So we have the Wismec Tinker 2 in for review which immediately brings a few questions to mind.

What do you do if a kit scores quite well in its original form? Well to start with, you ditch the third battery, change the styling up to make it less chunky and more square.

Update the firmware and finally make it IP67 waterproof, shockproof and dust-proof right?

Stick a cherry on top in the form of the Trough tank and you’re onto a winner right?

Well that’s what Wismec have done with the Reuleaux Tinker 2 Kit. A big bulky tank and a mod that could stand up to the well respected Geekvape Aegis Legend?

So if you’re not familiar with the original Wismec Reuleaux Tinker kit, have a look at what Neash Vape thought of the first attempt – It may look like a Basketball Shoe but it still rated pretty highly.

What Can We Expect From The Reuleaux Tinker 2 Kit by Wismec?

Looking at the bullet points, there’s not much to dislike with this kit.

The new Wismec Trough tank can handle 5ml of e-liquid (non TPD), its 30mm in diameter at its widest point and comes with a single, and dual mesh coil.

The Tinker 2 is a Dual 18650 mod capable of firing to 200w, it’s what I call a ‘Smash-Able’ mod, meaning it can cope with a drop or two and even a swim if it comes to it? And with its hard wearing appearance and soft textured leather on one side – it’s fair to say I’m quite excited to see what the Wismec Tinker 2 Mod is all about.

So let’s Crack on and see what the Reuleaux Tinker 2 Kit is all about…

See Me Score A 3 Pointer With The Wismec Tinker 2


What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Tinker 2 Mod
  • 1 x Trough Tank
  • 1 x WT01 0.35Ω Single Mesh Coil
  • 1 x WT02 0.20Ω Dual Mesh Coi
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 2 x User Manuals
  • 2 x Warning Cards
  • 1 x Spare Bag


Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 2

  • Product Size: 90 x 53.5 x 44mm
  • Weight: 200.7g (without batteries)
  • IP67 Waterproof/Dust Proof, Shockproof
  • Output Wattage: 1.0 -200 Watts
  • Output Modes: VW/TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/TCR
  • 2A Quick Charge
  • Output Voltage: 0.5 – 8V
  • Resistance range: 05-1.5ohm for TC/0.05-3.5ohm for VW
  • Display 0.96” colour display
  • Battery:Dual 18650 (Not Included)

Wismec Trough Tank

  • Height: 50mm
  • Diameter: 28mm (30mm @ widest point)
  • WT01 0.35Ω SingleMesh Coil
  • WT02 0.20Ω Dual Mesh Coil
  • Coils contain 70% organic cotton & 30% Wood-Pulp
  • Adjustable Bottom Airflow
  • Slide across top fill
  • Capacity: 5ml


The Mod itself is available in Titanium Grey, Blue & Purple, Black and Red. All kits come with a Black Trough Tank.

Design and Build Quality

I received the Black version of the Tinker 2 Kit. It really does look like something Darth Vader himself would carry around.

It also feels like something Darth Vader would carry as well, the mod is designed to be abused and thats due to its extremely sturdy build quality and general feel.

The Wismec Trough Tank

Drip Tip &Top Cap:

The 810 resin drip-tip fits snugly into the top-cap thanks to the inner O-ring, and most 810’s fit nicely but I do have some that don’t fit on so well.

Top Fill Port:

Once you find the little marker on the top of the top-fill cap, you can slide it open to reveal the silicon covered filling port.

It is a little small for the larger bottle tips but they’ve included the silicon cover over the port so the tank won’t leak should you knock it over whilst filling.

It does feel a little rough when you slide, not smooth. But its a firm slide so its not going to slide open in your pocket too easily.

The Base:

The 2 airflow slots on either side are massive and you can adjust the airflow however you like thanks to the comfortable grippy design of the airflow ring.

Trough Tank – Overall:

Overall the tank is well thought out and well built apart from the feel when you slide the top fill open and shut. It just feels rough like its metal on metal grinding together.

The Wismec Tinker 2 Mod:

510 Connector:

Not a centred 510 connector but to one end, which you’ll either prefer, or dislike. With the Trough tank on, it fills the top so there’s no option to fit anything bigger than 28mm.

In fact the tank slightly overhangs the mod. Which is a little annoying.

The connector pin itself is stiff, but springy with plenty of play for longer or shorter 510 pins.

