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Shady Shenzen Squonking Shenanigans Leads To Voopoo Boycott Call

Vape reviewers and much of the vaping community are calling for a complete boycott of all Voopoo vape products following what appears on face value at least to be a decidedly underhand piece of ‘business’ over the much anticipated Pulse 80w regulated squonker.

In a nutshell Voopoo agreed to supply an initial 40,000 Gene chips – raised the price and then pulled out with some claiming they are intent on bringing out their own version of the hugely popular Pulse squonker!

I say ‘appears’ to be underhand mainly because despite Voopoo and Pulse manufacturers Vandy Vape ‘agreeing’ verbally and via email to work together – it seems no actual contract was signed despite samples being manufactured with the Gene chip.

Pretty sure that’s a basic principal in business – but then I’ve never been to business school…

So legally – if there’s such a term doing business in China – Voopoo has done nothing wrong – however morally they’ve shone a light onto the shadier side of the China based vape industry.

Cue indignant vapers and big number YouTube reviewers coming to the defense of Tony B who by all accounts is genuinely one of the nice guys on the vaping scene and a very good designer too based on the popularity of the Pulse Squonker and Pulse 22 and 24 RDAs.

Tony B Explains “VoopooGate”

OK so what’s the gen here then?

The gen in this case is the Voopoo owned Gene Chip and the fact that despite cutting the future profits on sales of the new Pulse regulated squonker – Tony B loved the chip so much he convinced Vandy Vape to ‘go for it’.

It would seem you guys loved the Gene Chip too given you voted the Voopoo Drag the best mod of 2017.

Incidentally you also awarded best vape company to Vandy Vape in the same awards – like I said two extremely popular vape companies.

Tony B has released a video explaining the full story and bitter disappointment over the whole fiasco and says:

I’m told that Voopoo May not’ve “signed” a contract for the 40k boards, but there were many oral, email, and even an email directly to me stating they would deliver 40k boards to us.

Also, when VV sent someone to that factory, they made them sit and wait for 3 hours then came out to say they couldn’t meet.

But there was eventually a face to face where they agreed to provide the chips.

Watch his full video for the full story:

You do have to feel for him – however you’d think Vandy Vape would have been a little more street savvy and watched his and indeed their own backs.

But hey I guess sometimes you have to take a chance and trust your competitors – even in China…

YouTube Vape Reviewers To Boycott Voopoo Products

Here in the UK and yet another EcigClick award winner Vaping With Vic was quick to support Tony B and took the drastic step of deleting all of his Voopoo reviews vowing to NEVER touch their products again.

Though he did add there’s been similar boycotts in the past that barely lasted a couple of weeks.

However this one really has got the larger YouTube reviewers up in arms with Chris from Empire Vape Co ‘calling out’ Voopoo in his usual inimitable style and the Vaping Bogan [another Ecigclick award winner lol] burning a Voopoo Drag in a video.

Social media has been filled with vapers furious at Voopoo’s business practice particularly on the company’s Instagram page and under the Twitter hashtag #BoycottVoopoo.

Voopoo has issued a statement on the matter however after publishing it on their Facebook page they were inundated with comments slamming their actions.

Here’s the Voopoo statement in full:

Dear friends, and partners

In light of recent events regarding some personal attacks on our company, we would like to take this moment to clarify on some of the issues raised.

First and foremost, we have no long term contract with the alleged accuser from (November 2017- March 11 2018). There is no project contract. All the statements made in the accuser’s video are absolutely false. There is no evidence from the accuser to support his claims. We encourage the accuser to present any alleged facts to further support his claims.

Secondly, The accuser’s brand has yet to receive an official license that would allow permission for use of the GENE CHIP. The accuser has been promoting his product without our authorization of use of GENE CHIP. Since November – March we made every effort to cooperate with the accuser.

During that time we only made a minor price adjustment from our initial offer due to a substantial price increase of raw materials (the average price of global capacitor resistors is twice higher by 20% to 50%) The price increase for the the GENE CHIP is 4RMB which converts to USD 0.625.

A fraction of the normal market fluctuations. There is no reason to raise the price by 30% and to make any other increase by 15%, as the accuser claims.

Further, no reason for us to delay any production. If the accuser wishes to contact us directly, we welcome a conversation with open arms in an effort to cease any further dilemma, or feel free to contact the relevant brand.

Furthermore, VOOPOO has always adhered that the vape is an industry of embracing positive attitude for long standing relationships among colleagues, partners, and customers.

Lastly, we were in great standing with the brand the accuser is associated with before this incident.

We always encourage to maintain a great relationship with those we partner for the development of the vape industry.

We are incredibly saddened to learn about these false accusations and hope to expedite a quick resolution.

We are willing to bear all legal responsibility for the authenticity of all above stated accusations.

This statement has the basis for legal action, while retaining all legal rights to trace vilification of VOOPOO.

Vandy Vape has also released a statement:

Vandy Vape always stands by Tony B.

He is not only a reliable partner but also a very good friend.

We stand by statements made in his video and are saddened that it occurred the way it did.

We really appreciate that Tony designed the Pulse family of products – Pulse 22 – Pulse 24 – Pulse Mod – Pulse Kit and Pulse 80w Regulated mod.

He makes such a great contribution to the vaping community – especially the BF vaping community.

At this difficult time we hope that all our customers and friends will support Tony and Vandy Vape.

We will work very hard together to make a perfect Pulse 80w regulated mod.

Nice sentiments but not exactly filled with legaleeze unlike the Voopoo one…

From what I can gather the new Pulse 80w regulated squonker will now be run with Vandy Vape’s own chip which according to Tony B is a good one.

As to the boycott let’s see if this one does indeed drag on [pun intended] and importantly anyone from the vape world doing business with China should make dammed sure they have air tight contracts with every single dot dotted and t crossed.

Of course this will mean a delay in the release of the Pulse regulated squonker and an interesting wait to see if Voopoo are brave enough to release their own squonker with the Gene chip at this time.

As always we’ll keep you up to date with any developments.

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  1. I’m sorry, I don’t track the vape news, especially on-line discussions (I use mainly your site:)) but wasn’t it Vandy Vape who copied another companys (Aspire) idea? If yes then I would say that karma is a bitch.


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