In for review are the brand new Elf Bar ELFLIQ range of E-liquids.

Elfbar ELFLIQ e-liquid bottle check

It seems quite hard to believe but Elf Bar are now celebrating their fourth anniversary as disposable vape manufacturers.

They’re based in Shenzhen, China with products submitted and tested under the UK’s Tobacco and Related Products Regulations (TRPR) so that they can supply fully TPD compliant products.

The fundamental principle behind Elf Bar is in developing a healthier and more enjoyable vaping experience. So far they’ve demonstrated these principles with a number of easy to use and highly accessible vape products.

From their disposable range come the likes of the Elf Bar 600, 600 V2, T600 and CR500. Pod systems include the Elf Bar ELFA, Elfa Pro and Elfa Mate while the Elf Bar FB1000 has proven to be hugely popular among pod kit users.

Elf Bar disposable logoWithout getting into the politics of it all, disposable vapes have come under heavy criticism either due to underage vaping, environmental impact or expense when compared to humble starter kit.

Here in the UK, why buy a disposable when a 10ml bottle of juice lasts five times longer?

Seems like Elf Bar have been pondering that question themselves.

Shipping Free on orders over £20!

What Can We Expect From the Elf Bar ELFLIQ E-Liquid Range?

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The ELFLIQ range of E-liquid is designed for use with low powered starter kits such as the Uwell Caliburn or Voopoo Vinci pod kit. With vape devices that are low powered (between 15-40W) using high resistance coils – 1.2ohm for example.

With a juice ratio of 50VG/50PG they’re designed for a discreet MTL (Mouth To Lung) vape.

Choose from either 10mg or 20mg nicotine salt strength to ensure a smooth inhale and faster nicotine absorption.

There are so many yummy Elf Bar flavours, all of which have been pulled from their disposable ranges. So if some of those were up your vape street, expect to find them here.

Elf bar Elfliq bottle pic 1Specifications

  • 10ml bottles
  • 10mg / 20mg salt nicotine strength
  • 50VG/50PG
  • Blended for MTL vaping
  • TPD compliant
  • Made in China
  • Child proof cap
  • Tamper evident seal
  • Recyclable Bottle

Massive thanks to Vape Club for sending the range over for the purposes of review. It’s very much appreciated.

I used the Uwell Sculptor pod kit and the Uwell Caliburn G2 pod kit to test the Elf Bar ELFLIQ E-liquid range. We’re looking for flavour quality, vapour production and above all to see if they’re capable of replicating the experiences of a disposable vape.

Apple Peach

Elfliq Apple PeachElfbar Says:

Apple Peach is a light fruity flavour that complements the crisp taste of green Apples on inhale with the sweet notes of juicy Peaches on exhale.

I Say:

The first one tested and the first to demonstrate how strong and intense these flavours actually are! Just as with disposables, the sweetness grabs a hold from the very first inhale.

A blast of cooling swiftly engulfs the tonsils, wrapping its icy fingers around the fruit on the way out. So it’s a fight between the two as usual and one I’ve never been the greatest fan of.

In terms of flavour the Peach rules the vape throughout. I have great difficulty in locating the Apple content and that’s primarily due to the excessive amount of sweetener included.

Admittedly both fruits are renowned for their sweetness but with Peach Apple it stifles any authenticity. There’s nothing natural tasting on offer and the entire vaping experience just tastes false in my opinion.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry

Elfliq Blueberry Sour RaspberryElfbar Says:

Blueberry Sour Raspberry pairs sweet, juicy-tasting Blueberries with the tangy notes of Raspberries for a bold and fruity all-day vape.

I Say:

This one is quite tasty and in part due to the ‘lingerability’ factor. It sits nicely on the palate post exhale. It contains all the hallmarks of a sweet, candy inspired vape. It’s also not as dry tasting as I was expecting so that’s a plus point.

There’s a fusion of two summer fruits here but I’m getting more of the Blueberry on the exhale. The Raspberry tends to disappear just after the inhale but leaves behind its sweeter elements.

The sourness to the flavour is ever present and can often be felt on the inside of the cheeks during the vape. I quite like that because it helps to nullify the sweeter properties of the vape.

