For this review we will be taking a look at the Wotofo Srpnt RDA, and this is a 24mm RDA that will take single or dual coils.

Wotofo Srpnt RDA use ready

Wotofo is a company that is based in China they have been operating since 2009, they have bought us devices like the Mdura Pro, Dyadic Sqounk mod and Chieftain mod and RDA toppers like the Serpent BF RDA, Profile RDA, Freakshow v2 RDA and the Nudge RDA.

What Can We Expect From the Wotofo Srpnt RDA?

I guess in a way the Wotofo Srpnt RDA could be loosely be called the Serpent v2, the original Serpent BF RDA I bought for use as a Squonk RDA, it was a good topper and one I used for a long time on my Eleaf Pico Squeeze!

Wotofo has abbreviated the name from Serpent to that of Srpnt for this RDA, I guess this is to save confusion between the two RDA’s!

The Srpnt has a lovely wide build deck, in fact it can take single sized coils up to 5mm and dual coils up to 3mm it has an intriguing airflow system.

Squonk Ready!

Wotofo has included a BF pin, which stands for “bottom feed” this is used with squonk mods.

Talking of squonk mods I can’t wait to test this RDA out on Wotofo’s new Profile Squonk Mod when it comes in!

This product was sent to me for the purpose of review.

As always my thoughts and views are my own after a considerable testing period.

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Inside the Box

    • Wotofo SRPNT RDA
    • 1x Ni80 5mm ID Dual core fused Clapton 0.65Ω coil
    • A 5mm thick cotton strip
    • 2x Ni80 3mm ID framed staple Clapton 0.33Ω coil
    • 2x 3mm thick cotton strips
    • Philips head screwdriver
    • Allen key
    • Extras baggy
    • User manual

Wotofo Srpnt RDA complete kit


  • Size: 24×22.7mm
  • 2 posts 4 terminals
  • 810 resin mouthpiece
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Single (up to 5mm ID) or Dual (up to 3mm ID each) coil configuration
  • Adjustable side airflow
  • BF Pin

Wotofo Srpnt RDA stock photo colours

Wotofo has released the Srpnt RDA in 6 colours.

Design and Build Quality

Wotofo have presented the Srpnt RDA in a card box with a plastic lid.

Extras are included under the foam tray.

Wotofo Srpnt RDA display

Wotofo Srpnt RDA

I was sent the Black version of the Wotofo Srpnt RDA.

It measures in at 22.7mm tall, and with a diameter of 24mm, and is made of Stainless Steel – with an 810 resin mouthpiece.

Wotofo Srpnt RDA stock photo black

This RDA comes with lots of extras; cotton, coils, replacement post screws, BF pin, O-rings, Allen key, screw driver and a coil building tool.
Wotofo Srpnt RDA extras drivers

The Srpnt RDA will dismantle into 4 parts – 7 parts if you take into account the positive base post – and the 510 connection pin and the BF (Squonk) pin.

Wotofo Srpnt RDA parts

Wotofo Srpnt RDA Airflow Ring

Made of Stainless Steel the airflow/cap ring has an engraved decoration reminiscent of snake scales around the top edge of the cap this is for easy movement within the barrel.

Wotofo Srpnt RDA cap pattern snake skin

The 810 resin mouth piece sits flat on the cap and is held in position by an embedded O-ring, the top of the A.F cap has 3 engravings that read “SRPNT”.

Wotofo Srpnt RDA cap engaving

The airflow ring has 3 different airflows, two resembling windows on each side, comprising of 4 holes each window, the holes measure 1.9mm and 1.6mm.

Wotofo Srpnt RDA x2 4 hole windows

The smallest airflow has 2 holes and they measure 1.9mm.

Inside the airflow cap you will see that it has some doming going on, this is so any condensation or liquid will drop back down to your coil/s!Wotofo Srpnt RDA inside cap doming

Wotofo Srpnt RDA Barrel

Again made of stainless steel, Wotofo has given us a window slot on each side of the barrel.

Wotofo Srpnt RDA airflow barrel

For advertising they have engraved a snakes head along with the word “Srpnt”!

Wotofo Srpnt RDA barrel projection

Taking a look inside the barrel you will see that the Srpnt RDA has 2 projections these will lock into place with the build deck, so the barrel doesn’t move while turning the airflow.

Wotofo Srpnt RDA Base and Build Deck

The base of the deck looks quite confusing as there is a lot of decoration and info going on, however Wotofo has included all the usual expected information.

