I could quite easily make this Wotofo Dyadic review a direct comparison to another well known Dual 18650 Squonk Mod. But no! I refuse to mention any other Dual 18650 Squonk mod in this review. Its on the tip of my tongue, but I won’t say it!

Wotofo Dyadic squonk reviewSo Wotofo, who generally aren’t best known for making some cracking RBA’s, have teamed up with Mr Tony B. The man responsible for the Vandy Vape Pulse line, some nice looking Artery Products, and recently the very smart Vandy Vape Swell Kit, which I really enjoyed and gave a strong 8 out of 10.

For those wondering what Dyadic means, it’s simply a group of two..

What Can We Expect From The Dyadic by Wotofo?

If it wasn’t for the fact a ‘Top-filling’ squonk mod has already been designed, manufactured and released, the Dyadic right now would be seen as an extremely innovative device! A side-filling squonker, with a nice colourful screen and removable panels.

But there are a lot of nice features to this device, along with a couple of negatives.

So let’s Crack on and see what the Wotofo Dyadic is all about…

See The Wotofo Dyadic In Action

What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Dyadic Box Mod
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Spare Bottle
  • 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable

kit contents



  • Product Size: 82.4 x 61.0 x 37.3mm
  • Output Wattage: 5-200w
  • Output Modes: Wattage Only
  • Charging:1800mA
  • Output Voltage: 6.6-8.4v
  • Resistance range: 0.05-3.0Ω
  • Display: TFT 0.96Inch Colour Screen
  • Battery: 2 x 18650 Battery
  • Bottle Capacity – 8.5ml

The Dyadic comes in Black, Silver, Gun-Metal, Blue and Red
Dyadic colour options

Design and Build Quality

I received the Black version of the Dyadic, which is more of a Matt black than a gloss.
base of the Wotofo Dyadic

The Dyadic

510 Connector:

The Dyadic’s 510 connection is located to one end of the top of the mod, and you can fit up to a 25mm Diameter RDA before you notice any overhang. There is a little spring to the 510 connection, however it is a little stiff when you first use it.510 threading - Wotofo Dyadic

The Front of the Device

Well, the front of the device, is actually really on the side. With a big chunky fire button at the top which has the same smooth feel that the 2 panels have, it’s a little firm to press, but clicks nicely.

Below that is a fairly large 0.96inch colour screen, which is nice, clear and bright. It doesn’t give much information, but then this device is pretty simple with regards to options so it does what it needs to do.

front of Wotofo Dyadic squonkerAs the bottom is your adjustment buttons and the USB port below.

Micro USB Port:

The Micro USB port located at the bottom of the ‘Face’ of the mod is ideally to only be used for firmware upgrades, however you can use it for charging if you get desperate. But I don’t personally recommend it. Always best to use an external charger such as the Golisi S6. charging the Wotofo Dyadic mod

The Panels

The Dyadic has 2 removable panels, which click quite nicely onto the device itself thanks to its strong magnets, once you line them up right, and they’re coated in something which makes them nice and smooth.

removable panelsOne panel will expose the squonk bottle and filling port, the other panel houses the battery compartment.

Battery Compartment

Clearly marked Positive and Negative and with some lovely self adjusting pins, it’s simple enough to fit your batteries, and the included battery ribbon makes it a lot easier to remove the batteries.

How long the ribbon will last before snapping off is something I always worry about however.battery compartment

The Bottle

Hidden behind one of the removable panels is the 8.5mm Squonk bottle, its nice and squidgy but could possibly do with being a little firmer – if that makes sense.
squonk bottle Wotofo DyadicThe 2 bottles included in the kit are 2 different shades, one is darker than the other. And unless you’re using a very dark liquid, you’re really not going to see your e-liquid level.

Which is a shame, so I generally made use of the spare bottle, which is a lighter shade and you can see your liquid level a little better.

Of course you can take the bottle apart and on the ‘top side’ of the bottle, is a little rubber bung which you can pull out, but not remove – and fill the bottle.spare squonk bottle for the Wotofo Dyadic

The Mod – Overall:

It’s a fairly nicely planned out mod, surprisingly small for a dual 18650 squonk mod when you take into consideration it contains 2 x 18650 batteries, an 8.5ml bottle and a large colour screen. Impressive!

In The Hand

Is it possible this mod isn’t for left handed vapers? Because I’ll be honest, as I sit here typing, with my right hand in charge of the mouse, and my left hand in charge of vaping, I’m struggling to use the Dyadic with my left hand.

Wotofo Dyadic squonk mod in handPurely because in order to fire the device, you need to use your thumb – leaving your fingers on the wrong end of the mod to squonk! Annoying.

Regardless of this minor, yet annoying problem, the Wotofo Dyadic is super, super comfortable to hold. Its perfectly curved at each end, and it feels nice and comfortable.

Of course its better in the right hand as your fingers are perfectly placed for squonking.

