In for review today is the Innokin Sceptre 2 kit!

Sceptre 2 main image

It is worth mentioning that I reviewed the original Sceptre kit back in September 2020 and absolutely loved it.

Innokin followed this with the Sceptre MTL Kit which was an update with 2 of the 0.65ohm coils included. Also there was the Sceptre Tube version as well which used the same S-Coil range.

Plus I got a quick sneaky peek of this at the Vaper Expo 2022!

sceptre 2
Sceptre 2 – modelled by Phil Busardo!

I have high hopes for the Sceptre 2 – so let’s get stuck in and see if it delivers!

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Thank you to Innokin for sending this over for review and I will report back honestly on my findings of the device in my possession!

What Can We Expect From The Innokin Sceptre 2…

This version has more in common with the original Sceptre than the Sceptre tube.

sceptre 2 components

The styling is pretty much the same, the body is slightly shorter and not as wide.

However there have been some great updates…

sceptre 2 updates

Firstly and the main update for me is the improvement on the original fiddly coil change system. This version has a push in coil installation – phew!

sceptre 2 coil change

Also this is still compatible with the S-Coil range and you get the 0.5ohm and 0.6ohm coils included in the kit.

Another great update is the fact you no longer have to remove the pod to change the airflow setting. There is a simple slide adjustment located on the side of the pod.

Battery wise this is still the same at 1400mAh but this time you have a USB Type C port which apparently charges at up to 0.8A charge rate.

sceptre 2 battery

As before you have 2 power levels – the left hand LED indicator lights up Purple (Boost power level) or Blue for Normal power level. You can change between the two settings.

The right hand LED displays the battery capacity remaining and changes colour.

A manual fire button is provided but this device also has an auto draw system meaning you can simply inhale on the mouthpiece and the device will fire.

sceptre 2 activation

The pod is refillable with up to 3ml (Standard) or 2ml (TPD) of your own e-liquid via the side fill port.

There are 8 colour options to choose from: Pink, Purple, Grey, Blue, White, Black, Rainforest and Red.

sceptre 2 colours

Kit Includes

  • Innokin Sceptre 2 device
  • Pod
  • 0.6ohm coil (installed)
  • 0.5ohm coil
  • USB Type C cable
  • User manual

sceptre 2 contents

Innokin Sceptre 2 Kit Specs

  • Size: 104.3×27.9×17.6
  • Output: 2.65-3.4V – two power levels – Normal and Boost
  • Battery: 1400mAh (internal)
  • Display: Two LED indicators
  • Resistance range: 0.4-3.5ohm
  • E-liquid capacity: 3ml (standard) / 2ml (TPD)
  • USB Type C – 0.8A charge rate
  • Pods: Refillable, replaceable coils
  • Coils: S-Coil
  • Easier “Push fit” coil installation
  • Side fill port
  • Slide airflow adjustment
  • Auto draw or button activation

sceptre 2 specs

Innokin Sceptre 2 Design and Build Quality

I received three kits in the Purple, White and Red variants, plus 2 spare pods and 2 spare coils! Thank you Innokin!

sceptre 2 3 colours

I have mainly been reviewing the Purple version as I thought it was the cutest.

It is worth noting I have had building work going on at home and been using this kit. I dropped it multiple times and it’s still going strong. The only bruises it has to show for the rough treatment is some scratching to the body.

sceptre 2 damage

As usual the kit contents arrived in a pristine condition in the environmentally friendly packaging you get from Innokin.

The instructions in the main were pretty good, but yet again information on protections and fault conditions has not been included. Which is a shame as simple faults and the LED displays should be explained so the user can rectify.

sceptre 2 side 3 colours

I think I have the 2ml version – I know from the previous Sceptre that the 3ml pods use the mouthpiece as a reservoir too, but the kits I have got do not – so I assume mine are 2ml.


This is super cute and very similar to the original. There is a slight size difference but not much to be honest.

sceptre 1 and sceptre 2
Sceptre 1 (Vogue Green) and Sceptre 2 (Purple) Size Comparison

The Red version has a Black main frame but the White and Purple have Silver metallic main frames.

On the front of the mod is the fire button which is well placed – the original had a side mounted fire button which was a bit awkward.

