In for review this week we have a quartet of Japanese inspired flavours by the wizards at Dispergo – their FUGU e-liquid range.

Dispergo are also known for their Jack Rabbit, Rachel Rabbit and Okay Orange ranges of e-liquids too.

Even just looking at the bottles I’m keen to try these! Beautiful artwork, with a metallic sheen.

What Can We Expect From Dispergo FUGU Vape Juice?

Ah, Japan! A country I’m sorry to say I have never visited, but like to many westerners I’ve become enraptured by their exports. The list of things we have to thank the Japanese for is almost endless, various martial arts, Sake, Sushi, Haikus, smart toilets, Nintendo, the list goes on!

They also have a great culinary scene, indeed the name of these liquids comes from the deadly Fugu Blowfish that must be prepared by a skilled master! But they’re also known for steaming bowels of Ramen, crispy tempura battered Squid, square Watermelons and the potent Wasabi to give your dish a little kick.

It’s fair to say that a lot of Japanese flavours have moved west over the last few decades, and Dispergo are the latest company to try their hand at some e-liquids to give you a taste of Japan.

Don’t worry, just because these e-liquids are called FUGU, I have it on good authority that no poisonous Blowfish were used in their creation!

The FUGU range were sent over to me from Dispergo for review (thank you). As usual, freebies will not affect the score, and I shall report back honestly on what I find.

They come in 100ml shortfill bottles, to allow you to add your own nicotine shots. With a ratio of 70/30 VG/PG. As well as being available in TPD compliant 10ml nicotine salts in 5, 10 and 20mg variants.

For testing equipment I’m using the Pyro V3 RDTA, freshly wicked for each e-liquid.

ICH IGO – 0mg 70/30 VG PG

Dispergo Say:

Ich Igo by Fugu is a glorious combination of sweet Strawberries with juicy Pears with a zesty Lime twist and a slight cooling effect to give a fresh feel to this flavour.

I Say:

Smelling this, the first thing you notice is Strawberries. Whilst that’s often quite a cloying smell, here it manages to smell quite fresh and evenly tempered, but I’m not picking up much else by sniffing it.

Weirdly when I test a drop on my knuckle, I can’t taste the Strawberries at all! Instead I’m getting a lovely fruity Pear flavour, with a bit of a tang to it.

On the inhale I’m definitely feeling the cooling, it’s quite delicate and pairs nicely with the pear. The Pear feels juicy with a nice level of crispness to it. Pear is one of my favourite flavours, and they’ve captured it beautifully here.

As you exhale, everything is rounded out by the Strawberries. Not sickly sweet, more juicy and plump! The Lime is underneath it all and it gives a lovely tangy feeling to this as a vape.

It’s quite floral as a vape, even with the Strawberries it manages to be mostly about those high notes. I wouldn’t go so far as to say “perfumey”, but it’s definitely on that spectrum.

I think it’s a lovely fresh, tasty vape, that gets really livened up with the twist of Lime.

AOI MO – 0mg 70/30 VG PG

Dispergo Say:

Aoi Mo by Fugu is a beautiful blend of sweet, mouth-watering Peach combined with tangy Blue Raspberry with a hint of Japanese ice to give a fresh feeling.

I Say:

I’m not sure I can smell anything apart from the Blue Raspberry in this one!

But just like the first, the smell is only half the story. The knuckle test brings out rich and ripe Peaches. Looking at the bottle, it looks like they might be using white Peaches for this one (which makes sense as that is the Japanese Peach!). These tend to be sweeter and more mellow than our yellow varieties.

Wow this one is sweet! But not in a bad way, instead it’s like being clobbered in the mouth by the sweetest fruit you can imagine. The Peach is definitely the overwhelming flavour on the inhale.

As you exhale though you get some of the tanginess of the Blue Raspberry, though I think it’s a bit overwhelmed by the sweetness of the Peach to be honest. I feel like if it had been dialled up just a little more it would be perfect.

The cooling on this one is less pronounced than the first, though it does the job in not leaving your mouth feeling sticky from all that Peachy goodness.

Definitely one to try if you like a juicy Peach!

