The first Kanger product we reviewed was the EVOD starter kit and that quickly became our favourite mid size e cigarette so trying out new Kanger products was high on the list. This brings us to the Kanger Pro Tank 2 mini.

mini protank 2

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Protank 2 Mini Setup

The stainless steel finish and pyrex glass tank make the Protank 2 Mini feel like a quality bit of kit from the off. The whole clearomiser is fully rebuild-able from the drip tip to the pyrex tank and has an EGO thread.

As you can see from the images it breaks down into 5 main pieces, this not only makes it easy to clean but allows you to replace parts easily as and when you need.

The two atomiser heads included are a 1.8 ohm and 2.5 ohm, for this review I was using the 1.8 ohm atomiser. It has to be mentioned as well that these are also compatible with the EVOD, Unitank and Protank

Filling the tank is done by unscrewing the base and filling from the bottom. A little care has to be taken here as there isn’t a whole lot of space and a needle tip e-liquid bottle or a syringe would make life a little easier.

The tank holds 1.5ml which for some may be on the low side and yeah I was refilling more often but this for me isn’t an issue.

Filling the protank mini 2

Pro Tank 2 Mini Performance

I tested a few different e-liquids with the Pro tank on top of a Vamo V5, two from Apollo Due Time and Mrs Lord’s Ginger Nut with a 50PG/50VG mix.

Read more about VG and PG e liquid here.

On all accounts the e-liquid wicked well and the flavours and vapour volume coming through were very good.

This was as long as I kept in a certain wattage level, around the 8-9 watts level was good for me personally, I could get upto around 10.5W before the flavours really started deteriorating although this may differ depending on the e-liquid you are using.

Vamo V5 with protank 2 mini attached

One other thing I personally liked is the draw is a touch more free flowing than that say of the Innokin 30B which made for a really enjoyable vape.


I really enjoyed vaping with the Pro Tank Mini 2, it’s easy to clean, you have the added plus that no glue has been used in production so it provides a ‘cleaner’ vape and the flavour and vapour volume (while not the best I have come across) produced was good.

Add to this that this ‘glassomiser’ looks the part as well.

So if you are not put off by the 1.5ml capacity this is one to try.

Final Kanger Protank 2 Mini Review Verdict

Highly Recommended by ecigclick

Build Quality
Vapour Volume
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