Introduction: The Alpha Sub Ohm Tank from GeekVape

The Geekvape Alpha sub ohm tank is a new Mesh coil tank release from Geekvape.

Recently Geekvape released the super pretty Nova Kit, which included the Geekvape Cerberus sub ohm tank.
alpha tank on yosta mod
Another kit version is available now – the Geekvape Nova & Alpha kit – which includes the Alpha sub ohm tank. You can also buy the tank on its own.

As stated above this is a Mesh stock coil tank. I have to say recent mesh coil tanks have been incredible – some of my favourites are the Freemax Mesh Pro, Horizon Falcon and the Fireluke Mesh. The standard of sub ohm tanks in the last year or so has gone up in huge leaps and bounds.

The coils in the kit are the new MeshMellow coils. They have single or dual coil mesh elements and are surrounded by some very posh cotton. Imported Egyptian cotton may I add – sounds like something from Harrods! The cotton is 100% organic, Sterile, no bleaching agents, Hydrogen Peroxide or artificial taste.Geekvape meshmellow coils

There are 6 resin colours to choose from – all of which match one of the Geekvape Nova Mods – Silver/Ember Resin, Silver/Twilight Resin, Silver/Flare Resin, Black/Onyx Resin and Blue/Onyx Resin.alpha tank colours

This tank was sent to me free of charge for the purposes of this review. I will report back accurately on my experience with the device in my possession.

What’s In The Box

alpha tank contents

  • Geekvape Alpha Sub Ohm Tank
  • Dual mesh MM X2 coil head 0.4ohm
  • Single mesh MM X1 coil head 0.2ohm
  • Replacement glass
  • O-rings
  • User Manual (Mine was missing as this was a sample box)

I received the Alpha Tank packaged in a sample box – the retail boxes will look like those pictured below.


  • Size: 25x51mm
  • Capacity: 2ml (EU) / 4ml (Bubble glass)
  • MeshMellow coil system – Egyptian cotton, non bleached
  • 810 drip tip
  • Top button press slide fill
  • Adjustable bottom airflow

Alpha tank specs

Build Quality & Design

My Alpha tank is the Black & Onyx Resin version.

It is super pretty – the white of the Onyx catches the light and glistens when you turn it. However I was struggling to find a mod that matched the looks of this very well – even a plain black mod didn’t look right.alpha tank black onyx

Each side of the tank is unique with the resin pattern. One side of mine had more pattern than the other side.

At the top of the tank is a matching 810 drip tip – this is the type with O-rings installed – I tried a Goon style (no O-rings) and a standard 810 (with O-rings) drip tip and both fitted perfectly.geekvape alpha drip tip

The top cap is a swing open job which is spring loaded. As you as you press the “open” marked button it swings wide open and reveals the single top filling port.

Mine came with the 4ml bubble glass installed and this looks great – not too wide or over the top.

The base of the tank has an airflow control ring in the same resin finish and has a few grip areas moulded in. This turns perfectly smoothly.

There is no branding visible on the tank at all until you remove it from the mod.

On the base is the Alpha and Geekvape branding and the legally required symbols.geekvape alpha bottom view

The 510 pin is not adjustable and protrudes nearly 2ml from the outer 510 connection.

This just feels like it is a quality item and I had no malfunctions or leaks at all.

How Does the Geekvape Alpha Sub Ohm Tank Perform?

Basic operation

When it arrives it should already have the single mesh MM X1 coil installed.

If so fill up the tank, leave to stand for 10-15 minutes, put on a mod and adjust the airflow to your preference.

Below is a quick guide to filling and coil changing.

How To Fill The Tank

  • Locate the release button – it has “Open” written on it.alpha top fill lock button
  • Press the button and the spring loaded fill cap will spring open.
  • Add e-liquid via the slot – do not add liquid to the centre hole as this will make it hiss and spit like a rabid kitten.geekvape alpha top fill
  • Swing the filler cap closed until it clicks.
  • For the first time fill or after a coil change leave the tank to stand for 10-15 mins before firing the coil to avoid a lung exploding dry hit and ruining your coil.

How To Install The Coil Head

If the tank is over a third full you might get some liquid through the drip tip when you turn the tank over and remove the base so keep some loo roll handy!