Even the ice is tolerable with Blueberry Sour Raspberry and acts to invigorate and freshen the vape experience.

Cotton Candy Ice

Elfliq Cotton Candy IceElfbar Says:

Cotton Candy Ice gives a classic carnival flavour an icy twist. The sugary notes of Cotton Candy are cooled down on exhale by a burst of menthol.

I Say:

Candy floss with Ice, eh? I’m.. er not sure how that works for me..

What I can be sure of is the interpretation of Candy Floss. It’s been worked in very well and I find it very moreish. You’ll get the same texture and sweetness of the real thing as it dissolves on the taste buds.

As expected the Strawberry content is laced into the exhale and it’s the usual artificial, synthetic food flavour variety. No real surprises there but in line with this Merry-Go-Round associated treat.

So the texture, feel and familiarity of the real thing is all intact and may even evoke memories of those stomach churning fairground rides!

What I don’t associate is the strong icy kick that’s dominant throughout. To me, it’s an unnecessary distraction and quite top heavy. It doesn’t sting too much, rating as 6/10 on the sting-o-meter but still out of place in my opinion.

However, when all’s said and done our scores are based on the flavour description. To this end Cotton Candy Ice more than delivers on its promise.

Cream Tobacco

Elfliq Cream TobaccoElfbar Says:

Cream Tobacco is a rich blend of roasted tobacco with a lighter and slightly sweet cream note that brings out the depth of the nutty base.

I Say:

Tobacco vapes can be very hit or miss, I find. They’re usually a vitriolic, oily mess that bare no similarity to the smooth, sweet and aromatic taste of tobacco leaves.

We tend to get a mixture of both from ELFLIQ Tobacco Cream. There’s a helluva lot of sweetness drawn up on the inhale which instantly takes away the desired response.

That sweetness remains on the lips post vape too – not something I’m over keen on, to be honest. So what do we get from the bulk of the vape?

Something of an odd mixture.

There are certainly some nutty notes thrown in there and it has to be said they’re on the borderline of having a roasted appeal. But they clash with a rich cream texture. Think of a Cadburys Cream Egg and you’re getting the vape picture.

It does help to add interest but that oily quality is also present and lurks beneath each and every exhale.

Tobacco leaves are among this oddly complex arrangement but well hidden.

To summarise, ELF BAR have ruined the experience on this occasion by simply adding too much artificial sweetener. It could’ve been presented in a much better way.

..One of the strangest Tobacco vapes I’ve tried for quite some time.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

Elfliq Kiwi Passion Fruit GuavaElfbar Says:

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava is a complex medley of fruity flavours. The Passion Fruit and Guava deliver an overall sweet note, sharpened by tangy Kiwi.

I Say:

We’re talking flavour intensity with this one. If ever you needed the ELFLIQ range to show its similarity to a disposable vape, look no further. This is a classic example.

It is literally bursting with flavour. Lots of sweetness is drawn up into the inhale and joins forces with the bitterness of the fruits on the way out.

I put that down to a mix of Grapefruit and Passion fruit. Yet the overriding taste is that of Mango in my opinion. It’s the common denominator throughout the exhale.

The taste buds are invaded by a multitude of factors and the vape experience is insane!

It’s sweet, concentrated and at times even a little wet on the aftertaste. This is one occasion where I welcome the cooling but even that struggles against the strength of the flavour.

So my taste buds beg to differ against the flavour description but this is still a tropical drink vape on steroids. Conclusive proof that ELF BAR have bottled disposable vapes!

Pink Grapefruit

Elfliq Pink GrapefruitELFLIQ Says:

Pink Grapefruit nic salt e-liquid is a distinctive fruit blend that authentically replicates the sharp and citrusy notes of Grapefruit throughout.

I Say:

Pink Grapefruit is one hell of a refreshing vape and is bursting with flavour. The citrus elements show up early doors during the inhale and combine with a hefty dose of bitterness prior to exhale.

The cooling also puts in an early appearance and is characterised by a stinging sensation in the throat. I’ll never be a fan of that because it distracts from the after taste.

