflow, do you still have the drip tip (mouthpiece) from the Vaptio tank? If so try that on the iSub V to see if it makes any difference. Not sure it will but may be worth a try.

      On flavour. From brand to brand different coils/tank will produce differing flavour. Some just aren’t as good as others unfortunately.

      So, I wouldn’t say you have a ‘bad tank’ as such.

      Have you tried different wattage levels?

      Also have you tried the iSub Clapton coils with the iSub V?

      I personally like the flavour from these coils. Although I was using them with the Apex tank and the iSub G tank.



  17. Hello there
    I bought my vaptio a month ago
    I went back to my country and can’t buy their coil until 3 more month
    The question is
    How often to change the coil ?
    Can any other definite size fit that coil as I am having a different brands variety at my country ?
    Much appreiat the answer

    • Hey there,

      How often you change the coil will depend on a number of things such as how much you vape, what juice you are using and what wattage.

      I generally just change coils when I feel the flavour of my juice starts to change. This could be 1 week or 3 weeks. Will depend on a mixture of the above.


  18. Hi there I’m wandering if you can help me I’ve bought 3 of these now over a short period of time I think they are great but having battery problems they have all stopped charging is there some way of rebooting the battery or is there a cause for this?when I put them on charge none of the lights work!

    • Hi Nicola,

      You will be best getting in touch with the company or the company you purchased them from to see if they are still under warranty.

      I know it sounds simple but have you made sure the device is turned no with the 5 click function?

  19. HI Jonny,

    Ive been vaping years but recently gone to Sub Ohm so a bit new to this, I brought a Vaptio P-1 and it worked fine until I smashed the tank, I went back to the shop and they sold me a SUB G tank which fits fine but my liquid does not taste as good and I can get above 20% with out get burnt hits and even then I get a intermittent burnt hits….and changing coil daily….
    The shop sold me Elements Far liquid which I like and they are now say that is the the issue as its renowned for burning out coils is this true ? or is it a dodgy tank / mod


    • Hey Steve,

      Not tried the Far Elements juice but depending on the flavour components of the juice then it’s possible it could clog coils up quicker than other juices.

      Sounds like the juice isn’t wicking quickly enough if you are getting dry hits. This can happen with high VG e juice. VG has a thicker viscosity than PG so can sometimes not soak into the cotton as quickly and efficiently.

      Do you have any other juice you can try with the tank/coils?

  20. Dear Jonny,

    I am just getting introduced to vaping, read all the manuals and followed instructions before using. But the issue with the device is that the mouthpiece gets very hot during the draws, even a smooth slow draw make the mouthpiece very hot. Trying different wattage setting also does not reduce the heating.
    Appreciate if you can share some advise on how to stop this heating.


  21. I bought a p1 around 3 months ago. Best thing I ever did! However, I’m experiencing leakage. This is due to one of two things. Either the coils I am getting are faulty or the last batch of juice I bought was watered down? I get my coils from a vaping shop that sells food as well (the vaping is obviously a sideline). My question is….is it possible that the proprietor has bought a load of coils on the cheap knowing that they are faulty, or some will and some won’t work? Also is it possible that the person i am getting the juice from is adding water to it(skimming off the top and replacing it with water)? May sound a little paranoid but the kit worked fine for three months and now there’s problems. Any advice offered would be greatly appreciated as I love my p1 and don’t want to go elsewhere with my vaping. Thanks.

    • Hi Raja,

      I’d get in touch with Vaptio direct and see if they have changed the coils recently. It could just be a bad batch of coils like you say but I doubt anyone would buy faulty coils knowingly. Also, adding water to the juice just sounds like far too much hassle for the return they would get for doing this. Have you tried a different juice brand?

  22. I bought one of these 1 day ago and worked absolutely fine until today. My first problem was that is started leaking however I figured out that I’ve tightened the top bit too much and it released too much juice in the coil which then started leaking through the chimney. I cleaned it very carefully and it stopped leaking now but another problem appeared, the coil started burning 2 or 3 longer drags. I haven’t changed the coil yet because it works fine in one moment and then it starts burning again. Does anyone know what is causing this?