Being so compact for a 200w squonk mod I’m massively impressed with how the Dyadic feels in the hand and its not really that heavy.size of the Wotofo Dyadic mod in palm of hand

Filling The Squonk Bottle.

  1. Remove the side panel
  2. Open the rubber bung
  3. Fill with desired e-liquid
  4. Re-fit rubber bung and panel

Simple right? In essence it’s simple enough, and in practice, generally it’s easy too.

However ask yourself, how many times do you ever fill any type of bottle, from the side?

filling the Wotofo DyadicA number of times when filling this mod, I’ve had major leakage, and not from overfilling – but if you don’t get that fill angle right, it squirts back out at you. Similar to when filling your car with fuel. If you don’t get that angle right, the petrol pump clicks shut and you have to try again.

It’s not exactly painstaking, but it can be a little annoying. So as much as its a new way to fill a squonk bottle, in practice its just not as convenient and simple as… another Squonker which is available…

side fill port on the Wotofo DyadicThe Dyadic squonks beautifully and pulls the e-liquid back as well as I would expect so I have no concerns there.

How Does the Wotofo Dyadic Kit perform?

Basic operation

The Front screen shows:

  • Wattage
  • Coil Resistance
  • Voltage
  • A and B Battery Capacity
  • Mode Setting (Standard, Powerful, Powerful+)

The Menu

Theres a small number of button sequences to remember to operate this device:

  • 5 clicks of the fire button will turn the device on and off.
  • Press Fire Button and + button will change from Standard, Powerful and Powerful+ modes.
  • Press + and – buttons to lock/unlock all buttons

Standard Mode (Green)

Simply put, when you press the fire button, the device will fire to your desired wattage settingWotofo Dyadic OLED screen

Powerful Mode (Orange)

This is the same as Standard mode, however the device will put an additional 10w output through the coil for the first 2 seconds which may help with ramp up timespowerful mode orange

Powerful+ Mode (Red)

As above, but this time, you get an extra 15watts of power for the first 2 seconds.

Is the mode options noticeable? In my time with the Dyadic, the difference is minimal but there is certainly a difference between Standard and Powerful+

powerful mode redOther than that, there is no other menu options to worry about. Extremely simple.

Battery Life

The battery life is comparable to any other Dual 18650 mod I’ve used. Vaping at around 75-80w you get a good days battery life out of the Dyadic, considering the full colour screen thats pretty good.


I have no major concerns over the durability of this device. It’s highly probable the panels are going to take a beating and you may consider picking up a spare set of panels long term. Thats assuming that you’ll be able to pick up the panels on their own.

exploded view of the Wotofo Dyadic


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Very compact for a dual 18650 Squonk
  • Bright, Clear Screen
  • Super Simple to operate
  • Hits hard in Powerful+ Mode


  • Removable panels can be a little fiddly
  • Side-fill bottle isn’t easy to fill at times
  • Cant see e-liquid level with dark bottle
  • Lack of functions may be a con to some?
  • Not as simple to use in your left hand
  • One-ended 510 limits RDA Diameter

Final Review Verdict

I cant hold it in anymore! Sorry.

Is it as good as The Dovpo Topside Dual? Ive said it! Happy now.

Ergonomically its better – possibly the most comfortable mod I’ve ever used. Especially considering the 2 batteries and 8.5ml bottle inside. The panels are nice and smooth and it just feels right in the hand.

And the right hand is where it works best, which is a shame because flipping it onto your left hand causes minor operation issues.

Moving on to the side-fill system. It works just fine, but its just not as simple and convenient as The Dovpo TopSide system.

Did you buy the Wotofo Dyadic? Or have you tried it? Let us know what you thought in the comments below.

Build Quality
Ease Of Filling
Easy Of Use
Replace if Lost
Hey Folks. Im Gaz, The Flat-cap Vaper. I’m 35, married with 3 kids and I just love Flatcap's and Vaping! I started my e-cigarette journey in 2014 when I entered my local vape shop and got so well looked after, I ditched my 10 year habit of 15 roll-ups a day within 48hrs. Following on from this, my Vaping journey began. I started a Youtube Channel at the beginning of 2019 and so far has had over 500,000+ views. I quickly upgraded my device and that’s when my geeky side took over and I began to experiment with making my own liquid, building my own coils and even my own mods! As a trained electrician I suppose ohms, wattage and voltage runs through my veins so Vaping has become my hobby and a passion that I want to share with everyone.


  1. Good morning fellows,
    I have been a vaping shop owner in Portugal for 8 years and as soon as Wotofo launched the DYADIC model, I became a fan and never used another mod. I already bought 2 and my last one is having problems with the chip. I want to buy a new one but Wotofo has already discontinued the model and the suppliers with whom I usually work, can no longer get it.
    As I noticed that you still have them in stock, I would like to know if you sell me a metal gun or silver unit.
    I look forward to your news,

    • Hi Rui,

      We don’t sell any product but if you click the links above this will take you to a store that sell the Dyadic. Looks like they have discontinued the device so when stores sell out that will be it unfortuately.


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