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PLEASE READ If You Are Considering The Clear Smoke Trial Offer!

There have been a number of ClearSmoke customers that have been in touch with us here at to make there views known regarding the trial offer that Clear Smoke are offering.Clear Smoke Starter Kit

To say they are unhappy is probably an understatement so if you are considering the ‘Trial Offer’ then there are things you need to be aware of!

First up, read their T&C’s carefully! They are not immediately visible on the page you buy them on (at least they weren’t on the page I read), there is a link to the T&C’s though. The short of it is that if you do not contact customers services and return the starter kit within 15 days you WILL BE CHARGED £59.95.

This is a trial and once the trial runs out after 15 days you will be charged, don’t mistake this for being a free e-cig starter kit! If you like the kit and want to keep it you will be charged the £59.95 after the 15 day period is over!

Thats pretty much it, things could and should be a lot clearer on the purchase page but just make sure you know what you are signing up for to avoid any problems!

Clear Smoke Review – Updated

Clear Smoke ReviewI originally wrote my Clear Smoke e-cigarette review on a 3 piece model but this has now been discontinued, which can only be a good decision by ClearSmoke!

I was recently contacted to see if I would like to do an updated review so here I am with the new Clearsmoke kit! For full disclosure I want it to be known that this kit was received free of charge. As always though I will give you my honest opinion!

As part of the review process I thought I would try and find out a bit about the company themselves, where they are based, the time they have been producing e-cigarettes and all that sort of stuff.

First call the website, which is very clean and easy to get about but, unless i am missing something, there is nothing about the company themselves?

Anyway, i am here to try their product, not write a company history!

So, with the starter kit in hand lets take a closer look and see what its like.


clear smoke starter kitOn opening the Clear Smoke package I was pretty impressed as the presentation box looks good with its magnetic flap closure.

On opening the box there is the usual charger, user manual and their ‘e-cig pack’ tucked snugly into the foam surround.

I am not as keen on the internal packaging they use to house the batteries, cables and carts. This part feels a bit cheap.

There is a USB cable in the box as well as the cartridges and the battery. The e-cigarette itself is one of the smallest I have tested (when the cartridge and battery are connected) on a par with Sky Cig.


clear-smoke-battery-cartridgesThe Clear Smoke battery is responsive and doesn’t need much to get it producing vapour, it will also send you a warning if the battery is running low on juice by the red light flashing on the end as is standard for most e cig batteries.

As mentioned before the size of the battery is good and as close to the real thing as you can get.

A light is activated on the end of the battery when you draw on the e-cig, this will also flash when a recharge is required.

I have not tested the battery to see how long it lasts but I have found that the mini batteries from other brands do have a shorter life, this is one thing you will have to put up with if you are looking for a ‘cigarette sized’ e cigarette.

The only thing I didn’t like was the low quality feel of the battery.

The major drawback Clear Smoke have is that they do not have a PCC (personal charging case) which allows batteries to be charged on the go.

If you are out for more than a few hours, even with the two batteries, they will run out fairly quickly leaving you with no working e cigarette. Not a good situation to be in!

Overall 2/5 – Battery life and quality isn’t the best. Small batteries need a PCC, this doesn’t have one.


clearsmoke-e-cigaretteThe vapour produced on the Clear Smoke e-cigarette is good with a nice amount of vapour.

The new cartridge now comes as one with the atomiser built in so it is nice and easy just to switch over once it runs out, no replacing the atomiser separately.

The flavour of the cartridges is also an improvement over the original but still for my tastes is not great especially compared to what you get with other brands such as Jacvapour and V2 Cigs.

The other thing I had a problem with was that the e-liquid had leaked slightly from a couple of my cartridges and I could smell the e-liquid on my fingers, the other two were ok though.

Clear Smoke also only offer 3 flavours, tobacco, Marlboro and cherry, these are available in three strengths, light 12mg, medium 18mg and strong 24mg. They do also offer a 0mg nicotine option as well. It would be nice to see more flavour options added especially a menthol.

Overall 2/5 – Even with an improved cartridge I had a bit of ‘leakage’. It gives a better taste than the previous model but it still didn’t do much for me. Flavour is a personal choice though!

Starter Kits

clear smoke starter kitClear Smoke have just one starter kit on offer, which is not unusual. They offer their premium kit that includes 4 cartridges, 2 batteries, a mains and a USB charger. This all comes in a presentation box.

At the time of writing the Clear Smoke starter kit was £59.95.


Clear Smoke offers a one year warranty on their products, full details can be found on their website.

There is no returns policy on site but I spoke with customer services and they informed me that if you were to buy their starter kit and change your mind once it is delivered then they will only accept returns on unused and unopened packs.

If, however, you wanted to test out the kit to see if it is for you then they have a 15 day trial offer.

This offer allows you to pay £7.95 for P&P and the Clear Smoke starter kit will be sent to you.

You then have 15 days in which to try out the e cig. If you like it you do nothing and a charge of £59.95 will be made to your card once the 15 days are up.

If you don’t want to keep the kit then you will need to get in touch with Clear Smoke customer service within the 15 days to arrange the return of the kit. Its all very simple but be sure to read all the T&C’s on their site so you are clear on the process!


I was really hoping I would like this e cig enough to be able to recommend and although Clear Smoke has definitely improved with the upgraded cartridge the product still lacks massively when compared to the other brands we have reviewed.

At £59.95 for the new starter kit (at tim of writing) is pretty ridiculous. At that price it immediately places them as the most expensive kits on the market, more expensive than the base V2 Cigs kit, £5 cheaper than Epuffer top of the range kit with their charging carry case and £25 more expensive than the excellent Jacvapor PCC kit.

