In for review is the Vaporesso GEN FIT 40 Tank Mod.

Vaporesso gen fit 40 hand check imageCompromise isn’t a word you’ll ever find Vaporesso using. That’s because they’re fully committed to looking for the very best technology, design and quality for their products. Second best isn’t an option.

The end goal is to constantly create the perfect vape.

They were the first manufacturer to build a medical grade factory, equipped with an automatic production line.

Vaporesso Gen Fit 40 bannerSince their inception way back in 2015, Vaporesso have been constantly creating vapes. As to being perfect? Well that’s in the eye of the individual vaper but products like the GEN 200/80S kit certainly show a high level of commitment to the sub ohm vaper.

The Osmall and XROS range does the same for newer vapers looking to quit the cigs with lower powered Mouth To Lung (MTL) devices.

MTL and DTL (Direct To Lung) are two different vaping styles – we tell you all about them in our Guide To MTL DTL.

Somewhere in between lie the pod vape mods. I reviewed the Vaporesso GEN PT80S and found it extremely hard to fault. We’ve also taken a detailed look at the LUXE 80.

The GEN FIT 40 is a device that falls into the tank Mod category. Does it come out fighting fit?

Let’s take a look.

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What Can We Expect From The Vaporesso GEN FIT 40 Pod Mod?

The GEN FIT 40 takes over where the GEN FIT left off and with many changes. It doesn’t use the AXON chip or the MTX coils but at 40W doubles the power capabilities and massively improves the integrated battery capacity to 2000mAh.

Vaporesso Gen Fit 40 componentsAlthough the new iTank X is compatible with the GTX range of coils keep in mind the 0.2ohm and 0.15ohm mesh coils are designed to work best with higher wattage devices such as the Vaporesso GEN PT80S.

Vaporesso Gen fit 40 GTX coilsWith an innovative COREX inside technology, the GTX coils can provide a constant and accurate flavour replication.

Vaporesso Gen fit 40 corexThe “Morph-Mesh” is packed with “Cumulus cotton” so the coil can fully vaporise any flavour in the e-juice to provide a longer more consistent vape.

Vaporesso Gen Fit 40 corex meshThe iTank X also incorporates SSS (seal, saturate, store) tech to ensure liquid is locked into the tank. Any condensation appearing at the base is recycled back into the vape to ensure a leak free performance.

Vaporesso refer to this as the liquid self circulating system.

The Vaporesso GEN FIT 40 is available in a host of colours. These are: Midnight Black, Space Grey, Sierra Blue (under review), Rose Gold, Taffy Pink and Prussian Blue.

Vaporesso Gen Fit 40 colours

What’s In The Box?

Remove the slip case, lift the lid and you’re first presented with a rectangular envelope holding the instructions and warranty card. Underneath in a moulded plastic tray sit all the individual components to get you up and vaping!

It is also worth noticing I was sent the standard Sample kit which has a 3.5ml capacity. If you are in the UK or other TPD regulated areas you will just get a 2ml tank.

  • Vaporesso GEN FIT 40 battery
  • iTank X Tank (3.5ml)
  • GTX 0.6ohm mesh coil (installed)
  • GTX 1.2ohm regular coil
  • Glass tube (2ml)
  • 3 x O ring
  • Type C USB charging cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty

Vaporesso gen fit 40 unboxed image


Vaporesso GEN FIT 40 Mod

  • Size: 117.9 x 32.2 x 22.5mm
  • Battery: 2000mAh
  • Display: 0.42in black and white OLED screen
  • Output: 5-40W
  • Mode: Variable wattage
  • Charging: Type C USB 5V/2A
  • Tank connector: 510 thread

Vaporesso Gen Fit 40 specs pic

Vaporesso GEN FIT 40 iTank X

  • Size: 20 x 52.5mm (including drip tip)
  • Capacity: 3.5ml (standard) / 2ml (TPD)
  • Coils: GTX 0.6ohm mesh (20-26W) / GTX 1.2ohm regular (8-12W)
  • Corex coil technology
  • SSS leak resistant
  • Dual adjustable bottom airflow
  • Quarter turn top cap filling
  • 510 gold plated connector pin

Design and Build Quality

iTank X

With a circumference of only 20mm it’s a dinky little tank yet looks very much at home screwed to the included Mod. I’m not quite sure of the weight but it’s slightly heavier than the Mod which tends to make it feel a bit top heavy.