    • It sounds like the coil isn’t wicking the juice quick enough to keep up with your vaping Juliet. By wicking I mean the juice soaking into the cotton. So with prolonged vaping it is drying out. Does this sound like this could be the problem? This could be an issue with the coil but it is likely a design thing and the only way of stopping the burning would be to change your vaping habits to allow the juice to soak into the coil before taking a drag.

  23. I bought my vapito p1 2 days ago and it stopped working the next day. The top must be broken because I have used the battery with another top. I am absolutely outraged due to this failure. I can’t even find a way to fix it. I have switched coils and it still doesn’t work!

    • The width of the mod is 22mm so to sit flush with the mod (as in pics) the tank would need to be a 22mm width. Anything above that may have a slight overhang on the mod itself.

  24. Brought one last week, can’t get used to it at all and still smoking fags. The top gets so hot and burns my lips even hot to my hand. Whole item gets so hot after use. I got air vents open.

    • Hi Marg, are you taking slower softer draws? Vaping is a lot different to smoking in the way it’s actually done. Ie: Smoking is more of a shorter sharper draw.
      Also, have you tried reducing the wattage?

  25. Looking for a little advice. I’m looking at one of these that the seller claims to have ‘tweaked’ to run at 20/40/60/80/100 instead of standard 10/20/30/40/50W.
    Is he telling me porky pies? Is this possible?
    I hate when people try to con my very hard earned money out of me.
    If it’s complete rubbish is there anything I can say to catch him out. Maybe I can stop others falling for this. Many thank x

    • Mods can have wattage increased with firmware upgrades. The Vaptio wasn’t made to be ‘firmware upgradeable’. While I’m sure someone could ‘tweak’ things I would stay away. There are plenty of devices out there that work just fine out of the box without them needing to be tampered with.

  26. I have just received my new Pi filled it up and the juice all came out in my mouth ? Am new to this and must have done something wrong. Also when pressing the power button there is juice and smoke shooting out like fire works is only way to describe it help please

      • My husband filled mine for me and its been working fine I unscrewed the tank refilled it been very careful and no its not working or should I say when I try to get the vaper nothing is coming out.
        I have all lights on the battery. Is there something I am doing wrong or is it broken?

        • Hi Michaela,
          Might be worth checking that the coil head is in place properly in the tank and the airflow holes are not closed completely.
          Failing that, try a new coil head. Could be an issue with the coil.
          If not there may be an issue with your battery, be best to get in touch with the place you purchased from and see what they suggest.