These products are also a lot better.

For me there are still far better options available (see other electronic cigarette reviews) at better prices and I would recommend you look at these unless of course you have your heart set on Clearsmoke!

Final Clear Smoke Review Verdict:

The Clear Smoke Electronic Cigarette Is Not Recommended By

Jonny - Ecigclick

As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Vapour Volume
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!
clear-smoke-reviewFar, far better options available. Also be careful if considering the shady 'free' e cig trial. Be sure to read the small print.


  1. I bought clear smoke free trial kit on offer. First of all these clever people never mentioned on their website or confirmation email that I will be charged 59.95 pounds after 15 days. Only they say is read terms and conditions’ lengthy article which they know nobody reads so they can easily rip off people. On website they say about offer that if you don’t like you can cancel but don’t say how much you will be charged otherwise Which should be clearly stated in offer not in terms and conditions only because that’s part of offer.I read on advertising standards agency’s website today who also have ruled against their way of advertising but they haven’t stopped advertising or stealing people’s money. The staff at customer support is very rude and unhelpful. They actually hang up on you if try to reason for what they have done. Is there any way you can get your money back?? Someone has to stop these scammers!!!





  3. Just to say I have contacted trading standards about this company. BBC Watchdog are also interested in investigating following the number of complaints they’ve received. Watch out Clear Smoke.

  4. I signed up for the trial thinking they were pushing the hardware out as a loss leader to get people to buy the refills. Then a refill pack arrived with a £30 charge. I asked them why and they said they had charged me £60 for the kit and £30 for refills. I went ballistic as I had seen no T&Cs or any such agreement. They refunded my £30 but I’m going to have to go further to get the £60 back. It’s unbelievable that this still happens.False advertising and banking on people missing the small print. They’re very overpriced too – stay clear of clear smoke!

  5. My experience:

    1) Received email offer on smartphone
    2) looked at website on smartphone – terms and conditions could not be read properly due to the way their mobile site is designed/read by smartphone, but the offer appeared genuine.
    3) took offer at 7.95 p&p, received product.
    4) stumbled over a negative review outlining trial offer catch of continuous billing and the 59.95 cost.

    My experience of how to cancel (if you so wish):

    1) Call customer services 0800 3357004 – you are immediately on hold, and the call disconnects after 2 minutes. KEEP REDIALING – you will eventually (for me after 6 attempts) get to speak to someone.
    2) They will request an order number. I never received this, but if you persist they will find your account by name and address. Tell them you wish to cancel and you will send the product back.
    3) The operator will tell you that your account is closed but be careful – I shortly received an email with a cancellation offer and it appears to imply that your account is not yet closed – This email contained a link which you had to declined “No Thanks”, which takes you to a web page where yet again you have to select a “No Thanks” option before it appears that your account is finally closed and there appears to be no risk of them continuing to bill you.

  6. The problem is in the way they sold it to me without me even knowing. I clicked on a banner saying “freebie kit” just pay the p&p. What they don’t tell you that hidden away in the very small print under their terms and conditions is that you are paying a lot of money to keep this product and enrolled on a monthly membership. So I ended up paying return postage also so as not to be charged £59 plus on going monthly fees – Jesus what a scam.

    Companies like this give mail order a bad reputation, it’s a real shame,

  7. I took part in the “free” trial (£7.95 postage) completely aware that I would have to cancel within 14 days and return the kit to avoid further charges. Upon cancellation they offered to let me keep the kit and receive 12 refills for £16.95, which I accepted as it seemed a good deal for only £23.90 total.

    I was happy with the flavour of the kit vapours (obviously) but had some difficulty with the resistance on the atomisers seeming to increase with age, I figured perhaps I was pulling too hard so took it easy on the later ones which seemed to prevent the issue arising.

    The last cartridge seemed to run out REALLY fast though but I figured I had been using it more heavily. It all went wrong when I started on the 12 refill pack which turned out to be a completely new designed atomiser and completely different liquid. It tasted nothing like the kit liquid despite being labelled the same and left a horrible oily after taste that made me feel sick and the odour hung in the air for hours whereas the kit ones dissipated almost instantly.

    I called customer service and after a hard time trying to get them to understand my problem they agreed to send a replacement pack of four to see if they were any better. They aren’t, so I now have the hard task of trying to convince them to give me a refund as I would never have kept the kit had I known the refills wouldn’t be the same.

    The strangest thing is after leaving that last of the original refills on the table for a few days I decided to try it again as I couldn’t stand these new ones. Its now vaping again, it seems the liquid must have gathered near the atomiser thanks to gravity, so it wasn’t empty after all. Perhaps why they changed the atomiser design but no excuse for changing the whole liquid. I’m not willing to risk trying a different flavour if this company is so open to completely changing the liquid on a whim.

  8. I did not like the way they marketed the free trial offer and had no Idea what I was signing up to your terms and conditions are ambiguous I am no out of pocket with a product I do not like and have incurred a charge of £59.95 for a product I do not want

  9. I took the trail and also order some extra capsules to the value of £60. I cancelled the trial within 15 days but the company have taken the money for the capsules and refuse to refund it, even though i refused delivery. They do not respond to Emails.. i am now starting litigation under Regulation 10 of the Consumer Protection Distance Selling Regulations 2000. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM

  10. This 59.95 will be taken regardless if you open the box. The chargers are expensive and there are a number of side affects from this product. The staff and unhelpful and the ‘lounge programme’ is a waste of money.

  11. If you want a life stop smoking its very hard but worth it KEEP AWAY from CLEARSMOKE its a rip OFF there are better e cigs available i got E-LITES from local news agents a lot cheaper than CLEARSMOKE

  12. i dont like anything about this product expecially the way it is sold. this company needs to be more clear in exactly what people will get and what ;payments will be expected from you when you dont cancel.

