By now most readers will likely be familiar with the Subtank range of tanks from Kangertech.

With the sudden popularity of bringing sub ohm vaping to the masses it has to be said they have done a great job. I though all three of the original tanks did a good job with the Subtank Mini being a favourite for ease of use.

Bring on the ‘Plus’! Have Kanger created something completely new? Have they improved the original Kanger Subtank? Lets take a look.

Kanger Subtank Plus Review

Before we get started. If you are a first time buyer of a Sub Ohm vaping capable tank please take a minute to check out this beginners guide to sub ohm vaping. Just be sure this kind of tank is for you.

OK… Back to the product.

Kanger Sub Tank Plus Kit

The Sub Tank Mini sits in a tidy box and contains the following:

  • Sub Tank Plus
  • 2 X OCC coils (one 0.5Ohm & one 1.2Ohm)
  • 1 X RBA Base
  • 2 X 0.5 Ohm RBA Coil
  • RBA Tip Connector
  • 1 X Pyrex Glass Tube
  • Japanese Cotton
  • Screw Driver
  • Screws
  • Beauty Ring
  • Instruction Manual

Kanger Sub Tank Plus Set Up

OK if you have used the Subtank and the Subtank Mini before I will cut to the chase and tell you now that the Plus has pretty much taken the ease of use of the Mini and applied that to the bigger ‘Plus’. By ease of use I mean switching from the RBA to the OCC coil head without the need to unscrew parts and screw them back in.

Kangertech Subtank Plus base

That for me is a huge win and a definite win over the original tank. The next thing is that they have used the same mini RBA base as the Subtank Mini so the two are completely interchangeable, another definite win!

The other improvement from the original is the liquid capacity. This has been increased from 6ml to 7ml and with the RBA base being smaller the capacity increases when this is installed as well. All this is without the unit itself increasing in size, it remains the same as the original Subtank.

The airflow control has also been re-designed and does allow for more air to pass through in the largest setting. The airflow for me is still a little stiff when trying to turn, not a huge issue but something I think could be improved upon.

The ‘O’ rings have also look to have been improved to help prevent the leaking a number of vapers had (I didn’t personally) and the addition of the spare black rings is a nice touch.Kanger Subtank Plus

How Does The Subtank Plus Perform

The supplied 0.5 Ohm and 1.2 Ohm coil heads provide a couple of different vaping experiences, I have used both and they performed really well with Decadent Vapers Mint Choc ChipĀ and the Manabush Powwow Sauce I use with each respectively. The flavours were pronounced on both and vapour volume excellent.

If you have been using standard MTL vape tanks an important thing to keep in mind with these kinds of Sub Ohm tanks is that they are built for direct lung inhale vapers.

If you are purely a mouth to lung vaper then this may not be suitable. I personally got used to doing both depending on the tank I was using but my preference is to mouth to lung vape. For this I use the likes of the Nautilus Mini which doesn’t allow for sub ohm vaping but does the job all the same.

If you decide to try sub ohm vaping for the first time I would also recommend using a lower nicotine strength than your usual, 3-6mg is perfect or the throat hit may be a too heavy.

RBA Deck

I’m no expert with rebuildable atomisers by any means, the Subtank is as far as I have got with this and that only requires me to feed cotton through the coils. It’s an area I’m not massively interested in getting into, I personally prefer swapping out coils, I’m a little lazy like that.

All I can say is that the Subtank makes dabbling with building super easy for beginners, whether this is a good or a bad thing is open to discussion. If this is an area you want to explore further then the Subtank certainly gives you the best of both worlds.Kangertech Subtank Plus RBS Deck

Overall – Final thoughts

The Kanger Subtank Plus is a great upgrade to the original. Is this tank for everyone? Far from it. For one it’s a huge tank, the 25mm base doesn’t sit well on most devices. For two, sub ohm capable tanks simply won’t be for everyone. If the above is cool for you though it’s a highly recommended tank.

Here are the takeaway points.

The Good:

  • Same great build as the original.
  • Dual use – RBA and stock coil heads. Both are great performers.
  • Same RBA base as the one used in the Mini, so cross compatible.
  • Huge 7ml tank capacity.
  • The OCC heads produce top flavour and vapour.

The Not So Good:

  • Not necessarily for new vapers
  • Huge tank means it doesn’t sit well for many devices, especially the ever popular mini box mods.
  • Air flow control a little stiff
Build Quality
Vapour Volume
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  1. had this kaaanger tank for months and must say i believe its the best tank they have made ,simple to use reliable and no leaks or spitbacks.would i buy again oh yes.

  2. compared to the original STM? i prefer STM. this plus STM comes with the new small juice channel that supposedly helps reducing juice leak when filling up. but still there always a leak even just a bit. and the small juice channel prevent me to use high vg liquid. yea it doesnt wick well with high vg.


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