Today I’m taking a look at six fruity disposable e-cigarette flavours from Belfast based manufacturer, Ohm Brew in the “Brew Bar”.

Ohm Brew are well known in the land of all things vape related. In fact they’ve amassed quite a flavoursome collection over the years.

Ohm Brew Brew Bar disposable e-cig range imageOf course they have their own back story and it’s a commonly recurring one inside our beloved vaping industry. That is, to eradicate smoking with the chance to succeed through vaping.

It’s Ohm Brew’s mantra I really dig.

‘In a sea full of E-liquid brands it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Let Ohm Brew be that ship to steer you through the choppy currents to a brand new smoke free you. Because a better brew, is a better you’

Part of their extensive e-liquid collection includes the Super Seven, Everyday Essentials and the Extended Essential ranges. Two from each range have been ported across into Brew Bar disposable vapes.

Ohm Brew want to be everything for everyone. Let’s see if every one of the flavours steers me through choppy currents..

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What Can We Expect From The Ohm Brew Bar Disposable Vapes?

We can expect a brand new and convenient way of vaping Ohm Brew flavours. Each bar comes prefilled with 2ml of e-liquid and pre-charged, ready to vape straight out of the box.

Ohm Brew Brew Bar boxed imageAll six flavours are available in a 50VG/50PG juice ratio with 9mg or 18mg salt nicotine to provide a smooth, sandpaper free inhale ideal for the new vaper.

We tell you what these terms mean in our guides:

As is the case with most disposable e-cigarettes it relies entirely on auto draw. Don’t expect any button bashing or fancy screen menu’s.

The integrated battery is rated at 450mAh and should last for anything up to 600 puffs before it becomes ..well.. disposable.

Please act responsibly when discarding disposable e-cigarettes. Preferably use your nearest certified recycling centre.

The Ohm Brew Bar range is a convenient choice if you’ve forgotten your usual vaping device. They’re lightweight and portable, easily slipping inside a trouser or shirt pocket.

The range is fully TPD compliant and Ohm Brew are an ISO:9001 accredited manufacturer.

First Impressions Of the Brew Bar Disposables

The Ohm Brew Bar disposables come in a vacuum sealed bag that’s easy enough to rip open. A safety leaflet and set up procedure are also included.

  • Remove the top silicone bung from the mouthpiece
  • Remove the bottom silicone cap.

Ohm Brew Brew Bar unboxed image

Although obviously plastic, the Brew Bar has a very smooth glass like exterior that makes it look very polished. Each one is suitably colour coded, representing the flavour it’s designed to replicate.

I would suggest replacing the silicone mouthpiece stopper when not in use to prevent foreign material from entering the disposable.

The bottom cap prevents the e-cig from being vaped by blocking the two fixed airflow slots on the base. It may also prevent damage if dropped so this may be worth keeping hold of too.

Ohm Brew Brew Bar fixed MTL airflow slots on the base of the disposable
MTL airflow slots on the base. They illuminate blue during auto draw.

The Ohm Brew Bars measure 110.4mm (H) x 26mm (W) x 13mm (D) so are about the average height for a disposable. They’re certainly thin enough to sit comfortably in the pocket.

Ohm Brew Bar – Blue Slush

Ohm Brew Blue Slush Image 2Ohm Brew Says:

Blue Slush is a nostalgic sweet combo of Blueberry and Raspberry with a slushy tang.

I Say:

The first flavour on the list, the first tested and I’m a bit disappointed. The Blueberry and especially the Raspberry are clean and tasty. Combined, the flavour notes are well bedded and knit together quite well.

Thankfully, there’s no over abundance of sweetener either. The issue I have is with the apparent lack of cooling agent. It’s vital to turn this profile from a syrup laden affair into a fully fledged ice cold drink.

It all feels flat and lifeless without an icy cold blast to shake up those fruits.

However I’m not sure whether I’ve received a duff disposable – it’s possible. The auto draw has failed a few times and there’s not a great deal in the way of vapour production.

It doesn’t feel like the e-cig is producing enough power from a fully charged battery.

Ohm Brew Bar – Blueberry Bubble

Brew Bar Blueberry BubbleOhm Brew Says:

Bringing you back to childhood with this chewy Blueberry Bubble Gum flavour.

I Say:

Wow! I can smell the candy Bubble Gum the moment I pull the disposable from the plastic sleeve. The sweetness of the gum is pulled in during the inhale and joins forces with a juicy chew on the way out.

The Blueberry is quite subtle but still pleasing, providing plenty of taste. It’s the flavour usually associated with the ball of gum at the base of an ice cream cone. I think they call them Screw Balls.

..Am I showing my age? lol

So there’s a hard candy like edge to the vape and it hangs around the taste buds long after the vape. I do like Blueberry Bubble for the level of sweetener used. It’s not overused and brings with it a juicy after taste.

It’s like the taste experience when first biting down onto Bubble Gum – Who doesn’t like that? With the added bonus of never diminishing in the way real gum does.

Blueberry Bubble is a very tasty Bubble Gum treat and it won’t pull the fillings out.

