Joyetech have been around since 2007 and have released a whole host of kit during that time.

I have to confess I’ve got quite a few Joyetech devices on my shelf: The eVic VT, AIO, Cuboid, Cubis, VTC Mini and a few old Ego style batteries from back in the day ☺joyetech evic vtwo mini review

So when they announced the release recently of updated versions of the VT (VTwo) and VTC Mini (VTwo Mini) I was quite interested to see what had changed.

Joyetech eVic VTwo Mini with Cubis Pro Kit

The Joyetech eVic VTwo Mini kit comes in a matt finish white box, the front showing the device, tank, new coils and a message announcing it has the latest firmware v4.02 (at time of writing this is still current).

The sides have various logos in silver foil print and on the rear we have a product description, item list and indicators for the colour of device enclosed. The VTwo Mini and Cubis Pro come in a choice of black, white, blue, orange and burgundy.

Of course purchasers should remember this is a removable 18650 device, so don’t forget to buy a battery!

So.. Is this one of the best vape mod kits I’ve had the pleasure of using? Let’s find out..

Inside the Box

Opening the box, we find the Vtwo Mini nestled in a flock finished foam tray.
Lifting out the tray is easily done by gripping the mod.

Beneath we find a cardboard cover, under which we find a whole host of bits and pieces, including:

  • Cubis Pro Tank
  • eVic VTwo Mini Mod (without cell)
  • CUBIS Pro Atomizer
  • QCS Coil
  • NotchCoil TM 0.25ohm DL
  • BF SS316-0.5ohm DL
  • LVC Clapton-1.5ohm
  • Mouthpiece (narrower with anti-spitback)
  • eVic-VTC Mini Silicone Skin
  • USB Cable
  • Manual and Warranty Card
  • Warning Card
  • Spare O-rings for tank
  • Pack of organic cotton for the QCS coil

Design and Build Quality

For those familiar with the VTC Mini there are no surprises here as externally the two are identical.

The device is 82mm high, 38mm deep and 22mm wide, weighing in at 122g without 18650 cell. The finish is matt black paint over metal.joyetech evic vtwo mini mod

On top we have a sprung 510 connector with air slots cast into the body.joyetech evic vtwo mini 510

To the rear we have a removable metal cell cover secured with some good strong magnets. Inside we find gold flashed battery terminals clearly labelled for polarity. The positive terminal is sprung and we also find an ejection ribbon to make cell removal easier.evic vtwo mini battery cover

On the front edge we find the firing button, OLED Display, up/down buttons and micro USB port for charging/firmware updates. The USB port also supports pass through charging.joyetech evic vtwo mini oled

The bottom is plain finished apart from CE and WEEE marks.

With a cell fitted pressing the fire button five times turns the device on, a further five would turn it off.

We’re presented with the display showing its default setting of Power, 20 W. Pressing the up/down buttons scrolls the power to anywhere between 1.0W and 75.0W in 0.1W increments.

Holding down the buttons the change accelerates to speed up changes. After pressing the fire button the screen times out to a clock display for between 1 and 30 minutes depending on setting.

This is the only setting difference between the VTC Mini and VTwo Mini.

  • Pressing both the up and down buttons at the same time locks the panel to prevent accidental changes.
  • Pressing the fire button three times takes us into the settings menu
  • Pressing the right/up button takes us to the next setting type
  • Pressing left/down then steps through each of its sub settings

The settings modes are (in order of appearance);

  • Variable Wattage (0.1 – 3.5 Ohm)
  • Bypass
  • Smart mode (a simpler setting control for beginners)
  • Clock Settings
  • Temperature Control (Titanium, Nickel 200, Stainless Steel 316) (0.05 – 1.5 Ohm)
  • TCR Mode (Three memories) (0.05 – 1.5 Ohm)

Pressing and holding the fire and left buttons turns Stealth mode on and off, fire and right takes you to a screen allowing you to choose how long the clock display stays on after vaping.joyetech evic vtwo mini oled screen

Oddly engaging Stealth mode didn’t stop the clock being displayed after vaping, you need to turn the clock setting to off.

With the device turned off pressing the fire and right buttons for 5 seconds takes you to the screen where your desired TCR values for specific wire types can be set.

Protection is the only other place that the VTwo Mini differs from its predecessor, with the addition of another layer of battery safety duplicating the features of the first (over charging, over current and over discharge).

It also features an “over 10 second puff” limit, atomiser short circuit, weak battery alert, Low Battery alert, Atomiser Low alert, internal over temperature protection

The Cubis Pro Tank

The Cubis Pro is a 22mm diameter tank, standing 54.5mm high with a liquid capacity of 4ml. It takes many styling cues from the original Cubis but there have been some tweaks along the way.joyetech cubis pro tank review

The tank follows a cup design, meaning the top cap, chimney and atomiser are removed as one piece when changing coils.

The top cap is where the design differs significantly. Air flow control is now visible rather than hidden, with rounded airflow holes either side. The airflow when fully closed is very tight indeed.