I thought Kiwi Passionfruit Guava was a quality tropical vape but Pink Grapefruit steals it for me. Why? Because this version of Grapefruit is spot on. It’s fresh, vibrant and lively – never skipping a beat throughout the exhale.

There’s also a few tangy notes of Orange chucked into the mix. The sweetness of the vape still prevails but never ruins the succulent fruitiness this e-juice affords.

If you’re looking for a Summer fruit beverage vape you’d be hard pressed to find something with such flavour intensity. It’s lip smackingly good!


Elfliq ColaElfbar Says:

This distilled mix has concentrated the sweet taste of refreshing cola we all know and love for a vape that’s truly as traditional as it gets. A truly thirst-quenching flavour that blends up some Vanilla and Cinnamon, with hints of Citrus.

I Say:

Total flavour banger!

I even think there’s some fizz thrown in for good measure. Or it could be the delicate hint of Cinnamon mixed with Koolada creating the effect.

Either way, Cola works on just about every level. Almost every. It doesn’t manage to recreate the evergreen taste of the canned variety but the cooling elements certainly give it a lift.

Try to imagine the taste from a gummy Cola Sweet and you’ll be on the same wavelength as my taste buds.

cola bottles

It’s not too sweet or concentrated and the flavour snaps all the way through exhale.

This is a simple vape that anyone can enjoy. Any time of the year.


Elfliq CherryElfbar Says:

An old-fashioned flavour that’s been brought right up to the present! It’s a refreshing taste that perfectly blends sweet and sour notes for a juicy balance that can be vaped all day long.

I Say:

First you get the sweet, then you get the sour. And plenty of it.

It’s something I like about this version of a pretty straight forward single Cherry flavour. It certainly adds something to the mix.

Plus the Cherry itself isn’t too ‘in your face’ and neither is it particularly artificial tasting.

Elfliq Cherry leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth as an after taste too. Which means you’re likely to keep coming back for more.

The Koolada helps to freshen the vape but again (and from a personal stand point) it’s a bit on the strong side and does kind of take the edge off what is a fine tasting Cherry.

Still, there’s plenty of flavour creating throughout exhale and it more than replaces the need for a disposable equivalent, in my opinion.

Strawberry Ice Cream

Elfliq Strawberry Ice CreamElfbar Says:

A refreshingly silky fruit vape that’s the ultimate sweet treat for those summer days! The delicious taste of Strawberry mixes with smooth Ice Cream for a flavour profile that can be vaped to no end!

I Say:

The velvety smooth texture of the exhale works an absolute delight with Strawberry Ice Cream. That’s due to the creaminess of the taste. It’s quite simply fantastic!

Think Angel Delight dessert and it gives you an idea of what I’m experiencing. Or a Strawberry Ambrosia cream. It really is that pleasant a vape.

The flavour of the Strawberry is totally unlike that of, say Strawberry Ice. Yet it retains all of the pleasant sweetness.

It’s light, fluffy and to a degree subdued on the exhale but vapes consistently throughout.

The only real downside is the overuse of Koolada. Again, I find it stings the throat instead of soothing in the way you’d expect from a real Ice Cream.

So that does act as a bit of a distraction, I guess.

Overall and in terms of flavour quality, Strawberry Ice Cream is a stonkingly good vape.


Elfliq MangoElfbar Says:

A truly tropical blend of juicy Mangoes that will be sure to please all those looking for a sweetly refreshing flavour that’s effortless to vape to no end. The ideal choice that’ll take you back to those hot summer days, leaving you feeling refreshed! Vacation vibes that you won’t want to miss!

I Say:

Mango all the way!

If ever there was a flavour in direct competition with a disposable vape, this has to be it.

It has the same level of concentration, punch and vibrancy.

It’s sweet and with just the same level of tartness you’d expect from the tropical fruit.

The sweeter properties become evident as soon as it’s vaped and the chilliness of the vape amplifies the longer Mango is inhaled.

The fruit responds very broadly on the way out and thankfully isn’t synthetic or artificial tasting.

So in this respect it has the edge on many disposable equivalents currently out there.

