Recent reviews of both the Kanger Subtank and Subtank Mini both proved positive with the latter for me edging it. Next in line is the Nano which is the smallest of the three and the only one not to incorporate an RBA deck.
Kanger Subtank Nano review

The Subtank Nano – The Smallest In The Trio Of Kangers Subtank Offerings

An important thing to note about this and other Sub Ohm tanks. If you are buying a sub ohm capable tank for the first time please be aware that these should only be used with devices capable of delivering the power that these tanks need.

This isn’t a tank to be used with standard pen style batteries, be sure your device will work with sub ohm coils!

Check out this beginners guide to sub ohm vaping and be sure this is something you actually need.

OK… Lets get back to the review.

Kanger Sub Tank Nano Kit

The Sub Tank Nano comes in a draw style box which contains the following:

  • Sub Tank Nano
  • 2 X OCC coils (one 0.5Ohm & one 1.2Ohm)
  • Instructions

Kanger Sub Tank Nano Set Up

The obvious difference between this and the other Subtanks is of the course the size. The name Nano makes this sound like it’s going to be some sort miniature tank but while it is smaller than the Atlantis from Aspire it has a larger capacity at 3ml.

The good looks and signature red O rings haven’t changed from the Mini and the quality also remains. The only difference is the 18.5mm diameter. Great first impressions again, this is a well built tank.

The coils are cross compatible again with the Mini and original Subtank so hats off to Kanger on that one. The coil heads are well built and include the new OCC (Organic Cotton Coil) material.

The three settings on the airflow collar work really well, the collar turns with ease without being too loose and has a satisfying click when each setting is reached. The drip tip while a touch smaller than the Mini is still wide enough to provide a nice airy draw.


I tested this with the pre-fitted 0.5Ohm coil and the results were excellent with my favourite vape juice. A really clean flavour followed by plenty of vapour. No issues here at all.

There is also a 1.2 ohm coil in the box.

If you have read my other Kanger Subtank reviews you will have seen that I have mentioned that they are for direct lung inhale vapers. The Nano is no different. Something to keep in mind.

I personally got the hang of it pretty quickly although it can be a bit of a shock at first especially if using a strong nicotine strength, sub ohm vaping seems to multiply the hit so consider buying a lower nicotine strength around 6mg to start with.

I still vape mouth to lung when using normal vape tanks¬†and sub ohm vaping like this is definitely an indoor thing for me, I’m not after pumping out huge clouds in public places.

The Subtank Nano worked flawlessly with a range of box mods but for aesthetics you are best to look at the some of the small vape mods on offer.

With the e-liquid I was using it coped easily up-to around the 30W mark but the better flavour for my tastes was around 20W. The flavour was also good though around the 12-15W mark.

Final thoughts

Kanger have just repeated the quality of the Mini into a smaller form. An excellent sub ohm tank all around. Unlike the other Subtanks the Nano doesn’t come with an RBA deck so if you are an advanced user looking at these tanks and wanting that feature then the Mini will likely be right for you. For those new to sub ohm vaping though this is another great option that isn’t complicated with an RBA deck.

Here are the takeaway points.


  • Great entry point into Sub Ohm vaping. Simple plug and play.
  • The build quality is very good as are the looks.
  • Respectable 3.0ml tank capacity.
  • Top performance, produces plenty of vapour and bold flavours


  • Not for those looking for RBA capabilities
  • The 18.5mm diameter may not sit flush with many box mods
Build Quality
Vapour Volume
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