Freshcig Starter Kit Review

***Please Note – This Freshcig kit is no longer available – Click Here to see our best small e cigarette choices.***

Freshcig are a UK based brand that are fairly new, being formed in 2011 they are a family business that aims to produce a quality alternative to cigarettes. You may have seen the brand in high st stores as they are stocked in over 100 locations across the UK.

We were contacted by Fresh Cig to have a look at their electronic cigarette starter kit, the Freshcig 150. This kit was received free of charge but all reviews are as always our honest opinion!

freshcig reviewIn The Box

The Freshcig 150 starter kit comes in a cardboard ‘cigarette style’ carton and includes the following:

1 X 190 mAh battery
5 X 16mg Cartomisers
1 X USB Charger


The Fresh Cig kit comes with just the one battery which at the price the kit is selling at it’s understandable but still not ideal, something I will touch on more in a moment.

The design is in keeping with the look of a traditional cigarette which as a new e cig user can be an important selling point. I found myself when I was looking to buy my first e cigarette that having something that looks similar was actually really important to me. This of course is because it helps make that transition from cigs to e cigarettes that little bit easier and keeps things familiar.
freshcig battery

Back to the battery – I found it has a good feel in the hand and is smooth to the touch. When taking a drag the battery activates instantly, this is without having to draw really hard as well.

The switch on the battery is good, this basically means that if there are any sudden movements or you are using the e cig outside in the wind, you won’t be getting any unwanted activation’s. This is less of a problem these days and something I haven’t seen from an e cigarette for over a year.

The battery is has a 190 mAh capacity which is decent for a battery of this size.

One thing to understand is that you shouldn’t buy this size of e cigarette expecting the battery to last you all day, especially once you have been through a good few cycles/charges.

This is not just regarding this Freshcig battery but all mini e cig batteries this size.

I am a moderate vaper and found that I was (after I had re-charged 3 times) getting around 2 hours use from the battery. This is actual vaping time when the e cig is in use, not when it is sitting unused! The problem with this is that when it comes to re-charging you will have about 3 hours with no e cigarette. This can be a problem that results in using cigarettes to plug the gap.

freshcig electronic cigarette

This is why I always recommend, in fact I think it is essential, to have 2 batteries minimum with any mini e cigarette kit you may have. This allows you to alternate batteries and reduce the risk of nipping to the shops for a pack of fags.

The spare batteries are a good price but it would be nice to see a starter kit option that includes a spare or have an option on the starter kit pages to select an extra battery.

The only other thing that would be good to see and could also help with the battery life of mini e cigs is to offer a portable charging case (PCC) like the Epuffer Magnum Snaps e cig XL. This is so batteries can be charged on the move without the need for a mains or computer connection. Not essential but if you are out and about a lot they can be invaluable.

Overall – The battery has a quality feel and reacts well when taking a drag. The battery life is just OK but is on a par with many other mini e cig brands available. Would be good to see a kit with 2 batteries and/or an option to select a spare on the product page. An option for a PCC would also be a plus but is not such a big deal.


fresh cigs refillsThe Freshcig 150 starter kit comes one bottle containing 5 cartomisers. The cartomisers again are designed to resemble the filter of a cigarette, flecks and all.

There is an option of 4 tobacco flavours with the kit (Classic, Premium, American, Rolling Tobacco and Menthol) but no option on the nicotine strength, all kit flavours are only available in 16mg nicotine to start with but you can buy refills in different strengths if you find this is too strong for you.

I was also sent additional flavours to test in 11mg nicotine strength and for me as an ex Marlboro Light smoker I found these about right.

Not to say that the 16mg was un-useable because it was. Their refills are available in 16mg, 11mg or 6mg so if you can choose to buy the strength that suits you once you have tried the e cig.

Onto the actual flavours

I received 4 different flavours to try Classic, Premium, Rolling Tobacco and Menthol.

The Classic tobacco is one of the best sellers for Fresh Cig and I can see why, I found this to be a good likeness to the real thing.

There have been a few reviews saying it is a touch sweet but (and maybe this is because I haven’t smoked a normal cigarette for ages) I didn’t find this, it is described by Fresh Cig as a ‘mild tobacco flavour’ and I would agree.

The throat hit was strong which is to be expected.

freshcig cartomiser flavours


The Premium Tobacco is not as bold as the classic tobacco and whilst I prefer the the latter this is still a decent flavour. The vapour volume is just OK as is the throat hit.

Rolling Tobacco is not something I’m too familiar with and while I wouldn’t vape this all the time it did have an authentic taste. The 11mg throat hit was mild and the vapour volume was again just OK.

The Menthol flavour for me was my favourite e juice. I have smoked menthol in the past and the Freshcig menthol gives a good strong mint taste whilst leaving a cool aftertaste. I also found the vapour volume was very good compared to the others.