Micro USB Port:

At the bottom front section of the Mod is the micro-usb port, hidden under a thick, snugly fitted rubber cap.

The Front of the Device

At the top of the front section is a very cheap feeling, yet made from metal and a clicky fire button with a weird design engraved into it. But it has a nice curve on it, so perfect for the thumb firers out there.

However, because of the grooves in the fire button, I noticed random bits of dirt and dust build up. Annoying.

Moving down from there is the 0.96″ Colour display which could do with being a little brighter, and bigger. But its clear enough to see. Its just a shame they haven’t made use of the space.

Below the screen is your up/down buttons for adjusting the settings and they are nice, clicky and protrude nicely against the mod.

The Battery Door

With a little slide of the latch, the battery door opens exposing your 2 battery slots which are labelled nicely inside the mod, and on the door itself.

Once the batteries are in and you close the door, you may notice a little overhang meaning the batteries won’t be making a good connection and the device won’t turn on.

With a little bit of a push of the door, you’re good to go…. Not very good IMO.


I couldn’t find out what the mod is made of, but its tough, thick metal thats for sure, and on one end, is a nice curved crocodile styled leather which gives the mod a nice feel and improves comfort in the hand.

Also reduces the chances of the mod slipping out of your hands.

The Tinker 2 Mod – Overall:

A beast of a mod in general. Extremely well put together and designed nicely. Its a shame about the battery door. I hope its only my battery door that doesn’t click in smoothly and not all of them. It still goes down as a Con regardless.

Apart from that it really does feel, and look like a robust mod for every day use.

In The Hand

The Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 2 is a weighty bit of kit! Especially once you chuck 2 freshly charged batteries in there and a tank full of e-liquid.

But that appeals to me in a big way because I know I’m holding something thats built to last.

And thats not to say it isn’t comfortable.

Its curved in all the right places and as much as you can feel the little bumps and curves its sized perfectly for my hands.

How To Fill The Wismec Trough Tank

  1. Slide the top cap horizontally once you find the small marker
  2. Fill with your desired e-liquid
  3. Slide shut the top-cap until it gently clicks

The Coils

The Tinker 2 Kit comes with the WT01 and WT02 Mesh Coils. There is also a WT03 Triple mesh coil available which comes in at 0.15Ω but unfortunately that wasn’t included in the kit.

Maybe worth a try if you don’t get on with the Single 0.35Ω WT01 and the Dual 0.20Ω WT02 coil.

Both coils are also 70% organic cotton and 30% wood-pulp.

How Does the Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 2 Kit perform?

Basic operation

The Tinker 2 mod comes with a number of features and plenty of adjustments can be made. The Home screen itself displays:

  • Day, Date and Month
  • Your current power setting
  • Resistance in Ohms
  • Current
  • Battery levels

Adjusting the power up and down on the main screen is simple enough, using the 2 buttons below the screen. It adjusts in 1watt increments but it takes an age to scroll! And once you reach 200w, it doesn’t step-through back down to its minimal 1.0w either. From 1.1w to 200w takes 29 seconds!

But thankfully, a firmware upgrade is available which speeds up the scrolling massively (Takes 9 seconds to scroll now), AND round robins also!


Heres how to upgrade the firmware

Firstly, download and install the correct firmware for your device from the Wismec website for either your Mac, or PC.

Ensuring the device is OFF, with batteries installed and connect the Tinker mod to your computer Via USB.

The Wismec firmware app will quickly discover your device and you can upgrade the firmware accordingly.

Hey Presto!

The Menu

Theres a small number of button sequences to remember to operate this device:

  • 5 clicks of the fire button will turn the device on and off.
  • 3 clicks of the fire button will open the menu screen
  • Press and hold Left/Right buttons for 3 seconds to lock/unlock device

In the menu, using the up/down buttons you can scroll through:

Main Settings

With 3 clicks of the fire button, you open the Menu. There are 4 options on this screen:


Here you can choose your power setting, be it Wattage, TC, TCR and RTC. RTC lets you choose between displaying a digital, or analogue clock.


In ‘Sett’ you have access to a number of features:

Coil Lock is where you can lock the resistance of your coil

Power – Im unable to explain how this feature works, when you select power, it displays 200w, which you can adjust. But it doesn’t make a difference to the main screen nor the maximum wattage you can set the device to… Odd.

