Introduction – Reux Sub Ohm Tank From Wismec

Today we are going to be taking a look at the Wismec Reux Tank which is the new sub ohm tank made to complement the Reuleaux RX300 which I covered in an earlier review.

Is this tank going to be a success or an unremarkable tank manufactured to try and complement the RX300? – Let’s find out!

Wismec isn’t a company that needs much of an introduction to the wider vaping community. Their products have for the last few years been top of the must have devices for many vapers.

To buy Wismec is to buy reliability at a competitive price.

Their full company name is: Wismec (Dongguan) Electronics Co Ltd and they are based in Guangdong, China.

Some of the Products they are known for include the Noisy Cricket series, RX200-S, Indestructible RDA and the Theorm Atomizer, and of course the Reuleaux RX300.

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In The Box

  • 1 x REUX (RX Triple 0.15ohm Head) Pre installed
  • 1 x RX Ceramic 0.5ohm Head
  • 5 x O rings ring
  • 2 x Screws (for the optional deck replacement)
  • 1 x 510 Adapter
  • 1 x User Manual

Main Specs/Features

  • Length: 68mm
  • Diameter: 25mm
  • Capacity: 6ml

Features of the Wismec Reux Tank: Standard Configuration

  • Detachable Structure for Easy Cleaning
  • Replaceable Atomizer Head System
  • Specially Designed RX Series Heads
  • Top Filling System & Bottom Airflow Control
  • 6ml E-liquid Capacity
  • Easy E-liquid Refilling system
  • Direct Airflow Inlet
  • Newly designed 510 Adapter
  • *Multiple RTA Decks are available for converting this Tank to an RDTA*

Design and Build Quality

Built entirely from stainless steel and Pyrex, the Wisme Reux tank is topped off with a Delrin drip-tip sleeve.

The quality of this item is good but the design, to me, is unremarkable.

The only thing that sets this tank apart from the hundreds already flooding the market is its standard configuration.

They supply two of the new style RX coils to sit in a 6ml tank, I did not find any machine oil residue in this tank.

How to Fill the Wismec Reux Tank & Change Coils

You do not have to empty the Reux Tank before changing coils unless your old coil has reached it’s end life of course.

  • Turn the tank upside down and remove the Base
  • Remove your spent coil
  • Properly pre wick your new coil by dripping liquid onto the cotton through the top of the coil and through the liquid intake holes on the sides of the coil
  • Replace the new coil into the base and screw the base back into position
  • Remove top cap
  • Fill the Reux tank by placing your bottles needle nose or dripping Pipette into one of the two kidney shaped fill ports and fill with liquid
  • Replace the top cap
  • Leave the Reux Sub Ohm Tank for at least 10 minutes so the cotton has chance to soak up more eliquid
  • It is recommended that before you fire the Reux you perform a dry pull. This is done by closing off the airflow completely and your taking 3 or 4 sharp pulls with your mouth (without firing)
  • You will now be able to fire the tank on your mod as normal.

How Does The Reux Sub Ohm Tank Perform?

Reux Sub Ohm Tank disassembles into 6 parts:

  • Airflow base
  • Preinstalled RX Triple 0.15ohm Coil Head
  • Pyrex 6ml glass tank
  • Chimney and Liquid fill port
  • Top cap
  • Delrin mouth piece cover

The Airflow & Base

Measuring close to 25mm the base holds your coil and has two of the biggest adjustable airflow slots I have ever seen on a tank. The 510 connection pin is made of stainless steel.

The Tank

Sit over the coil which is connects to the chimney assembly via an O Ring.

The tank for the Reux is made of Pyrex glass and holds an amazing 6ml of liquid!

The Chimney & E-Liquid Fill Port

Are in one piece, the liquid intake comprises of two kidney shaped slots which are easily big enough to take a dripping pipette to fill the Reux, the coil screws into threads on the underside of the chimney.

The Top Cap

Screws into the chimney and liquid intake section to complete the assembly. The top cap has a raised Stainless Steel tube for the Delrin cover or adaptor to slide on covering the metal tube.

This tank was tested using a 70/30 liquid King of Cloudz Muffin Man.

Sitting on top of the mod it was designed to complement, the Reuleaux RX300.

0.5 Ohm Ceramic Coil

First I tried the 0.5 Ohm ceramic coil, rated by Wismec for use between 40-80W.

Not being a fan of ceramic coils I wanted to try this first.

Starting at 45w and working my way up 65w I got a clean, and to be fair, a flavoursome vape.

The vapour was thick with the airflow set at half, wide open at 75w the flavour considerably weakened although the vapour was thick and cloudy.

Triple 0.15 Ohm Coil

At 100w airflow wide open the vapour I experienced was thick and very hot, which is not ideal for me!

Wismec say that the ideal wattage for this coil is from 60 to 160w.

Try as I may, pushing the wattage up only resulted in an even hotter vape for me.

On 60w I found while the flavour was OK, the resulting vapour was not what I expected. It was weak!

As I worked my way to 100w the vapour became more of what I expect from a sub ohm tank. Thick and creamy but the flavour was kind of lacking for me.

With both coils you have 4 juice intake holes and the added engraved cut out of Jaybo’s signature does help with wicking!

But my opinion the engraving is over the top and an unnecessary gimmick.

What I Like

I love the idea of having a tank that can hold more than 4ml of liquid and the Wismec Reux goes 2ml better.

The wicking ability of the tank is excellent. In the time I tested this tank I didn’t get a single dry hit. Straight to lung style of vaping with this tank is excellent.

The cost of the tank is relatively cheap, while I don’t like ceramic coils I found the 0.5 coil a better alternative to the 0.15 coil.

What I Didn’t Like

This tank can be extremely thirsty at higher watts, I can get through a full 6ml tank in about 15 to 20 minutes chain vaping.

I personally don’t like a vape that is t0o hot and with the 0.15 coil ramped up over 100w the heat was just too much for me.

You cannot use mouth to lung style of vaping with this tank but I suppose that’s not the point of this.

The exclusion of an RDTA Deck means more cost if the user wishes to go down the route of building their own coils.


Final Review Verdict

While I am not a cloud chaser I can fully see the appeal of this tank to those that are, you can get some amazing clouds with the Wismec Reux Tank.

If you like a hot vape then this tank with the 0.15 coil installed will be right up your ally. Sadly for me, I found the tank unremarkable and not in keeping with my personal style of vaping.

It’s also a shame that the standard configuration does not include the RTDA deck or a spare Pyrex tank.

Would I buy this tank again if I lost or damaged it?

The answer would have to be a big resounding no.


  • The build quality of this tank is good
  • The tank is easy to setup and easy to use
  • The flavour at lower watts was good (over 60w)
  • The 6ml tank is a bonus
  • Fits well and looks good on the Wismec Reuleaux 300w
  • Juice wicking is excellent
  • Wonderful for cloud chasers if you don’t much care for flavour
  • The cost of this tank is relatively cheap


  • This is a very big tank and is not suitable for some users
  • The flavour drops off the higher your watts go
  • heat generated by the 0.15 coil is very hot at higher watts
  • Does not include a spare Pyrex tank
  • Does not include an RDTA deck

UK – Free Shipping Options

USA – 10% Off With Code DNA10

Build Quality
Ease of use
Cloud production
Likelihood of replacing if lost or damaged
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