Innokin Ego iClear From Vapourmate

Innokin have been introducing some of the best e cigarettes with their iTaste VV/VW getting a big thumbs up in our recent review.

This time around we are reviewing the Ego iClear 16. This particular vape pen cig kit was sent to us free of charge for the purposes of this review by the guys over at Vapourmate.

As always though our views are our own whether the product was received free or not!

In the box / Presentation

The Innokin Ego iClear kit comes in a nice black presentation box.

In this kit you will find the following:

  • 2 Manual 650 mAh Batteries
  • 5 iClear Clearomisers
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • USB and wall Charger

Battery / Responsiveness

The Innokin Ego comes with 2 650 mAh batteries and is available in 2 colours, black and stainless steel. I was sent the stainless steel which is a great looking battery that has a real quality feel and look to it. innokin iclear16Both batteries are manual (basically meaning a button needs to be pressed to activate) and come with the now standard on/off function.

This is activated with three quick clicks of the button to turn off and the same to turn back on, a light will flash to let you know this has been done correctly.

This really does come in handy if you are carrying around your electronic cigarette in your pocket or a bag, it just saves from any accidental activation’s.

innokin ego passthroughThere are a couple of other feature on the Innokin battery that I find very useful, the first being that it also acts as a ‘pass-through’.

This basically means you can vape the e cigarette whilst it is charging, there is a small USB connection on the bottom of the battery, concealed neatly by a stainless steel end cap, all you do is charge the battery via the USB cable and carry on vaping. Can come in handy sometimes especially if you work on computers and only have the one battery available.

The second feature to let you know roughly what life your battery has left in it. This is displayed through the LED light in the button on the battery. Green indicates a full charge, yellow is at half and red lets you know that you need to get the battery charging. It’s not exact but it comes in handy and should stop you from getting caught out in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery.


The most important part of the an e cig battery, how long will it last?

As mentioned before there are two 650 mAh batteries included in the kit. For me personally as a moderate vaper I was managing to get through the majority of day before sticking it on to charge. This will of course change depending on your vaping habits but I was happy with the battery life.innokin ego iclear16 review

One thing I still do though, no matter what capacity battery I am using, is take a spare battery with me if I am out and about, just a precaution but nothing worse than a battery dying with no backup! Tended to happen to me a lot in my early vaping days!

If it comes to a point where a replacement is needed and due to the nature of batteries this will happen, then Vapourmate sell replacements.


The Innokin Ego battery in the stainless steel looks and feels great. The battery life was good as expected with the 650 mAh batteries and the Pass through function is also a nice added bonus.

iclear16 clearomiser

Vapour / Flavour

This kit comes with 5 iClear 16 clearomisers and a 10ml bottle of Hangsen e-liquid. I received the Vanilla flavour juice in 16mg nicotine strength to try out.

For me personally as much as I tried I really didn’t take to this flavour at all. There is a lot of flavour in there and it is a quality juice but it was far too heavy for me flavour wise, verging on being a bit sickly.

One thing to keep in mind though is that taste is a personal thing, I have tried e-liquid in the past that I have loved and others have hated and vice versa so if you do have a thing for vanilla then I would say give it a go. If you aren’t too fussed with vanilla then move along!

If you are new to vape tanks don’t worry, they are really simple to use and you will be filling and refilling like a pro after a few uses. Its a simple case of removing the mouthpiece and dripping the e-liquid down the inside wall of the clearomiser.
iclear16 clearomizer close up
The only mistake new users tend to make is getting the e-liquid in the tube that runs down the centre of the tank. The Hangsen e-liquid bottles come with a needle tip so it makes filling straightforward with minimal mess.

The iClear 16 clearomisers, as the name suggests, will hold upto 1.6ml of e-liquid so plenty to keep you going.

These will need replacing, usually when you can taste the flavour diminishing but you can expect to get anything from 8 refills +. Again this will differ for each user, I have refilled single clearomisers anything from 8-20 times.

Overall – The iClear 16 clearomisers work a treat and help produce a decent vapour volume. Only downside for me was the Hangsen Vanilla e-liquid, not a flavour for me but it could be for any vanilla fans out there!

Returns / Warranty

Vapourmate offer a 7 day return policy. As always check their website for all T&C’s!

Customer Service

Very responsive, they have a very handy instant messenger function on their website so you can chat with someone straight away or alternatively they are available via email and active on Twitter and Facebook.

Overall – For those that skipped!

I found the Innokin Ego iClear 16 starter kit to be a quality product overall, the stainless steel version looked great and had a nice feel in the hand.

I was getting about a full days use from one of the 650 mAh batteries (comes with two) so all good there, I also liked the fact you can also use these as a Pass-through, this just means you can use the battery to vape with whilst it is charging via a USB port.

The iClear clearomisers work a treat helping to get the most out of your e-liquid, the only thing I didn’t like was the flavour I received in the pack, the Vanilla was just too strong a flavour for me personally. Overall a great place to start for those wanting an Ego type (larger battery) electronic cigarette and at a good price as well. 

Recommended for:

  • New e cig users that are not concerned with buying a ‘cig sized’ e cig.
  • E Cig users that are looking to upgrade from their ‘cig sized’ e cigarette.

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Final Innokin Ego iClear 16 Start Kit Review Verdict:

Excellent: Highly Recommended By


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