Ohm Brew Bar – Watermelon Sugar

Brew Bar Watermelon SugarOhm Brew Says:

We took a Watermelon and twisted it with the most mouth watering candy flavour possible, giving you our most moreish juice to date..

I Say:

I get a strong candy Watermelon aroma when taking a whiff from the mouthpiece. There’s just a hint of bitterness on the inhale while a juicy Watermelon follows it on the way out.

There’s more clarity and sparkle from this Watermelon too.


It makes such a refreshing change to sample it without the incessant need to add cooling agent. This allows the full ripeness and freshness of the fruit to emerge. Not only that but there’s a tasty sweet sting left on the tongue and around the taste buds.

It’s also true that a candy like edge envelopes the vape but it’s not rough or powdery. I think the natural sweet juiciness of the Watermelon tends to dominate and that’s never a bad thing.

Consequently I feel Watermelon Sugar has the edge over a myriad of artificial and synthetically generic versions.

It’s a damn fine job at recreating what’s in the flavour description.

Ohm Brew Bar – Strawberry Storm

Brew Bar Strawberry StormOhm Brew Says:

A summer trip into a Strawberry field. Pick the fresh fruits from the blooming field and enjoy the mellow flavours of this poetic e-liquid.

I Say:

I can’t entirely agree with the flavour description of Strawberry Storm. It’s not what I would class a fresh Strawberry. It’s more of a candy inspired alternative.

Highly reminiscent of a Chewit or maybe Opal Fruit sweet.

That’s the vibe I get during the exhale but doesn’t make it any less pleasurable as a vape. A delicately balanced level of sweetness runs straight through the centre, teasing the taste buds at the end.

Strawberry Storm is definitely a chewy fondant style vape. It has juicy properties by way of depth or layering. I like it because it’s a slightly different take on a very tried and tested formula.

So personally, it’s not a fresh, ripe natural tasting Strawberry. Yet it doesn’t taste chemical or synthetic. Where I may have removed points, I’m putting them back.

It’s just a very nice version of Strawberry. Simple as that.

Ohm Brew Bar – Mr Blue

Brew Bar Mr BlueOhm Brew Says:

From the masters at Ohm Brew comes a new and improved spin on an industry favourite. A mysterious mix of berries with an Aniseed & Menthol twist.

I Say:

Menthol does indeed caress the tonsils during the inhale. However it’s very much toned down from the profile it’s emulating. Does that make a difference since it was such a key player in Heisenberg?

No it doesn’t to be honest and may go down better with those that favour less of an icy cold blast on the throat.

The berries are well represented with Raspberry, Blueberry and Blackcurrant all harmonising just as effectively as the proclaimed ‘daddy of all vapes’.

I think the twist comes from the Aniseed which has a slightly different edge. It seems like Ohm Brew have thrown in a sour back note or two.

Mr Blue clearly lacks originality but as far as doing what it says in the description?

I’ve no complaints.

Ohm Brew Bar – Passionfruit Mango

Brew Bar Passionfruit MangoOhm Brew Says:

A tropical sweet delight. Smooth and rewarding Mango fine tuned with a subtle touch of Passion fruit. If you like it sweet, then this one is for you.

I Say:

The inhale is very smooth and there’s nothing scratchy or raspy about the Mango content. It’s not over pronounced and doesn’t carry the usual sickly sweetness associated with the fruit.

As with Watermelon Sugar, it makes a nice change for the fruit not to be amplified by the inclusion of menthol or icy elements. It’s still a very smooth and cool vape, especially on the inhale where more of the sourness and bitterness is able to escape.

Combined with a layer of sweetness, Passionfruit Mango is a tasty vape.

The level of tartness is spot on and is no doubt provided by the Passionfruit.

Mango based e-liquids usually annoy me quite quickly. Passionfruit Mango combines two fruits in an effective and subtle enough way to keep things interesting for the lifespan of the disposable.

A relatively simple and straightforward flavour that’s likely to appeal to a mainstream of vapers.

Final Review Verdict

The disposables don’t kick out as much power as I would’ve liked. They just don’t seem to have enough clout in comparison with others on the market.

I thought the power issue was isolated to Blue Slush but all six have the same characteristic.

As a MTL vape, the Brew bar range is more than capable. The two restrictive airflow slots on the base take care of that.

However the end result feels a bit weak and tends to affect the overall flavour intensity. In turn this affects vapour production which is quite thin and wispy.

That won’t be an issue to any new vaper but disposables are also used by regular vapers. They may be expecting a bit more power behind a device capable of 600 puffs.

I managed around six hours continuous vaping before the juice ran out. The battery was still chugging along but I’ve no idea how many vapes I achieved.

In closing, the Ohm Brew Bar range pretty much does what it claims on the flavour descriptions (with the exception of Strawberry Storm) and all six are certainly pleasant enough.

However I personally think there are better alternatives on the market.

Right now, it’s incredibly difficult to ‘rise to the surface of a sea full of disposable e-cigarettes’.

Are you an Ohm Brew Bar disposables fan? If so let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Buy 3 for £15!

Blue Slush
Blueberry Bubble
Watermelon Sugar
Strawberry Storm
Mr Blue
Passionfruit Mango
My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.


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