As well as vaping on it, CBD can of course be taken orally in the form of drops, so let’s take a look and test, the CBD Asylum oils and tinctures.

I’ll also be taking a look at the CBD Shot – that you add to your favourite drink and the CBD Pro Oil, designed for athletes and those into fitness, which can be taken orally or as a muscle rub…intriguing!

CBD Asylum Oils and Tinctures Review

I recently reviewed the CBD Asylum CBD Infuse Drops which at 10,000mg are probably the highest strength CBD oil you can get.

I’ve also reviewed the CBD Asylum Sub Ohm vape juice and the regular CBD infused e-liquids, and very enjoyable they were too.

CBD Asylum is a UK based company and offer very many CBD products including edibles, topicals and even shower gel!

So plenty for everyone and plenty of ways to try CBD to see if it’s for you.

What Can We Expect From the CBD Asylum Oils and Tinctures?

Given the CBD Asylum Oils are to be taken orally I’m hoping for a decent flavour obviously lol.

As to the CBD Shot I’m hoping given it’s flavourless there won’t be any after taste or masking of my tea, coffee or fizzy drink.

Whilst with the CBD Pro Oil I’m certainly going to see if its dual use – oral and as a rub – works.

CBD Asylum Oils and Tinctures Review

OK, the usual CBD Disclaimer:

CBD products are legal here in the UK – please check local country laws.

Dosage is a process of trial and error – start low and move up until you get the required effect.

CBD – Cannabidiol – is the material left when the active ingredient in cannabis is removed [THC] and cannot get you high – nor can you overdose from it.

Medical experts are slowly realizing CBD products can and do help with certain mental and physical health issues including: pain management, sleep disorders, mental health issues and well being.

I am NOT allowed to say how or even if CBD products work for me…however I’m a long time user and and unlikely to stop using them…

OK you can read more about CBD here: Vaping CBD – What is CBD? What Are the Benefits? How To Vape…

The range of CBD Asylum Oils and Tinctures were sent to me free of charge direct from the company – thank you – and freebies in no way affect my thoughts or opinions.

Right, on with the review…

CBD Asylum – Lemonade CBD Oil 15%

cbd asylum drops lemonade flavour review

CBD Asylum Say:

Enjoy the taste of supersweet summery lemons with this oh so enjoyable oil.

A CBD Asylum especial, the lemonade flavour was introduced to bring a firm family favourite into the mix, not just bringing a great taste to the table but effective support for the entire family.

I Say:

A gentle lemony smell coming from the dropper and bottle with a hint of sweetness.

I’m picking up almost vanilla notes too.

The taste is very low key with no sharpness from the fruit whatsoever.

It is rather oily, however it’s best described as a subtle flavour – ideal for your morning CBD dose.

CBD Asylum – Mixed Berry CBD Oil 15%

CBD ASylum oil Mixed-Berry review

CBD Asylum Say:

Smells amazing, tastes amazing, is amazing!

Not just another great tasting CBD Oil from CBD Asylum, it’s also another effective one too.

Yet more proof an effective oil doesn’t need a defective taste.

I Say:

An amazing smell indeed – very fruity.

Again its a little on the oily side, and I mean a little compared to the Lemonade flavour.

There’s a definite mixed berry flavour but again toned down.

A pleasant sweet CBD oil that suggests fruity goodness – nice.

CBD Asylum – Acai Berry CBD Oil 15%

cbd asylum drops Acai-Berry review

CBD Asylum Say:

Enjoy the great taste of Açai Berry, safe in the knowledge that you’re also getting the benefits of CBD with this super juicy super fruit concoction.

I Say:

This is indeed classed a super-fruit and I guess eaten and drank by yoga type soccer-moms and health food freaks…

*Waits for backlash* – but you know what I mean.

Anyway it’s a fruit full off goodness that many say tastes wonderful.

OK, this flavour of CBD Asylum oil sure does smell bloody gorgeous.

Indeed I might be popping off to my local health food shop for an Acai fruit smoothie…probably not.

Taste wise its that word subtle again – but in this case so subtle there’s almost no flavour.

A hint for sure – but just that and again not that oily either.

Daft as it sounds – and after all my moaning – I quite like this one lol.

CBD Asylum – Natural CBD Oil 15%

Natural cbd oil review cbd asylum

CBD Asylum Say:

We blend organic hemp seed oil with CBD and those all-important terpenes to create an Uber effective oil that can be taken by anyone, at any time.

I Say:

Now this one should be bang on my preferred CBD flavour profile.

And yup the aroma from the bottle and pipette had my mouth watering.

You’re getting a real overload of those terpenes and botanicals making my nose tickle nicely.

The taste is exactly what I was hoping for too with a lovely lingering cannabis flavour – lovely after-taste too – yum!

It is slightly oily – however this is a CBD oral oil after all.

Love it!

CBD Asylum – Fruity CBD Oil 15%

cbd drops orange flavour

CBD Asylum Say:

Well…they actually don’t say anything about the CBD Asylum Drops Fruity flavour lol…

There does appear to be an Orange flavour with the exact same packaging…

I Say:

So…this one’s either Orange or Fruity…let’s see if I can get it right lol…

I’m actually getting an orange peel tart smell from this one – very refreshing it is too.

Taste wise I’m torn between orange and mixed fruit.

