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Gamucci are a UK based e cig brand that have been producing and selling e cigarettes worldwide since 2007, so it goes without saying they are one of the bigger e cig brands out there.

So this Gamucci review is long over due here at ecigclick.

We were sent the Gamucci Micro Deluxe Starter Kit free of charge for the purposes of this review but as always our opinion is our own!


The presentation box is a nice and tidy compact box that contains the following:

  • 2 x Automtic batteries
  • 4 x Cartomisers¬†
  • USB & Wall adapter




The Gamucci kit comes with two automatic batteries both of which have a 240 mAh capacity and are fully charged and ready to go out of the box. The design is made to resemble a cigarette and it does go some way to achieving this although the battery body has been completed with a smooth finish rather than the raised rings. Still it has a decent quality finish that feels good in the hand.Gamucci E Cig Size Comparison

Moving onto the performance of the battery, I found it very responsive when I was taking a drag, there were no primer drags needed in order for the e-liquid to be vapourised so all as it should be there. The battery life was as expected, after a few cycles of the battery I was looking at around half a days use.

This will no doubt differ depending on the frequency in which you vape so it could be more or less for you but this is similar for most mini e cig batteries this size. This is where the spare battery in this kit becomes invaluable as you will want to get into the habit of charging one battery while you use the other so you will always be rotating.

Heavy smokers may find they are doing this quite regularly so a third battery should be considered. If however, you are a heavy smoker that isn’t too bothered about having a cig-a-like e cig then I would recommend taking a look at a vape pen e cigarette as these will be more suited to the amount you would vape.

But back to Gamucci and if and when a new battery is needed then they sell them on their website.

While not essential it would have been good to see a portable charging case added as a kit option so batteries can be charged on the move.

Overall – The Gamucci batteries performed well, the life was decent for a cig-a-like e cig and they reacted well when taking a drag.


The Gamucci Micro Deluxe kit comes with four cartomisers in total. They don’t provide any options at checkout and come with the Regular Tobacco flavour (16mg nicotine strength) as standard. There are of course a number of other nicotine strengths and flavours available to buy separately which we will cover at the end of this section.

Gamucci RefillsThe flavour of Gamucci’s tobacco is described by them as ’emulating traditional tobacco’. The cartomisers do provide a good smooth vape and masses of vapour but the actual flavour isn’t to my tastes.

It was actually very similar to the VIP e cig tobacco flavour that I reviewed a while back (or VIP is like Gamucci) and it just had a kind of flat taste to it.

One thing to keep in mind is that taste is a personal thing so maybe it will be different for you? If you have used Gamucci e cigarettes it would be great to hear your thoughts on this in the ‘review’ area at the bottom of this post.

I was also sent their Menthol and Coffee flavours to try although these don’t come ‘as standard’ with the kit and will need to be purchased separately. The Menthol flavour<span style=”font-family: verdana,geneva; color: #333333;”> was good, not the best I have tried but I would definitely be able to use this as an ‘all day vape’. The ice mint sensation that you get from menthol was on the subtle side but you could feel it in the mouth as an aftertaste which was pleasant enough. Again it produced a good amount of vapour.

The Coffee flavour was also a decent flavour, I’m not normally a fan of coffee flavours and while I couldn’t personally use this all the time it is one I could go back to now and then. Like other coffee flavours I have vaped though it still reminded me of the coffee flavoured chocolates you can get (normally the only ones left in the box at Christmas) so if you are a fan of those then you may just get on well with these. The vapour volume, as with the other flavours, was again excellent.

The life of the cartomisers is said (by Gamucci) to be 375 puffs, this wasn’t the case for me, I was getting around 170/180 puffs before I noticed the flavour start to diminish. The thing with puff counts is that everyone will be different. The Gamucci puff count is based on 2 second drags of the e cig, I personally have a 2/3 second drag as I tend to take slower longer drags. So take that as you will but don’t expect the full 375 drags per cartomiser as you may be disappointed.¬† gamucci-cartomiser-battery

When the time comes for buying refills Gamucci sell a pack of 3 cartomisers. They are a touch more expensive when compared to some competing brands (apart from E-Lites!) as most do sell their refills in packs of 5, but there isn’t much in it to be getting too concerned about.

There are further flavour options such as Cherry, Cola, Apple, Vanilla and Grape which are only available in 1.6% nicotine strength.

The Tobacco refills are available in 0%, 0.6%, 1.1% and 2.2% strengths so covering pretty much most needs. Good to see they are stocking the nicotine free option for those that want to wean themselves off nicotine for good.

Overall – I didn’t enjoy the tobacco flavour but the menthol was decent and the coffee OK for an occasional vape although it did (to me) taste like coffee chocolates. One factor that stood out with all the Gamucci cartomisers was the thick cloud of vapour produced, very good indeed.


Gamucci will provide a refund for unused and unopened product within 7 days. They also have a 30 day return for any faulty product. As always please check their website for up to date T&C’s.

Customer Service

Gamucci can be contacted on a freephone number, email and they are active on Facebook and Twitter.


The Gamucci electronic cigarette does have it’s good and not so good points. The thing that did impress was the amount of vapour volume their cartomisers produced and the smooth flow when taking a drag. They have a patented technology called Vaporcore which is said to concentrate on the two things, amongst others, and on those two counts it definitely seems to do the trick.

The battery is OK for a mini and with two in rotation should just about be OK for light/moderate smokers. If you are a heavy smoker I would suggest looking at the JAC Vapour S22, if they are too big and you have your heart set on a cig-a-like then I would say you may need a third battery added to the mix to keep you going.

The major thing that I didn’t like with this e cigarette was the tobacco flavour, I didn’t take to this at all. As they say though taste is a subjective thing. Overall though if you are new to the world of e cigarettes then you could do a lot worse than Gamucci.

Final Gamucci E Cig Review Verdict:

The Gamucci Micro Deluxe Kit is recommended by

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  1. This is the second day on the gamucci electronic cig. And I can’t exsplain how much it changed my life for the better. I’m doing it for my son and my health. Never going back, I love to fact, it’s small and compact. Easy to charge and use, it looks and feels like a real cigarette and the vapour isn’t harsh and chalky like every other e cig I’ve tried, and with the handy usb charger to charge it in your computer or mains adaptor. Very very happy thank you ??


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