  13. The taste is nasty (burnt grass in the air type of thing) batteries are usless at holding a charge, so bad they have to con people into not so free trials to get rid of them.

  14. At first thought it was going to be a brilliant idea, however, I found the medium in starter pack to strong so rang them and emailed them and they were dispatching out lights instead of the mediums. HUH!!! Still waiting for them and today they tell me that someone forgot to send them. CRAP customer service.

  15. unfortunatey because clear smoke are purposely entraping every1 with their misleading omissions i cant say a good thing about the product.this incompetant team of robots are exploiting the trust of the publlc & seem to be proud of their scam tactics. i hope watchdog or “dont get done get dom will pounce on them asap as the longer it goes on they continue to rip off folk who are trying to quit a habbit. which alone can be very stressful without these ruthless rubbish robots sticking the knife in back even deeper shame on this classless CON “company”THING IS WHAT ARE WE ALL GONNA DO BOUT IT?? they must be having a right laugh at us all but i aint started with them yet & am not backing down no matter what!

  16. The ecig was rubbish and has not helped at all. Outrageous this company is allowed to market thier product like this – it is dishonest and the T&C s are not easy to find or read. I paid £7.95 + postage for what I thought was trial or “cut down version of the product to give it a try. I had no idea I would be charged an additonal £59.95 this was not made clear at all.
    BE CAREFUL do not get involved with this Company.
    They also took £24.95 from my account and started sending me refills.I cancelled every total cost nearly £ 100 rip off be ware

  17. The company is miss- selling, it is not made clear that further charges will be made until the buyer commits to the trial.

    Once committed the company send a conformation email containing numerous links, one being T&C’s.

    I have kept the original advert, the application form and T&C’S . I have reported them to trading standards, fraud uk and the governing body protecting consumers.

    Do not buy this product, complete rip, had they played fair I may have continued to be a customer, not any more…….

  18. This product is a load of rubbish,Clear smoke has sent me out 3 chargers
    and not one of them work,sent me out a complete new starter kit and evan the charger in that kit does not work. .this company are ripping people off
    and should be taken to court and made to pay back all the money thats been coned from people.

    Mr Philip Howe

  19. The company is a scam the customer service is a far east answering service. Money will go missing from your account. Google Clear Smoke by Terry Trainor. Read it and weep you thieving scum.

  20. Clear smoke took the my bank details and did not send any trial packs. They then went on to clear out my account. Under no circumstances give them your details.

  21. Very nearly got ripped off by this but was lucky enough to find these reviews first! As soon as I read them I cancelled my trial with clearsmoke which was very easy, took about a minute over the phone. After smoking roll ups for years it was a massive change when I first tried my VIP ecig as it was so big but the clearsmoke is thin and lightweight, much more like what I am used to smoking. However I would’ve never paid £59.95 for it.
    Once I had cancelled my order I received an email saying I could keep my kit for one off fee of £15.95 and they would send me 12 free refills and 50% off any accessories/refill order so I’ve gone ahead with this as I don’t resent paying £15.95 for it. Maybe if they marketed it at this price in the first place they wouldn’t have to entice people in with a very misleading “trial”! The taste is awful but I have heard many people just pop the end cap off and fill with their favourite liquid which is what I shall be attempting and smoking my VIP in the meantime!
    If a company could combine the size and weight of the clearsmoke with the taste of the VIP it would be the perfect smoking replacement for me!

  22. the wost e cig I’ve evry had and will be sending it back.if they take from my account I will get them dun for it.

  23. Ultimately a lot has been said about the free trial offer in the below comments, so I can only recommend all future buyers read their terms carefully and understand what they are getting into. It is definitely deceptively marketed but the product is really good

    As far as my personal experience is concerned here are the facts:

    – I started on ecigs with SkyCig but my battery broke down after 2 weeks and they didnt want to replace it saying that it wasnt covered by their warranty (it is actually stated in the footer of their site in such a small font that it is nearly impossible to see it)

    – I then took the trial of clearsmoke via an email advertising

    – I also subscribed to their lounge program which ships me 12 cartridges every month for GBP 24 something P&P included. This is the cheapest alternative I was able to find for cartridges in the UK

    – I had an issue with my battery in October and they replaced it for free (no P&P) although my initial order was in February of this year

    – Product is well built and works for me. Like I said in my summary I smoked since Uni and was able to quit completely with their product in 4 weeks.

    My advice ecigs:

    Try them they really work and being a non-smoker after 20 years really makes a difference.

    if you take the trials read the terms carefully

  24. I too was suckered to an extent by the “Free Trial” promotion, but as the word “Trial” was in there I don’t feel too bad about that – a bit more clarity would’ve been nice, but hey, Caveat Emptor & all that.

    On to the product itself. The packaging is really nice, & superficially the e-cig looks like a quality piece of kit, and there my praise ends.

    Drawing on it is really inconsistent, sometimes you get a decent hit, mostly not. On closer examination of the battery & cartomiser the holes are not central, which would probably account for this. Another thing, it doesn’t work in the cold – the light comes on but so far as vapour goes there’s noone home (this with a charged battery & new cart)

    I found the flavour of the tobacco & the Camel cartomisers seriously unsavoury (akin to stale biscuit & nothing like Camel cigs respectively) & unnecesarily harsh without giving anything like the sensation of having drawn on a cigarette.

    I’ve given this a decent go, & am awaiting word from Customer Services on returning it, so hopefully the single star so far will be unwarranted (can this be updated later?). I would give it to a friend, but I quite like my friends.

