In for review are the Elf Bar MC600 Shisha themed Disposable Vapes.

Elf Bar MC600 main picThere’s no stopping Elf bar at the moment. It feels like they’re pumping out new disposable vapes every other week.

As an example we’ve tried and tested the likes of the Elf Bar 600, CR500, T600, Elf Bar ELFA and Elf Bar FB1000 all in the space of around a month.

What’s more they’re very hard to fault for flavour, cloud production and reliability.

Versatility also plays a key role because the FB1000 saw Elf Bar move into refillable pod territory while the ELFA allowed easy interchanging of flavoured pods thanks to a dedicated rechargeable battery.

Predominantly it’s about the disposable vape market. It must be because at the time of writing I counted 19 different types in the Elf Bar portfolio spanning over 60 different flavours.

So we’re in familiar territory with the Elf Bar MC600. Let’s take a closer look.

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What Can We Expect From The Elf Bar MC600 Shisha Disposable Vapes?

Elf Bar have gone for a radical new look with the MC600 disposables. These are described as “Milk Carton” style products for a unique experience. I’ve come across similar looking devices in the past and the Vaporesso Barr springs instantly to mind.

elf bar mc600 styling

My only concern is with the comfort of the mouthpiece but we’ll find out soon enough.

It’s designed to capture the taste of Shisha in every puff. I’m not quite sure what that means since Shisha pipes are largely associated with heating tobacco and ‘other’ substances to produce vapour.

Elf Bar MC600 pic 2

I think in this case they’re referring to Shisha flavour blends. These things might be popular across the world but I’m happy enough to stick with my humble vape, if you please lol.

The current range consists of 12 different flavours, mostly from the fruits category but there’s also a couple of beverage ones and a solitary dessert flavour in there too.

It’s being expanded to include a further 8 and they’re mostly icy versions of what’s already come before.

Elf Bar MC600 pic 1The disposables include 2ml of 20mg Nicotine Salt to provide the newer vaper with a smooth instant hit. With an integrated battery capacity of 550mAH they’re made to last anywhere up to 600 puffs – more than the equivalent of 20 cigs.

Before I take a look at six in the range, I would like to thank Vape Club for sending these across for the purposes of review.

NB: I’ll be updating the review in the near future to include all 12 in the current range. Don’t forget to check back soon!


  • Size: 16 x 16 x 104mm
  • E-liquid capacity: 2ml
  • E-liquid ratio: 50VG 50PG
  • Nic strength: 20mg salt nicotine
  • Battery capacity: 550mAh
  • Puffs: Up to 600 puffs

elfbar mc600 specs


Elf Bar MC600 BlueberryElf Bar Says:

A single fruit blend capturing delicious notes of Blueberries on the inhale that’s then followed by hints of Shisha to create a tasty and satisfying vape.

I Say:

I’m not 100% certain with this one. There is a distinct taste of Blueberry but the cotton also feels a little dry – it almost borders on a dry hit. Or a combination of a dry exhale and the single fruit thrown in.

If that’s the effect of Shisha I’m not entirely sure I like it.

What sweetness there is, is very limited but still permeates the nasal cavities. Blueberry could’ve done with a few more tarty back notes and they’re sorely missing here.

So it’s something of a weird fusion because that dry taste lingers on the palate for quite a while after the vape.

It’s not an ‘in your face’ vape by any stretch of the imagination and the dryness leaves me feeling this sample could be a duff one.

It’s not the usual bright and poppy single flavour profile I’m used to with Elf Bar.


Elf Bar MC600 CherryElf Bar Says:

A single fruit blend capturing bold flavours of Cherry on the inhale that’s then followed by a mild Shisha undertone to create a tasty and satisfying vape.

I Say:

Now that’s more like it! Although the initial aroma very much reminded me of a Cherry Bakewell Tart that’s not what you’ll get from this vape. It’s very sweet and tart like with the single fruit tasting very natural and fresh.

Again there’s that strange after taste which no doubt is down to the Shisha effect but the vape doesn’t feel dry this time.

Cherry is quite subtle in output and it’s as much about the sweetness as it is the single fruit. The flavour’s very consistent too and I’m convinced there’s a low level helping of Coolada included. A touch of ice just tickles the lips on the way out.

I really like the authenticity of Cherry. It holds its appeal to me so I’m more than happy to vape away until the disposable dies.


Elf Bar MC600 CheesecakeElf Bar Says:

A dessert blend capturing creamy Vanilla Cheesecake notes on the inhale paired with a buttery Biscuit layer that’s then followed by a mild Shisha undertone to create a tasty and satisfying vape.

I Say:

Winner, winner Cheesecake dinner! A buttery texture dominates this vape and it’s incredibly moreish. Cheesecake is all about subtle flavour nuances. A creamy Cheese envelopes the vape around mid point of exhale and provides a nice, smooth hit.