Of course everyone has different tastes so what was good for me may not be the same for you, as with all brands a little trial and error may be necessary.

I also found that the stated 30 cigarettes per cartomiser for me was over the mark, I was getting around half of this. Again this is dependent on vaping habits so will differ for each person. Still it works out a lot cheaper than a pack of cigarettes.

Overall – The Classic and Menthol tobacco flavours were my personal favourites, which I found very good. The Premium and Rolling tobacco didn’t really do it for me but it is only a personal preference. Also I wasn’t getting the stated 30 cigarettes worth per cartomiser stated on the Freshcig website, this will change with each individuals vaping habits.

Discount Code

We are lucky enough to be able to offer readers with exclusive vape coupon codes. Just enter ECIGCLICK at checkout for 15% off.

Returns / Warranty

A 7 day return is offered for unused/unopened product, please check their website for the latest upto date information on returning any faulty goods.

Customer Service

Contact can be made via email and phone. They are also active on Facebook and Twitter.

Overall – (And For Those That Skipped To The End!)

I found this to be a good option for anyone new to e cigarettes, the Menthol and Classic tobacco flavours are good as is the overall quality of the e cigarette.

There were a couple of downsides for me, first is the kit only comes with one battery, if you are going to go for this FreshCig starter Kit then I would recommend buying an extra battery, if not immediately then straight after you have tried and decided that the product is for you.

Second is there is no PCC option available which I always find to be a really useful bit of kit even if it is just an option at a later date.

If you buy this kit it should be treated as a tester kit and you should expect to add accessories/items to it if you find it is for you.

One good thing to note as well is that Freshcig offer free delivery on all products, which I haven’t seen from any other e cig brand to date, saves a few more pennies!

Are there better e cigs out there? Yes there is.

Check out the below if you are just starting on your vaping journey.

Jonny - Ecigclick

As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!

As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!


  1. Freshcig is the best I have found and I have tried lots of other brands, would recommend it to anyone. Excellent service from a great company and I have never been let down by the product. It has completely changed my life!! Thank you Freshcig!

  2. I’ve vaped for the last year and the best I
    On the market , by far, nice slim size,larger cartomiser , easy draw and oodles of smoke.ive tried about ten different brands and they all have problems , some small, others a right pain! Freshcig have got it right, I have found my e cig ,and I’ve stopped looking . Can’t reccomend them enough.

  3. Excellent business to deal with – received a discount code on every purchase to date and free first class delivery represents a significant saving.
    Looks very similar to a ‘100’ cigarette and the range of flavours is more than acceptable.
    Highly recommended for all those thinking of switching: don’t bother with e-lites or 10 motives as they really do taste odd to me. With free postage and offers every day, Freshcig are a reliable option.
    BTW Freshcig say that they are introducing a PCC and looking into a 4 battery auto charger as well.

  4. First of all, the product took 5-6 days to arrive which i put down to what Royal Mail had done,
    which was to rip the package open at a guess than put one of there own “we are sorry bags” over the the freshcig
    packaging, but than in transit both the plastic bags where cut off on one side and left like that so you
    could gain assess just the same way as you would talking crisps out off a packet,and touch what (whoever) you want
    of the contents. So hi rang freshcig up to let them know (HELP THEM) about this and first of i mentioned the hygiene
    (some parts do touch the lips) aspect but they where not (no advice or anything) worried, then i mentioned what Royal Mail
    had done so then Freshcig ask if all the contents was there then suggested (Freshcig sent this not me) that “HI” ring them
    Royal Mail that is….ye right…..
    On to the product, the little tanks you (six) get with this are just great, fill them and (the tobacco is nice) put into the
    atomizer that is connected to the battery but can be removed for what ever reason? The battery takes “only” two hours to charge (the charger cable will retract to 2+feet) and will last longer than one day even if used a lot, it took me about one day to get used to holding(weight and grip) the Lea because i was used to the starter kit battery, but i use the Lea most of the time now……..Ive got to say the science behind the atomizer is just amazing, to me any how……..Also the case you get with this is a BIG PLUS which i use all the time for every part of this kit, this kit cost me ₤25 offer price, hi would not pay ₤40 ……..Gone 46 days now cig free…….
    happy vapeing to all ;~)

    Too Freshig the video below put (replacing the cap/bung or not) my worries to rest!!!

  5. The kit has a 8.5mm (size means width in my book) diameter in SIZE by 40mm cart and 70mm battery which feels and looks like a real cig and no pre drags needed , the outcome was 275+ puffs on one charge and more than 300 puffs per cart. They have seven flavors, hi tried and loved the rolling which is a bit nicer than JackVapers (well be a later review for them) rolling, on my 32nd day with out a cig, day 5 and especially day 13 where a little bad and the 2nd half of my 4th week was not to good thats all for now happy Vaporing……..By the way i did not intend to stop smoking.


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