The Exvape Expromizer TCX RDTA comes from a German-based manufacturer who are mainly known for their Expromizer range. The Expromizer V4 RTA being their latest, and very popular device. Neash Vape himself gave the V4 a very high rating of 8.7/10.

Personally, I’ve had no experience with Exvape or any of their products, so I’m quite interested to see what the fuss is all about.

Have you noticed the massive Elephant in the room? Oh wait that’s not an Elephant, that’s the Wotofo Profile RDTA!

That’s right, I feel the Expromizer TCX hasn’t really came out at the right time, the profile RDTA was quite recently released, with Steel Rods to help with Wicking and a Mesh Build Deck.

Couple that with the option of breaking it down into an RDA and personally I thoroughly enjoyed the Profile RDTA, so the TCX has a lot of work to do to impress me more than the Profile did.

What Can We Expect From the Exvape Expromizer TCX RDTA?

The TXC rendition of the Expromizer is predominantly a Mesh RDTA, with the typical ceramic spring loaded block and a clamp either side. The TXC has top adjustable airflow and the main feature is the 6 steel wire wicking rods which adorn the bottom half of the tank.

It is also possible to use regular round-wire coils with this deck, however it’s not completely geared up for the task, especially in comparison to the Wotofo Profile RDTA which has both Posts for coils, and clamps for mesh.

Regardless of its similarities to the Wotofo Profile RDTA, what I really want to know is if the design has been thought out better than he Profile, is the airflow smoother and do Exvape’s Mesh strips produce better flavour and a better all-round experience?

So let’s crack on and see how this performs!

This was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review, as always my views are my own.

Exvape Expromizer TCX RDTA Video Review

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Inside the Box

  • 1 x Expromizer TCX RDTA
  • 2 x 0.2Ω Mesh Strips
  • 1 x Cotton
  • 1 x O-Ring Bag
  • 1 x Mesh Bending Tool
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 2 x Grub Screws
  • 2 x Port Blocks
  • 6 x Steel Rods

Specs and Features

  • Height: 57mm
  • Diameter: 25mm
  • Mesh Build Deck (Coil Option Possible)
  • 7ml e-liquid capacity
  • Top Airflow
  • 810 Drip-Tip
  • Available Colours: Matt Black | Gun Metal | Sandblast | Brushed | Polished

Design and Build Quality

I received the Sandblasted version of the Exvape Expromizer TCX, and at a glance the tank looks very well made, high quality and extremely clean.

I don’t normally start this section of the review with a negative, unfortunately in this instance I need to, and before I forget.

I really must stress how ‘Stiff’ every section of this tank was when opening it up for the first time. The Drip-tip for example was so stiff to remove, I had to use a tool to remove it!

Following on from that, taking apart the top-cap from the base, the airflow from the top-cap and every other part was almost painful.

Now they do loosen over a bit of time and of course a little VG lubrication does help, but nonetheless there are still sections of this tank which are just too tight.

Ok rant over.

The Expromizer TCX is a very tall 25mm RDTA. It’s almost the same height as an 18650 battery in comparison, so you’re going to need the right Device to house this big fella.

Exvape Expromizer TCX RDTA – Drip-Tip and Top-Cap

At the top is an extremely snug 810 drip tip, its nothing fancy but its comfortable to vape on. There is however a nice thick O-ring inside, so use of your own 810 drip-tips is absolutely fine. Just expect a tight fit.

The top-Cap is fairly easy to remove once lubricated and is nicely knurled to allow for comfortable airflow adjustment, but again a little on the stiff side.

The Top-Cap has Dual airflow with 6-punched holes on both sides.

Exvape Expromizer TCX RDTA – Inner Chamber

Like most RDTA’s, the main chamber is pretty much like the barrel for an RDA and is kept snugly in place thanks to the Double O-Rings on the base of the deck.

The inside of the barrel itself is not the usual ‘domed’ style we’re used to seeing these days but its functional.

Exvape Expromizer TCX RDTA – Deck

If you don’t know much about mesh build decks then the TCX deck may be a little confusing. For those who know of the Wotofo Profile line of Tanks and drippers then this deck will look extremely familiar.

The deck itself hosts 2 large clamps and between them is a spring loaded ceramic block.

The idea being that a rainbow shaped mesh strip is installed between the clamps with your cotton ran under the mesh strip.

That’s when the Ceramic Block makes the magic happen and pushed the cotton up against the mesh, even as the cotton starts to break down, the ceramic block will continue to keep it pressed against the mesh strip.

It’s a very clever and simple design that is now being used by a number of manufacturers

Also punched into the base of the deck is 6 fairly sizeable holes. There is an option to plug 2 of these holes with the included bungs, but personally I was happy to make use of all 6 Steel Wicking rods to help with cotton saturation. More on this shortly.

