Vaping, to all intents and purposes, may look to an outsider to be pretty much a male dominated scene – but nothing could be further from the truth – or could it?
women and vaping

Research carried out in 2014 by the Office of National Statistics showed that women are far more likely to pack up the fags using e-cigs than men are.

Of those sampled in the study 4.5% of women compared to 4.2% of men were using e-cigarettes.

Strangely the latest results show the number of women taking up e-cigs and vaping seems to have markedly slowed – except in the 50-59 year old age bracket.

Indeed male vapers within the population has jumped to 6.3% whilst women that vape saw only a small rise in numbers to 4.9% – Source.

So you have to ask yourself why this is the case?

I mean let’s face it women are – in general – far more sensible than men in many areas including health and household finances.

So to me it would naturally follow that as the cost of living rises and pressure is put on the household purse – women far more than men would choose the cheaper – and healthier – option.

Why are less Women Taking Up Vaping?

So what could be the reason for the slowdown in women vaping?

Could it be the way vaping is sold to the public?

vaper expo girls

As we know pretty much all e-cigarette advertising is banned so it’s social media and the vape shows where the companies can promote their wares.

But you only have to look at the marketing strategies around vaping hardware and e-liquids to see how the vape company’s promote their brands.

As I mentioned in my first Vaper Expo visit last year – half naked women offering freebies and a sultry smile seems to be the norm – hardly a way to attract more women into vaping and away from the cancer sticks.

I should point out that at this year’s Vaper Expo there were half dressed ‘hunky dudes’ wandering around – but hardly a balance 😉

Are Vape Manufacturers Forgetting Women Vapers?

And how about the vape devices themselves?

Is it the case that all women need is a rainbow or pink coloured device?

Or even a mod that looks to all the world like a lipstick – like the Artery Lady Q I spotted at this years Expo?


Is that a bit insulting? [answers in comments please].

Is it women’s vaping needs are different to that of a man – and therefore are the manufacturers missing a trick?

And how come I’m a bloke writing about women’s vaping issues I hear you ask!

Well it’s often been said I’m in touch with my female side – indeed my ex was gobsmacked that I was able to chat about the merits of broderie anglaise whilst out shopping once [and no that’s not a type of custard mate] – but I digress.

However I was able to ask two of the most knowledgeable female vapers out there a few questions on the tricky subject of Women and Vaping!

I’d like to thank our very own writer and reviewer Laura-ann Burgess and YouTube vape reviewer Kim Lochery – do checkout her brilliant and refreshingly honest channel – best ecig – for taking the time to answer these questions!

I have to say a few of the answers surprised me a little and we talk about everything from plus sized models to Chihuahua’s and of course vaping 🙂

Kim Lochery – ‘I’d rather have a bigger battery’

What’s your current set-up?

Current favourite set-up: I’m using the Wismec Predator 228 box right now, which hasn’t left my hands since it turned up.

Tanks – I had been using the Cleito EXO but I’m not the biggest fan (as you probably know) so I switched it up for the tank that came with my Vaptio P-III Gear and I’ve been using that for about a week now. I don’t actually know what it’s called, but it’s bloody awesome. (SAIL P-I TF TANK it says on the box).

Kim Lochery best ecig
Kim Lochery

Apart from the obvious! Is there a difference between male and female vaping?

I don’t actually think there is much of a difference between male and female vaping, apart from the obvious – females are probably more likely to pick a pink / rose gold mod. Most vape manufacturers release their devices in a range of colours, and there’s usually at least one shade on offer that a female would stereo-typically buy.

Many of the earlier vapes designed for women were definitely more focused on looks, rather than the way they worked, and this actually put me off choosing early vaporisers that were specifically designed with women in mind.

The V2Cigs (Vapour2) Vapor Couture range for women looked really pretty, but I don’t feel it worked as well as the rest of the range. The batteries had a reduced capacity in order to make them slimline and more feminine, and I’d rather have a bigger battery, if I’m honest.

I think women want to vape with the same devices that males use, although there will be a few who prefer smaller, more feminine devices. I like that some manufacturers offer minis of popular box and tank models. I would be more inclined to buy these because I have small hands. Depending on the design, I find a smaller size easier to use.

Vapor Couture

Do you think the vaping industry recognizes female vapers – apart from the odd pink mod!?

