Continuing my look at other ways to take CBD here’s the CBD Asylum CBD tablets range review.

Ummm, think I’ve mentioned CBD enough in that opening sentence lol – but there’s more – this is a CBD product review after all lol!

cbd asylum cbd tablets review

OK, the CBD Asylum CBD tablets are probably the easiest way to take your daily dose of ‘goodness‘.

For a start they’re flavourless – you’ll know exactly the dose you’re taking and they come in bottles of 50 or 100.

Each pill contains a rather large dose of 10mg CBD – and depending on the variety you choose – other additives too – more on that as I review each version.

Speaking of varieties, there’s: CBD Immune – CBD Night – CBD Sunshine – CBD Tablets and CBD Pro Tablets.

CBD Asylum sent me the Immune – Night and Sunshine bottles.

They were sent in free of charge – thank you – for the purpose of this review, and as always, freebies in no way affect my thoughts and opinions.

What Can We Expect From the CBD Asylum CBD Tablets?

Given I’m not allowed to say by law IF CBD actually works, what I can say is each of the CBD Asylum CBD tablets are designed with a specific purpose in mind.

The titles are pretty self explanatory and you’ll see more from the individual descriptions.

cbd asylum cbd tablets what is cbd

The two missing are the plain CBD tablets – just a general daily dose and the CBD Pro Tabs which gives you 30mg of CBD per tablet – BIG!

OK, CBD products are perfectly legal here in the UK and now sold in health shops etc.

Please check your local laws before purchasing.

CBD is short for Cannabidiol and is taken from the cannabis plant. Given the active ingredient is removed, you cannot get high from CBD nor can you overdose.

Read more about CBD:

CBD Asylum CBD Tablets – How I Reviewed Them…

I’ve been full to the gills of CBD in various forms for the last few years.

So to see if the CBD Asylum CBD tablets had any effect, I stopped using my regular products, and since the Christmas period have only been using these.

So let’s see how I got on…

CBD Asylum CBD Tablets – Immune Tabs

cbd asylum cbd tablets review immune tabs

CBD Asylum Say:

It’s cold and flu season, the kids are bringing all sorts of nasty bugs home from school and there’s the thorn in all of our sides that is the Coronavirus.

We’ve packed 25mg vitamin C and 2.5mg zinc into each Immune tab so you can give yourselves that little bit of extra support and peace of mind that we all could do with during the winter period.

And what’s more?

No these aren’t just any regular vitamin supplement- they contain a cool 10mg of the purest CBD around for that extra boost!

I Say:

Dosage: 3 to 5 tabs per day – I took x5 = 50mg CBD

Since the start of the so called COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve been using a none CBD tablet supplement containing Vitamin C and D plus a whack of Zinc.

I hadn’t had a cold – man flu OR showed any signs of the dreaded Covids up until last weekend.

It could be coincidence, but after using just the Immune Tabs for almost 3 weeks, I have man flu…it’s that simple.

And nope – it ain’t the Covids – I’ve been on this planet 60 years and know what man flu / heavy colds are…

As I always say, CBD products react differently with everyone, so all I can say is the Immune Tabs didn’t work for me – but may for you.

CBD Asylum CBD Tablets – Sunshine Tabs

cbd asylum sunshine tabs review

CBD Asylum Say:

Long dark nights are, erm, depressing at best.

So here at CBD asylum we thought we’d create something to try and take that edge off.

We’re not saying these are the elixir of life but with the vitamin D3 (sunshine vitamin) and CBD, they could take that much needed edge off the bleakness that is a British winter.

We don’t get enough sunshine during winter and with returning to work, it’s gonna be a long winter. Your body produces vitamin D through exposure to sunlight and with this at a minimum, we thought we’d do our bit to give you some sun in a pill.

And with a little 10mg CBD lift in each tab, they could bring you brighter days when the sun don’t shine.

I Say:

Dosage: 2 to 4 tabs per day – I took x4 = 40mg CBD

I definitely suffer from missing the sun during the winter, and the one here in the UK at the moment is very grey, dull and rainy – at least where I am.

There’s actually a term for it: Seasonal Affective Disorder [SAD] and yeah it does indeed make me and millions of others sad to say the least…

Its a nasty disorder that can increase symptoms of depression – induce irritability – weight gain and increased sleeping.

So has the CBD Asylum CBD Sunshine tablets helped me?

Its a bit of a yes – no – not quite sure if I’m honest…me fence sitting again? Ha!

My mood is definitely stable for the first time in an age even during my solitary lock down and various heavy real world issues including a break-up and family bereavement.

I am getting out hiking much more – even in the rain and mud – so maybe that’s helping.

I’m pretty sure the CBD Asylum CBD Tablets with the large dose of Vitamin D3 are doing something…as to if they work for you…that’s the million dollar question…they’re certainly not hindering me!

CBD Asylum CBD Tablets – Night Tablets

cbd asylum night tablets review

CBD Asylum Says:

Our CBD Night tabs contain a blend of CBD, 5-HTP and lavender.

We all know the benefits that CBD can potentially offer but what about the rest?

5-HTP is an amino acid that converts to serotonin, which in turn converts to melatonin (the sleep hormone). Normal levels of serotonin and melatonin are linked to good quality rest and the ability to fall asleep for a sustained period.

When combined with lavender – the age-old remedy for restful sleep – make these your newest addition to the night time wind-down routine.

Please consult your GP first if you are taking any other medications.

I Say:

Dose: 1 to 4 tablets – I took x4 = 40mg CBD

My sleep patterns absolutely suck and then some.

At least four times a week I’m up and about at 3am – usually working and then find myself dozing off all day.

I have tried very many CBD products and some have kind of worked – whilst others have had little or no effect.

So what about the CBD Asylum CBD tablets designed specifically to help with sleep issues like mine.

To be brutally honest, they’ve had NO impact whatsoever…harsh but true.

Of course, that’s NOT to say they won’t work for you – maybe my sleep issues are deeper than these tablets can touch.

Final Review Verdict

I’m not quite sure what to make of the CBD Asylum CBD tablets…

I can say there’s been no increase in anxiety or any PTSD episodes and my mood appears to be as stable as it can be during a solitary lockdown in the middle of a pretty shite dull gloomy winter.

cbd asylum cbd tablets sunshine
CBD Asylum CBD Sunshine tablets

However despite dosing up on the Immune Tabs I have developed man flu – something I’ve been clear of for over a year – including the tail end of the last flu season.

As for the Night Tabs – for me they’ve had no effect whatsoever – but as I said, my sleep issues are probably deeper than these are meant for.

So, I can only review vape and CBD products as I see and experience them, and in this case I like the Sunshine Tabs – but the others had little or no effect I’m afraid.

So it’s back to my usual CBD products – a mix of oral drops and CBD based vape juice.

I did check the CBD Asylum website for customer reviews on the CBD tablets – but couldn’t find any.

I’d be VERY interested to know if you’ve used them and how you got on.

Let me know in the comments below 🙂

CBD Asylum Immune Tablets
CBD Asylum Sunshine Tablets
CBD Asylum Night Tablets
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