The top cap now separates to allow juice filling without having to remove the atomiser, a good feature as the old method inevitably ended up with a mess as juice dripped off the atomiser.

Gone too is the fill level on the side of the tank for this reason.joyetech cubis pro topfill

Being able to remove the upper part of the top cap means the whole cap can be easily taken apart for cleaning.joyetech cubis pro tank

The 510 connector has a fixed centre pin which doesn’t stand particularly proud of the thread. For this reason, I wouldn’t recommend using it on a hybrid type device as there is a risk of a hard short.

The tank now features a second drip tip which has a smaller external diameter and has a spiral moulding inside to act as an anti-spitback, useful as the original Cubis was noted for this problem.

With the Cubis Pro come new coil heads. The LVC (Liquid Valve Control) Mouth to lung Coil and the Cubis QCS (Quick Change System) Direct to Lung head.joyetech cubis pro coil

The LVC Coil features a ring at the bottom that can be adjusted to decrease juice flow to allow further customisation in Mouth to Lung use.

The QCS coil can be taken apart for the wick around its notch coil to be replaced. The coil itself slides out with the wick and is a leg-free design, making contact with the shell and a connector in the base.joyetech cubis pro

There don’t appear to be replacement notch coils available from Joyetech, although I’m sure some enterprising soul will soon fill the gap.

A RBA deck is also available, as are Titanium, Nickel 200 and a variety of standard Kanthal heads.

How Does The Jotyetech eVic VTwo Perform?

The eVic VTwo is, all bar a few tweaks, the same as the VTC Mini. And as such it is a good, capable and reliable mod with temperature control and TCR modes working well.

Battery life is comparable with the best 18650 mods out there.

The device barely gets warm unless you’ve got things ramped all the way up to 75W, and even then it’s the cell more than the mod itself that’s generating heat. As always, make sure you’re using a good quality high tested continuous current (more than 20A) cell.

The display is clear and easy to read, the buttons responsive and with a pleasant click. The clock is clear and easily readable in all but the brightest sunlight.

The battery cover is well engineered, fitting with a reassuring snap as the magnets take hold.

And holding is a pleasure as the device is slim and sleek, especially with the welcome addition of an included silicone skin.

My old VTC Mini has quite a few scratches where the paint has worn away so this should offer some protection, it’s just a shame that the supplied skin is a translucent white and not colour matched to the mod.joyetech evic vtwo mini wrap

It’s not hard to see why Joyetech have tweaked rather than fully re-vamping in making the VTwo and I can’t fault them for it.

So, the Cubis Pro then.

I was interested to see what this was going to be like, especially as I already had a Cubis which had proven rather hit and miss due to issues with spitting and flooding.

I fitted the LVC coil, setting the liquid valve 2/3 closed. I set the power to 25W and gave it a try with Riot Squad Punk Grenade e juice. With the airflow open it’s just like a tight drawing Direct to Lung tank, a little warm but flavourful.

To get a “proper” Mouth to Lung experience I found I had to dial the airflow almost to fully closed. But once I did it was pretty good, flavour remains good and the warmth helps the throat hit.

Switching to the supplied notch coil (NotchCoil TM 0.25ohm DL) I turned the power up to 50W, opened the airflow fully.

A nice flavourful vape, good cloud for the design. But only for half a dozen draws or so before the gurgling started. Turning up the power didn’t help, nor did swapping for the alternative “anti-spitback” drip tip.

Pretty soon I was getting heavy spits of hot juice, very noisy as well as unpleasant. And this is with 80/20 liquid!

Switched to the QCS coil, which to be fair lasted a few more draws before also gurgling and spitting.

Last chance saloon, the standard type DTL coil (BF SS316-0.5ohm DL 15-30W).

OK, the gurgling and spitting isn’t as bad, but it’s still there and this continued after swapping out for a Max VG eliquid.

This seems to fit with the experience I had with the original Cubis and many other users on forums and blogs.

There are claimed fixes but they don’t work and certainly differ from Joyetech’s own instructions.

Final Review Verdict

The Joyetech eVic VTwo Mini is a great device, as was the VTC Mini. However, if you already have the VTC Mini there’s nothing here to compel you to buy the new one, unless you’ve broken your watch or are extra worried about electrical safety.

But this is a kit review and it’s sadly let down by the tank. It works OK in Mouth to Lung but isn’t the best.

However, in Direct to Lung mode it is (as was the Cubis) diabolical.

It’s inexcusable to bring a device to market that spits hot juice into the users mouth and sounds like they’re blowing down the straw into a milkshake.

This is clearly a design flaw and one Joyetech needs to address quickly. As well as investing in better quality testing.

Again, as this is a kit review, the score will reflect negatively because of this so I’ve split out the mod only score.


  • Good mod build quality
  • Silicone skin included
  • Easy to use mod
  • Clear display
  • Reasonable Mouth to Lung action.


