The JAC Vapour Premium line of e-liquids is aiming to provide high quality, yet simple flavours. The main thing is they are looking to deliver what it says on the tin so to speak.Jacvapour Discount Code

The Premium range is one of many JACVapour vape juice ranges and it has to be said they have sone a sterling job so far. You can check out some of our other reviews below:

What Can We Expect from The Premium Vape Juice Range by JAC Vapour?

There are around 14 flavours in the UK Made, Premium range of e liquids including the likes of Strawberry Chew, Real Tobacco Gold, Pure Menthol, Blueberry, Blackcurrant to name a few. As you can see they are focusing on classic flavours but aiming to get them tasting like the real thing.

The e-liquids are available in nicotine strengths from zero upto 18mg and come in a choice of High PG (70PG/30VG) or High VG (70VG/30PG). For mouth to lung devices go for the PG, for sub ohm vaping the high VG.

I have three of the JAC Premium e-liquid flavours (High VG)on test, these were purchased by myself for review purposes.

OK enough waffle – let’s get into the review.

I used the JAC VApour Series S22 kit for this review. New coil each time.

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Banana Milkshake

jacvapour banana milkshake review

JAC Vapour Say:

Our Banana Milkshake e liquid is a deliciously sweet and creamy vape. It reminds us of mixing up a glass of milk shake, with its sweet and creamy aftertaste.

I Say:

Taking the top off gives a whiff of the sweet banana you would expect from a milkshake, so a good start there.

On taking a drag there is still a the sweet banana flavour which is like a banana milkshake but the first thing that comes to my mind are the foam banana sweets I used to have in my younger days.

Is that a good thing?

For me this transfers over to vaping really well. Lets just say the 10ml bottle I had soon emptied. Personally I didn’t find this too sickly sweet, it’s definitely a vape juice I could vape all day.

Real Raspberry

jac-vapour real raspberry review

JAC Vapour Say:

Our Real Raspberry e liquid is so realistic that you can almost taste the pips. A genuine, tart berry flavour that’s one of our bestsellers. This true raspberry e liquid flavour leans more towards a sour vape, with enough sweetness to keep your cheeks relaxed.

I Say:

While I enjoy certain fruit flavours some have in the past tasted too artificial. So I was unsure where the Jacvapour Real Raspberry vape juice would fall in the artificial stakes!

The aroma from the bottle is almost like a creamy raspberry, quite a sweet smell. On vaping though it’s quite different.

At first it can seem to have quite a floral edge to it but after a few vapes it turns more to a fresh, out of the punnet, raspberry flavour with a slight sharp underlying taste.

I didn’t really take to this straight away but after a short time vaping I’m really enjoying this. Definitely one of the better berry flavours I have tried and if you like your fruit vapes straight up then this is a good option.

Real Vanilla

jac vapour real vanilla review

Our Real Vanilla e liquid is anything but plain old vanilla. Its truly creamy flavour is very distinctive and will remind many of their favourite popular desserts. Its rich vanilla e liquid flavour will add notes of happiness to help you through your day.

I Say:

I was half expecting a really strong vanilla aroma to come from the bottle but instead it was very subtle.

This also carried through when vaping, the vanilla flavour is subtle, which for my personal tastes is a good thing as vanilla flavours can sometimes be on the sickly side.

This is the first vanilla e-liquid that I could actually vape all day no problem.

The other good thing about vanilla is that it makes a great mixing liquid to add to other flavours, I haven’t mixed this particular one yet but I’m sure a few drops in some of the tobacco flavours (that I’m not a massive fan of) will give them a good lift.

Final Review Verdict

From the few I tried I’ve got to say JAC VApour have delivered what they set out to do by providing realistic flavours.

It’s also a nice touch that they have provided a high PG option, which at 70PG is unusual in today’s vape market. What this offers is more throat hit that would suit users coming over from cigarettes very well indeed.

I’ll definitely be taking a look at the other flavours in the range.

Would I buy JAC Vapour Premium e-liquids again? Yes I would, although I’m looking at delving into the other flavours on offer.

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Banana Milkshake
Real Raspberry
Real Vanilla
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