Vaporesso iTank X There’s dual airflow adjustability built into the base of the iTank X and the turning resistances are buttery smooth. It’s possible to make the finest of adjustments and these are necessary as we shall see.

Turning the airflow control ring (AFC) completely to the right closes off airflow altogether. Turning it left will initially open two pin holes designed for use with the GTX 1.2ohm regular wire coil.

Vaporesso iTank X mouth to lung airflow settingFurther rotation reveals a wider cycloptic opening. This airflow structure is designed for use with the GTX 0.6ohm mesh coil with its direct lung (DTL) properties.

Vaporesso iTank X direct lung airflow setting

Unscrewing the deck from the tank reveals a manufacturing design I don’t often see. It’s clear the inner plastic tray is designed to seal in any condensate or potential leaking from the base of the coil.

It’s part of the Vaporesso SSS technology and we’ll see how effective this is at recycling e-juice shortly.

Vaporesso gen fit 40 sss tech inside the deck of iTank XThe GTX range of coils are plug and play and the 0.6ohm mesh coil is ready to rock and roll out of the box. Although the sides of the coil are flattened, it doesn’t matter how you put them in. Just make sure they’ve pushed up far enough to create a seal with the included dual O rings.

Vaporesso gen fit 40 pnp GTX coil pre installed

Moving on to the top of the iTank X there’s a removable plastic drip tip. The catch cup is devoid of O rings so if you’re considering a replacement make sure these are incorporated into the drip tip of choice.

Vaporesso gen fit 40 removeable drip tip

The top cap is removed by rotating a quarter of a turn anti clockwise. This will expose the fill and air release ports. It’s always nice when an air release port is included because it drastically reduces the chances of losing e-juice while filling.

Vaporesso gen fit 40 top cap removed showing fill port

GEN FIT 40 Mod

By today’s standards the Mod is also quite small but it’s also lightweight. The elliptical build means it’s comfortable to hold in the hand.

How many times have fingers been in the way of the display?

Not so with the Gen Fit 40 Mod because it’s top mounted. This means you’ll never miss any of that vital info, such as remaining battery or number of puffs.

Vaporesso gen fit 40 screen display on mod section top mounted

Although the screen only makes use of a black and white 0.49in OLED display it’s still surprisingly clear to view. The coil resistance, number of puffs, locked state, battery meter and current power settings are all pin sharp and crystal clear.

Fire and menu buttons are raised, tactile and responsive. Finding them in poor lighting conditions should be easy enough.

Vaporesso gen fit 40 mod section showing front panel
Fire button, up and down rocker and Type C USB charging port.

A type C USB charging port is conveniently positioned at the bottom of the Mod so charging in a vertical position will also be a sinch.

Vaporesso have even included three battery venting slots on the underside. That’s worth a few brownie points in my humble opinion.

Vaporesso gen fit 40 battery venting on underside of Mod

How To Operate The Vaporesso GEN FIT 40 Mod

Press the fire button 5 times within 2 seconds to turn the device on or off.

  • Press the fire button three times to lock/unlock the device
  • To start vaping, press and hold the fire button. Never vape for more than 10 seconds at a time
  • To adjust the power, press the up or down menu buttons
  • Hold the fire and up menu button together to flip the screen orientation
  • To enter system setting hold the up and down buttons together

When in the system setting screen choose from Smart wattage, Variable wattage, Variable voltage, default mode or exit to main display.

