In a way we have MrJustRight1’s Mum to thank for the Dovpo Ohmage sub-ohm tank.

The YouTube vape reviewer has already received acclaim for his previous designs working in conjunction with Wotofo and the Profile RDA and the Profile 1.5 RDA were big hitters.

Dovpo Ohmage Tank Hand Check

We’ve also seen him working alongside TVC, another YouTube reviewer, and they collaborated with Wotofo designing the Profile Unity RTA.

Yet neither products were able to suit the vaping style of MJR1’s Mum.

He went back to the drawing board, and the result is the Dovpo Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank.

Although the word Ohmage is a bona fide vaping term it’s also a play on the word homage. No doubt in honour and acknowledgement of his Mum’s vaping needs.

Dovpo Ohmage Tank Hand Check

What Can We Expect From The Dovpo Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank?

The inclusion of two sub ohm coils and their maximum ratings hint heavily at a particular style of vaping.

That of a restrictive direct lung.

The airflow design appears to offer some very fine tuning, tailor made to suit the needs of a transition vaper.

The Dovpo Ohmage sub-ohm tank is large, however, and despite the ability to work on single 18650 battery mods, may be oversized in some cases.

Dovpo Ohmage Tank Box Side

The instruction manual tells us this is the industry’s first dual stacked mesh coil sub ohm tank.

It all feels like we’re looking at a tank that should, in theory offer tremendous flavour quality. Cloud production may be compromised somewhat but that’s why you’re reading this – to Find out!

So I’ll shut up and move on lol!

My experiences and opinions of this device are merely my own, and won’t necessarily be the same as yours if you decide to purchase.

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Inside The Box

Dovpo Ohmage Tank Packaging

  • Ohmage tank
  • 3 x 0.2ohm dual stacked mesh coil (One pre installed)
  • 2 x 0.16ohm dual stacked mesh coil
  • 5.5ml spare bubble glass tube
  • Accessory bag including spare O rings and a wrench tool

Dovpo Ohmage Tank Unboxing

Specifications And Features

The Dovpo Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank is available in black and silver.

dovopo ohmage sub ohm tank review

I received the kit with the 5.5ml bubble glass so I’m assuming it’s not the TPD version. It appears some UK sites are selling without mentioning the glass extension.

If that’s the case it’s the only thing missing and you still receive the generous number of coils.

Yay! Big up, Dovpo!

  • Size 26.5mm x 53mm
  • Material 303 Stainless Steel with Quartz glass
  • E Liquid capacity 2ml (TPD) / 5.5ml (bubble glass)
  • Dual stacked mesh coils
  • Bayonet style top cap
  • Multiple adjustable bottom airflow
  • Bottom threaded base for easy coil installation
  • Plug and Play coil system
  • 810 Resin drip tip
  • Protruding gold plated 510 connector

Design And Build Quality

The tank weighs 80g and feels very solidly built.

In fact under closer scrutiny the stainless steel finish is flawless. There are no signs of scratching, no blemishes and all removable parts align perfectly.

Dovpo Ohmage Tank Exploding Parts

The only thing of note was a few droplets of machine oil on the base of the deck around the 510 pin.

Tip! It’s always a good idea to give a new tank a gentle clean in warm water before use – ultrasonic cleaners do a fine job.

Dovpo Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank Top Cap

There’s a significant amount of knurling going on with the top cap that to be honest isn’t really necessary.
Dovpo Ohmage Tank Top Cap
Since it employs a quarter turn bayonet style to release, removing and fitting is very easy and seamless.

On the underside of the cap there is a massive silicone gasket to provide excellent seal coverage.

Dovpo Ohmage Tank Top Cap Silicone Gasket

It sits perfectly flush and allows for just the right level of tolerance when tightening.

Dovpo Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank Drip Tip

There’s a rubber O ring incorporated into the top cap so it’s possible to switch them out with one of your favourites.

I tested this and although mine did fit there was slightly less grip around the O ring, meaning it didn’t feel as snug as the one included with the Ohmage.

Dovpo Ohmage Tank Drip Tip

Maybe something to keep in mind.

The resin drip tip itself has a nice opaque pattern running through it although the pink hue causes something of a mismatch with the steel body of the tank – a silver hue would have been perfect.

Fill Ports

The machining around the kidney shaped fill ports is super impressive, super smooth and very much reminds me of the quality of the Squid Industries Peace Maker RTAs, the attention to detail is nigh on perfect!

Dovpo Ohmage Tank Fill Ports

The fill ports appear to be in the region of 10mm wide allowing the entry of all nozzle variations, and there’s more than enough room for air to escape preventing unnecessary leaking.