  25. I started to use Clearsmoke e-cig in Feb 2012, I went on to the Lounge program around May as it appeared to be good value. But then the cartridges that arrived in the monthly box of 12 were leaking, the tips were loose and I nearly choked on them as they cam out when I inhaled. I complained many times to Clearsmoke who sent me alternative boxes of cartridges but they were all from the same leaking batch. I also bought 2 extra long life batteries at nearly £50 to which 1 would not charge and the other failed after 3 weeks. They replaced 1 but it has also failed to charge.
    You have to use the Sales of Good Act 1979 on this company as their products are not fit for purpose so you have the right as a consumer to ‘reject’ their products as they are ion breach of contract for selling you shoddy goods.

  26. escrocs aigrefins, arnaqueurs, charlatans, crapules,, larrons malfaiteurs alhonnêtes
    SAUF QU AU BOUT DE 20 JOURS = la période d’essai qui est mentionné dans un lien il y a en a 4 C&F FACE BOOK TWITER ET UN AUTRE)
    25 chapitres clair et net voyons!!!
    il faut lire avant mais ou allons nous !!!!!!!! en effet si vous ne retournez pas le produit il vous sera débité 89.28 Euros
    Répressions des fraudes pour les avertir. JE FAIS TOUJOURS ATTENTION MAIS LA ILS Y VONT FORTS.

  27. FIRSTLY, I’m in no way affiliated with Clear Smoke, lets make that clear… i’m just another consumer like yourselves that feels I should add my personal experiences of this product to this site as I feel whilst some of these reviews are just and true people are missing what actually is a very good product due to a dubious sales technique employed by the company….

    Ok, bare with me as this is going to be a bit long winded.

    A family member had the older 3 part system, it worked for a while but the atomzers kept failing so they went on to something else soon after.
    I went to the clear Smoke Site after reading about their change to a two part system (retains same batteries but uses a cartomiser now instead of seperate atomiser and carts) as this is where the problem lay in my opinion.

    The main appeal for me is how realistic they are in size and looks, this is important to me, it may not be for you but it is for me, simples. I’m yet to find another e-cig that looks as realistic as the clear smoke.

    So after reading a tip on here I went on to their site and signed up for the £7.95 free trial with the sole intention of cancelling it within the 15 day period.

    So day 10 I call them up and say I no longer wish to keep the product as I don’t feel it’s worth the £59.95 they are going to charge, I’m then offered the kit for £29.95 which I decline. Within 5 mins I receive an email offering the full kit for £15.95 with 12 free tobacco cartomizers (priced at £29.95 on the site) and 50% off anything I want from their online shop.

    So I accept the offer and then log on to the site and order up 4 mint cartomizers, 4 cherry, a tiny USB wireless charger and a pukka little case for it all for the crand total of £23 delivered.

    So in summary, for £40 i’ve got :

    2 lithium batteries
    Wall charger
    Wired USB charger
    Wireless USB charger
    16 (4 with the kit and 12 free) medium tobacco cartomizers (about 30-40 cigs per cart)
    4 cherry medium cartomizers (about 30-40 cigs per cart)
    4 mint medium cartomizers (about 30-40 cigs per cart)
    Nice quality, sleek, small pocket case for 2 batteries, 4 cartomizers and the tiny charger

    Now down to the actual product.

    The batteries dont last forever but even using it regularly I still cant get through both in a full day but you may, this is the price you pay for the realistic size. What I will say though is that with the case I have two fully charged batteries at all times and the extra little wireless charger I bought is in there too so at a push I can get a charge anywhere I can access a USB slot!

    Cartomizers…. well they’re leaps and bounds ahead of the old system. You get packs of 4 for £5 with your 50% discount and I reckon one is the equivalent of 30-40 real cigs.
    The vape produced is excellent and only gets lower right at the end of the battery life. you dont have to draw hard like the old system, it;s nice and easy just like the real thing.
    The tobacco flavour is not bad, not fantastic but not unpleasant at all. The mint and cherry ones are really nice indeed and if I was sticking to clear Smoke’s cart’s I would opt for those probably….. im not however, read on….

    The new cartomizers are really very good quality and the beauty is you can remove the cap and refill at your leisure with your own choice of e-juice from whatever supplier you fancy, this is what i’ll be doing when these run out.

    So I need to go back to them for replacement batteries should I need them, even at full price that’s only £10 each and there’s usually a 20% or even 50% code flying about so unlikely you would have to pay even that.

    In summary, if you play it right you can get an extensive kit, with all the accessories you could need and a load of pre-filled cartomisers that you can refill and should last you an age for somewhere around £40. And for me the most important thing it feels and looks like a real cig! I don’t want one of these stainless steel bong looking contraptions thanks very much, sorry.

    P.S don’t forget the little case and the wireless charger for £5 each when you get your 50% off voucher in the mail (along with the £15.95 offer) as this is what was always missing, it gives you portable charging, neat case, two batteries and 120-160 cigs with you at all times.

    Hope this helps some 🙂



  28. I received an invite for a trial at £7.95 (I believe on Groupon).I received the trial pack and the trial tasted like smoking socks that had been worn for a month- revolting 1111
    I then had a further £59.95 debited to my card the following month. I queried the debit with the Company and was told that the terms of the trial were that the £59.95 would be debited to my card if I did not cancel the trial.I could not recollect this and asked for a copy of the groupon offer to be emailed to me which,as yet, I have not received.I feel that I have been duped into this payment by the Company’s sharp practice.