Smart wattage mode will auto detect the best setting for the installed coil. It takes the pain out of finding that sweet spot.

Safety First!

The Vaporesso GEN FIT 40 Tank Mod kit is protected against various battery or coil issues.

The device stops functioning if vaping time exceeds 10 continuous seconds. It won’t work if the tank isn’t screwed down sufficiently and when a short circuit is detected, will also cease to function.

It won’t work if the battery voltage is too low or if reaching a point of over discharge. Likewise, the device automatically switches off when fully charged.

Vaporesso GEN FIT 40 Tank Mod – How Does It Perform?

I started by using the installed 0.6ohm GTX mesh coil. It’s rated at between 20-26W with a Smart wattage best setting of 22W.

Vaporesso GTX 0.6ohm mesh coil pic 1There are large airflow slots on the base of the coil which should not only assist with cooling but provide a cloudy direct lung vape. The four wicking ports are quite sizeable too.

I used IVG Vanilla Biscuit e-liquid to test for flavour. It’s an authentic enough flavour containing plenty of subtle tones and nuances. How did the coil fare?

Vaporesso 0.6ohm GTX Mesh Coil – Maximum Airflow

There’s still a minor degree of airflow restriction which isn’t surprising given the narrow bore of the drip tip. It produces a smooth, turbulent free vape with a minimum level of noise generated during the inhale.

Cloud production is super impressive although it will dissipate faster than other sub ohm tank set ups. They still begin life as thick, dense plumes of vapour.

All the dairy notes and creamy content of the flavour are present making for a very satisfying vape experience. The Custard and Vanilla tones work well, replicating Ambrosia Cream and this heightens the overall appeal on the exhale.

However there are a few things to note. As concentrated and saturated the flavour is, it will leave some wetness on the palate. I don’t believe this is spit back because I never tasted any juice on the tongue.

It’s an odd experience that doesn’t shift when maximum wattage is applied either.

Secondly, the vape remains very cool so the coil would be best used with fruit, menthol or beverage based e-liquid flavours.

Mid Airflow Restriction

The change in airflow is very subtle. There’s probably an increased restriction of about 10-15%. How does it affect flavour quality? If anything I found it to become slightly muted. It was still flavoursome but that wet feeling is more pronounced.

Vapour production is as good as always and the inhale remains turbulent free even with longer draws.

The restriction does nothing to increase the warmth of the vape so it’s still a relatively cold bowl of Custard I’m getting.

Further Airflow Restriction

Vaporesso GTX 0.6ohm mesh coil pic 2

I needed to dial the dual adjustable airflow down to a single pin hole in order to achieve anything approaching a mouth to lung (MTL) vape.

Even then it’s an uncomfortable experience with too much air being drawn into the mouth to qualify as a decent vape. It’s passable but by no means the classic cigarette style restriction.

Flavour quality actually holds up quite well and there’s definitely the chance to experience more of the biscuit like back notes of the profile post exhale but again, it’s still a cool vape.

Vapour production is reduced to a minimum and does replicate the volume created by cigarette smoke.

Personally, the 0.6ohm GTX mesh coil is designed to work with airflow totally unrestricted. It delivers by far the best flavour and cloud replication.

Vaporesso 1.2ohm GTX Regular Coil – Maximum Airflow

The coil has a power rating of between 8-12W and once again I opted to use Smart wattage mode with the maximum 12W recommendation.

The airflow inlet on the base of the 1.2ohm GTX regular coil is reduced by two thirds when compared to the 0.6ohm coil.

The bore of the coil is also substantially smaller and so are the wicking ports. Cumulus cotton is wrapped around the vertically installed round wire build.

Vaporesso GTX 1.2ohm regular wire coil pic 2All the signs point to a classic MTL vape. Is that what I got?

I used a generic 50VG/50PG Blueberry flavour e-liquid to test the coil and began with the airflow set wide open.