To either side of the fire button are the LED indicators which are bright and easy to see.

Sceptre 2 LED

Unfortunately the fire button is super responsive – this would usually be a positive, but as you cannot lock the button there is potential for this to accidentally fire when in a bag or pocket. I have accidentally been pressing the button just carrying this in my hands. A button lock is a feature this really could do with.

Above and below the fire button are two different finishes, the Purple version for instance has a plain pale Lilac bottom half and a stripy Lilac and Purple top half.

sceptre 2 purple front view

The rear and side of the device are a Metallic Silver finish.

There is the Sceptre 2 text on the front and the rear has the Innokin logo.

sceptre 2 rear view

On the base are the required legal logos – which are hard to see on the versions with the Silver body. The Red version with the Black body shows up these much clearer.

sceptre 2 bottom view

On the one side of the device is the USB Type C port and the other side is plain.

sceptre 2 side views

The pod compartment houses 4 strong magnets and 2 contacts. The pod can only be installed in one position due to the airflow slider on the pod.

sceptre 2 contacts

I found the pod stayed in the mod securely even when shaken about, plus it didn’t even come out all the times the kit got dropped!

But I did find that the pod was held in too securely a lot of the time as I had to use my teeth to grip the mouthpiece to pull the pod out to fill. There is nowhere to grip on to!


This part of the kit has had the most updates.

The mouthpiece is a duck-billed style the same as the original and is smooth and comfortable to use.

sceptre 2 mouthpiece

On the base of the pod is the coil, this time you pull the coil and the base out from the pod. You need to remember to remove the coil base before you discard the coil as this will be needed for the new coil.

I found on new coils with base installed the base was a pig to remove. Had to use bloody pliers to get the base off.

This system is so much easier than the awkward system used on the original.

On this version the airflow adjustment has moved to the side of the pod and is accessible with the pod installed on the device.

sceptre 2 airflow adjustment
L-R – Fully open, Fully closed, mid position

Push the slider to the lowest position for the most restricted (tightest) airflow setting, or move it up fully for the least restricted (loosest) setting. Of course you can select any setting in-between too.

On the opposite side to the airflow is the fill port. This has a lift up silicone cover, which is easy to grip and with a bit of manipulation will swing to one side to allow easier access to the fill port.

sceptre 2 fill port

One side of the pod has the Sceptre 2 logo and the other side has the required legal logos.

sceptre 2 pod front rear

The pod base features 4 strong magnets.

sceptre 2 pod base

This pod is not compatible with the original Sceptre.

Sadly with the pod installed the e-liquid level is not visible and the cute white LED which lit up the pod compartment on the original has vanished too.

Quick Start Guide

The device comes with a protective cover on the front so peel that off first.

sceptre 2 protective cover

Also an isolation sticker is attached to the coil base – so when you have filled the pod you can remove this. Do not remove until the pod has been filled and left to stand for a while, as accidental firing will knacker up your coil!

sceptre 2 isolator

Charge battery, fill pod and away you go!

Basic Operation

  • Power On/Off: Press the fire button 3 times quickly to turn on or off
  • Vaping: inhale on the mouthpiece and the device will fire automatically or manually press the fire button.
  • Battery indicator when in use: The LED on the right is the battery indicator. Red = 0-10% charge, Yellow = 10-30% charge, Green = 30-100% charge.
  • Battery indicator when charging: The LED on the right is the battery indicator. Red = below 90% charge, Green = over 90% charge and the light will extinguish when fully charged.
  • Adjust power level: press the fire button twice quickly when the device is switched on. The indicator will display the power level chosen. To change press the button twice again.sceptre 2 power levels
  • Power level indicator: The LED on the left is the power level indicator – Purple = high (boost) and Blue = Low (Normal).
  • Airflow adjustment: use the slider on the side of the pod. At the top setting the airflow is less restricted and in the bottom setting the airflow is more restricted. You can move the slider to any setting in-between too.sceptre 2 airflow


Sadly the instructions do not mention any protections or what the mod will display in the case of a fault.

How To Charge The Battery

  • Insert the small end of the included USB Type C cable into the charge port of the device.
  • Insert the large end of the cable into a suitable USB outlet.
  • Leave to charge. The light will change colour during charging and turn off when fully charged.