  29. Got this product believing it to be just £7.95 but goes to check my bank account one day and £59.95 has been taken out. Ring up customer services and was given a load of BS that I should of read T&Cs correctly but tried to explain that it was misleading and confusing because when I ordered the product there was no information about being charged after 15 days,even in the so called e-mail I was supposed to have received. After complaining I had been duped and unsuccessful with getting a refund I will take this matter further with letters to watchdog and the Better Business Bureau(BBB).Its nothing short of fraud and I believe there will be many more honest trusting customers duped by this disgraceful company.

  30. My last post today – I promise! Just called Clearsmoke and luckily for me the Respipure ‘subscription’ was cancelled at the same time as my ‘trial kit’. I asked the representative if they still wanted the Respipure returning. They said not to bother and confirmed no other payments will be going out. I’ll be checking out my statements in the next few days anyway.
    As for Respipure being a ‘partner product’ – this is also a fallacy. It is made for and by Clearsmoke. It is not a seperate entity. just shows the details on the product – no company name/contact/anything. Respipure is not a standalone company that chooses to partner with Clearsmoke. They both fall under the same very small umbrella.

    Good health x

  31. As per my post below – my bad. IT IS in the T&C’s that the respipure has to be returned, within 30 days, otherwise they send out a 3-month supply costing £33 inc. p+p.

    3 bottles for £30 when the standalone price is £24.95 for one bottle? Jesus Clearsmoke! Your ‘prices’ are all over the place… Anyway, here are the T&C’s regarding Respipure – A PARTNER PRODUCT…

    If you have chosen to purchase our partner product, you have been sent an introductory one-month supply (1 bottle) of RespiPure for Ninety-Nine Pence (99p) only. After thirty (30) days, you will be sent a further three-month supply (3 bottles) of RespiPure and billed Twenty-Nine Pounds and Eighty-Five Pence (£29.85) plus Three Pounds and Ninety-Nine Pence (£3.99) for Postage & Packaging. Further three-month supplies of the supplement will be shipped to you every ninety (90) days for the duration of your subscription to the partner product. You acknowledge and agree that you will receive further supplies of the product until cancellation and that your Active Credit Card will be billed a recurring fee of Twenty-Nine Pounds and Eighty-Five Pence (£29.85) plus Three Pounds and Ninety-Nine Pence (£3.99) for Postage & Packaging every ninety (90) days (“MonthlyFee”). Read this agreement in its entirety for a complete presentation of all Terms and Conditions that affect your 15 day trial.

    I’ll be calling Respipure about this today. That’s even MORE postage charges if I’m not too late to return it. I too shall join Stuart in calling Watchdog AND Trading Standards about this. Your BS has carried on too long. I’m not the kind of person to be messed with. You may have duped me initially, Clearsmoke, but I’m altogether much, much cleverer and determined… 🙂

  32. Dear Clearsmoke

    Please refund Stuart Alcock the £33 you took from his account for the Respipure Capsules. For starters, the standalone price on your site for them is £24.95. Like myself, Stuart was duped into your ‘free trial’. Sure, your site may not state that the trial is completely free, but you are well aware that 3rd parties that link to your site advertise the trial offer as ‘completely free’, thereby lulling folk into a false sense of security. Stuart took on your trial under false pretenses from yourselves and other 3rd parties – and he did so with good faith. He wants to quit tobacco. He poured his faith and money into your scam deal, and when – as have countless others – found out it’s all a lie, honestly returned his trial kit to yourselves. The Respipure Capsules were sold as part of the ‘free trial’ at the cost of 99p. This should be a flat cost. Even Holland and Barrett of Regents Street wouldn’t charge as much as £24.95 top end for these capsules.
    You see, you think we’re bloody stupid. I wonder what the sales of these capsules are at the usual fixed price of £24.95? I’d say close to zero. I say that these are given away at the cheap price of 99p to work alongside your ‘trial’, and as per your well-hidden T&C’s only the trial kit has to be returned so we don’t get hit with a £60 charge. It must be well hidden (because I can’t find it) that the Respipure has to be returned aswell. Again, you are blind-siding customers and still making a fat profit even when folk have returned their trial kit. It’s funny how – even though your representatives have each customers full order on-screen at the time of cancellation – they don’t ask folk to send back any other purchases for fear they’ll ultimately pay full price. This is theft from peoples personal bank accounts using weak reasons and conveniently hidden T&C’s.
    You see, I ordered the Respipure too. They cost me 99p. As per my post below, I returned my kit IN FULL the day after receiving it. I cancelled with one of your representatives. They did not ask me to return the Respipure or warn me I’d be charged ‘full price’ for it. They are as yet unused/unopened.
    I’m going into my bank to check my statements today. Woe betide if you’ve pulled the same BS on me, Clearsmoke….

  33. Tried so called “free trial”
    Only found out it was a scam when googled price of refills
    Found out they would be taking nearly £60 out of my bank account if i didnt return it in 15 days
    Phoned up and canncelled it but they still took over £33 out of my account for their 99p offer on respipure tablets
    I will be passing on this companies practices to BBC1s watchdog
    Theses kind of companys need to be stopped

  34. I wouldn’t have minded so much if for the second debit of £59.95 they would ahve sent a further, say, 30 cartomizers, but to get the measly free trial, what was it “4” cartomizers for almost £70 is daylight robbery.