Exvape Expromizer TCX RDTA – Bottom Section

The lower barrel of the TCX is effectively your tank, and the glass is cleverly protected thanks to the nicely styled housing with ‘EX’ cut out.

Inside the bottom section is where your 6 rods will be placed and these allow for e-liquid to reach the cotton.

Now before we carry on, I must stress that the Steel Wire Rods ARE NOT Anti-Gravity devices which make liquid run upwards but they do work to an extent.

The main thing with most RDTA’s is that movement is extremely important. The movement of the e-liquid will help hugely with the saturation of the cotton.

How Does The Exvape Expromizer TCD RDTA Perform?

Building on the Exvape Expromizer TCX RDTA

Let’s be straight here, If you have any experience with the Profile Deck, in any form. Or even some of the other Mesh-Style Decks from other manufacturers which base their design on the Profile then you really wont gain much from this section. Just saying!

However if this is your first Mesh Build deck, or even your first Mesh RDTA then This bit might be quite useful.

Here’s how to build on the Exvape Expromizer TCX RDTA

Make use of the handy Mesh Bending Tool included in the Kit:

Form the mesh gently, then place the ends on either side of the clamps, ensuring the clamps are open wide enough. However, don’t open them too far as they are easy to fall out:

Once installed, pulse the mesh strip at 20w gently to ensure an even burn and also cleans off any machine oil:

The included cotton is actually fairly good, get the strip and gently slide the cotton under the mesh ensuring the cotton is even with no major tight spots.

Before cutting the cotton too short, I strongly suggest raking the cotton at each end quite a lot, because of he steel rods, you really don’t need a massive amount of cotton packed into either side of the deck, less is more with this one.

Once complete, saturate the cotton as much as you can, and pulse the Mesh every now and then to help with saturation.

After that you’re free to fill with e-liquid, however I strongly advise placing the barrel on first and aligning the barrel with the clever filling port as its very easy to lose the small silicon filling bung if you don’t have the barrel on first! And there is no spare!

Exvape Expromizer TCX RDTA – Flavour and Clouds

The 0.2 Mesh strips come with no recommended wattage, however personally I had a bit of a great joy in using this RDTA in two different ways.

45w Airflow Halfway Open

At this wattage, with the AFC open for 3 holes, the vape experience is very relaxing. It’s a cool vape with very little noise but very good flavour and of course a nice cloud to boot.

It is restrictive, certainly not too tight but it takes a little bit of work for your lungs but for some reason I just enjoyed this relaxed approach, usually later on in the day

65w Airflow Open

With the airflow all the way open at 65 watts the Expromizer TXC RDTA comes to life in a big way. The flavour is slightly improved and a little warmth is added.

No longer was it the subtle chilled out tank it was previously and it instantly becomes a harder hitting mesh monster.

Surprisingly the noise from this tank remains very quiet regardless of how you set it, and it’s extremely smooth across the board with very little noise at all which is impressive.

But this is a slightly more restrictive Open-Lung vape than I would prefer. Its not tight, don’t get me wrong. When fully open its airy enough but there is still some restriction there.

Exvape Expromizer TCX RDTA – Do the Rods Work?

Going back to the Profile RDTA for a minute, In my experience the Profile RDTA does a good job, but not the best with wicking. 4 thick rods are used and the Profile struggles to keep up at times, especially with High VG e-liquids.

The Expromizer TCX RDTA does a better job with wicking across the board. Thanks to their smaller gauge and being that there are 6 of them makes for a much better wicking experience and even with chain vaping the TXC seems to keep up very well

What it comes down to really though is the cotton and how much you stuff into the wells.

Less really is more with this RDTA and some people may find they have a battle on their hands to get it right. But I’m afraid that’s a battle anyone who has used, or uses a mesh deck comes across. It’s just one of those things.


  • High Build Quality and finish
  • Easy to build on
  • Excellent Wicking from Steel Rods
  • Glass is well protected by the Tank Shield


  • Tolerances are too tight
  • Airflow may be a little restrictive for some
  • Naturally hard to wick perfect
  • Filling bung falls out
  • Very Tall!

Final Review Verdict

I really didn’t think a Mesh RDTA with airflow being situated so high up on the tank would work, but It does.

The big questions for me was how does the airflow compare and how do Exvape’s own mesh strips perform. In essence they work excellently. The airflow is restrictive yes, but its super quiet and very very smooth.

The mesh strips, although I wish were the same size as the Profile perform very well but I believe they could improve them further by creating a Mesh strip which covers more area. So a tighter Knit mesh may be a good option?

As good as the Profile?

Personally I prefer the Deck and the airflow on the Profile, but the Steel Rod System and wicking on the Expromizer TCX is better. The addition of 2 more rods along with them being of a smaller diameter just seems to improve coil saturation and I spend less time worrying about getting a dry hit from hell!

Did you, or will you buy the Exvape Expromizer TCX RDTA?

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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