Charging took a few minutes either side of 2 hours every time with a 2A charging plug. Obviously the charger output is reduced to match the capability of the mod.

How To Fill the Pod

  • Remove the pod from the mod.
  • Lift up the fill port cover.sceptre 2 fill port
  • Fill the pod whilst watching the e-liquid level.sceptre 2 filling
  • Replace the fill port cover firmly.
  • Leave pod to stand for 10 minutes to allow the coil to soak up the e-liquid before using.
  • Replace pod into mod – again this will only fit one way around.

How To Replace The Coil

Make sure the pod is empty before a coil change as e-liquid will come out of the pod base or mouthpiece when the coil is removed. If you cannot empty the pod make sure to have plenty of tissue around when you remove the coil.

  • Remove the pod from the mod.
  • Turn the pod upside down and pull out the coil and base unit.sceptre 2 coil removed
  • Unscrew the base from the coil – do not discard this as you will need it!sceptre 2 coil base removed
  • Screw the base onto the new coil.sceptre 2 coil base installed
  • Push the coil fully into the pod.sceptre 2 coil installed
  • Fill the pod as described above and leave to stand for 10 minutes.

Innokin Sceptre 2 Performance

I will be using my own 50/50 VG/PG e-liquid which is based on the IVG Bubblegum Concentrate at a 20% flavour ratio with 6mg Nic salt.

0.6ohm S-Coil Performance

I used this on the Boost setting as it was pretty lack-lustre.

Even on the boost setting it is just OK. It is not horrendous let me make that clear, but it is just a bit lazy if that makes sense.

The vapour is surprisingly good, but the flavour and throat hit are just “meh”. Average.

I preferred the 0.5ohm coil which seemed full of life compared to the sleepy 0.6ohm.

Coil Life

One of the issues with the original Sceptre that me and many others struggled with was the coil quality.

Sadly this seemed to rear its ugly head again with the first 0.6ohm coil I tried only lasting a few refills before filling my mouth with the most vile dry hit.

I have found in the past a pack of 5 S-coils would often have 1 dodgy coil or sometimes a whole pack would be awful. I would buy from the same place every time (a registered Innokin dealer) so I was sure they were not counterfeit.

It would be a huge shame if this kit scores low marks simply because of inconsistent coil quality.

I have some spare pods and coils so I will keep trying!

0.5ohm S-Coil Performance

This is an absolute beauty!

I am using this on the Boost setting (Purple LED) and the flavour is incredible. It is the only pod kit coil to come close to my beloved Oxva Xlim SE 0.8ohm pods for flavour!

The flavour is strong and clear and with the boost power level I am getting a great throat hit too.

As expected you are not going to be chucking out huge clouds but the vapour output is more than satisfactory.

Changing down to the normal power level there is a slight drop in flavour and vapour so I did find this was much happier on the boost level.

So far I have refilled this 18 times and the flavour and performance have not deteriorated at all.

70/30 VG/PG Test

As I had some spare pods and coils I thought I would try some thicker e-liquid. I used the Fizzle Drips Cherry and Strawberry Fizz which is 70%VG and 30%PG.

I only tested the 0.5ohm coil.

Anyway the flavour was still incredible and although I only tried one pod full, I experienced no wicking issues so it seemed happy.


You can pretty much close off the airflow completely. There is a slight airflow – enough to trigger to auto draw fire but that is about it.

Fully open this is definitely more of a RDL (Restricted Direct Lung) but again the auto draw still copes with the airflow increase.

I found that a good MTL airflow was obtained with the airflow slider in the mid position for me.

Does It Leak?

So far so good, but there is a slight amount of condensation on the pod base and in the pod port. This is usual for pod kits so is of no concern.

I was concerned it was leaking with the 0.5ohm coil due to the fact I seemed to be refilling very frequently. But realistically a low resistance coil with a 2ml tank capacity is going to need filling a lot!

Mod Performance

The auto draw fire worked perfectly in every airflow setting and was super quick. I noticed no difference in timing or performance between using the auto draw and manual fire button operation.

The charging time is ridiculous – 2 hours – surely with a USB Type C port there is the option for faster charging than this!

I was very impressed with the power regulation, even down to the last few vapes before the battery died there was no loss of power!

I had zero issues with the device at all!