The level of restriction is instantly noticeable and seems to be set to around 50%. This meant I was still able to get a semi restrictive lung hit which allowed plenty of Coolada to escape amongst the sweetness of the fruit during inhale.

Again there’s very little turbulence generated although a wetness does still land on the roof of the tongue. It’s not spit back in the way it’s usually described, though. The flavour is bright, clean and vibrant at all stages of the exhale and leaves a lasting impression on the palate.

Vapour production is good given the low level power of the coil but don’t expect it to be chucking ‘dem clouds.

Mid Airflow Restriction

The coil can’t seem to make up its mind which direction to take and there’s really not much restrictive difference between here and wide open.

You’ll get far too much airflow for a MTL vape so it becomes a very restrictive lung hit. It’s not particularly comfortable to vape and the ‘ole neck muscle gets an Arnie workout!

There’s still no turbulence and the inhale is very smooth. The icy nature of the vape becomes more intense and takes centre stage over the Blueberry.

The fruit does still shine but highlights more of the sour nature of the fruit while the sweetness and wetness leave their mark on the tongue during the exhale.

Further Airflow Restriction

Vaporesso GTX 1.2ohm regular wire coil pic 1Ok, this is where the radical change takes place. Reducing the airflow to the two pinhole slots creates a much more satisfactory MTL vape but by using just the one slot a classic cigarette style draw occurs.

The inhale is very comfortable and smooth. A longer tug provides a nice full feeling during inhale and the flavour qualities are superbly replicated on the way out. The balance of Coolada to fruit is bang on par.

Cloud production is obviously much more diluted and wispy but that’s what you expect from this style of vaping.

The sour and sweet qualities pull through during the inhale and the juiciness of the Blueberry explodes during exhale, leaving more sweetness to line the tongue afterwards.

The flavour doesn’t linger on the palate which lead to the habit of me vaping more when mouth to lung hitting – just to appreciate the quality this 1.2ohm GTX coil was offering.

Battery Performance

I can’t grumble here, either. I got 8 hours use from the 0.6ohm GTX mesh coil during which time I racked up 362 puffs on the counter and had refilled the tank twice. During this time I vaped somewhere in the region of 8ml of e-liquid.

The 1.2ohm GTX regular coil caused the battery to go into ‘Duracell mode’. On and on and on! lol.

In the end the battery held out for a staggering 20 hours during which time the tank was refilled twice. I’d vaped around 8ml of e-liquid and the puff counter registered over 600 puffs.

The battery gave me a one minute warning prior to failing. After this the empty battery bar icon continued to flash, preventing further vaping.

During a recharge it takes a mere 10 minutes for the battery to top up to 30%. As well as showing a charge percentage, the remaining time to completion is also shown. I like that!

Fast one hour type C charging lives up to its reputation because that’s exactly how long I had to wait with the Vaporesso Gen FIT 40 tank mod.

If you’re an impatient bugger like me, as long as you keep the device on during a recharge it’s possible to continue vaping.


  • Neither coil leaks
  • Versatile airflow design. Vape DTL or MTL
  • Easy to fill on the go using the quarter turn top cap
  • Exceptional battery life with the GTX 1.2ohm regular coil
  • Excellent flavour and cloud production from both GTX coils
  • Smart wattage takes the guesswork out of power settings


  • iTank X feels a bit top heavy (subjective)
  • Top mounted screen can gather dust and dirt
  • 0.42in screen may be too small for some
  • Screen can be difficult to read in direct sunlight

Final Review Verdict

It’s quite apparent the 0.6ohm GTX mesh coil is designed for either a direct or semi restrictive lung hit. Really it’s a waste of time using it for MTL vaping and that’s why the 1.2ohm GTX regular wire coil has been included.

It’s also clear that the airflow structure has been correctly designed and allows just the right amount of airflow to suit either style. This never comes at the sacrifice to flavour either so that’s also impressive in my opinion.