NAS HII – 0mg 70/30 VG PG

Dispergo Say:

Nas Hii by Fugu combines deep, juicy Blueberries with sweet ripe Pear with a very low level of Koolada to give a slight cooling effect to give a true fresh fruity flavour.

I Say:

More Pear on the nose this time, rich and fruity pear at that.

On the knuckle though, you can definitely taste the Blueberries and it feels like that’s going to be the dominant flavour here.

Interestingly the vape in this one is the most “together” of the three I’ve had so far. Whilst the first two were very much – “Here’s your first flavour, then here’s your second flavour” with a twist running through them. This one is melded into one continuous taste.

There’s just a note of cooling on the inhale, but after that it switches to a beautifully blended Pear and Blueberry. The Blueberry is maybe a little more dominant on the exhale. But everything marries together so well it’s hard to spot where one takes over from the other.

The cooling is (as with all of them) very gentle, and I’d say if you’re not a fan of Coolada, then these are still worth trying. It just gives a lightness to everything without being “cold”.

It’s definitely a more “simple” vape than the others so far, but it’s really enjoyable nonetheless. If you fancy a really balanced, fruity vape, that doesn’t feel like it has a load of levels to unpick, then this is a winner.

RAI CHI – 0mg 70/30 VG PG

Dispergo Say:

Rai Chi by Fugu is an incredible flavour which brings deep, Dark Fruits including, black Cherry, Blackcurrant, Blackberries and more with sweet and light Lychee and a light cooling effect to give a fresh fruit blend.

I Say:

Isn’t this the name of what Pikachu evolves into?

That aside, the smell is a little off putting from this one! It’s the only one of the four that on smell alone, feels like it’s going to be really artificial in flavour.

The knuckle test gives a more fruity hint at what’s to come though, it doesn’t taste artificial and I think what I might have been smelling is the just inclusion of the Lychee (which is by any measure, a weird fruit!) Other than a hint of Lychee, it’s mostly dark fruits.

And dark fruits is definitely what you get most out of on the vape! Blackcurrant and Blackberries hit you first.

But on the exhale, there’s a deliciously ripe Cherry flavour coming through.

The Lychee is relatively subtle, but it’s there from the beginning to the end. Lychee is another one of those hard flavours to get right, and even in small quantities it can quickly overpower a lot of other flavours.

However paired with these strong dark fruits, it just adds a note of sophistication to what would otherwise be quite a standard vape. Like the Nas Hi, this is a very nicely blended vape. Everything feels like it fits together and you’re never surprised by any of the flavours coming out.

It starts in dark fruits, and it ends in dark fruits.

Final Verdict

So Dispergo have got quite the range of flavours, and we’ve tested various other offerings from them in the past. One thing that they are masters of is blending the flavours together. And this is definitely something that I’ve seen here.

The Ich Igo and the Aoi Mo are definitely the more complex of the four that I’ve tested, but that’s not to say the other two are lacking.

If I was to recommend these to people, I’d say that they suit these sorts of flavour profiles:

  • ICH IGO – Floral, and full of high notes, like botanicals in a good gin
  • AOI MO – Love sweetness, but don’t like sweets? This has all the fruity sweetness you could want
  • NAS HII – Perfectly ripe Pears, with a Blueberry core a really consistent vape
  • RAI CHI – Not sure on Lychee? I don’t blame you. But if you like dark fruits, the Lychee lifts them into something even better

Whilst all of them say that they have cooling (and they do) it’s subtle, and it’s not that sudden hit of Coolada that you get in a lot of vapes. It blends in really beautifully with the flavours, and they’d definitely be poorer without it.

I started my vaping journey in 2017 with a little AIO kit. I’d made several attempts to give up smoking over the years, and I finally nailed it with vaping. I knew right away that I wanted to learn as much about all these devices as possible, and I quickly got into rebuildables and replaceable battery mods. I’ve always enjoyed kit and technology, so I’ve built up quite a collection of different tanks and mods. I love knowing how things work and what to do to get the best out of them, so sharing that knowledge and helping more people quit smoking is something I’m passionate about.


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