  35. Don’t even think about responding and insulting my intelligence Clearsmoke. If you had any confidence behind your product you wouldn’t sell it in such a ‘cloak and dagger’ manner. Yes, I too fell for the ‘trial’ starter kit thinking I’d only pay the £4.95 postage (it would have been £7.95 but I tried to cancel during registration and oddly the postage price fell…)
    The way the site is designed, moving you from page to page during registration and NOT boldly asking to read any T&C’s is misinformative and smacks of underhand selling techniques.
    Onto the product I received – the ‘Premium Starter Kit’ valued at £60. You’re having a laugh, right? £60? For this? I’m not new to vaping. There are much better ecigs out there for half the price for their starter kits. My kit included a faulty battery. Great start. Thankfully, the other battery worked enough for me to find the taste of the cartridges was horrid. I’ve tried dozens of different e-liquids before – this was just plain gross. I had to light a real cig to get rid of the taste – ergo defeting the initial objective. I rang up to cancel the trial and was offered a 50% discount, meaning I’d only have to pay £30 for the kit at the end of the trial. If I was bothered, I’d love to talk with you about your profit margins – but I’m not, so I won’t. It’s getting sent back via recorded delivery tomorrow. Thanks for wasting my time and money.
    It’s only now I’ve seen blanket negative reviews across the net regarding your product and sales techniques. How about you just go back to the drawing board, reinvent and indeed tweek your product so it doesn’t suck so much and then market it PROPERLY – you know, by charging folk upfront for a product and standing by its’ price, instead of forever offering to discount prices to customers who want out. That just smacks of desperation.
    This – and many other reviews around the net on Clearsmoke – are for people to base a decision on, not for YOU to come on and persuade us all that black is white. Sure, everyone deserves to defend themselves publicly, but you forfeited that when selling your product in such an underhand matter.
    How many folk have fallen for this? I’d say the majority who see your trial offer. How long has this ‘trial offer’ and its’ derivatives been going on for? A few years from what I’m reading on the internet. And I’m seeing complaints about it dating back over these few years. So why hasn’t the system/marketing technique changed and the initial T&C’s made a lot more visible and transparent on first encounter with your site/offers by now to clear up the many, many, MANY cases of what your past customers have reported as mis-selling?
    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it? Cool. I’m glad it works for you.
    Karma 🙂

  36. Cancelled my order for the unbelievable trial after reading the reviews on this page (should have read them first). About an hour and a half after placing my order. I rang up & was able to cancel my order no problem, however, I was still billed for P&P? Yes, I was told that I wouldn’t get my £4.95 back!!
    I was then offered an exceptional deal which would have been brilliant, but I’m now suspicious that I’ll be billed somehow.

  37. I’ve been using only e-cigs for more than 4 months now.
    Just keep going with them because they replace the failed items but it causes a lot of distress and I need to ask for replacement every week.
    Not the best thing for someone trying to quit cigarretes.

  38. I got an unsolicited email which I – stupidly – believed was offering me the kit for the cost of postage only. They use the word “TRIAL” a lot during the purchase process, but at no point explain what it means. In fact, I don’t remember seeing the Ts&Cs until after the purchase, although I’m sure they were there while I was being misdirected. Even in the Ts&Cs the full price is spelled out in words, tucked halfway down the page, which makes it harder to actually spot. (That you will be billed £59.95 and have to return the kit at your own cost). So I called them to cancel, and they won’t refund the initial £4.95 postage. The woman on the phone gave me a big sales patter which told me I could get the kit for just £29.95. I THEN got an email from them with still further process to complete the cancellation, with the kit on offer for only £15.95 + 12 refills + 50% off coupon.

    qouted by john.

    this was the same for my self. only after order from the email did i look at the terms so i cancled the trial rang up and got through strate away. no problems they cancled and gave a refund of poastage.
    with in 10 min got another with the £15.95 offer so i took this up. red terms again and seems all good 1 off paymen of £15.95 and keep the kit with the extras.
    time will tell at the moment i smoke e lites which are good but expencive refills so thought id try clear smoke. time will tell to product

  39. I got an unsolicited email which I – stupidly – believed was offering me the kit for the cost of postage only. They use the word “TRIAL” a lot during the purchase process, but at no point explain what it means. In fact, I don’t remember seeing the Ts&Cs until after the purchase, although I’m sure they were there while I was being misdirected. Even in the Ts&Cs the full price is spelled out in words, tucked halfway down the page, which makes it harder to actually spot. (That you will be billed £59.95 and have to return the kit at your own cost). So I called them to cancel, and they won’t refund the initial £4.95 postage. The woman on the phone gave me a big sales patter which told me I could get the kit for just £29.95. I THEN got an email from them with still further process to complete the cancellation, with the kit on offer for only £15.95 + 12 refills + 50% off coupon. By this point I am far too distrusting of the company, even though that sounds like a good offer. So if you really do want to try these then I’d recommend doing the trial but cancelling it, until you’re offered the very lowest price…

    Anyway, this is all typical online scam stuff, I can’t believe I fell for one! I feel like I’ve been pick-pocketed for a fiver!

  40. I haven’t smoked a real cigarette since I got this, the battery life is quite poor and I have to make sure I take my charger and multiple batteries to work plus the vapour production drops off alot as the battery gets depleted however when you have a fresh battery in it’s pretty good. I don’t feel the filter lasts for 36 cigs as advertised it pretty much lasts a day. I sound like I’m unhappy but genuinally I am not because this has completely replaced my smoking habit. I haven’t tried any other product like this but I am very happy with the results. I took advantage of the lounge programme (reduced charge for filters for which I was supposed to be billed monthly) and they billed me 6 days later which did annoy me but there customer service has assured me I will be billed at the same time each month

  41. its all apparently in the small print…. it seems that this company wants to hide the fact that after 15days it will fleece you for £60 !!! i got the free trial, and as i was going on honeymoon, thought i’d try it when i got back, next thing i know i’ve been charged £60 on top of the £7.95 postage already paid for. i have offered to send it all back, as i havent got to use it, and i can buy an equally as good, and this time reputable e-cig for a lot less money, but the answer was NO! I am so fed up with companies that con customers, if there product is so good, then make people aware of the costs (highlight them), and if they stand up to their convictions, surely customers will return to buy more, therefore making them ‘HONEST’ money! no matter how good or bad this product turns out to be, there is no way i will be giving them any more money, i will look somewhere else, so i guess they wont be around long term, just making fast money, out of people who are looking for honest help!

