This time I take a look at the new Dovpo Odin 100 TC 21700 box mod a collaboration with Vaperz Cloud and YouTube’s Vaping Bogan.

Surprisingly enough Dovpo is based in China, and has been on the vape scene since at least 2013.

Dovpo Odin 100 art header

I have been using Dovpo products for many years, in fact my first Dovpo products were the funky E-Lvt and the E-Mech V2 Transformer, both of which were good low wattage mods for their time!

Bringing their listings more up to date, Dovpo have bought us devices like the Topside dual, Clutch mech mod, Mono SQ along with tanks like Ohmage sub-ohm tank and Bogan’s Blotto RTA they have even taken a foray into pods in recent years with the Peaks Pod Kit.

What Can We Expect From the Dovpo Odin 100 Kit?

This is the 4th iteration of the Odin!

The others in the series are the Odin 200, Odin Mini DNA 75, Odin DNA 250.

Although the 100 doesn’t have a DNA chipset like we saw with the Odin Mini, it has the same form factor, colour display, Power, Bypass and TC modes as well as a higher 100W maximum output and the new USB-C connector.

Dovpo Odin 100 splashed breakdown

Dovpo has used its own fast propriety chipset within the Odin 100 that is able to fire coils as low as 0.06Ω!

The device is attention grabber with 5 different colour options available.

Dovpo Odin 100 5 colours

This product was sent to me direct from Dovpo for the purpose of review.

As always my thoughts and views are my own after a considerable testing period.

FYI: Odin or Alfadir was the main God of the ancient Scandinavian Norse people, he was considered the father of the Gods!

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Inside The Box

  • Odin 100 Box Mod
  • 18650 Battery Adaptor
  • 6 x Battery Wraps
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Battery Usage Warning Card
  • Social Media Card
  • QC Certificate

Dovpo Odin 100 kit contents

Key Features

  • Size: 36.3x32x90.5mm
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy / Zinc Alloy
  • Output: 5-100W
  • User modes: VW,TC, TCR, Bypass
  • Battery: 1×18650 / 20700 / 21700
  • Display: 0.96in TFT colour screen
  • Resistance limits: 0.06-3.5ohm
  • Type C USB at 1A charge rate
  • Dovpo chipset

Design and Build Quality

When the Odin 100 came to me it had a couple of scratches on the screen which was a little disappointing – at first I thought it may have been a screen protector but there wasn’t one on the screen.

Dovpo Odin 100 scratched screen

The device arrived in a cardboard box with the normal paperwork a side box inside containing the USB-C cable and 6 coloured wraps, as you can see by my photos I was sent the matte black version. As a bonus Dovpo sent some merchandise my way a cap and shirt!

Dovpo Odin 100 Mod

Measuring in at 90.5mm in height with a width of 36.3mm tapering to 32×90.5mm, the device will fire atomizers up to 28mm in diameter.

Dovpo Odin 100 displaying kit

Being made from aluminium alloy and zinc alloy, stainless steel as well as plastic the Odin is quite a heavy beasty.

Dovpo Odin 100 from the top

The 510 connection point and threading are made well from stainless steel and have a gold plated spring loaded pin.

Dovpo Odin 100 connection 510

The body has been chamfered in 2 places which makes using atomizers bigger than 28mm look like their backs are floating in mid air because of the substantial gap!

DovpoOdin 100 Workface

The device has a 0.96in TFT colour screen that is clear and bright it shows you everything that you would expect to see.

Dovpo Odin 100 face work mod

Made of hard plastic the device has 3 rectangle buttons set together, two for adjustment and the middle one is for the menu system.Dovpo Odin 100 action buttons

A round plastic fire button at the top of the device sits rather proud and is molded with Bogan’s logo, there is no rattle to any of the buttons.

At the bottom center of the workface is a USB-C quick charge port, rated at just 1 amp which I felt was rather strange for a 21700 device!

Sides Of the Device

Both sides of the Odin 100 have a set of 6 body cut outs which act as battery vents as well as decoration as you can see your battery through them, the body one side has been stamped with “Odin”.

Dovpo Odin 100 vents for battery

I personally don’t like the cut outs because it’s way too easy to get liquid or moisture inside the device, saying that they do give the mod a look of individuality!

On the bottom of the Odin 100

The hinged battery door has all the normal design and safety information as well as a unique serial number printed in white.

Inside the Odin 100 Battery Case

You will see a gold plated contact point on the door, inside the sled is plastic, the corresponding contact point is also gold plated, there is a minus battery guide in white printed on door.

The Odin 100 will take battery types 20700, 21700, and with the included white adaptor 18650 batteries.

Dovpo Odin 100 door battery

This mod is quite heavy even without a battery, but the device has very a good quality of manufacture (apart from the scratched screen lol) the design has an ergonomic feel that is great in either hand!

How Does the Dovpo Odin 100 Perform?

Today I will be using the Odin 100 with my Hellvape Passage RDA with a couple of KA1 Clapton coils that workout to 0.14Ω, and for Temp Control I will use my Vandy Vape Mesh V2 RDA with a SS316L mesh strip which is 0.2Ω.

For liquid in both RDA’s I will use Kwik Vapes “Lemon Tart”.

Dovpo Odin 100 Quick Start Guide

  • Insert your choice of battery – if using an 18650 battery you will need the included white adaptor.Dovpo Odin 100 battery choice
  • Screw on your chosen atomiser.Dovpo Odin 100 comfortable in hand

You can charge the battery via the USB–C port, but as always I recommend you use an external charger like Golisi S6 Smart Charger.

