The Kanger Aerotank was one of my favourite tanks and until the Aspire nautilus came a long was probably my favourite.

Not a company to hang around, Kangertech introduced a few new clearomiser tank options in recent months, most noticeably the Genitank and of course the Aerotank V2. Kanger Aerotank Mega Review

The Genitank has already been reviewed here and while the performance and price point were great I am still drawn towards the stainless steel tanks. That brings us onto the Aerotank Mega review.

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Kanger Aerotank Mega Setup

The Aerotank is a stainless steel constructed tank with a 3.8ml Pyrex glass tank. The quality build is noted instantly, it feels solid, it looks solid, where the Aspire Nautilus is all smooth lines the Aerotank is more clinical if that makes sense.

I really like the look of this tank, fantastic.

The tank itself breaks down into a number of pieces that not only allows for easy cleaning but also allows the easy replacement of parts. In this case the Pyrex glass, 510 drip tip and atomiser coil. I did have an accident with my Genitank dropping it on a tiled kitchen floor smashing the Pyrex tube so I know first hand how handy replacing individual parts rather than a whole tank can be!

A new addition is the steel sleeve tube that is also included in the kit. It certainly makes this tank look super slick but there are of course no windows to see the level of juice left. If you don’t mind just topping the e-liquid off more regularly though this is great.


The Aerotank performs an absolute treat as well, loads of vapour volume and the with the Decadent Vapours Rhubarb flavour comes through well with the 2.0 oHm coil.

The new airflow design is (aesthetically) an improvement on the original Aerotank, the actual results of the different settings however don’t seem to give a massive difference in terms of the draw. This is compared to the Nautilus.

The Aerotank has printed notches on the front of the tank that you line the hole up with. To get the tightest draw possible just leaving a millimeter gap at one end is required.

I have heard that Kanger are going to change this on the next release, by then I would think they will nail this function and improve the way it works.

Filling the Aerotank Mega

I do like the new addition of the plate in the base that has four holes punched in. It just lets the nozzle of your e-liquid bottle poke through away from the centre tube and pretty much makes the chances of getting e-liquid somewhere you shouldn’t zero.

The strange thing I find with the tank when you have filled it to the brim is that when turned up right (with the base attached) the tank only looks half full. The remaining e-liquid disappears into the base out of view.

Not a huge issue or anything and while I think about it this may encourage users to top the tank up before it gets too empty, this of course should help reduce the chances of dry hits.


The Mega coils are compatible with the following Kanger tanks:

  • Aerotank
  • Aerotank Mini
  • EVOD Glass
  • Protank 3
  • Protank 3 Mini
  • EMOW

Kanger have also introduce other ‘oHm’s’ with the coils available in the following:

  • 0.8 oHm
  • 1.0 oHm
  • 1.2 oHm
  • 1.5 oHm
  • 1.8 oHm

Overall – Final thoughts

The Aerotank Mega is another top performer from Kangertech, add to this the quality build and great looks and it is a clearomiser tank I would have no problem recommending to both new and experienced vapers.

If I were to pick some not so great points it would be the airflow control doesn’t give much of a difference to the draw even when adjusted from one end of the spectrum to the other. The second is that the tank, even when filled the most you can, still only looks half full.

Neither, however, would stop a recommendation here.

Final Aerotank Mega Review Verdict

Highly Recommended.

Build Quality
Vapour Volume
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