The recently released Aspire Atlantis got top marks in our recent reviews, safe to say I was very impressed. With that I was looking forward to getting my hands on the new Kanger Sub Ohm tank which does have it’s differences but sits in the same ‘easy to use’ sub ohm tank category.

I purchased the Kanger Sub Tank and am just using this on the Aspire CF Sub Ohm battery.

Very important note here! If you are new to sub ohm vaping please be sure you have a battery/device that can handle it! This isn’t made to be used with standard vape pen type batteries.

You can read more in our guide to sub ohm vaping here.

OK… Lets have a closer look!
Kanger Sub Tank Review

Kanger SubTank Kit

The Sub Tank comes nicely packaged and includes the following:

  • Sub Tank
  • 2 X OCC coils (one 0.5Ohm & one 1.2Ohm)
  • 1 X RBA Base
  • 4 X RBA Coil (Organic Japanese Cotton)
  • RBA Tip Connector
  • Screw Driver
  • 2 X Screws
  • Beauty Ring

Kanger SubTank Set Up

First thing with the Sub Tank is the size, it’s a 25mm whopper of a unit with a 6ml capacity (4.2ml RBA). So immediately addressing one of the major concerns about the Atlantis which had a small 2ml capacity.

The Sub Tank for me when it sits alone looks great with the pyrex glass that is framed into four separate windows by the stainless steel case. It almost makes the stock OCC (Organic Cotton Coil) head look like it’s the main exhibit within the tank to be stared at and admired.

Kanger Sub Tank ready to use stock coil

The OCC heads look like little bolts, if you are used to using standard coils with the likes of the Nautilus or Aero Tank models the size difference in these is huge which of course is to be expected for the improved vaping experience. All other parts from the drip tip, to the base with the spring loaded 510 thread all appear very well made and fit together nicely without much of a struggle.

Sub Tank Base and threading

When it comes to controlling the airflow Kanger have included three settings. One hole, two holes or three holes depending on whether you prefer a tight or loose draw. All straight forward but a little clumsy in the application.

Compared to the Atlantis the actual airflow control just doesn’t flow as smoothly into the settings. Not a huge problem by any means!

How Does The Kanger Subtank Perform?

The OCC coil that comes fitted in the tank is a 0.5 om coil, the spare is a 1.2 ohm. I stuck with the 0.5 ohm for this review.

Like the Atlantis, this is a direct lung inhale kind of tank. I personally vape normal e cigs/clearomisers mouth to lung so it took a while of getting used.

If you vape mouth to lung then you will need to get used to this or the sub ohm tanks will likely be a waste of time for you. Just keep that in mind but don’t let it put you off completely as it’s easy to get the hang of and the rewards are good. Kanger OCC Coil Head

I needed a good 5 or 10 minutes for the Kanger Sub Tank coil to soak up the juice I was using, along with a few primer drags and I was good to go.

The vape juice I am using with this is a 6mg Twelve Monkeys Origins Shoku.

The Sub Tank really does an amazing job of delivering the unique flavours, I’m very impressed.

My preferred airflow setting was on two holes giving me perfectly balanced draw, not too airy nor too tight.

Their wasn’t much of a noticeable difference in vapour volume with the Atlantis, at a push maybe the Atlantis provided a little bit more.

The RBA set up does give a slightly improved vape in terms of flavour and vapour but for the quality of the clearomiser set up it almost makes building your own too much hard work for a touch of improvement.

It has to be said, that’s coming from someone who’s a lazy bugger when it comes to building their own coils though, I just want a plug and play vape!

For those who will use the RBA kit though it’s a great addition giving the best of both worlds from one tank.

It’s also a great starting point for vapers that are thinking of getting into builds in that you get both ready to use stock coils and the RBA gear in one kit. At least if you find it’s not for you the tank just needs replacement coils. Kanger Sub Tank RBA Kit

It is all pretty simple as well for newbies, the instructions supplied do a decent job of showing (in pictures) step by step how to wrap the coil and cotton. The first set of coils come pre built on the base so it’s just a case of wrapping the cotton. This was a first for me doing this as well and even with my poor coordination and shaky hands managed it all easily enough in just a few minutes.

RBA Sub Tank Deck

Final thoughts

The Kanger SubTank is an impressive piece of kit and while this is certainly not a tank for beginners it does offer those new to sub ohm vaping an easy starting point. In addition it also includes a re-buildable atomiser for those that want to do their own builds.

For me the size limits this to an ‘around the house’ vape while I use the smaller Atlantis out and about. Again, for those new to sub ohm vaping. Please be sure you have the correct equipment, this isn’t to be used with standard EGO/Pen style e cig batteries.

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Here are the takeaway points.

The Good:

  • Great for vapers new to sub ohm vaping
  • Dual use – RBA and stock coil heads.
  • Build quality very good.
  • Big 6ml tank capacity (4.2ml when using RBA)
  • Stock OCC heads offer great flavour and vapour volume

The Not So Good:

  • The 25mm Sub Tank is a big one and doesn’t look great on many devices although the beauty ring does help clean the lines up.
  • Airflow control a little stiff (at least on mine)


Build Quality
Vapour Volume
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  1. I’ve been trying this one out to amybe stock in my store but it leaks through the airholes a lot when I refill it. Is this a common problem? Is there a loose connection somewhere that’s causing this?

      • I checked all the O rings last night, but it only leaked through the airholes.

        I took it apart, cleaned it out thoroughly, put it back together making sure to tighten everything extra hard.

        Then top filled it with the airholes closed. Then after 5 minutes I opened to airholes to the usual and as of yet, it hasn’t leaked.

        Thanks for your help!

  2. The size of the tank makes using even the RBA coils ok for all day vaping,
    The design elements make maintenance and filling a doddle due to the chunky nature and threads are all cut to fit securely, with ample gripping points to get a good, secure fit of all parts and more importantly, the ability to unscrew them with juice covered fingers, although it does fall short slightly regarding the “beauty” ring that once fitted can be a bugger to remove due to its smooth surface finish and flush fitting…

    I enjoy premium juices such as Mystique Cronos (my personal favourite) with complex and subtle overtones which can be enjoyed to the full in large doses without the annoyance of repeated refilling in fiddly tanks…. I can only really compare this with the Aspire Atlantis on a like for like basis and in that respect, the Kangertech is, in my opinion, superior in all respects….

    As for my smoking habit,… I have been looking for a substitute for cigarettes and cigars since quitting some years ago and in this product, using the 0.5 Ohm coil on my mechanical, or
    the Subtank Nano at 1.2 Ohm on a VV(with higher pg mixes) at as low as 15W I have finally found a product line which satisfies my cravings…Clive Loosley


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