However, I really like this one a lot given it’s a lot sharper than the other CBD fruit flavours.

Another one ideal for your wake up dose of CBD.

CBD Asylum – Peppermint CBD Oil 15%

perppermint flavoured cbd tincture

CBD Asylum Say:

A cool, refreshing CBD oil with a great peppermint taste.

A couple of drops of this under the tongue then swallowed will leave you enjoying the benefits of CBD, with a cool and refreshed palate to boot.

I Say:

Wow a lovely whiff of peppermint from this one – well spotted by me lol.

It seriously is a very minty aroma, lets hope the taste is the same.

Given this is a peppermint flavoured bottle of CBD tincture, I was hoping for a stronger less subtle taste.

And that…is exactly what I got.

No doubting at all this is a beautifully blended CBD oil that tastes exactly as is sounds.

Definitely refreshing and ideal to take anytime of the day given it really is a palate cleanser too.

CBD Asylum CBD Pro Oil – Elite Sports and Fitness 2000mg

Obviously when CBD Asylum were looking for a CBD reviewer known for his participation in elite sports and superb fitness levels – my name was top of the list…

What ya laughing for..?

I mean c’mon…have you seen my abs..? If you have, do let me know, ‘cos I ain’t since circa 1979…ha!

OK, in all seriousness…this is a very interesting bottle of CBD oil indeed as it can be used orally OR as a muscle rub.

Available in: 20ml bottle – 500mg, 1000mg or 2000mg, 3000mg, or 5000mg strengths.

cbd asylum pro oil review

CBD Asylum Say:

CBD Asylum introduces to you a CBD oil like no other.

The World’s first, truly multi-purpose CBD Oil.

Containing Our extensively researched proprietary blend of four Super Oils, PRO BLEND ™.

When you’re combining the benefits of Hemp, Pomegranate, Avococado, Coconut oil & Peppermint, you get a real post-workout powerhouse & this is made all the more convenient by our innovative pump dispenser system which gives you 5mg, 10mg, or 20mg, 30mg or 50mg CBD per pump.

Also, contains a bespoke terpenes profile aimed specifically at post-workout recovery, along with peppermint oil which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as an uplifting smell and taste.

Use orally as the ultimate CBD Drops/Food additive, apply to skin or rub into muscles.

I Say:

A very fresh fruity smell with the hint of peppermint for sure and very nice it is too.

The pump action works well and a gentle pump dispenses a small amount whilst obviously the harder you pump the more you get.

Taste wise it’s very pleasant indeed with a instant hit of fruit followed by the cooling peppermint, refreshing too…

CBD Asylum CBD Pro Oil – As A Muscle Rub

Now believe it or not, I do enjoy long hikes – my only real form of exercise these days given my weights are covered in cobwebs.

The other day I walked 11 miles in pretty poor conditions – cold, foggy, damp and very muddy.

I slipped in the mud a couple of times and twanged my thigh muscle.

I did take a blast on my walk using a CBD Asylum vape juice inside a Caliburn G pod kit – it eased the pain temporarily.

Back home I rubbed the CBD Asylum CBD Pro Oil into the damaged muscle and for me it definitely eased the pain.

Now I’m NOT saying it will work for you as I’m not allowed to – but it worked for me 😉

So yeah – an impressive CBD tincture come muscle rub.

CBD Asylum CBD Shot – Beverage Enhancer 20x 15mg Servings

CBD drink enhancer

CBD Asylum Say:

On your kitchen side, in your handbag, on your desk at work or in your van underneath a load of bacon sandwich wrappers and 3 week old copies of ‘The Sun’, CBD Shot is at home anywhere.

It’s as simple as unclick the cap, squirt into your drink and enjoy.

Versatility is the CBD Shot’s middle name, well if it had one that is, and it’s great for providing you with your daily CBD with no added effort.

Whether it’s in your smoothie for breakfast, that skinny latte with the girls or your cup of Uber strong builders brew at tea break, give it a CBD Shot to help you out with those little niggles that stick a thorn in the side of your otherwise dandy day.

I Say:

A bit tricky to review given this is flavourless…

However, I have added the CBD Asylum CBD Shot to my morning tea and coffee as well as in cold drinks.

And yep – there’s absolutely no taste whatsoever!

It’s a great way to top up your CBD dose throughout the day and ideal way for absolute newbies to try CBD.

Final Review Verdict

If you’re finding vaping on CBD a bit of a trial, then this range of CBD Asylum Oils and Tinctures is a great way to get your daily dose.

The CBD oils have a subtle taste for sure – but that’s no bad thing especially for those not liking strong flavours.

They are slightly oily – the clue in the name obviously – but certainly not unpleasantly so.

There’s a great choice of flavours too and of course strengths – so all good in the CBD hood…

[did I really just say that..]

The CBD Asylum CBD Pro Oil is dual purpose and has worked very well for me indeed…it may have a different effect on you…ideal to pop in your gym, sports bag or rucksack.

Whilst the CBD Shot is a convenient addition to the already superb range of CBD products.

Good stuff indeed and highly recommended for new and established CBD users alike.


Have or are you using the CBD Asylum Oils and Tinctures?

What abut the CBD Shot and that Pro Oil?

How you getting on with them and why are you using them?

Do let us all know in the comments below.

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Acai Berry
Natural CBD Oil
CBD Pro Oil
CBD Asylum CBD Shot
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