Nucig Review – Are They The UK’s Favourite Electronic Cigarette Brand?

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NUCIG produced their first Advanced Pro electronic cigarette in 2007, this doesn’t sound too long ago but was definitely back at the beginning of the e cig being commercially available.

They sell a number of e cig kits from  disposables right upto the ‘Ultimate’ type of kit that includes everything you could possibly need. We purchased one of their tester kits so we could get an idea of the Nucig offering.

What we received

We went for the Advanced Pro 4 Mini Kit which includes the following:

  • One battery
  • One Cartomiser (tobacco flavour)
  • One USB Charger


nucig reviewNUCIG are focusing on the new e cig user, those that find it important to have an ecig that looks like a real cigarette. There is nothing wrong with this, in fact it is very important for most new users and helps with the transition over from ciggies.

The quality of the battery is good and has a nice feel in the hand, the rings are slightly raised and the branding subtle enough not to stick out a mile.

The size is a touch smaller than the likes of E-Lites but bigger than SKYCIG and ROK. This again is in keeping with the cig-look but does effect the amount of vaping time you get with the battery.

After the first 3 charges I was getting around an hour of actual vaping time which isn’t great but it is to be expected with batteries of this size. They do sell full starter kits with a portable charging case which is a must (along with a spare battery) with the smaller e cigarettes.

The actual performance is good in terms of the switch, this ensures the battery does what it should when you take a drag (powers up) and allows for a smooth draw.

Overall – 2/5 The battery unsurprisingly doesn’t last that long but you cant expect anything more due to the size.


There are the usual cartomiser flavours available from NUCIG as well as a large number of bottled e-liquid flavours.

When it comes to the Advanced Pro 4 Mini Kit you have a choice of 4 nicotine strengths – 0mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg, they are PG based e-liquids and have 8 flavours including 2 menthol and 3 tobacco. 

nucig electronic cigarette

I went for the 12mg Nicotine flavoured cartomiser which went it comes to the flavour is very good. Not too strong and not too light, for me it was just right with the strength. The throat hit was subtle due to the PG base with the 12mg nicotine but you can expect this to get a little stronger with the higher nicotine strengths. The amount of vapour though was good with every drag again due to PG based juice giving of more vapour.

Overall – 4/5 I Liked the flavour of the tobacco cartomisers, definitely not the worst I have tried and whilst not the best it held it’s own. The vapour volume was also good.

Starter Kits

NUCIG have quite a large selection of kits with or without the PCC plus other options:

Advanced Pro 4 Starter Kit 

There are a number of options with this kit.

NUCIG Ultimate Starter Kit 

This is their big battery kit for those that do not want to repeatedly charge their e cigarette batteries throughout the day.

NUCIG also have a number of tester kits and disposable e cigs on offer.

NUCIG Guarantee/Warranty

NUCIG do offer a 10 day return as long as the product s returned in ‘As New’ unused condition. They also charge a fee that is taken from your refund to cover for original P&P and restocking.

They also offer a 28 day guarantee subject to T&C’s. Please check out their website for the upto date terms!

NUCIG Customer Service

NUCIG have a number of ways to contact them including email and phone. They are also active on Facebook and Twitter

They also offer a 28 day guarantee subject to T&C’s. Please check out their website for the upto date terms!

NUCIG Review – Overall

There were both plus and minuses for the NUCIG Advanced Pro 4 e cigarette. The plus points for me are the tobacco flavour and vapour volume were good and the look and feel of the e cig for new users is spot on.

The realistic cigarette appearance can be very important at first and NUCIG do a good job of this while keeping a good degree of quality.

The only issue here though is the amount of time the battery will last for, which is not very long!

This is almost a given with these size of batteries so it is essential that you buy a spare battery or two and if budgets allows buy the portable charging case as well.

I would definitely recommend trying the tester kits first though before spending the money on a kit. Which brings me to the not so good, the price of their full starter kits are expensive when compared to other brands.

The likes of Epuffer and Vapour2 do for me provide better value.

On closing I will say if you have been hovering around NUCIG wanting more info on what they are like I would recommend buying the Advanced Pro 4 tester kit.

You don’t get much with it but it will give you an idea what you are getting into BEFORE spending on a full starter kit.

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