Today I’m going to be taking a look at the newly released Oumier Wasp King RDA.

A versatile single coil 24mm RDA along with an intriguing airflow system, this RDA also allows for two different styles of coil.

Oumier Wasp King RDA header

Oumier was founded in 2013 and is based in Shenzhen, China.

They have bought us many products over the years like the lightweight 222w Flash VT-1, Wasp Nano Squonk kit or the Rudder 200W Mod, but certainly most people associate Oumier with rebuildable atomizers like Wasp Nano RDTA, Wasp Nano RTA, Wasp Nano MTL RTA, Wasp Nano RDA and with other RDA’s like the Armadillo RDA.

So What Can We Expect From the Oumier Wasp King RDA?

I keep saying and will always say I love using RDA’s for the sheer quality of vapour and flavour they can produce, add in DIY coils makes the use of RDA’s cost effectiveness a no brainer!

Oumier Wasp King RDA header 2

The Wasp King RDA is the latest in the series of “Wasp” toppers from Oumier, we could treat this one loosely as an update to their Wasp Nano RDA.

Oumier promise this RDA is something special! It has a swirl adjustable airflow and dual slotted airflow control to allow for fine tuning.

The RDA takes advantage of either wire coils or mesh strips, the Wasp King is also compatible for squonking with the included BF Pin.

Oumier Wasp King RDA mesh or wire

Oumier have released the Wasp King RDA in 3 colours, Silver, Gold and Black.

Oumier Wasp King RDA colours

This RDA was sent to me for the purpose of review.

As always my thoughts and views are my own after an extensive testing period.

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Inside the Box

  • Oumier Wasp King RDA
  • 34Ω Fused coil
  • 2x Mesh coil 0.15Ω
  • Screws & spring
  • Cotton
  • Coiling rod
  • BF squonk pin
  • Screwdriver
  • 4x O-rings
  • User manualOumier Wasp King RDA kit compete


  • Size: 24mm diameter
  • Mesh or wire coil build deck
  • Squonk BF pin compatible
  • Swirl side adjustable airflow system

Design and Build Quality

I’m impressed with the high manufacturing quality of the Oumier Wasp King RDA, it is made completely from quality Stainless Steel and topped off with a delrin 810 mouth piece.

Oumier Wasp King RDA box kit

The Wasp King RDA is presented in a card box with a paper over sleeve; the kit comes with a generous amount of extras.

Oumier Wasp King RDA – Overview

Measuring in at approx 35mm tall, and with a diameter of 24mm, the Wasp King RDA is preinstalled with a black delrin 810 wide bore mouthpiece.

Oumier Wasp King RDA new together

The Wasp King dismantles into 4 parts; the 510 connection pin is replaceable with the BF pin should you wish to use this RDA on a squonk mod.

Oumier Wasp King RDA components

The base posts are removable from the liquid well for easy cleaning.

Oumier Wasp King RDA removed posts

Oumier Wasp King RDA – Component Parts

From the top, the preinstalled black 810 delrin mouthpiece has a 15mm bore tapering to around 10mm.

Oumier Wasp King RDA drip tip

The airflow ring/cap has a lined striation decoration on the upper part it has a flat top with an embedded O-ring to hold the 510 mouthpiece in place

Oumier Wasp King RDA ring pattern

The body of the airflow ring has 4 slot airflow holes on each side that are angled to the right; the body has an O-ring that has been embedded to insure smooth operation within the barrel.

Oumier Wasp King RDA ring airflow

Inside the airflow ring/cap it has a beveled dome effect so that any stray liquid will drop back down to the coils.

Oumier Wasp King RDA – Barrel

The external airflow comprises of 2 wide slots, one on each side of the barrel.

Oumier Wasp King RDA airflow barrel

And has been printed twice with “Wasp King”, these are located off centre to the airflow slots.

Oumier Wasp King RDA barrel ad

The barrel simply slips over the base/build deck, and has a shallow rail inside to stop the deck from slipping in too far.

Oumier Wasp King RDA inside barrel

Oumeir Wasp King RDA – Base/Build Deck

On at the bottom of the base you will see all the usual information.

This RDA comes preinstalled with a gold plated 510 connection pin, which can be swapped out for the bottom fed squonk pin.

deck info

The connection threading has been turned well and the pin sticks out just enough to be used with a hybrid connection.

pin thread rings

Looking at the sides of the deck you will see a single screw on each side that operates the wire slots, along with 2 embedded O-rings for the barrel to slip over.