I’ve always thought Mango and Koolada to be a winning combination. One that refreshes the taste buds during those long, hot Summer months.

This is no exception and Elf bar have done a very fine job with Mango.

Strawberry Ice

Elfliq Strawberry IceElfbar Says:

A refreshingly fruity flavour that’s guaranteed to chill you out when things start to heat up! Some pleasantly sweet Strawberries are mixed up here with a little ice for a finish that’s sure to keep you cool.

I Say:

I thought the aroma of Strawberries from the nozzle bottle smelt very authentic. In the way you would notice from a freshly picked variety.

That’s not quite what I experience from the vape but it’s actually not that far off.

There’s a mixture of sweetness and cooling on the inhale which sets things up nicely for the flavour explosion on the way out.

And it’s pure Strawberries all the way, as you might expect. The taste holds up well throughout the duration of exhale and the fruit itself does have more of a natural blend.

In other words it’s not been exploited in the same way as a disposable vape. There’s much less of the artificial, chemical layering often associated from those throw away devices.

Yet the sweetness of the fruit remains. It remains in a very pleasant way and not too intense.

Put it this way. Strawberry Ice is what you’ll expect and that’s certainly what you’ll get.

Job well done, methinks.

Cherry Cola

Elfliq Cherry ColaElfbar Says:

Cherry Cola will bring you back to all the times when you’ve popped open one of the most classic sodas ever! The blend of Vanilla, Citrus and Cinnamon comes together to create a pleasantly fizzy cola taste which is then combined with all the tang you’d expect from an explosively sour Cherry.

I Say:

As with Cola, I get that fizziness from the exhale. It’s heavily influenced by a combination of sourness, Cinnamon and Koolada.

The aftertaste is very pleasant and the classic cola taste isn’t too syrupy either. The flavour doesn’t appear to be over concentrated which means I’m regularly returning to this one.

I do have an issue with the Cherry content, though. It’s very much pushed to the back during exhale. It’s there but to find it is to play the waiting game.

It tends to leave more of an impression on the palate post vape.

So I’m left feeling a bit disappointed because I was expecting more of a marriage between these two flavours.

In other words, don’t go into this one expecting the same experience as the canned, beverage variety.

Still – the chilling throat kick does keep the vape lively and refreshing.


Elfliq GrapeElfbar Says:

Grape has a decadently developed grape taste with a super juicy body. The sweet taste of Purple Grapes is present on the inhale, which is then rounded off by a lightly icy cool finish. It’s a classic fruit flavour that’s wonderful to vape in a warmer climate.

I Say:

It’s not for me, unfortunately. That’s no reflection on Elfbar of course. I just do not like the way Grape is portrayed in an E-liquid.

This one does nothing to change my mind. There is plenty of juicy quality and that’s obvious from the first seconds of exhaling.

It gives plenty of time for the sweet, tanginess to develop but my overall impression is that it’s just too intense.

There’s very little here to suggest anything other than an over exaggerated take on a fruit that for me, at least, carries little flavour in natural form either.

The newbie or disposable vaper that likes Grape is going to fully appreciate what’s on offer. Because the flavour hits hard and the Koolada matches that of a disposable.

So my score has to reflect how well this one emulates those throw away devices.

Peach Ice

Elfliq Peach IceElfbar Says:

Peach Ice is a fresh Peach blend for those who love a bubbly balanced vape. This mixture has all the juiciness you’d get from a ripe Peach, which is then rounded off by some cool Aniseed for a well-balanced vape that’s delicious from your first taste until your last.

I Say:

Flavour banger!

It’s sweet, ripe tasting and the Peach simply explodes upon exhale.

Ok, it’s still not the most authentic tasting Peach I’ve encountered but by way of competing with a disposable vape, Peach Ice gets the job done.

I wouldn’t say I notice any aniseed content mentioned in the flavour description. The cooling effect remains the same as the rest in the range. That’s to say, no additional flavouring as such.

The chilling cut to the throat and tonsils hits hard, so as long as you appreciate it, Peach Ice is going to deliver the goods.

