The Pachamama short fill e-liquids are the latest range released by a legend in the e-liquid world – Charlie’s Chalk Dust.

That USA based company is probably known to every single vaper on the planet and I reckon most of us have tried one of their flavours at one time or another.

pachamama short fill review

I recently reviewed the Pachamama nic salt range – and indeed the Pachamama CBD range and very impressed I was too.

Incidentally…please take a look at our guides for short fills, CBD and nic salts:

What Can We Expect From the Pachamama Short Fill Range?

As always with e-liquids it’s obviously the flavour we’re after!

Next to that comes vapour production and thirdly are they kind to your coils?

The Pachamama short fill range come in 50ml bottles with room to add a nic shot [see guide above] and are beautifully presented in very smart packaging with bags of information on them.

They are a 70% VG – 30% PG blend so you should expect to get some decent clouds going too.

OK, I was sent 5 out of the 7 bottles in the range free of charge from New Vaping for the purpose of this review – thank you šŸ™‚

As always my thoughts and opinions are not swayed by freebies and please remember taste is subjective.

For the taste test I used the Augvape BTFC RDA – freshly cleaned and wicked every time on top of the Augvape VX200 mod.

UK/Europe ā€“ Spend Ā£40 Save Ā£12 ā€“ Code ECC

Pachamama Short Fill – Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine – Zero Nicotine

Pachamama Shortfills - pachamama_-_fuji_apple_strawberry_nectarine_review

Pachamama Says:

Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine by Pachamama delivers a fruit blend of crisp Fuji Apple, aromatic strawberries, and the unique sweet flavor profile of nectarine to create a harmonious combination.

I Say:

Three of my favourite fruit flavours so I was hoping for big things from this one.

The smell once the top is whipped off has that crisp apple to the fore with a hint of sweeter things to come.

The inhale is once again fresh crisp apple for a milli-second or two before the that sweet strawberry arrives adding a really quite delicious extra layer of flavour.

It’s when that vapour hits the back of your throat another layer of citrusy freshness arrives and really comes to the fore on the exhale.

Fruit lovers rejoice – this is fresh – crisp – perfectly blended and extremely moreish.

Love it.

Pachamama Short Fill – Mint Leaf Honeydew Berry Kiwi – Zero Nicotine

Pachamama Shortfills pachamama_mint_leaf_honeydew_berry_kiwi_shortfill review

Pachamama Says:

Mint Leaf Honeydew Berry Kiwi by Pachamama is a refreshing fruity experience, delivering an exhilarating mint leaf base balanced with the sweetness and flavors of honeydew melons, berries, and kiwis for a tropical blend unlike any other.

I Say:

An almost overpowering waft of honeydew melon greets your nostrils once the bottle is opened – and to be honest it wasn’t that pleasant.

The inhale is again a strong melon that tastes much better than it smells.

The mint is there lying quietly underneath that melon but it’s not until the exhale the other ingredients arrive.

The berries are a little lost for my palate, however the kiwi makes an almost begrudging appearance right on the end of the exhale which tries hard to reduce that rather strong melon.

If they tamed that honeydew a little I’d probably quite enjoy this one – as it is now – sadly not for me.

I’m sure those mad about melon flavours will really enjoy this one.

Pachamama Short Fill – Strawberry Guava Jackfruit – Zero Nicotine

Pachamama Shortfills pachamama_-_strawberry_guava_jackfruit_shortfill review

Pachamama Says:

Strawberry Guava Jackfruit by Pachamama eJuices is a fruity trifecta experience, intermixing sweet strawberry with sensational guava and tropical jackfruit for a flavor unlike any others.

I Say:

Jackfruit is a kind of fig come bread fruit and has a bad rep as ‘smelling bad’ – some say it can smell a bit ‘musky’ whilst other say it smells extremely sweet and fruity.

And the latter is what I’m getting from the smell off this one – very sweet and very fruity – think candied rather than fresh.

The inhale surprised me a little as the sweetness I was expecting was dialed down a lot by the tanginess of the guava – a fruit I love to eat and vape on.

It’s still a sweet vape – but not unpleasantly so and nowhere near as syrupy as I was expecting.

Not sure if I could vape this all day – but a very pleasant e-liquid nonetheless.

Pachamama Short Fill – Blood Orange Banana Gooseberry – Zero Nicotine


Pachamama Says:

Blood Orange Banana Gooseberry by Pachamama E-Liquid is a fruit medley explosion featuring tangy blood oranges, luscious bananas, and wild gooseberries for a fruity concoction that will tingle the senses.

I Say:

As you might expect I was getting quite a whack of banana from the bottle and given I haven’t yet found a banana flavoured e-liquid I like I wasn’t expecting much from this one.

That just goes to show how one sense can fool the others because on the inhale the banana was way in the background!

I got that awesome rich yet fresh and tangy blood orange tweaked to a perfect natural sweet yet tartness from the gooseberry.

The latter was a fruit from my childhood that needed to be soaked in sugar for it seemed weeks to get rid of that sourness!

This is a lovely vape – I just wish they’d removed the banana as for me it kind of lingers on the exhale spoiling what could be an awesome fruity flavour.

Pachamama Short Fill – Mango Pitaya Pineapple – Zero Nicotine Shortfill

pachamama_mango_pitaya_pineapple_shortfill review

Pachamama Says:

Mango Pitaya Pineapple by Pachamama eLiquid is a fruity trifecta experience, combining juicy mango with exotic pitaya and mouth-watering pineapple for a true island blend.

I Say:

Pineapple is one of my preferred e-liquid flavours and the aroma off the bottle promised a real slap in the mouth of that juicy sweet fruit.

Sure I got what I was hoping for – perfectly fresh pineapple but that mango delivers a smooth naturally sweet back note.

Pitaya is the other name for a dragon fruit and that’s a flavour that can overpower tasting a little like a slightly spicy pear.

The end result is a vape of two halves – a clean fresh sweet inhale – with a very exotic exhale that I absolutely adore.

One for the refined palate of for those vapers looking for a complex perfectly balanced different kind of flavour.

Final Review Verdict

As I said, I missed out on 3 of the flavours and looking at those profiles, maybe it’s good that I did…

The peach, papaya and coconut cream doesn’t inspire me at all.

Whilst the huckleberry, pear and acai is another combo that my nose would wrinkle at before tasting.

However the one missing I would like to have tried is the passion fruit, raspberry and yuzu – a Japanese fruit a cross between a grapefruit and a lime – bang on my flavour profile!

As to the ones I’ve tested, they really are cleverly blended with combinations you really wouldn’t think could go together – but they do!

Of them all the Mango, Pitaya and Pineapple and the Fuji Apple, Strawberry and Nectarine stood out and ones I’d happily vape on all day.

Indeed all 5 are decent flavours that produce plenty of clouds and seem to be coil friendly too.

So yeah, you can’t knock the quality or flavours and the packaging is spot on too.

After reviewing the Pachamama nic salts I’m sad not to see the Sorbet flavour put into a shortfill – because that is still one of the best e-liquid flavours I’ve ever tried.

UK/Europe ā€“ Spend Ā£40 Save Ā£12 ā€“ Code ECC

Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine
Mint Leaf Honeydew Berry Kiwi
Strawberry Guava Jackfruit
Blood Orange Banana Gooseberry
Mango Pitaya Pineapple
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