In fact, if I’m honest I have a very hard time faulting the Vaporesso GTX range of coils. They always seem to deliver exactly what I’m looking for.

Everyday Use

The iTank X does feel a little top heavy once filled with 3.5ml of e-juice but that can be overcome to an extent by using the 2ml straight glass. Some may also find it more aesthetically pleasing but tank size isn’t something that usually bothers me.

The Mod section is very light so the additional tank weight does become noticeable.

It’s very comfortable in the hand and the fire button is instantly accessible. Designed more for a trouser pocket, you may become more conscious of the Gen FIT 40 when slipped inside a shirt pocket.

A white OLED screen on a black background can still become difficult to read in direct sunlight. Being top mounted also means it’s prone to picking up dirt and dust particles.

Refilling the tank was a doddle using the quarter turn top cap mechanic and the air release valve kept over filling well and truly at bay.

Throughout daily use the coils held up well to some rather intense vaping sessions and the mesh one never once showed any signs of dry hitting. The regular wire coil performed equally as consistent over the course of days.

Who Is the Vaporesso Gen FIT 40 Tank Mod Recommended To?

Both new and seasoned vapers alike. The basic menu system makes it accessible to a newer vaper but also to an experienced vaper working with voltage over wattage settings.

A complete novice will gain instant confidence using the plug and play coils and top filling is both quick and super easy using the quarter turn threading of the top cap.

A few button presses will activate Smart wattage, alleviating the pain of finding the correct power setting – something else a newer vaper will appreciate.

The 0.6ohm GTX mesh coil does more than enough to keep any fussy sub ohm vaper content and really delivers on flavour and cloud production given the relatively low power output.

The 1.2ohm GTX regular coil behaved very consistently over the course of the three days it took to empty the battery. Again, flavour and cloud production was on par.

All of this proves the Vaporesso Gen FIT 40 is a versatile little vape kit. It’s bound to keep the MTL or DTL vaper happy with its great flavour and cloud production.

Oh – nearly forgot. Not one leak. Well, maybe just a touch from the 1.2ohm GTX regular coil at the base using the thin 50VG/50PG juice. I’m sure the silicone tray would’ve taken care of that..

SSS technology. Gotta love it! So is the Vaporesso Gen FIT 40 fit to vape?

It most certainly is!

Did you buy the GEN FIT 40? If so, let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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neil cozens
Neil Cozens

My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.

Build quality
Ease of use
Flavour and cloud production 0.6ohm GTX mesh coil
Flavour and cloud production 1.20hm GTX regular coil
Replace id lost
My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.
vaporesso-gen-fit-40-reviewI have a very hard time faulting the Vaporesso GTX range of coils and once again they're put to effective use with the Gen FIT 40 tank Mod. Flavour and cloud production is excellent and works best with the relevant airflow restrictions required of each coil. The quarter turn top fill system works a treat for those in a hurry, Smart wattage is a welcome addition and generally the device looks sleek and well designed. Vaporesso continue to go from strength to strength, in my opinion.


  1. Hello there
    So is vaporesso gen fit 40 auto draw and if not is there any box mod with 510 base that works as an auto draw, it’s very important to me as an mtl vapor to have this function.

    • I have just downloaded the user manual and the Gen Fit 40 appears to be a manual button firing kit?

      I am not sure of any box mods which offer this feature to be honest?

      From what I am aware of these offer auto draw with the compatible tank / pod only…

      Drag S PnP

      Drag X / S Pro

      Drag S

      Voopoo Drag Q

      Voopoo Argus Pod

      Hope this helps – there is a wide range of PnP coils to choose from including an RBA coil so you should be able to get a resistance to suit you. Plus I think there is a MTL PnP pod which is available separately.

      Make sure to read the reviews as I think at least one of the range struggled with voltage issues (have never used these myself sorry)


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