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UPDATE: This kit is no longer available. If you are still looking for a good cig-a-like e cig then check out our V2 Cigs review.

If you are looking for a better performer in terms of battery life then check out our JAC Vapour Series S17 Kit review.

E Cigarette Direct have been around since 2008 and are a trusted retailer and advocate of the electronic cigarette here in the UK. Their e cig offering is a small one but it focuses on introducing new users with little fuss or confusion.

The Halo Mini E Cig Kit we are reviewing today retails at £19.99 (get 50% off with our discount code) but was received free of charge for the purposes of this review. As always our opinions of the product will be honest ones!

In The Box

halo mini starter kit

The carton received is compact and has the following included:

1 X Rechargeable Automatic Battery
2 X Tobacco Flavoured Cartomisers
1 X E Cig Case
1 X USB Charger

Battery / Responsiveness

The Halo e cig on a whole is designed with the appearance of a cigarette in mind. The battery itself has the raised ring finish and glowing orange tip. For me personally the cig-a-like look is not important but I know from experience when switching over from cigs to e-cigs this can be an important feature.

smokers angel halo mini battery

How do I know? I was exactly the same a couple of years ago, all I wanted was an e cigarette that looked like a cig, it was more a case of keeping the familiarity as well as not getting weird looks off people as well! Hardly anybody new what e cigs were back then!

Anyway…. point is, if that is what you want then go for it, if it acts as a spring board to get you off the cigs then it’s all good!

The battery itself feels quality in the hand and most importantly is responsive when taking a drag. After a few charges of the e cigarette I was getting around 1.5 hours vaping time from the battery as a moderate vaper.

halo electronic cigaretteThis is pretty much standard for the mini e cigarettes with batteries this size. The only downside with this particular kit is that it comes with just the one battery.

At this price though I can’t grumble too much, it’s more of a tester kit and if you find it’s for you then E Cigarette Direct do have spare batteries for sale on their website for £8.50!

One point I will make though is that a second battery is essential if you are buying a mini e cig kit so you can rotate batteries, there really is nothing worse than being caught without a charged battery. Don’t make those cigarettes more tempting than they need to be!

Overall – The batteries have a quality look and feel and the performance was good. A 2nd battery is definitely needed though so if you decide to go for the Halo be sure to buy one!


halo-cartomisersThis starter kit comes with 2 1.8% (nicotine volume) tobacco cartomisers, remember this is more of a tester kit, they are however the halo high capacity cartomisers.

I’ve got to say they are pretty big as well, around 2/3rds of the size of the battery! They do obviously last longer than the standard cartomisers, I got around 150-180 drags before I felt a replacement was necessary.

This will differ from vaper to vaper depending on your vaping habits, you could get more, you could get less.

The tobacco flavour I found was fairly realistic and for my tastes was good. The throat hit was also decent with the 1.8% nicotine but I found the vapour volume produced was just OK.

smokers angel menthol cartomisers

To buy refills will set you back £10.99 for a pack of 5 high capacity cartomisers and £8.99 for the standard sized cartomisers. Smokers Angel also have a selection of flavours on offer including vanilla, cherry and chocolate.

They do of course also offer a menthol which I was also sent to try. I found these definitely gave you the cool ice feeling when taking a drag and the flavour was good too. They also gave off a little more in terms of vapour volume.

Overall – The choice of the high capacity and standard cartomisers is a good one and the flavours were good. The only slight downside for me was that the tobacco vapour volume was just average.

Customer Service

Smokers Angel customers can contact support via the Ecigarette Direct website by email or they are available by phone.

I have not had the need to deal with the customer service team but from reports I have read they are extremely helpful and most importantly responsive!

Returns / Warranty

Returns are accepted by Smokers Angel within 7 days of receipt as long as the product is unused and in original packaging. A one year warranty is also offered on Smokers Halo kits, for full terms please check out their website.

Final Review Verdict

If you are new to electronic cigarettes and you have been looking at the Halo starter kit then for this price (around £10) you can’t really go wrong. The flavours were good and the battery life for this type of e cig was as expected.

If you are a heavy smoker looking to switch to e cigs though it is highly recommended that you take a look at the bigger performance type e cigs such as Jac Vapour Series S22 or the V2 Pro Series 3.

That is of course you don’t mind swaying away from the electronic cigarettes that are a similar size and look to tobacco cigs.

If you want to stick with a cig-a-like then I would recommend having 2 batteries minimum no matter what brand you end up with!

Final Smokers Angel Halo Review Verdict

Halo Mini E Cig Kit – Recommended by

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  1. I bought this thinking I had to do something, even though I am not a heavy smoker it was clearing taking a toll. I am amazed by how this has (almost) replaced smoking for me. I am almost ready to quit completely.

    The Halo has meant zero craving (which for me, is a first). I’m not interested in how much or little vapour it produces- it’s enough to give the illusion of smoke.

  2. I smoked 20-30 a day for the last 30 years, purchased the halo vapour flavoured ecig and I have not had a cig for a month, how is that for a surprise, well it has shocked me, I dont even have the temptation to have a fag, think im addicted to this cherry bakewell flavour! lol [email protected] if you want to know how im happy with halo, no going back to cigs 🙂

  3. Great flavours, quality feel, nicely presented for a starter kit and batteries charge and perform without any issues. As good as the higher priced quality brands.

  4. its cut me right down on my smoking I could stop smoking tobacco altoghter but I don’t want to at the moment


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