Stealth will shut off the display if you’re looking for that ‘Blacked Out’ Look.

Subpara is where you can select what you want displayed below the OHMS reading on the front screen. You can select between Puff Count, Amps and Voltage.

You can adjust the time and date in Clock.

In Preheat you can set the device to ramp up the initial power so the coil warms up quicker.

And finally in Timeout you can choose to stop firing the mod between 5, 10 and 15 seconds


In Info you can see your Left and Right battery Voltage, and information on the device including Firmware and Hardware Version

The display and options are very easy to navigate, I just struggled a little at times with how dim the screen was. Even in low light conditions its not very good at all.

One last clever little feature, when the device is off, if you press and hold the fire button, it’ll display the time!

Sneaky little feature that’s handy if you don’t have the time to hand.

Flavour & Clouds

For the duration of my testing, I was vaping on Code Red by Darkstar. Its a fruity mix and has been my All-Day Vape for the last 3 years almost! I know it very very well.

The WT01 0.35Ω Single Mesh Coil (30-50w)

I played around with this coil for quite a few days, and no number of adjustments made any difference. Regardless of where I set my wattage and airflow, the flavour was average.

Not flavourless, but just not ‘popping’ as some might say.

I thought at first the coil may require more of a break-in time than others thanks to the Wood-Pulp, but quite simply put, this coil did not perform as I would hope.

The WT02 0.20 Dual Mesh Coil (30-70w)

Vaping between 60 and 65w with airflow two thirds open, the dual mesh coil performs nicely. The flavour is well balanced and brings out all the flavour notes, but just not the best.

But if you’re after a nice warm vape with plenty of vapour and flavour that is just satisfying enough, the WT02 coil is a decent option.

Both coils wick well with a 70VG/30PG e-liquid so wood-pulp isn’t an issue, and both coils produce a nice thick cloud and the mod fires instantly. Super fast fire action with the Avatar chip!

I wouldn’t recommend going near the 70w maximum recommended wattage because it quickly dries out the cotton.


This isn’t a loud tank at all, in fact I was expecting it to be loud as hell when wide open considering the size of the airflow slots. But thankfully its actually quieter than a lot of tanks I’ve tried and there isn’t any whistle to worry about either no matter where you set your airflow.

Battery Life

At 65w the Tinker 2 kit gave me a full day of battery life with moderate to heavy vaping which is all I need.

If the Single Mesh coil performed better I may have stuck to that and enjoyed rolling into the following day thanks to its recommended wattage being lower than the dual WT02 Mesh Coil.

Of course you can make use of the USB port for charging and firmware upgrades, however I strongly suggest as always to use an external charger for your vape batteries.

Durability – Is the Wismec Tinker 2 Waterproof?

As I tend to do with all mods that claim to be IP67, Dust proof and shockproof. I put the Tinker 2 mod through its paces.

An IP67 rating basically means that there can be no ingress of dust, and the item can be submerged in up to 1m of water for 30minutes.


Submerged in the usual large Vase, the mod survived beautifully.

No water was apparent inside the battery housing.

Nor inside the USB port protected by the silicon bung.

Shock Proof

I never go out to deliberately try and a destroy a mod that I’m testing, but I definitely give it more abuse than the average user may give their device over the time they spend with it.

The mod got thrown onto pavement, kicked about on the ground and even used as a ball for a game of basketball at the local playgrounds.

Apart from the battery door busting open when I scored an amazing 3 point shot, the Tinker 2 mod handled the abuse no problem.

Yes its a little battered but its purely cosmetic and it still functions perfectly.



  • Extremely durable
  • Simple menu settings
  • Hard hitting mod and fires instantly


  • Fairly decent flavour on the WT02 coil
  • Well built
  • Good vapour production



  • Battery Door doesn’t close correctly
  • Takes a lifetime to adjust wattage up/down (Before Firmware upgrade)
  • Its weight may be a con to some
  • The OLED display is Dim
  • The display doesn’t fill the square cutout
  • 510 not centered, may be a con for some.
  • Slight overhang with the included Trough tank


  • Flavour is poor on the WT01 Single Coil
  • Flavour is just OK on the WT02 Dual Coil
  • Top-Fill slide is rough

Final Review Verdict

Lets not mess about – as a package, this is a decent kit for someone looking for a well built, hard wearing every day tank and Mod combo.