  27. Help! I bought a Vaptio P-I a few days ago and I’m having a problem with liquid leaking out of the airflow holes. I took it back to the shop the following day and they suggested that I’d possibly refilled the tank while the airflow was open so I should try again with it closed. I did so but it still leaks. It’s a slow leak but speeds up if I use it. The refill instructions on the box seem to imply that I should separate the tank from the battery and fill from the top – but they didn’t do this when they showed me how to refill it in the shop. Could it be that, somehow, I’ve got liquid in the chimney? (which you warned about in your review) I don’t know how this could’ve happened as i’m always cautious to the point of paranoia whenever I’m refilling my e-cig etc but can’t think of anything else (I’ve only been vaping for a few weeks – firstly with an Innokin Endura T-18 – bought this just so I could try all those delectable sounding flavours rather than the dull, boring ones I have to use with the T-18!) If it is that, is it fixable? Any other ideas? I’m tired of feeling like an ignorant idiot every time I visit the vape shop so a little info would be great! Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Cait,
      Thanks for the comment, I’ll do my best to help you out, I know it can be annoying at first. You aren’t being ignorant, like anything new, vaping can be a learning curve and a case of trial and error sometimes.
      First up though! You can use ANY flavour with the T18? Is there a reason why you think you can’t do this? I use the T22 (same device just a little bigger) on a regular basis with lots of different, great flavours.
      Leaking tank are generally down to a few specific things.
      Filling the tank with the airflow open shouldn’t be an issue.
      Also, if you are careful not to get juice in the chimney I doubt that would be the issue. If you have juice leaking via the chimney you will likely get juice coming through the mouthpiece.
      With this tank I removed the base, where the coil goes. And I was left with the top part of the tank with the glass attached. I then fill this section. Then screw the base back on. Before doing that just be sure the coil is firmly screwed in place. Doesn’t need to be too tight, just finger tight.
      Leaking ‘can’ be caused by the following, so see if any of the below may be applicable to you.
      1: Coil/atomizer – It’s a common cause of e liquid leaking when you have either a worn or faulty coil. Not sure if you have managed any amount of vaping time with the coiL? If it’s pretty much new then I would suggest trying a new coil, most of the time this is the problem.
      Before replacing the coil I would give the tank a rinse and clean under a tap, ensuring all parts are dry before popping in the new coil.
      2: ‘O’ Rings. These are the seals in the tank. Check that the large O ring is in place (and not damaged) on the base where the glass piece sits.
      3: What eliquid PG/VG ratio are you using? ie 50PG/50VG. PG tends to be thinner, so higher PG % can sometimes cause issues with the coil head being able to wick efficiently.
      So to sum up. Take tank apart, give it a clean, ensure all is dry. Try a new coil head. This would be my first starting point.
      Let me know if you have any other question though Cait and of course let me know how you get on.

      • Hi, I’ve had a Vaptio P-1 since Easter (end March), just recently had to buy a new one as I dropped the old one, mod part wrecked.  
        The branding on the new one I bought was different, different box, and it was branded Nexus, but still had the Vaptio symbol.
        Brought it home, and had a big problem with leakage. I knew it wasn’t anything I was doing as I’d had one for months and no problems at all before. Brought it back in and they changed the tank for me.
        They still had some of the old ‘proper’ Vaptio branded tanks in stock, they gave me that one and after had no leakage problem. However, just this weekend I had to buy new coils, and the ones I got were the new Nexus branded ones and the leakage is back. I’ve tried everything to stop it, but it’s a big issue.
        My personal guess is that since the change in brand, some lower quality build has ensued (on the coils anyway) and this is causing the leakage. It doesn’t sound like anything you’re doing, when I brought them back in they tried to convince me that the liquid was too thin, that I was overfilling etc. etc., but it’s faulty/poorly made coils IMO.
        Which is a real pity, because the first one I had was great, and the coil in the replacement tank they gave me was perfect also. I have bought a different make of sub-ohm tank and it works fine.
        Real shame, was a great product at first.

        • Thanks for the update Walt!
          Sounds like a nightmare.
          It is possible, like you say that there may be an issue with the new coils.
          I tend to find if there is an issue with the coils it’s generally a certain batch that are at fault.
          May be worth getting in touch with the suppliers directly to see if they have had an issue with any of their coil releases.
          Let me know how you get on.

  28. Hi, I had one of these for 3 months and it was superb, I used the Arcadia eliquids on 30 W strength and air flow 2/3 open. Not had a cigarette since and never will again.

    Unfortunately since yesterday evening the device no longer charges, I tried quite a few different charge leads, all gave same problem, unscrewed the device and had look inside with a torch but cannot see anything.

    Warranty is only 30 days so I have no choice but to get a replacement device now, I see eBay has 3.0 ml tanks with top fill option so will go down that route.

    • Same here, 60 Benson golds a day for 25 years, started vaping 3 years ago.. Never looked back, feel fitter, lost my cough and now get up at 5:30 every morning regardless ?

  29. I’ve had two of these, one black one gold. Love them both. And to be honest I prefer them to the kangertech I had. Great review.

  30. Great review mate, ordered one for myself, since i was looking to get a little more out of the whole
    vaping, this be the 2nd one to be added to my (future) collection and there will definitely be other box mods to follow!


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