I have found that online marketing involving female vapers often leans towards the provocative, which does sell, admittedly, but I do wonder if this could give the wrong impression? Particularly to women who want to start vaping.

I don’t think that the vaping industry specifically recognizes female vapers, but I’m not sure that it really needs to. With the exception of size and colour, I don’t really know if there are many other changes that could be made to a vaporizer to make it more female-orientated.

Whether you’re male or female you’ll want a vaporizer that is reliable, durable, and does the job, as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

As a female vaper what would you like to see released or want to tell manufacturers?

I like devices that have multiple options – changing the size of the mouthpiece, opting for a miniature / smaller size over a regular-sized one, a range of colours / finishes. However, I don’t feel that these are necessarily female-specific objectives.

Your message to women thinking about starting to vape.

I didn’t try box mods for a long time, because I thought I would find them difficult to understand. I also thought they were quite masculine / too big for my hands / not handbag compatible. I regret not trying those larger devices sooner.

They’re not as intimidating or as male-orientated as I first thought, and despite some of them being really quite big, I enjoy using them more than almost all of the smaller “feminine” vapes.

Don’t be afraid to start vaping, or to ask for help. The vaping community is generally a very friendly one, although I have noticed it is largely male-orientated. I see more and more female vapers popping up all the time, however, and that’s a great thing, especially when you consider that many of them are now ex-smokers.

Laura-ann Burgess – ‘…they may be losing sales…’

Laura-ann Burgess hails from the other side of the world in South Africa and has been vaping for 4 years but has really got into the whole vape scene for the past two and joined the EcigClick team earlier this year.

What is your current / favourite vape set-up?

Currently I’m loving the Smoant Charon with the Anarchist RDA and also the Exoskeleton and Kage combo from Wismec.

Laura-ann Burgess

How long have you been vaping and when/why did you start?

I think it’s been about four years but I only got DEEP into it over the last two years. I would have started long before but my first e-cig experience was a bad one, high PG liquid and I’m PG intolerant so I thought the stuff was poison.

I went back to nasty fags and even though I was smoking super slim Vogues instead of Camels or rollies at the end, my lungs were in a bad state. I couldn’t jog for ten meters without gasping for air. I felt so guilty for smoking.

Then I wrote some research articles for a client about the onset of vaping culture and the contents of e-liquid and that’s how I learned about my PG problem. So…I got myself a high VG liquid and a device to handle it and I NEVER looked back.

Apart from the obvious! Is there a difference between male and female vaping?

I think most men have a natural affinity for electronics and tinkering with gadgetry and in the past, 20 something and 30 something girls didn’t walk around with Phillips screwdrivers in their pockets but in many circles that is changing.

There are different styles of vaper but when it comes to hard core vaping, you either know your stuff or you don’t so its largely the same whether male or female.

Women, I at least, find myself relishing the experience of discovering electronics and Ohms Law at an age when it was the last science I thought I’d find reason to adopt. It’s made me more open minded to learning other ‘male only’ things about the gadgets around me and I can honestly say that I just feel cool and sort of…cleverer because I vape.

Is that mad? I know that this is the case with many women, especially those with a tomboy streak, like myself.

Obviously, health was the first reason to make the change but it’s become so much more than that, I mean, I don’t even use nicotine anymore and yet I still love to vape all day, can you explain that?

When it comes to the girly girls, especially on Instagram and other social networks, vaping is an outlet for them to get seen and feel some love, a lot of women are making a legitimate income as vape models and let’s face it…vapers are such a colorful and wholesome bunch, it’s a place where women with real curves, punk hair and tattoos can get seriously famous in 2017, consider Pandora Blue for example.

Plus, girls that might not have the right looks to do high fashion can still make their modelling dreams come true doing vape stuff and that’s cool, success stories are always cool, aren’t they?

pandora blue vaping
Pandora Blue – vape model

C’mon.…is there anything grosser than a woman with ashtray breath? I think the list of Pros is a book long. I think about future generations that’ll never suffer the pain of lung cancer from smoking or any of the disgusting effects of smoking and I fully support vape modelling when it helps to raise awareness and draws youngsters (and adults) into the industry. I launched into a talk about vape modelling but that’s because I see so much of it happening, it’s a really big thing.

Do you think the vaping industry recognizes female vapers – apart from the odd pink mod!?

