It’s not exactly breaking news but I hadn’t yet reported on the TV adverts recently aired by E-Lites and SKYCIG and I think they are both worthy of a mention.  The Guardian reported that a commercial for E-Lites, one of the most popular e-cigarette brands, will be shown for the first time on mainstream British television on Saturday 19th Jan.

E-Lites Advert

The TV advertisement is scheduled to air on ITV, Sky & Channel 5. Creativity is the name of the game as the TV advert will not show the act of smoking or the vaping product.

Instead, the 30-seconder TV ad shows a man missing out on the chance to witness his baby’s first steps. The man is stepping out of a family gathering so he could smoke a cigarette but it is what happens when he has gone! Ha… Very funny stuff. Check out the E-Lites advert.

The TV advert was developed by McCann Central and aims to introduce the concept of e-cigarettes. The brand message is that one does not what he is missing. “E-Lites: You don’t know what you’re missing” appears on screen.

E-Lites marketing director Trevor Field said viewers may be shocked to see the e-cigarette ad for the first time. He said he understand that people do not fully understand the category. The important thing, however, is that despite all the debates, E-Lites are 99 percent less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.

McCann and E-Lites worked on the project for 14 months. The two also worked closely with Clearcast to ensure that the script meets Clearcast regulations.

The showing of the e-cigarette TV advert is a landmark moment because no cigarette ad has been shown on British television since 1965. Airtime for smoking or tobacco ads has also been outlawed.

E-Lites chief executive officer Adrian Everett said it took the company more than one year to get script approval. He added that legislation is also stringent.

Rival brand SkyCig has also shown its own advertisement in one satellite channel and online. The advert was developed by Povey Sindall Media.

The material shows young people hanging out, sending the message that life is all about sharing moments. The advert ends with “Skystart Electronic Cigarette.”


SkyCig UK commercial director Damient Scott said the company worked on the spot for seven months. Just like the E-Lites TV advert, SkyCig’s ad shows the concept of electronic cigarettes without showing the product itself.

Both the E-Lites and SkyCig (now Blu Cigs) adverts comply with the regulations of Advertising Standards Authority. The regulations state that advertisements should not refer to smoking, include designs that may be associated with a tobacco product, or promote smoking or tobacco.

The UK government is in the process of finalizing new regulatory mechanism for nicotine-based products and to provide broader health guidance on how it should reduce the burden of smoking.

Some observers said that the measures may also endorse e-cigarettes use as a possible approach for smokers who want to reduce harm but are unable to quit completely.

Professor John Britton said the approach is welcomed by many because it provides smokers the option to reduce the harmful effects of smoking. Britton chairs the tobacco advisory group of the Royal College of Physicians.

So what do you think? Good advertising campaigns?

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