Firmware updates can be done via the USB-C Port! please visit the Dovpo website for details.

cable charge

  • Clicking the fire button x5 fast to turn the device on and off.
  • A long press of the centre adjustment button will activate the menu system – use the + and – adjustment buttons to change between menu functionsselect menu screen
  • Power
  • ByPass
  • Temp Ni
  • Temp Ti
  • Temp SS
  • TCR
  • Puff
  • Brightness
  • Menu button and minus button will lock and unlock the screen, vaping is still available.
  • The device will adjust from 5 to 100w and with TC from 093c to 315c or 200f to 600f and will round robin.
  • The watts in TC go from 0 to 100!
  • 3 fast presses of the menu button to change the wattage in TC.

Dovpo Odin 100 Protections

  • Overtime
  • Low voltage
  • Main board temp
  • Short circuit

Odin 100 in Use – 50 to 100w

With the airflow on my Passage RDA set to approximately ½ open and 50w of power, this was a great vape very much in keeping with my normal vaping style!

The fire ramp up was quick and responsive as was the adjustments!

check hand

Upping the power to 80w the flavour increased as did the vapour quality, the flavour of the Lemon Tart really popped!

Next I set the Odin 100 to 100w, while the vapour was a little on the hot side for me it did produce a great cloud, the flavour was not too bad but not stellar.

Temperature Control

I don’t use TC much these days in my day to day vaping, preferring to use Kanthal wire most of the time!

However in my Mesh V2 I used a strip of SS316L mesh the settings I used were 420f and for wattage I changed it to 80w.

TC Mode

I have to say the resulting flavour and cloud quality was great with these settings.

Dovpo Odin 100 Battery life

At 50w the single 21700 battery lasted me very well, I got approx 8 hours from it! I’m normally a heavy vaper so you may find that a 21700 lasts you longer.

Dovpo Odin 100 toot passage

Changing out for a 18650 battery with the adaptor setting was 45w, the battery life exceeded 3 hours, which I thought was cool for a single battery again yours may last longer as I am constantly chain vaping lol.

Odin 100 Screen Problems

This seems to affect only my device!

9 times out of 10 the screen will work fine!

screen corruption

Every so often, and usually after the screen has timed out, after reactivating the device the screen will become corrupt!

While the unit will fire at whatever setting you had previously had it set on, the corruption sets off my OCD LOL, the only way I have found of making the screen normal again is to open and close the battery door! What a pain in the butt!


  • Good Quality
  • Good Design
  • Good battery life
  • Fast ramp up
  • Fast adjustment


  • Periodic screen corruption
  • Battery vents/decoration

Final Review Verdict

I was rather disappointed with the scratches on the screen and the periodic screen malfunction!

But taking the Odin 100 as a whole, and looking at other units in operation not just this one, it’s a weighty well balanced little device that feels great in the hand, the battery life good, it fires and adjusts fast.

Would I recommend the Odin 100 from Dovpo?

There is no real learning curve with the mod so “Yes”, price is a bit on the steep side but it’s certainly cheaper than the Odin Mini DNA 75 which is about double the price.

Would I buy this kit again due loss or damage?

I will be getting another copy of the Odin 100 as to be honest I do like it, it feels good in my hand, I’m just a little disappointed with this one due to the scratches and periodic screen corruption!

Worldwide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECC

Display & Menu
Ease Of Use
Replace If Lost or Damaged?
Hi my name is Kevin, I started vaping back in 2009 mainly because my little boy at 3 years old was starting to copy the way daddy smoked a cigarette! Over the years I have gained a good amount of experience with different types of vaping hardware but I'm just a normal guy who enjoys sharing my experiences. This is why I started my Youtube vape review channel in 2014. To date the channel has had over 500,000 views. Being disabled, vaping has given me a gateway to meeting people from all different walks of life, many of those I would not have met under other circumstances. The way I look at my reviews is, if I can convince just one person to give up the stinky’s my job is done. I class myself as a tinkerer as I like to take things apart to see how they work and put them back together, yes that includes e-cigarette mods! One day I would like to be able to design my own mod. I am a dedicated father, and husband to my sweetheart of nearly 30 years! Family to me comes before anything else.


  1. I also did get scratches early on to the Display. In my case i scratched it by mistake with a ripped fingernail..
    Never had that happen. Not even with much cheaper devices. So i was really disapointed with the quality of that screen. What use is a good quality color display when the screen is so easily scratched. Even smok can do that better..

  2. So it’s still worthy enough despite its non-DNA chip? I plan to buy this as my third device for daily vaping (I currently use Mechlyfe Arcless+Goon 24 and Aegis Legend+Blotto Mini as my go-to, both aren’t very mobile and practical enough)

    • It all depends on the price you are willing to pay Delan, personally I think DNA are over priced! The chip that Dovpo have in the Odin 100 is fast to fire and adjust compared to the Mini there is no messing around with E Scribe and although the features of the device are more simplified than the DNA I would say its worthy pocket friendly little thing albet with a bit of weight behind it.

      • I probably will be too lazy to tinker the E-Scribe thingy so i’ll just get the 100 version. Besides, i rarely use other mode than wattage too.

        Anyway, thanks for the review Kevin, cheers from Indonesia.


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