There’s a touch of sweetness on the inhale but more in the way of a tanginess on the way out. I also pick out a few bitter back notes but they aren’t very intense and generally help to create more depth to the overall flavour.

This is a dessert inspired profile worthy of high praise in my opinion because I’m not aware of many disposables carrying as much complexity. Elf bar have nailed the dairy, milky qualities of Cheesecake well and truly down.

Again there’s plenty of consistency throughout the exhale with flavour notes oozing out.

I dig the added texture and depth created. Good stuff given that it’s still a very cool vape.

It ticks all the right vaping boxes for me!

Green Apple

Elf Bar MC600 Green AppleElf Bar Says:

A single fruit blend capturing tangy sweet notes of sour Green Apple on the inhale that’s then followed by a mild cool Shisha undertone to create a tasty and satisfying vape.

I Say:

I get plenty of sweetness from the green Apple during inhale. It’s accompanied by the merest hint of Coolada which opens out on the exhale, lacing the end of the tongue post vape.

This green Apple is quite authentic tasting and very much reminds me of a Granny Smith variety. It tastes fresh and is packed with juicy appeal. It’s not far off the flavour received when biting down on the real thing.

On this occasion the sourness is blended with the Shisha effect and actually works quite well. The vape doesn’t have that dry, semi burnt after taste that was so prevalent with Blueberry.

It’s good. It’s authentic and very tasty. I could easily vape this one all summer.


Elf Bar MC600 MangoElf Bar Says:

A single fruit blend capturing juicy sweet notes of Mango on the inhale that’s then followed by a mild Shisha undertone to create a tasty and satisfying tropical vape.

I Say:

Unsurprisingly, Mango emits the strongest aroma when breaking open the vacuum sealed baggie. The Shisha effect is at work again this time creating a roughness to the exhale. That’s not really a bad thing though because it gives the vape added texture.

Much of the sweetness of the fruit arrives later on and can be felt towards the end of the vape. It lurks around the palate instead of leaving a tickle on the tongue.

As for the Mango? It’s been subtly produced again and the Shisha takes the edge off what can often be an intense and sickly tropical experience.

There’s still a juicy quality so nothing feels dry or semi burnt. It also delivers consistently with every MTL vape.

A very ripe tropical tasting fruit devoid of anything synthetic or artificial. It’s one I’ll be coming back to again.

Strawberry Ice

Elf Bar MC600 Strawberry IceElf Bar Says:

A frosty fruit blend capturing sweet summer Strawberry notes on the inhale that’s then followed by mild hints of Shisha and ice to create a tasty and satisfying vape.

I Say:

I already knew what to expect having whiffed the mouthpiece. It’s a very sweetie, candy style version of the fruit. Elf Bar haven’t provided us with any surprises here.

There’s also more of the Shisha effect with Strawberry and they’re noticeable as back notes during the exhale. Do they blend well with the fruit? That’s going to be a matter of personal opinion of course but for me it’s a no.

It does give the standard, generic Strawberry another flavour dimension and to that end I have to attest, originality but what should be sweet becomes rather dry, rather quickly.

Consequently there’s little chance for any sweetness to shine through. The Shisha tends to nullify that.

If you like a chewy sweet version of Strawberry you won’t be disappointed. Just be aware some of the appeal may be taken away by the Shisha.

How Long Does The Elf Bar MC600 Shisha Disposable Vape Last? How Many Puffs?

I got 8 hours continuous use from the Elf Bar MC600. I can’t say I noticed any flavour degradation as the battery depleted either. Good stuff!

Taking into account periods of chain vaping and working to my usual formula of 72 puffs per hour, 600 puffs sounds about right. That’s not something I often write. Well played Elf Bar!

Elf Bar MC600 Shisha Disposable Vape – Final Review Verdict

This Shisha effect is hit and miss for me. It seems to work better with some fruits than others. At times it blends well to accompany the overall flavour, other times it has the adverse effect of producing a dry, almost burnt after taste.

The single fruity flavour profiles themselves are quite refreshing and at times more subtle thanks to a sensible level of sweetener. Authenticity, not artificial springs to mind.

I had concerns about the shape of the mouthpiece but it actually feels quite comfortable and natural in use. Its airflow restriction combined with the single airflow inlet on the base ensures a classic mouth to lung (MTL) vape.

Auto draw was faultless but that should be expected with such airflow restriction.

Inhaling is a very quiet experience and vapour production perfectly emulates that of a tailor made cigarette.

You can definitely expect flavour consistency from the Elf bar MC600 Shisha disposable vapes as well as great battery performance.

Buy Now – 3 for £12!

Green Apple
Strawberry Ice
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