Wotofo Srpnt RDA info base

The RDA comes with a standard gold plated 510 connection pin which as I said can be swapped out for the BF (Squonk) pin; the connection threading has been turned well!

The sides of the base have 2 cut outs to seat and lock the barrel in place, along with two O-rings that have been seated around the base for a firm leak proof placement of the barrel.

The build deck is where the magic is as far as I am concerned!

Comprising of the normal positive and negative posts, the posts are tight against the sides of the build deck, leaving a large space for your coils in the centre, there is enough room for a 5mm single coil maybe even larger.

Wotofo Srpnt RDA slots wire

The 2 posts each have two wire terminals with Philips head screws, the internal deck airflow is situated between the posts, the internal airflow is designed to line up with the cap and barrel airflow when they are in place.

Wotofo Srpnt RDA deck airflow

Removing the BF pin and positive post you will see the post sits on what Wotofo call a German peek insulator.

The Srpnt RDA has a good quality of design, my only complaint is I found machine oil within the deck when new, a quick wash sorted that lol.

How Does the Wotofo Srpnt RDA Perform?

For this review I will be using the Wotofo Srpnt RDA on my Wotofo Mdura Pro.

Wotofo Srpnt RDA display of liquid mod

Because of my allergy to Ni80, I will be using my own DIY 22g Kanthal 5mm coil, for e-Liquid I will be using Summer Vibes “Peach and Passion Fruit”.

How to prepare the Wotofo Srpnt RDA for use! A Basic guide

Choose which pin you want to use, 510 or BF (squonk) pin – I will be using the 510 pin for this example.

And of course which type of coil you wish to use; either those in the box or make your own like me!

  • Seat the coil/s and cut the tails!
  • Pulse and strum the coil/s to get rid of heat spots.Wotofo Srpnt RDA coil heating
  • Load your cotton into the coil – comb and trim and tuck into the deck.cotton through coil
  • Dampen with liquid.prepping coil and cotton
  • Test fire and re-dampen with liquid if test

Reassemble the Srpnt RDA and enjoy!snake skin

A word about dual coils

If you use dual coils in this RDA, make sure they do not touch each other or the deck in any way as this will cause a short.

Make sure the coils are situated in front of the internal deck airflow.

Wotofo Srpnt RDA in use

As a single coil deck I found the Srpnt very easy to build on! As a dual build deck I found it a little more on the fiddly side, but this was due to my hands!

The airflow is swishy fully open, and produces a crisp clean flavour with a great amount of vapour.


I found with my single 0.51Ω 5mm coil in place the best wattage for me was around 65w as a direct to lung vape!

The airflow is quite good open fully with the large holes and even with this coil I was able to push the wattage up to 100w!

I really didn’t really feel any big difference between the two larger airflow settings!

The smaller of the two sets of 4 holes, I feel could have been halved to add more restriction to the draw.


Personally I like a more restricted DTL draw so I tend to leave the airflow on the 2 hole airflow option most of the time at 65w, again though I would have liked to have seen these holes smaller there by adding to the restriction!

As the Srpnt stands this is definitely a Sub Ohm RDA that produces clouds that can fill my small office within 3 or 4 toots when fully open and at higher watts!

What Mod can I use the Wotofo Srpnt RDA on?

A quick answer would be any mod you like!

I have tested the RDA with both squonk mods and regulated mods, the Srpnt’s performance with either is really good.

As for hybrid mechs, the 510 pin does sits out enough for me to be happy in using this RDA on this type of device.

on ghost mech


  • Very good quality
  • Nicely designed
  • Thick vapour production
  • Flavour is crisp and clean
  • Easy to build on
  • Bottom feed Pin
  • Great airflow for DTL
  • Cheap retail price


I don’t have any serious concerns with this RDA!

  • The Srpnt RDA doesn’t cater well to those of us that like a more restricted vape.

Final Review Verdict

I am very much impressed by the vapour production that the Wotofo Srpnt RDA can produce, which was thick and cloudy and by the flavour production.

However I would have preferred that the airflow provided was tighter, saying that this RDA has an interesting airflow if you like a lot of vapour with good flavour then this RDA, is one you should look out for!

Would I recommend the Wotofo Srpnt RDA?

If you are after a cloudy beast that can give you good flavour I’d say “Yes” but not for those who are just starting their DIY journey.

I would be of a mind to recommend this RDA to users that are at the intermediate to experienced stage of their vaping journey.

Would I buy this RDA again due loss or damage?

For 20 quid “Yes” I could see myself replacing this one!

Worldwide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECC

Build Quality
Vapour Production
Ease Of Building
Replace if Lost or Stolen
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