This Peach isn’t too intense or abrasive in the way I’ve found some to be. It creates quite a smooth and tasty exhale with just enough sweetness to keep the interest levels piqued.

So another simple, single flavour profile and one that hits the spot as good as, if not better than, the current crop of disposable alternatives.

Strawberry Kiwi

Elfliq Strawberry KiwiElfbar Says:

Strawberry Kiwi is a sweet blend of juicy Strawberries and refreshing Kiwi. On the first inhale you’ll get some tangy citrus notes of the zesty Kiwi and the pleasantly delicate taste of luscious Strawberries.

I Say:

A finely crafted E-liquid.

I pick up the sweet and tangy nature of the vape on the inhale, coupled with a strong and forceful Koolada.

The mixture of two fruits on the exhale is simply delightful! Elfbar have done an excellent job of combining the two.

Out of the two it’s the Kiwi that’s more dominant, in my opinion. That’s because it makes its presence known from the start.

It transforms the vape into a tropical treat with the Strawberries puncturing through later on. A sweet, tangy, flavoursome and cooling vape from start to finish.

There’s nothing over concentrated about the blending and both fruits work in complete tandem with one another.

I would suggest this is the very same Strawberry concentrate as found in Strawberry Ice. That’s no bad thing either – I really dig this version!

UPDATED Flavours October 2023

It is Michelle here and I have reviewed 6 new flavours added to the range – you can see what I think of them below!

I will be using my OXVA Xlim Pro with the V2 0.8ohm pods. Each flavour gets a new pod!

Blackcurrant Aniseed

elfliq blackcurrant aniseedElfbar Says:

“Blackcurrant Aniseed nic salt e-liquid by Elfliq features a bold spiced fruit blend. The juicy, sweet taste of Blackcurrant combined with the punchy flavour of Aniseed.”

I Say:

Think of a Blackcurrant cough sweet – for those of us of a certain age – “Tunes” springs to mind.

This is exactly the same!

The Aniseed seems to take on more of a menthol Eucalyptus vibe here and it really delivers.

You get a lovely cooling blast which again ignites the similarities to a throat sweet. Imagine having a cold glass of water after eating one and this is exactly the experience you get with this flavour.

I really love it, the blending is spot on, the cooling enhances the flavour and there is an abundance of mentholy Blackcurrant goodness!

Excellent work Elfliq!!

Pineapple Mango Orange

elfliq pine mango orangeElfbar Says:

“Pineapple Mango Orange nic salt e-liquid by Elfliq delivers a combination of tropical and citrus flavours. Sweet Pineapple, juicy Mango and tangy Orange fuse throughout each puff.”

I Say:

Mango and Pineapple usually do not agree with me when it comes to vapes – but I am partial to a bit of Orange. Which is super rare – you don’t see many Orange e-liquids around do you?

The blending of this is epic, no flavour overpowers the others, yet you can still taste each flavour and their input into the final ensemble.

The Mango kicks in first, then it magically transforms into Pineapple and the Orange wakes up after you have exhaled!

Although not a flavour I like, I cannot fault the blending and attention to detail here. This could have ended up as some messy muddle of indiscernible fruits, instead you have the individual elements all sharing the limelight.

Another 10/10 here for me!

Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice

elfliq straw rasp cherry iceElfbar Says:

“Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice nic salt e-liquid by Elfliq delivers a sweet and frosty vape. Juicy Strawberry, tangy Raspberry and rich Cherry are cooled down by arctic ice notes.”

I Say:

This is the one I have been looking forward to the most – all of those flavours are ones I enjoy.

You can easily pick out each of the fruits yet they still harmonise together to produce a lovely fruity vape.

There is a lot of cooling here but it does give the feeling of a refreshing summer drink, rather than just a pile of ice for no reason.

This is extremely refreshing and the level of flavour packed in is just amazing.

Sour Apple

elfliq sour appleElfbar Says:

“Sour Apple nic salt e-liquid by Elfliq is a straightforward fruit vape. The juicy taste of crisp, tangy green Apple is present throughout.”

I Say:

Wow that is cold! Brrrr!