The posts themselves are chunky blocks with a single wire slot/clamp within each; at each end of the posts you will see the bf squonk inlet valves.

wire clamps

The top of the block posts include the internal airflow that protrude proudly from the deck, the airflow has 3 large holes on each block.

Oumier Wasp King RDA deck airflow

Looking at the build deck, the juice well looks to be fairly deep, however the posts take up a lot of space, and as a guess I would say the liquid capacity is only about 1ml.Oumier Wasp King RDA well liquid

The design of the Wasp King RDA is good, in fact this is a very easy RDA to dismantle for maintenance.

How Does the Oumier Wasp King RDA Perform?

Is it gonna cause a sting or a buzz? Let’s find out…

For this review I am taking a step back to 2019, and using this RDA with my Oumier Flash VT-1, with the round wire coil included with the kit.

flash display

Later I’ll change out the BF Pin for use with my Wotofo Profile Squonk Mod, for use with a mesh build.

The e-liquid I will use in both is a new liquid to me from KwikVape “Bread & Butter Pudding”, catch-up at the end of the review for my opinion on it!

How to prepare the Oumier Wasp King RDA for use!

Building for either dripper or squonk RDAs are basically the same… just switch pins for squonking.

Round wire build

  • Make your coil in the normal way or use the one that come with the kit.
  • Pulse and strum the coil.Oumier Wasp King RDA strum pulse
  • Load your cotton into the coil – comb trim and tuck the cotton into the deck!Oumier Wasp King RDA round wire cotton
  • Dampen the coil and cotton with liquid.Oumier Wasp King RDA damp cotton

Mesh Build

In the extras baggy is a metal rod for bending your mesh, use this and slot the mesh into the wire slots then follow my guide above.

cotton mesh

Reassemble the Wasp King RDA, and enjoy on a mod of your choice.

Oumier the Wasp King RDA in use

Building the Wasp King RDA is extremely easy, however be careful with the post screws they have springs under them and it’s easy to lose them, as they spring away just like they did with me the first time I put a build in lol.

In the main I have been using the fused 0.34Ω coil that came with the kit, I have no idea what metal the coil is made from as this is not given, but as I have had no adverse reaction I would suggest it is Kanthal.

check topper

Oumier the Wasp King RDA as a standard RDA

I have been using wattage around 40 to 65w as a direct to lung vape depending on my mood.

I have to say this is a very airy RDA, which sadly doesn’t fit my style, I prefer a much more restricted airflow.

display liquid

Even with the airflow turned down to its lowest setting its still to airy for me.

Talking of the airflow it’s quite noisy, however I was still able to get very decent clouds of vapour, while the flavour production is OK but not what I would call stellar.

What did annoy me with this RDA was having to re wet the cotton every few puffs!


Use on a squonk mod 30 to 55w

For me this is where the Oumier Wasp King RDA comes into its own, with the 0.15Ω mesh strips, while still an airy draw, the flavour was a wee bit better the extra amount of cotton used allowed me more draws before re squonking!

I’ve only had one leak with the Wasp King RDA in squonk mode and this was down to over exuberance on my part lol.

liquid profile

KV Bread and Butter Pudding, cooked up in collaboration with Riot Squad, it has a delicious taste of raisins with a hint of cinnamon/nutmeg layered in bread and butter, after putting my nic shot in I left the bottle too steep for a couple of days, the liquid turned a most wonderful amber colour and was much stronger than my initial taste test, really bringing out the flavour of a truly classic dessert!


  • Good quality and design
  • Solid materials
  • Excellent Clouds
  • Fair flavour
  • Easy to build on
  • BF Squonk pin


  • Noisy airflow
  • Very Airy draw
  • 1ml liquid capacity

Final Review Verdict

In the time I have been using this RDA, it has given me fair flavour with excellent vapour quality, while the airflow is noisy and very airy, I can live with those 2 points because of the amount of vapour produced.

The deck is easy to build upon but do take care with the spring loaded post screws!

I personally prefer to use the Wasp King as a squonk RDA with mesh strips, the extra cotton used allows for more soakage and therefore more toots per squonk!

Would I recommend the Oumier the Wasp King RDA?

Yes I would, to those with experience with building, it’s a nice little RDA that gives good coverage of clouds with a fair flavour quality!

Would I buy this RDA again due loss or damage?

No not really, while I like the whole over presentation of the Wasp King I prefer a tighter vape than this RDA can supply me.

Is this a dripper you’re interested in using?

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below…

Worldwide Shipping

Build Quality
Vapour Production
Ease Of Building
Replace if Lost or Stolen
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