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TABLites – Who Are They?

Tab Lites are a Manchester based e cigarette brand that not only have an online presence but also high street retail locations that allow you to give their product a try before you buy.

They have a small but well put together range of electronic cigarettes with just 3 options: a disposable, a rechargeable mini e cig (that we review here) and a bigger battery EGO e cigarette kit called the TABLites Cyclone.

This review is going to take a look at TAB Lites mini rechargeable electronic cigarette. This kit was received free of charge but as usual this will not sway our view of the product!

tablites rechargeable e cigarettePackaging

The TABLites starter kit comes in a tidy, professionally designed package that has been designed with retails stores in mind, making it easy for the e cigarette to be displayed.

Inside this standard starter kit:

  • 1 180mAh rechargeable battery
  • 6 Cartomisers
  • 1 USB Charger

Battery Responsiveness

The battery supplied by TABLites has a 180 mAh capacity that is a common battery capacity with this size e cig and has been designed to look like a cigarette, fake rings included! It does this well and has a good quality to it, it also feels good in the hand.

Although the looks are there the size is bigger than a cigarette, if you want one these then the Epuffer Magnum Snaps and Blu Cig are the go to products but be warned the life of the batteries on the super minis are pretty poor, these are only recommended for light smokers!

tablites ecig reviewTaking a drag

The battery responds well when taking a drag, you will get a nice smooth draw. Another plus point is that the switch in the battery functions well, basically meaning the battery does not activate on it’s own through quick movements or windy environments.

Battery Life

The battery lasted as would be expected for this type of battery. TABLites state that the battery will last between 100 and 200 puffs which is quite a big difference that will all depend on the length of drags you take.

As a moderate vaper I was getting around 1.5 to 2 hours use out of my battery. This, again, will change depending on the levels at which you vape.

If you haven’t used e cigarettes before and are currently a heavy smoker you will no doubt find that these batteries may last you even less time.

If this sounds like you than I would definitely recommend you take a look at the bigger capacity batteries such as the ROK Star or Vgo to avoid running out of charge frequently!

If, however, you insist on an e cigarette that closely resembles a cigarette in terms of looks then I would advise buying an extra battery, better still an extra 2 batteries.

tablites e cigarettes

This particular TABlites kit comes with only the one battery but they do give you an option for buying a second for just £5, which is very good value. If you go for this kit the buy a second battery!!

No matter how heavy a smoker you are having just one battery will leave you without use of your e cigarette for 2 hours at a time whilst it charges, not good. The last thing you want is the temptation of opening that pack of cigs up!

TAB Lites do also offer a slightly more expensive version of this kit that also includes a carry case, car charger, wall charger and the all important second battery. If you think you could do with the extra chargers then this is the starter kit to go for!

Overall: The batteries work well, as they should but the basic comes with only one battery which at £19.99 for the kit is fair enough, the one battery won’t be enough though (did I mention that already?) and you should buy the offered second battery a checkout. This and the fact there is no portable charging case available are the only real negatives to be had.

Vapour Flavour

TABLites offer 3 flavour options with their starter kits: Tobacco, Menthol and Blueberry.

tablites cartomisersIf you are buying the cartomisers separately they are priced at £7.99 for a pack of 5, which is priced on a level, if not cheaper than competing brands.

They also offer a good range of cartomiser flavours as well. To add to this they also have a massive range of flavoured e-liquids available, these however, are for use for their Cyclone EGO C electronic cigarette but it would be great to see them offer blank (empty) cartomisers to use with their mini e cigarette starter kits.

So back to the flavours!

The tobacco, for an ex Marlboro Light smoker and long term vaper was just about right for me in terms of the throat hit.

The Menthol provided the ice cool hit you would expect although the throat hit wasn’t as strong. Not the best Menthol e liquid I have had but still a decent effort.

The last flavour was the blueberry which is a first for me and the one I was looking forward to trying the most, I have recently started to enjoy the various e liquid flavours that electronic cigarettes can offer.

I have tried the Blackberry Limoncello from Highbrow and a number of cherry flavours which in general I am a fan of.

tab lites

On opening the sealed plastic the cartomiser is kept in you do get a nice whiff of blueberry which was a good start.

On vaping you get a robust blueberry flavour coming through which I really liked, the only negative is that it may be a bit too much on the sweet side for some. It may not be everyone’s all day vape but it is definitely a good one to give you a break from the tobacco or menthol every now and then.

Overall: The cartomiser flavours were good, the selection is slightly limited when you are buying the starter kit but this leaves less room for mistakes especially if this is our first e cigarette. £7.99 is a decent price for a pack of 5 but it would be good to see a blank cartomiser made available so all the e-liquid flavours can be tried!

Final Verdict

I found TABLites to be a solid option and definitely one of the better e cigarettes products out there, everything functioned well and the flavours were good on a whole. The only real thing missing for me is the lack of a portable charging case like ROK and Jacvapour offer, this isn’t going to be a major issue though.

If you are a mild-moderate smoker then these will be a good option for you but please, please!! Make sure you buy the spare battery on offer at the checkout if you are going for the entry level kit.

If you are moving more in the direction of a heavy smoker then I would say that this wouldn’t be the best choice in the long run purely due to the battery life. Take a look at our V2 Pro Series 3 review or Jacvapour VIM review if this sounds like you.

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  1. Great Liquids. Nice and thin so it doesn’t clog up. Use to use VIP and Socialites but these use to taste sour and heavy which clogged by clearomiser.

  2. I have been using TABlites for a while now. I think the e cig is great. I love how many flavours they have, and that you can try them before you buy. The staff there are always really helpful.

  3. As in the ratings shown I think this is a very good product in virtually all aspects. The only drawback which may make me switch to an alternative product is the cost of shipping the goods to Spain. For a small package of Cartomisers the company wants to charge £11 99 for ‘International Shipping’ SILLY PRICE!

  4. I got my double starter pack in March this year with some menthol juice (totally different from the cigarette taste!) and have become a pina colada fan since then!
    The guys at the shop are really helpful and cool, they set up my first kit for me and have explained everything to me. I haven’t gone back to cigarette since and have actually brought a lot of my colleagues to their shop! We all love it.

  5. great product could not have given up smoking without it smoked for 40 years tried everything on the market without success till this

  6. Great product! Not smoked in 3 weeks now, thank you Tablites. Lovely guys at the shop, very helpful and talked me through everything. x


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