Yes it has its flaws but most of them are purely subjective. Regardless of how clumsy you are, the mod will take a good beating and the tank is solid too.

So the 3 big questions I ask when testing a product are:

Would this device be long lasting and still work 3, 6 or even 12 months from now?

As long as the coils are readily available, the tank is going to see you into 2020 no problem. The Tinker 2 mod however will see you into 2025 – as long as the screen lasts that long.

Does this device deliver the flavour, vapour and general experience I require, in order to be enjoyed?

As much as the single mesh coil did not perform as I hoped, thats not to say its not enjoyable, its just not as good as the dual WT02 mesh coil. But as a whole, the tank and coils deliver the exact experience you would hope for from a Sub-Ohm tank

Is the Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 2 Kit  versatile enough to suit a new and experienced vapers?

Well this kit won’t be for a new vaper, it might be your next step. But I have a feeling this kit is designed for the experienced vaper, looking for a new every day setup for work and play.

Its build quality, 200W Output and cloudy tank make for a nice every day Sub-Ohm set-up.

Did you buy the Wismec Tinker 2 kit? Or have you tried it? Let us know what you thought in the comments below.

Flat Cap Vaper Reivews
FlatCap Vaper

Hey Folks. Im Gaz, The Flat-cap Vaper. I’m 35, married with 3 kids and I just love Flatcap's and Vaping! I started my e-cigarette journey in 2014 when I entered my local vape shop and got so well looked after, I ditched my 10 year habit of 15 roll-ups a day within 48hrs. Following on from this, my Vaping journey began. I started a Youtube Channel at the beginning of 2019 and so far has had over 500,000+ views. I quickly upgraded my device and that’s when my geeky side took over and I began to experiment with making my own liquid, building my own coils and even my own mods! As a trained electrician I suppose ohms, wattage and voltage runs through my veins so Vaping has become my hobby and a passion that I want to share with everyone.

Build Quality - Mod
Build Quality - Tank
Design - Mod
Design - Tank
Ease Of Use
Flavour - WT01 0.35Ω Coil
Flavour - WT02 0.20Ω Coil
Vapour Production
Hey Folks. Im Gaz, The Flat-cap Vaper. I’m 35, married with 3 kids and I just love Flatcap's and Vaping! I started my e-cigarette journey in 2014 when I entered my local vape shop and got so well looked after, I ditched my 10 year habit of 15 roll-ups a day within 48hrs. Following on from this, my Vaping journey began. I started a Youtube Channel at the beginning of 2019 and so far has had over 500,000+ views. I quickly upgraded my device and that’s when my geeky side took over and I began to experiment with making my own liquid, building my own coils and even my own mods! As a trained electrician I suppose ohms, wattage and voltage runs through my veins so Vaping has become my hobby and a passion that I want to share with everyone.
wismec-reuleaux-tinker-2-reviewIf you're just looking for an every day beater setup, with a decent Sub-Ohm tank. This kit is spot on - Adding the durability of the Mod has improved the marketability of this kit as not everyone can afford to pick up a new dual 18650 mod every 3-6 months. Especially considering most 200w devices are around the £50-£100 mark. So its just not cost effective to be buying new mods every few months. Not to mention one of the reasons we all quit smoking was to save money! The Tinker 2 mod is built like a Brick S**t house and the Trough tank performs very well for an every day Sub-Ohm Tank


  1. Very happy with this mod. I’ve bought 4 mods in the last 18 months.

    The last being an Aegis Legend X which lasted a month. This though has fallen in the sea been dropped down carpeted stairs dropped a few times onto hard stone floors and is still ticking a long nicely without a scratch on it.

    It’s now into its third month. Maybe I should of bought the original Legend for durability but I’m happy with this though I do miss the big screen on the Legend X.

    Most of all though (after the durability maybe ) I really love the Real Time Clock and always thought that Vape Box Mods should have RTC as standard really. So yeh it’s outlasted my Voopoo Too Aegis X and Innokin T2 let’s hope it’s still driving my Ares RTA 6 months from now.

    If not then my Vaping could be getting to be just a little bit more expensive than I’d like. Though after Vaping on every kind of soda juice there’s no way will I be going back to tobacco. It’s a no brainer right!

    • Hey Michelle. THANKYOU for your message. Ive just done the firmware upgrade and scrolling is miles better. Will update the review now. Much appreciated.


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