The internal contact is gold plated which should allow for excellent conductivity across the coils.
Dovpo Ohmage Tank Base And Threads

The base of the coils themselves are also gold plated, so this should make for a flavour marriage made in heaven!

Dovpo Ohmage Tank Gold Contact On Coil
Gold plated contacts are also visible on the base of the coils. All promising stuff indeed!

However the threading between the base and tank is not quite as appealing, and they may require marriage guidance counseling!

They feel loose and there’s excessive sideways movement over the first four or five turns.

When they finally do connect there’s a fair amount of crunching.

I’m not entirely confident in them or if they’ll stand the test of time.

Airflow Ports

Considering that this tank has been designed for a restrictive direct to lung vape there are a myriad of airflow options available. I find it hard to believe so many have been included if I’m honest.

Dovpo Ohmage Tank Airflow Port
Airflow control ring. Note also the gold plated 510 connector. I don’t recommend using on a hybrid mech device.

..More on that later.

The action of the airflow control ring is nice and smooth with beveling to facilitate ease of turning, and there’s also some vertical play which I’m not a fan of.


Let me tell you those coils fit snug as a bug in the proverbial rug – or chimney.

This in turn should increase the production of flavour in what appears a somewhat restricted and confined environment.

Dovpo Ohmage Tank Chimney Section

Around the exterior of the chimney at the base are five wicking ports. They’re going to make damn sure those coils are fed at all times and another reason to assume effective flavour quality.

Dovpo Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank – How To Fit The Coil

  • Unscrew the base by turning clockwise
  • Push the coil up into the chimney section until no further movement
  • Screw the base back in an anti clockwise motion until secure

This is plug and play, Ladies and Gents and ain’t rocket science lol.

Coil Fitting

I usually suggest priming the cotton of the coils before installing them.

In the case of these dual stacked mesh ones it’s more of a requirement than a mere suggestion.

Let the juice in the tank soak into the cotton for a good five minutes before vaping – known as priming your coils.

Dovpo Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank – How To Fill

How To Fill

  • Remove the top cap by rotating anti clockwise
  • Dispense E liquid within one of the two fill ports until desired level reached
  • Replace the top cap in a quarter turn clock wise motion

How Does The Dovpo Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank Perform?

0.2ohm Dual Stacked Mesh Coil Rated 40-55W

I used British Ohm Vape NY Blue which is a blueberry cheesecake bakery profile.

It’s a 70VG/30PG ratio short fill that has been topped up with freebase nicotine.

Dual Stack Mesh Coils
Full kudos to Dovpo for making the coil ratings readable!

Sitting on top of the SX Mini SL Class, it didn’t start off very well.

The pre installed coil merely gave me a tantalizing hint of flavour.

After a few tugs the Yihi chip informed me of an atomizer short, with the coil reading 0.01ohm – with the single 18650 battery pulling 31 amps!

There was nothing to suggest any physical damage to the coil. The contacts, O rings and mesh all looked in good working order. It may just have been a dud one that happened to be pre-installed.

I cracked open one of the replacements and tried again…success…of sorts.

After a few hours the coil had settled and was reading 0.18ohm.

40W Output

Even with the six airflow ports wide open, there’s still a moderate amount of restriction.

Flavour was average but cloud production was quite good.

Even so, I still couldn’t shake the feeling a dry hit was just around the corner.

Using mid airflow restriction there was certainly a tighter draw as flavour and clouds completely bottomed out.

When reigning in the airflow to a single pinhole I attempted a MTL vape. Just out of curiosity. An experience I could quite easily forget!

At this setting, all flavour quality had diminished and cloud production was woeful. Proof, if needed that this is no mouth to lung tank! lol

55W Output

With airflow wide open things started to change. Air bubbles were now present around the E liquid. Although still average quality the flavour and vape production was consistent during this less restrictive DL test.

This was also where I noticed most of the airflow turbulence.

After around four seconds continuous pull, it became restrictive inside the chimney itself, this was the “dry hit” sensation I alluded to earlier, but exaggerated.

Paying Ohmage To Thinner E Liquid

The Dovpo Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank has been touted as being more effective with thinner E liquid. For the final test of the 0.2ohm coil I used Zeus Juice Cool Cola from their Myth range.

It’s a 50VG/50PG mix and freebase nicotine.

40W (2.75V)

With airflow fully open I received average cloud production with the flavour quality merely tickling the taste buds.

At 40W only the idea of the profile was present and certainly far from how it naturally pops.

I tried a restrictive DL with mid airflow restriction (three largest pinholes shut off) but the flavour was extremely wishy-washy.

55W (3.14V)

Now I was getting a strong taste of the cotton, and once again I suspected a dry hit to be looming.