  • Remove the tank from the mod.
  • Turn the tank upside down.
  • Unscrew the bottom of the tank.alpha tank coil installed
  • Unscrew the coil if one is already installed.alpha tank dismantled
  • Screw a new coil head into the tank base.alpha tank coil head
  • Fill the tank and leave to stand to absorb the e-liquid.

Flavour & Cloud Production

The MM coil range includes imported Egyptian cotton – so does this taste any purer than standard coil heads? Does it wick better? That is my first train of thought whilst testing this tank.meshmellow coils

I am using a high VG e-liquid as this is what you will need to use in sub ohm tanks. Liquid low in VG is harsher and a lot thinner so not really suited to this equipment at all. Baffled by VG/PG? Read our guide to VG and PG in E-liquid.

Also this is a sub ohm tank so you won’t need high nicotine strengths – I am using my usual Stika Bombs 80%VG and 6mg Nicotine strength E-liquid.

I have used this tank on a few mods (at the standard taste/wattage setting) – the Yosta Livepor 200W, the Voopoo Alpha One and the Augvape V200.

Geekvape MM X1 – Single Mesh Coil

The MM X1 coil is a Kanthal KA1 mesh with a stated resistance of 0.2ohm.

The recommendations for wattage are 60-100W – best at 75-95W.

I started at 60W and it was ok – moved up to 80W and this has come alive now.

I think I have the 4ml version as this does have a bubble glass and even vaping at 80W this tank isn’t appearing to be greedy.

The airflow is super smooth and there is tons of vapour.

In the fully open position there is only a slight restriction and a bit of a whistle. In the fully closed position the airflow is not completely closed but pretty close.

As usual for me being a restricted DTL vaper I had the airflow in the central position.

Geekvape MM X2 – Dual Mesh Coil

The MM X2 coil is a dual Kanthal KA1 mesh with a stated resistance of 0.4ohm.

The recommendations for wattage are 50-80W – best at 60-70W.

I have mainly been using this around 65W and the flavour is great and excellent clouds.

This is a 0.4ohm dual mesh coil – the only other dual mesh I have to compare with is the Freemax Mesh Pro tank.

At 70w the flavour is slightly less than the Freemax tank is chucking out – but that is a 0.2 ohm coil so will get warmer and run at a higher wattage. I usually run the Mesh Pro at 75-80W.

So performance wise this is slightly below the Freemax Mesh Pro but still a pretty good little performer. The e-liquid consumption is a lot lower than the Freemax and also being able to run this at a lower wattage will make your battery last slightly longer.


  • No leaks
  • Really well made
  • Can run this at lower wattage than some other mesh coil tanks
  • Not as greedy on e-liquid
  • Great taste and vapour
  • Top fill locking cap


  • Styling of the resin colours might put some people off

Final Review Verdict

I haven’t dropped many marks off this tank in my ratings. The only design flaw I can see is that the colour of the tank and the resin doesn’t match many other mods – it is fine if you own the Nova mod it is designed for!

To make a comparison with the other dual mesh coil tank I own the Freemax Mesh Pro – the Alpha is just slightly below the mark for flavour for me. Vapour wise they are pretty similar. This is by no means “flavour free” by any stretch – however when you have been spoiled by the exceptional Mesh Pro there is nothing else which will match up to it.

If I had never tried the Mesh Pro this would have got higher marks!

If you want a tank which guzzles less e-liquid (compared to similar tanks), has a secure top fill cap, runs at a lower wattage, hasn’t had a single leak and still chucks out excellent flavour then go for the Geekvape Alpha. The Freemax is slightly better on flavour but it does sometimes have a dribble from the airflow, it needs a higher wattage and the top fill cap can sometimes slide open on its own.

This really is a quality little tank and I would happily recommend it. Ideal for those with mods which only go up to 80W where higher power tanks would drain the battery too quickly.

Build quality
Ease of use
Flavour - Single Mesh MM X1 Coil
Vapour - Single Mesh MM X1 Coil
Flavour - Dual Mesh MM X2 Coil
Vapour - Dual Mesh MM X2 Coil
Replace if lost or damaged?
My name is Michelle - I am 46 and an engineer and Technical Author by trade. I started vaping many years ago in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. My journey in vaping began again a few years ago and have started to move up in the shiny shiny gadget department and love vaping! I have finally stopped smoking as of June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod!


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