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Introduction: Urban Sky E-Liquid Review

I was very happy to receive a lovely selection box of the Urban Sky E-liquids to review.

Urban Sky is brand from the company Red Vape who also created the Red Vape Reserva and Red Vape Premium e-liquids which scored well in review by our Neil.

Designed to reflect different cities from around the globe the Urban Sky range are a High VG e-liquid made in Great Britain with all natural ingredients.

There are 5 flavours in the range and you can choose all of these in either 3mg or 6mg nicotine strengths:

  • Tokyo – Sweet Menthol
  • Dubai – Tropical Fruits
  • New York – Banana Custard
  • Paris – Sweet and Tangy
  • London – Summer Berries

Urban sky rangeMy package contained 10ml TPD Compliant bottles of each flavour in 6mg and 3mg nicotine strengths.

Urban sky contents

PG/VG & Nicotine Content

These e-liquids are high VG e-liquids having a VG percentage of 70% and PG only 30%.

For an explanation of VG and PG in E-liquids read here.

Therefore these are more suitable for sub ohm higher power devices.

To review these I use the Kaees Aladdin RDA and do a dry burn and fresh wick for each liquid.


urban sky dubai

Urban Sky say…

“Sit back and relax in your own cloudy creation with Urban Sky ‘Dubai’. This high VG (70/30) Tropical Fruit e-liquid mixes Pear, Pineapple and Mango with a refreshing menthol finish.”

I say….

Opening this bottle you can smell all the fruits listed in the description – after a few sniffs you can pick each one out – quite mad!

Whoa this is flipping cold – like breathing in too much on a January morning in the UK almost makes your teeth tingle!

It didn’t just make my teeth tingle but my throat had a tickle too!

Every inhale made me cough to start with I even had to lower the wattage on my mod!

The drip tip on my Aladdin was red hot but what was entering my mouth was colder than a freezer in the North Pole.

The taste matches the smell for me the pineapple was the strongest flavour backed up by that icy cold wind. Pass me my scarf yeah.

This is a nice liquid – now I am getting used to it – but it did take a few vapes for me to tolerate the cold!

However I wouldn’t really associate Dubai with cold –  “Iceland” or “Greenland” would be more suitable names (but with pineapple…)


urban sky tokyo

Urban Sky say…

“Urban Sky ‘Tokyo’ delivers big on clouds and big on vapour. This high VG (70/30) juice combines refreshing sweet spearmint blended with cooling menthol..”

I say….

The smell of this is just like Fox’s Glacier Mints – not a strong mint but a sweet mint smell.

Wallop this is even colder than the Dubai flavour – bloody hell!

Again coughing my head off at this super ice cold blast down my throat!

I don’t really associate Tokyo with Hypothermia you know.

Again had to knock my wattage down by 5W to try and vape this without coughing up a testicle (then I realised I have no testicles anyway – good job really).

This doesn’t have much of a flavour as it just numbs your tongue. Renders you unable to taste at all.

So if you like an icy cold vape – this is the liquid for you. It was far too Arctic for me sorry but it does live up to the claim of a Menthol taste. Just way too flipping much of it.

For hardcore double-hard menthol-ists only I think.

New York

urban sky new york

Urban Sky say…

“What could be better than Banana Custard! Urban Sky ‘New York’ is a high VG (70/30) e-liquid that blends lush bananas perfectly with a rich, creamy custard and a hint of vanilla. “

I say….

Yeah I was dreading this one a bit – custard liquids for me can be very hit and miss.

The smell took me back 30 (ish) years to working behind the counter in shops which had the pick and mix sweets. The New York flavour smells exactly like the foam banana sweets!

foam bananas

Yep and this tastes just the same! I actually (thankfully) can’t taste the custard, only a vapour version of foam bananas woohoo!

This liquid makes me very happy – they should take the “Custard” out of the name though.

Where can I buy Pick-n-Mix at 1am on a Tuesday morning as I now have a craving!


urban sky paris

Urban Sky say…

“Urban Sky ‘Paris’ is a high VG (70/30) E-Liquid combining sweet and delicious Pineapple with tangy and zesty winter fruits. A moreish sweet and sour sensation that you’ll keep coming back for more. “

I say….

This e-liquid is bright green – like Shrek Snot – so would look good in a tank!

There isn’t much smell to this, I detected a slight whiff of pears and that was about it.

This is nothing like I expected from the smell.

Wow my brain is hurting to try to describe this one. It has a tart flavour which is a bit like a sour apple pie mixed with one of the green sour sweets covered in that sugar stuff that makes your eyes leak. Sadly there is also a chemically aftertaste which I am not enjoying really.

Not for me this one – tastes quite synthetic.


urban sky london

Urban Sky say…

“Urban Sky ‘London’ Summer Berries is a high VG (70/30) E-Liquid that perfectly blends luscious sweet berries including Blackberry and Blueberry. A stunning juice to remind you of summer all year round. “

I say….

Just opening the bottle and taking a sniff I just know this is one of those flavours I am going to love.

Vaping this liquid is quite bizarre – as I get such conflicting sensations. I get a really tart suck the pants up your bottom tartness then an almost sticky sweet feeling too.

It does leave a little bit of a perfume behind – like you have just walked into a room where someone has just gone a bit mad with the Air Wick and had your mouth open.

Very tasty but a bit odd for me. This flavour makes my taste buds very confused but still enjoyable.

Final Verdict

One of the main drawbacks for me in the Urban Sky E-liquid range is the fact it only comes in 10ml bottles priced at £4.95.

A lot of high VG vapers buy short fill bottles now as they are cheaper and a lot less plastic waste. You simply add nicotine so they comply with the TPD laws. Maybe offering 30/50ml pack discounts would be good as other brands do.

Now E-liquid reviewing is always difficult as we all have different tastes and are more sensitive to some tastes than others. So I do try to describe what things taste of and how close they match the description.

I have found in a few cases with this range the description doesn’t quite match the flavours I am getting. But again this can vary with equipment used and just down to one person’s taste buds.

The clouds from these are excellent and are easily comparable with a lot of 80% VG liquids I have used.

There is no skimping on the flavour – Urban Sky are not tight with the concentrates – but in the main they are not too strong to prevent these being good all day vape liquids either.

However the Tokyo liquid for me was pretty un-vapeable.

The only low point for me was the Paris flavour as this was quite chemically for me. The others all delivered well on flavour.

New York
My name is Michelle - I am 46 and an engineer and Technical Author by trade. I started vaping many years ago in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. My journey in vaping began again a few years ago and have started to move up in the shiny shiny gadget department and love vaping! I have finally stopped smoking as of June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod!


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