This is just like rinsing a Green Apple under ice cold water and then taking the first refreshing bite.

The fruit output is epic, absolutely flipping delicious.

Even only being 10mg nic salt strength, this really packs a punch! You get the cold blast which you feel around your whole mouth and then you exhale the sweet Apple.

I would say this is not as sour as I expected, it has the tang you would expect but also a scrumptious sweetness to back it up.

This is a bit of me – no doubt! Amazing!

Rhubarb Snoow

elfliq rhubarb snoowElfbar Says:

“Rhubarb Snoow nic salt e-liquid by Elfliq is a rich dessert vape with a fruity twist. Sweet notes of rich Vanilla Custard are contrasted with the tangy taste of Rhubarb.”

I Say:

Initially it is all Rhubarb. It is only after the exhale that you feel like you have eaten some Custard!

It is quite a tangy Rhubarb but still sweet enough to stop you pulling a face.

Again the effort made to blend these two flavours is epic.

I am reminded of the Rhubarb and Custard sweets I used to love as a child. If you were a fan of those, you will love Rhubarb Snoow.

rhubarb custard sweets

If you wanted a sour Rhubarb you might be a bit disappointed.

Pina Colada

elfliq pina coladaElfbar Says:

“Pina Colada nic salt e-liquid by Elfliq is a tropical cocktail-inspired blend. The flavour of juicy Pineapple is rounded out by notes of creamy Coconut.”

I Say:

Yeah – I knew I wouldn’t like this – I am a fussy bugger and Coconut – does my nut in.

It is 100% on point with the description and Coconut and Pineapple fans will be happy.

There is also quite a cooling hit, but like with the rest of their flavours it actually accentuates rather than overpowers.

Not for me – but I am sure it will have lots of fans!

Final Review Verdict

I guess the burning question is how close do these E-liquids replicate the experience of a disposable vape?

It’s frighteningly close when vaped from low power devices such as the ones I used!

I’m a bit old school. I prefer my vapes to have a lot less artificial sweetener. As much as I crave flavour the ELFLIQ range (unsurprisingly) doesn’t deliver anything natural or authentic tasting.

Of course that’s for good reason. It achieves its objectives. To offer the experience of a disposable vape while saving money, cutting back on landfill waste and allowing us to use all our favourite starter kits in the process.

So yeah – ELFLIQ have bottled the disposable vape market.

Updated Flavours – October 2023

Michelle here again, I am absolutely loving the flavour intensity of the 6 flavours I tried.

It is definitely an excellent recreation of a disposable vape experience.

Simply grab a good quality pod kit such as the OXVA Xlim, Uwell Caliburn or Voopoo Argus with the Elfliq and you will be saving a fortune by replacing those expensive and wasteful disposable vapes!

Shipping Free on orders over £20!

neil cozens
Neil Cozens

My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.

Apple Peach
Blueberry Sour Raspberry
Cotton Candy Ice
Cream Tobacco
Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava
Pink Grapefruit
Strawberry Ice Cream
Strawberry Ice
Cherry Cola
Peach Ice
Strawberry Kiwi
Blackcurrant Aniseed
Pineapple Mango Orange
Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice
Sour Apple
Rhubarb Snoow
Pina Colada
My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.
elf-bar-elfliq-e-liquid-reviewElf Bar have literally bottled the flavours from a disposable vape. If you've become accustomed to disposable vapes, using them more and more while emptying your pockets just as frequently, the ELFLIQ range of e-liquids should be high on your list of vaping priorities.


  1. I like the disposable Elf vapes but their puff count is rubbish and so gets really expensive for weeks vape … I thought I’d try the Elf Bar eliquid, as I thought it would be similar … no … for me they are far too sweet in comparison … which is a shame … I’m using the Aspire GoteK X Pod Kit …

  2. Hi there,
    Did you find any leakage from the pods when using these?
    I’m using the Geekvape Wenax Q and the pods are constantly leaking when using Elfliq juice but not when using normal E-Liquid.
    It seems the Elfliq juice is a lot thicker and the pod can’t quite handle it.
    Interested to hear your thoughts and recommendation.
    Kind regards


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