The thinner liquid was producing a smooth and consistent vape so I was spared the inconvenience.

There was plenty of clout to the inhale.

Both vapour output and throat hit were satisfying.

There was no real clarity to the flavour however and the cooling ingredient was grossly dull and lifeless – just like my receding hair lol!

I found this coil to perform best overall between 45-50W.

coil and tank section separated

0.16ohm Dual Stacked Mesh Coil Rated 30-45W

Back to bakery profiles using FAQ Miss Samoa, a 70VG/30PG ratio 50ml short fill containing freebase nicotine.

Between 30-40W

I started off at a conservative 30W with the coil reading 0.15ohm.

There was a richness to the flavour but also a dry quality. The coil seemed to be under performing and with airflow wide open this was still a suppressed vape. 70VG blends seemed to be struggling although I never actually experienced a dry hit.

Shifting attention to a 40W vape, cloud production was above average but flavour quality had dropped and some of the dairy notes had disappeared.

For a coil reading 0.15ohm, a 2.44V output just seems hyper weird to me!

Thinner E Liquid

I used another Zeus Juice Myth range 50VG/50PG juice in the form of Orange and Pineapple. Again a freebase nicotine.

35W – 2.29V

With airflow wide open it was a pretty dull event as far as flavour goes.

The fresh orange element felt lifeless and drab.

This was a very timid all round performance and cloud production was weak.

Despite this the vape retained those smooth, turbulent free attributes I was now able to associate with thinner ratios.

45W – 2.59V

A slightly warmer vape with added wetness on the taste buds.

The flavour qualities were now all over the place with pineapple being less distinguishable, a weirdly tropical mutation of sorts.

On this occasion cloud production outweighed that of flavour.

Dovpo Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank – My Ohm My!

Just out of interest I pumped the wattage up and outside the recommended settings.

60W (3V) actually gave me the best overall performance! A pleasantly warm vape that allowed the natural flavourings of the orange and pineapple to blend much better.

Consistently vaping at this setting (airflow wide open) for a few hours posed no problems with wicking.


Unlike with thicker juice ratios, I never once had thoughts of experiencing a dry hit and I vaped with much more confidence.

Sadly, flavour quality never reached the level I expected from the dual stacked mesh coils.


  • No leaking from airflow ports or base of the tank
  • Excellent machining qualities
  • Wide fill ports to accommodate all bottle tips
  • Gold plated contacts to provide better conductivity


  • Coils struggle with 70VG/30PG ratios
  • Dodgy threading between deck and tank section
  • Underside of cap is always swimming with E liquid
  • Generally poor flavour from both dual stacked mesh coils

Dovpo Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank Final Review Verdict

This tank is one of the weirdest I’ve encountered for airflow.

With juice ratios of 70VG/30PG it is very inconsistent and rapidly becomes suppressed within the chamber, flavour and vaper production suffers as a result.

I genuinely think there are too many airflow options. The tank only really needs three settings. Very restrictive, semi restrictive and open for the possibility of a full on direct lung experience.

We have two dual stacked mesh coils that seem mind-blowingly under-powered within their recommended parameters. This is partially due to airflow constraints and the fact these are proprietary to the tank itself.

55W and pulling 3.14V seems power shy to me, especially for what is a sub ohm tank.

It’s also frustrating that two coils of very similar ratings have been included. There was very little to separate them when testing for flavour and cloud production.

The 0.16ohm coil merely edged it for a slight improvement to flavour and cloud while testing with the 70VG/30PG FAQ profile.

Juice Build Up Inside Top Cap

The silicone gasket on the underside of the top cap was constantly swimming with juice – ain’t no condensation, that’s for sure – it was visible under all power settings tested.

The base of the tank itself remained bone dry and there were no leaking issues from the airflow ports, with only an excusable amount of condensation when testing at 50-55W.

More On Aesthetics

Put bluntly, the knurling around the top cap isn’t necessary. Considering the tank only needs a quarter turn to release, is it really needed? Not in my opinion.

It’s also cut quite deep so a bit sharp on the fingers when fitting or removing, so purely of cosmetic value, I think.

Unless you grip the knurling on the AFC ring it’s quite likely you may inadvertently start removing the tank section from the base.

The glass section also moves quite freely between the top cap and AFC ring. Thankfully two substantial O rings help save the day and I observed no leaking.

Dovpo Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank Review – To Conclude

If these are the Industry’s first dual stacked mesh coils, Dovpo need to go back to the drawing board.

They were both woefully lacking in flavour and do little to entice a conversion vaper to switch from a simple MTL starter kit to a larger tank that’s designed as an introduction to the world of restrictive lung hitting.

Are you vaping on the Ohmage or thinking of buying it?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below…

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