I think a lot of the designers and manufacturers are men and maybe they don’t know how fussy some girls can be…they may be losing sales, you never know.

As a female vaper what would you like to see released or want to tell manufacturers?

I know you do get women who’re very strictly into their whites, pinks and pastels and I think brands should keep these women in mind and when they release a range of colors, try to release at least one that will look good next to glitter and a chihuahua in a bag, is that fair? I can’t deny that many ranges seem to be strictly masculine looking, it doesn’t bother me but it may stop some women from getting interested. As for me, I loved my chihuahua but never carried him in a bag, his name was Carlos and he was a badass (RIP).

Your message to women thinking about starting to vape.

You’ll slowly feel the crushing weight of symptoms you didn’t know you had being lifted from you. You’ll feel more energetic, you’ll breathe deeper and the air you breathe will feel fresh and clean.

You’ll be able to get your fix and then kiss your mum on the lips without holding your breath while you do it. Lastly, at night when you lie in bed you won’t have to ask anybody’s forgiveness for the fact that you know you’re hurting yourself but you can’t stop. That’s just putting it bluntly and that has honestly been my experience.

Over to You Ladies and Gentlemen!

Once again I’d like to thank Laura-Ann and Kim for taking time out to help me with this subject.

And now it’s over to you!

If you have any thoughts around women and vaping please let us know in the comments below!

Is there something you’d like to see the vape manufacturers doing?

Are women only devices sexist?

Indeed anything you’d like to add please feel free.

Right I’m off to House of Fraser – I hear they have some lovely new broderie anglaise in stock 😉

[wonder how many blokes – or women – are going to Google that lol].

I have simpler vape tastes these days - I never leave home without a Caliburn G, a Vaporesso Luxe 40 or Innokin EQ FLTR and a CBD vape pen or bottle of CBD drops in my rucksack...or indeed an Aspire Nautilus Prime X in my pocket... At home I'll be using various mods topped with the GeekVape Zeus X RTA or the Signature Mods Mono SQ topped with the Augvape BTFC RDA... I'm a former journalist and now a writer and sometimes author... I'm ex Army - adore dogs and never happier than hiking over the hills or with a good book on a beach.


  1. I am a female vaper who is also an engineer.
    So I love the rebuildables and technology side.
    However other female friends and family find most of the new equipment intimidating and too technical.
    I gave a friend a mini protank and shes so confused about how to unscrew it, fill it the lot she went back to her disposable H2s. My mom will not have anything with liquid in so she sticks to her cig a likes.
    A lot of women in general just want a device to give up smoking and with the market becoming so complicated it can be intimidating.
    Not all women may i add as I love all the tech – but from my own experience trying to fix and help other women with their vaping devices they really are struggling with anything that requires maintenance.

  2. I’m fixing to turn 49 and because the eGo was lackluster at best for me, I knew there had to be better. I really wanted to quit AGAIN and for good this time! So I went searching for a Mod!! Talk about subjective and TMI brain overload, but I kept reading and reading. Then my kid comes in with a Q box and BOOM! I knew what I needed, sorta…

    I bought a G priv because the lady said there wasn’t a mod on the market that I was asking for. I wanted a cylindrical MOD with 18650 battery PLUS to be able to put in on a lanyard.

    I’m a nervous smoker and have no desire to walk around with a vape mod. Grandtwins are small (4yrs), hand holding constantly is inconvenient and I have stuff to do along with needing my hands. Vaping comes in waves for me. I quickly figured out I am DL vaper that wants cool big deep inhales with low nic. 6mg is pushing it and I’ve been smoking for 38 years. Cloud chasing unfortunately is better served with my grandtwins outside vs vaping,,, I want FLAVOR!

    I guess SMOK is launching such a mod stick and I’m rather stoked about it. Now I just have to figure out how to carry it around my neck? When this comes to pass, all will be right in the universe : )

    • Great to hear you have found something that works for you Nana! It can take a bit of experimenting, as you found out it’s not a case of one e cig fits all.

      SMOK do have a number of mod sticks, the SMOK Stick V8 Baby is a compact device that uses the same tank the Q Box comes with. Not replaceable 18650 batteries with them though!

      There are also lanyards that will fit 22mm width tube mods (V8 Baby) but the only ones I have seen are for sale in China!

      I’ll keep an eye out though an update here if I see anything else 🙂


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