  42. The ecig was rubbish and has not helped at all. Outrageous this company is allowed to market thier product like this – it is dishonest and the T&C s are not easy to find or read. I paid £7.95 for what I thought was trial or “cut down version of the product to give it a try. I had no idea I would be charged an additonal £49.95 – this was not made clear at all.
    BE CAREFUL do not get involved with this Company.

  43. Packaging is okay but i ordered tin case which is very smart. Good product lasted 7 days so far without cigarette. The delivery was super efficient.

  44. Its all still new to us yet but apart from having to share the same battery until new one comes we are doing OK. Taste is good strength is just right for us i just hope the quality improves. If not i will just have to change my brand.

  45. My wife replied to an email add to start the Clear Smoke course.
    The next day, my wife tried to make a purchae with her credit card but was refuse at the local supermarket, the card had been blocked by the bank.
    When my wife contacted the bank, she was told that her payment to “Clear Smoke” was being sent to a clearing bank in Mauritius and the bank had recognised that destination bank as a regular recipient of UK banking complaints.

    Luckily the bank had stopped the payments as a matter of course.
    i dont have many good things to say about any of the banks, but in this case “WEll done Barclays” for identifying another Internet Rip Off.

    Even if it was somebody using the same company name, then surely this “Clear Smoke” company are aware of it and have done nothing about it.

    Just be very very carefull people, my wasn’t, but you can bet she will be in future.

  46. My partner has been using e-cigs for several months and I am try to find one to suit me.
    I was lead to believe I would pay £7.95 only .I have paid an additional £59.95. Having queried a charge made to my bank I discovered that the misleading sales techniques that this company use. They hide behind small print and the “sales support” based in the Philippines are of course unable to process a refund when requested to do so.

  47. only refund on unopenedboxes/products??????????how you know unless u have tried
    do not go there unless u are certain that u want this product do
    forgive me for being thick but…………………durghhhh.if u dont try how do u know?its all apparently in the very small writing TC-yep i agree i missed it.dont care how good it is/cld be,wld not trust anything they claim
    dont c

  48. the smoke tasted like rusk/ buiscutes didnt taste any nicotine at all and i really wonted to be able to taste the same as a normale ciggerette i did try i managed just to go 1 full day with out a proper ciggerette i started to get more frustrated as the day went along the next day i had a real ciggerette and felt on top of the world again i am not saying dont try them as every one is different just be carefull when trying

  49. The real price is hidden and I didn’t notice it in the T&C.
    I spoke to them about this and they say you should have read the T&C more carefully which I did again & still had problem realizing the £59.95 price.
    This is a real con to get an item sold what appears cheap but is really the most EXPENSIVE way to stop smoking.
    I would advise everyone to use any other company rather then EXPENSIVE clear smoke who are really conning people with their advertising.

  50. The trial offer – the full details are there on the website, it does clearly say you will be charged the full cost if you do not return within 15 days BUT only if you read all the small print. The trial is in my view described in a deliberately misleading way to give the impression it only costs a few quid, you have to read very carefully to see that it will actually cost £60 if you don’t return it almost as soon as you get it – 15 day trial but it took over a week to get to me. It isn’t a con as such, it’s my fault I didn’t read every word, but the special offer price is very prominent and the real cost carefully tucked out of the way. The company are right to say in one of their responses above that this sort of promotion is common – that doesn’t make it an ethical business practice.

    That said, the actual product is good, I get a cigarette like taste, a good hit of nicotine and I’ve cut my cigarette consumption by 90% without difficulty or much effort, and I expect to give up completely fairly soon. Comments above about a “vile taste” – taste isn’t all that pleasant, but then smoking doesn’t taste great either. I’d certainly recommend the product, but I’m not impressed by the company selling it.

  51. As I have said I have not had a ‘real’ cigarette in 14 days, and for me that is brilliant. If I have to use this product for 12 months, then so be it! At least I am not damaging my health. I used to have a strong mint and spray my clothes after every cigarette so that my hujsband and others could not smell tobacco, so not only was I paying for cigarettes, but also for mints, strong chewing gum and perfune/body sprays. So all in all I am saving a lot of money.
    I feel better in myself and don’t get complaints off my family that I stink of tobacco, life is so much happier for all of us, especially me.
    I had to give up smoking for health reasons (diabetic and high cholestrol) and for the fact that it can cause cancer. I would much prefer to use this product and just hope and pray, that I do not get cancer through smoking ‘real’ cigarettes.
    I am one happy bunny.
    I must say that I do not work for the company in any way shape or form.
    If anyone is wanting to quit smoking, give this a try for 15 days, you can always cancel and send it back in 15 days and you only spend £7.95 on postage, which is far less than you would spend on ‘real’ cigarettes.
    Nothing is suitable for everyone so just try it for 15 days, you never know, you may be able to stop smoking, fell healthier, lesson your chances of heart disease and cancer!

  52. I loved nothing about this product, it tastest foul. The company are the biggest scammers I have ever come across, they totally mislead you and take money from your bank account….. Stay well clear of this company…. VERY BAD NEWS ALL ROUND….