Battery Life

Obviously this varies according to your vaping habits.

With the 0.5ohm coil on the Purple Boost setting I got between 8-10 hours. I am a heavy vaper though!

With the 0.6ohm coil on the Boost setting I got just over 11 hours so this coil gives a slightly longer battery life.


  • Coil replacement system hugely improved.
  • Pretty looking pod kit!
  • Easier access to change the airflow setting
  • Still easy to operate
  • Quite hard-wearing, has been dropped multiple times and only suffered light scuffing
  • 0.5ohm coil flavour is immense! Beautiful!
  • Long battery life
  • Power regulation is great, no drop in performance even just before the battery conked out.
  • 0.5ohm coil was happy with 70/30 VG/PG e-liquid during my brief test.


  • E-liquid level not visible with pod installed – also the cute white LED of the original which lit up the pod compartment is not present on this version.
  • Dodgy 0.6ohm coil included in kit.
  • Would be good to be able to lock the fire button as it is likely to fire in a pocket or a bag. You would have to turn it off to prevent this.
  • Instructions do not include information on protections and fault conditions – which could be confusing if a fault does occur.
  • No grip on pod for removal – ended up pulling it out with my teeth!
  • 0.5ohm coil very thirsty, coupled with 2ml capacity I felt as though I was constantly refilling.
  • 0.6ohm coil is OK, decent, Average.
  • Very slow charging time of 2 hours – with a USB C port you would expect faster charging.
  • Screw off coil base was too tight on a couple of coils and is at risk of being lost during coil changes. I think Innokin should supply spares.

Innokin Sceptre 2 – Final Review Verdict

As a huge fan of the original Sceptre I did feel this kit had a lot to live up to.

The first coil I tried was the 0.6ohm included in the kit which crapped out on me after only a few refills – so I was pretty disappointed.

It shows how much vaping has changed in the last few years as I would have probably loved this coil a while back. Sadly when it comes to flavour from Pod Kits the OXVA Xlim V2 pretty much ruined it for anything other than spectacular flavour. So I may be being a bit harsh.

But installing the 0.5ohm coil brought this beauty to life and the flavour was incredible and I almost fell back in love with the kit!

I also love the long battery life – it seems to take forever for the battery LED to change from Green!

A few tweaks would really improve this kit – such as an E-liquid viewing window, fire button lock and improved instructions. Also the slow charging time was a surprise!

I found this to be very rugged and it survived several drops in my building site garden!

Personally for me the constant refilling and not being able to check the e-liquid level did mean I picked up other pod kits more often when I was going out than this one. Hence the lower score in the “Replace if lost or damaged” category. I could happily live without this kit.

Have you tried the Innokin Sceptre 2? If so let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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My name is Michelle - I am 48 and an engineer and Technical Author by trade. I started vaping many years ago in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. My journey in vaping began again around 2016 and have been interested in the topic ever since. I finally stopped smoking as of June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod and Bubblegum e-liquid! I have enjoyed writing for Ecigclick since 2017 and love being part of this great team! My passion for Tobacco Harm Reduction has also led me to becoming a Trustee for the NNA (New Nicotine Alliance) aiding in Advocacy

Build Quality
Ease of use
0.6ohm S-Coil
0.5ohm S-Coil
Replace if lost or damaged?
My name is Michelle - I am 48 and an engineer and Technical Author by trade. I started vaping many years ago in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. My journey in vaping began again around 2016 and have been interested in the topic ever since. I finally stopped smoking as of June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod and Bubblegum e-liquid! I have enjoyed writing for Ecigclick since 2017 and love being part of this great team! My passion for Tobacco Harm Reduction has also led me to becoming a Trustee for the NNA (New Nicotine Alliance) aiding in Advocacy
innokin-sceptre-2-reviewA few minor niggles have dropped the scores - the fact you can't see the e-liquid level, frequent refilling and slow charging have put a dent in what otherwise would have been a 10/10 kit all day long! I found it wasn't my favourite kit to use and I would often pick up something else when leaving the house. A few years ago I would have adored this kit, but vape technology has moved on massively.


  1. I am concerned about leaks at bottom of Sceptre 2 , I’ve tried to screw coil in firmly, but still leaks for a while. Can anyone help.


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