  • Spitting and Gurgling on all Direct to Lung coil heads
  • Nothing to compel users to replace the VTC Mini
  • New tank version has same issues as the first
john summers
John Summers

I'm an IT/science/technology geek and I smoked around 30 a day for about 17 years. 8 years ago I started vaping to try and quit tobacco. 6 years ago with the advent of the newer tank devices, I unexpectedly switched entirely! I still vape now and, when I have the time between my family and my work, act as an Independent Vaping Advocate. I support the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) and do work with Stop Smoking Services to help ensure people get the right, unbiased information.

Build Quality (Mod)
Build Quality (Tank)
Design (Mod)
Design (Tank)
Ease Of Use (Mod)
Ease Of Use (Tank)
Performance (Mod)
Performance (Tank)
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged (Mod)
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged (Tank)
I'm an IT/science/technology geek and I smoked around 30 a day for about 17 years. 8 years ago I started vaping to try and quit tobacco. 6 years ago with the advent of the newer tank devices, I unexpectedly switched entirely! I still vape now and, when I have the time between my family and my work, act as an Independent Vaping Advocate. I support the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) and do work with Stop Smoking Services to help ensure people get the right, unbiased information.
joyetech-evic-vtwo-mini-cubis-pro-kit-reviewThe Joyetech VTwo kit is let down utterly by the tank despite a great little mod. Unless you’re a Mouth to Lung user AVOID THIS KIT!!


  1. Thanks so much for all of the info. I believe I used your forwarding links with as many of the individual pieces as possible.

    And yes, I have a battery coming with the box.

  2. Thanks for the review. I like the look of this mod so what tank alternative would your advice be to a first-time vaper, who’s willing and able to learn?

    Or would you just suggest a totally different mod/tank combo for this quality/portability?

    • Hey Robert,

      No problem, thanks for stopping by.

      The mod itself is very good and has all the features you would need now and in the future. So if you like the mod then it’s a great choice.

      The tank/coils, John (who reviewed this particular device) had problems, as have many others. So I would say pair this mod with a different tank.

      There are two styles of vaping which will determine the tank you go for. Apologies if I ma going over old ground for you here, but just in case!

      Direct lung inhale/Direct to lung – You may have seen the term sub ohm vaping (using coils below 1.0 Ohm). Sub ohm tanks are DTL vapes. They provide bigger hits and vapour. Can take some adjusting to if you aren’t used to it.

      Mouth to Lung (MTL) – This is how most would smoke a cigarette. As it says on the tin, draw into the mouth then to lung. In short the draw is tighter than that from a sub ohm tank. Coils are 1.0Ohm and above.

      There are a lot more pros and cons for both but I won’t go into it as you may already be aware. If not just ask.

      If you are OK with sub ohm vaping (direct to lung style vaping) then check out these tank options

      For MTL – I recommend the Aspire Triton Mini or the Aspire Nautilus X.

      Any other questions please let me know.

      • Fantastic. Thanks for detail. I had actually been looking at the Nautilus X so it’s good to hear that the combo would be a good one.

        I had been looking at combining it with the Nugget but couldn’t track down a UK-based vendor. Happy with the Joyetech though.

        Just ordered mod, battery, tank and juice. That’s me set, right?

        • Hey Robert, no problem!

          Maybe for future reference the Nugget review is here. Nautilus X looks cool with the Nugget.

          Not to worry though, I’m sure you’ll like the Joyetech mod, plus you will get a lot more vaping time with the eVic.

          To add to your list of what you bought Robert, you will need a battery. It’s powered by one external 18650 battery. If not you might want to jump on that ASAP!

          • Thanks again for all of this. Received everything and I’m getting on pretty well.

            Still getting my head around the volt/watt/temperature/ohm/amp settings though…

            I’m currently on 0 amp. I also haven’t managed to figure out how to adjust the ohms. More investigation needed.

          • Hey Robert,

            Temperature Control – Be sure only to use TC compatible coils. These will be Ni200, Ti, Stainless steel. You cannot use Kanthal coils in temp control. That is very important.

            Amps – Your battery has an AMP limit. This relates the amount of power you will be using. The lower the coil resistance (ohms) the more amperage your device (battery) uses to supply the current needed. Lower ohms require the battery to work harder (higher wattage) to supply more heat to the coils. So, you can’t directly change the amps as such.

            A note on batteries. If carrying spares around, use a carry case. If you carry them loose and the come into contact with metal object (keys/coins) then the batteries can short. If you have seen news reports of ‘E Cigs’ exploding in pockets, this is generally the cause. The batteries, not the e cigs exploding.

            What battery did you buy?

            Ohms – The ohms is basically the resistance of the coil you are using. So if you have a 0.5Ohm coil. That is the resistance. No changing to be done with the device itself apart from adjusting wattage/TC to fit your vaping needs.

            Which tank did you buy?

            If you went for the Nautilus X then this has a higher resistance coil (1.5Ohm), so you won’t have any issues with the battery being able to handle it. Needs a lot less power to vape than a sub ohm coil for instance.

            In short. All you need to do is start on a low wattage and work your way up until you find the vape that is right for you.

            But of course, it’s also important to learn the basics of how things work.


            Beginners guide to temp control
            Guide to volts, ohms, resistance




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