  53. I have had exactly the same experience as Ron and I feel it is an absolute disgrace that this company has gotten away with this, in my opinion, trickery which so so many others have commented about on this and other sites iI have been on and find it laughable that each response from smoke clear states the usual ‘we are sorry to hear’ and ‘we value customer feedback’, not once does and of the responders state if so many people are saying they feel duped or conned (yes my words), that SMOKE CLEAR have gotten something wrong, if this were an honest company, they would pull the misleading and cleverly worded advert on their website and apologies, however as it is obvious to all of us who have wrongly had money taken from our accounts (and believe me I will be seeking advice on this on as many levels as possible), who are trying to give up an addiction, and myself as others I have read are not working to then have money taken from their accounts is as far as I am concerned no different from door to door con artists! I will be finding out where we can get support and advice on gaining compensation and will be posting again on this wall once I have found out this information as I have come across far too many people who thought they found a bargain and then realised that we were too trusting and eager to kick a bad habit to realise that we were actually giving someone permission to dip into our back accounts once a month. Smoke clear, you state so many people on facebook as fans? I cannot find your facebook followers who I am presuming may be family and freinds? If you are honest you will refund anyone and I mean ANYONE who has complained, maybe you can post the number of people who have complained about your product/service etc next time and not the aparent fans you have!

    It’s enough to make me reach for the fags again if I could afford it!

    • Hi Frankie,

      Thank you for your comments.

      ClearSmoke follows standard advertising practices and abide by all legal requirements regarding the display and clarification of our company’s Terms & Conditions.

      As stated above, the Lounge Programme monthly refill subscription is not automatic – customers have to actively choose to subscribe by clicking ‘YES’ (or clicking ‘NO’ to proceed through the website).

      Please email so that a member of the team can deal with your individual complaints directly.

      Thank you

      The ClearSmoke Team

  54. Hi Ron,

    We also wanted to respond to the issues you raised in your review.

    The risk-free trial offer you mention provides customers with an opportunity to ‘try’ or ‘trial’ the kit and decide whether to keep it or not. At no point in any of our communications does it state that it is a ‘free trial’, ‘free kit’ or ‘free sample’. The practice of offering customers a trial period to evaluate a product, with a cancellation and returns policy before final billing for the full price of the product (if the customer decides to keep it), is standard for a range of products in a variety of markets.

    All trial period, cancellation and billing information is available to customers in:

    • Our Terms & Conditions (available via a link at the bottom of every single page of the website – on the home page, the billing page and the Thank you Page)
    • Our ‘Your Satisfaction Guaranteed’ messaging on the page where customers enter their card details
    • The confirmation email sent to all customers once they have placed an order
    • The dispatch note included with the kit

    With regard to the charge of £24.95 you mention, this is not for a monthly newsletter, it is for a subscription to a monthly delivery of e-cig refills directly to your door (the Lounge Programme).

    This special offer includes free P&P, a lifetime warranty, priority ordering and members-only promotions, hence why many of our customers choose to sign up to it.

    We’d like to clarify that customers do not receive an automatic subscription to this service; they must actively sign up to it by clicking a ‘YES’ button which is located next the pricing, and giving their consent.

    With regard to the problems you experienced with your batteries, due to the nature of the components in any electrical device, it is regrettable that from time to time, these parts can be temperamental or defective.

    ClearSmoke parts are covered by a warranty, which enables customers to get replacement parts – we can confirm these have been ordered for you.

    Finally, in exceptional circumstances, refunds (examined on a case-by-case basis) are available to dissatisfied customers – again, we can confirm a refund has been processed for you, in this particular instance for your particular case.

    We hope you find this a satisfactory response to the issues you raised and thank you again for providing us with valuable feedback.

    Kind regards,

    The ClearSmoke Team

  55. It all looked good & kosher, but….Bought ‘Free Trial’ Starter Pack for my son. Came within 10days. Didn’t read T&C’s properly so it seems, as couple of weeks later was billed for £49.95p. Then to my horror was billed following month £24.95p, because apparently I had inadvertently signed up for a monthy newsletter (not that I ever rec’d anything to date)
    The batteries died within days & my son was very unimpressed. apparently I should have called them within 15 days to cancel (but it was Christmas).
    In all fairness I called Customer Support & they have cancelled subscription, but the experience has cost me £90 – in my considered opinion, a CON!
    SO BEWARE READ T&C’s FULLY as it may well cost you if you don’t.
    I wonder how many others have had this experience???

    • Hi Steve,

      We wanted to post a response to your complaints and explain some of the charges you mention.

      Firstly, customer service is our top priority at ClearSmoke and we’re sorry to hear you were disappointed with your experience.

      We’d like to clarify that customers do not receive automatic subscriptions to any ClearSmoke products, including the RespiPure lung cleanser; they must actively sign up to it by clicking a ‘YES’ button and giving their consent.

      All T&Cs of this offer are clearly displayed on the page where the customer must enter his or her card details, as below:

      “The unique blend of all-natural ingredients in RespiPure combat the congestion caused by tobacco smoke, attack mucus build-up and promote healthy tissue regeneration. After your introductory one-month supply for only 99p, you’ll receive a new three-month supply of the supplement, replenished every 90-days for just £9.95 a month (billed in total at the end of each period – £29.85 plus £3.99 P&P). If you feel the product is not for you, simply cancel at any time by calling our Customer Support Team on 0800 924 7005 (7 days a week, 8am-8pm).”

      Thank you for your feedback and we’re sorry to hear that you felt ClearSmoke did not replicate the smoking experience for you.

      However we’re proud to say that we do have many happy and satisfied customers, as demonstrated by our 22000 fans on Facebook and their comments, as well as our testimonials and growing group of Twitter followers.

      Kind regards,

      The ClearSmoke Team


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